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Undoing depression that often accompanies discouragement is a difficult thing to do. The following are some top reasons singles give for having discouragement and depression in their dating lives:. Whatever discouraging emotions we go through as Christian single believers, the Lord has answers for us in His living word. Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go. The death of Moses signified a whole new beginning for Joshua, with a bunch of added responsibilities. God had just told Joshua that he was the guy who was going to lead the Israelites across the Jordan after they had spent 40 years wandering around in the Wilderness.

Celebrate singleness instead of letting the loneliness rule your life.

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It is the secure foundation on which the rest of life can be built. It changes what we do because it changes who we are. You are not a failure. Rejoice in the moment and celebrate your freedom to serve God. God does call some to remain single longer than a season, a life time. Try viewing singleness as an opportunity.

Why do single Christian women experience depression from loneliness? In , the United States Census Bureau reported 46of the United States households are single, U.S. residents 18 and older who have never been married, divorced, or Christians and depression. Not an oxymoron, but a reality and it's ok. The Bible shows us many examples of christians and depression. God led them out of it and he can lead me out of it, can walk with you through it, too, my friend. For more resources on Christian depression, consider these recommended books. Millions of people, including Christians, suffer from depression every day. Depression can manifest as sadness, low energy, frustration, and extended misery. Very often, men manifest depression through anger and aggression. There are many different sources of depression and several types.

You can focus on yourself and your relationship with God. Many women struggling with depression discover their way to feeling secure, confident, and full of life during our sessions together.

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Connecting with an experienced counselor can give you the direction and support you need to move beyond the depression to joyful living. Do you.

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Online Articles: Please Confirm Subscription", make sure that you confirm your email otherwise you won't receive the answer. Depression and Single Christian Women.

Christian dating and depression

By MyCounselor. About the Authors This article is based on scientific evidence and clinical experience, written by licensed professionals and fact-checked by experts. How do you define yourself? What if you could focus on your identity in Christ and let him fulfill your loneliness? Here are some suggestions to celebrate and embrace singleness: Create a gratitude journal Develop a healthy lifestyle: Try to stay active such as joining your local gym or start walking daily and eliminate unhealthy eating habits by replacing with healthy balanced meals Develop a bucket list: Create a list of life goals you hope to accomplish in your lifetime Define or develop your passion: Compensate your weaknesses through your developing strengths and desires Get involved with a ministry: Check with your community or church for volunteer and charity opportunities Evaluate your finances and spending patterns: Get smart with your money Strive to serve God: Meditate on his word and allow a quiet time to focus on him Gather others around you: Step out of your comfort zone and invite someone to dinner or over a Bible study You are not a failure.

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How does depression brought on by loneliness look? This could be dreaming about the perfect house, maybe a beach house on the shores of the ocean.

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As Christian singles, it's sometimes easy to suffer discouragement or fear over new sets of circumstances or future uncertainties. Undoing depression that often accompanies discouragement is a difficult thing to do. Because we're human, discouragement, depression and stress can crop up at anytime, for a variety of reasons. Why Singles Suffer Discouragement and Depression The following . Depression can be even more challenging for Christians because, unfortunately, there are misconceptions and stigmas associated with depression in many Christian communities. When you or the people around you do not understand the reality of depression, it makes seeking help more difficult.

At some points, I had even considered how much better off my family would be without me. During these periods of depression, I withdrew from friends and family. I felt worthless, overwhelmingly sad. I cried - a lot.

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I cried out to God, too, asking him why I had to go through this. Sometimes, my depression resulted in sin. My faith never waivered during these times, though. I still loved the Lord with all of my heart. I still attended church and prayed daily, but yet, I was depressed. After losing my health insurance inmy doctor prescribed a cheaper, generic antidepressant. The side affects were pretty awful including nausea, restless leg syndrome and wild mood swings.

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I made a decision, without consulting my doctor I strongly recommend that you do not do as I did and stopped taking the antidepressant completely. Then, instead of side effects, I had withdrawal symptoms. After sixteen years of being medicated for depression, my body was rebelling.

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For nearly a month, the withdrawal caused sleep problems, nausea, headaches, shakiness, dizziness, violent mood swings, anger - out of nowhere. It was truly one of the worst months of my life.

My boyfriend,at the time now husband stood by me, helped me through and let me talk, and scream when I needed to. Eventually, the symptoms subsided and I entered my new normal.

I still have ups and downs with depression since my colon cancer recurred late last year and this year has been filled with Dr. I am back to taking a light anti-depressant to get me through, but no doubt, it is God who is walking beside me.

When I am feeling down, I share it with my husband and we pray about it and over it.

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I read my Bible and write scripture in my journal. The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit. Depression will always be a part of me. As a single Christian, maybe some bad experience has caused you to lose hope. Like Joshua, God has promised you wonderful things as well Jer.

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God promised Joshua twice in different words Joshua ,9 that He would never leave Him alone in his circumstances. The same promises are available to us as we work through our discouragement, undoing our depression Read HebrewsJohn When a person feels discouraged or depressed they tend to withdraw from life. God challenged Joshua at this point by givng him a mission to accomplish. Joshua had a people to lead across the Jordan.

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What ministry or mission has God given you? Are you a single woman or man who has had success in undoing depression and discouragement in your life? Please help others by sharing. Sovereign Grace Singles.

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Thanks for this information on depression. I have been going through a lot lately and I seem to be overwhelmed by stress and depression. I am not sure if it is just stress or spiritual warfare. Please keep me in your prayers. God Bless.

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Husband left me to persue an alternative life style. Hurt, lonely, feelings of abandonment, and fear of never being loved again.

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Husband new lifestyle contradicts Gods desire for healthy life and future with God. Alternative lifestyle has me pondering why I still love him and I am unable to let go.

I know a lot about of what god is trying to instil in ALL of us.

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