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If the show had gone that route, I would've believed it much more!! For all Dan knew, Serena was pregnant. And he still violated her privacy and his!! He opened up his own girlfriend to judgment AND he got in trouble with his dad. Gossip Girl was around before Serena left for boarding school, right? So Dan would've known who Georgina was and what she looked like. And then when Georgina comes back, Gossip Girl posts that Serena is in the courtyard looking like she's seen the ghost of parties past.

She teams up with a ally, Father Smythe, a priest from Monaco who doesn't want Blair assuming the crown, to ruin the wedding. She originally plans to seduce Louis and have Blair walk in on it; but the plan is ruined when Lily and Rufus find her at the wedding and try to have her removed. While trying to figure out a new plan, she overhears Blair and Chuck confessing their love for each other and records it; later letting it play during the ceremony.

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Later that day, it's revealed that she is Gossip Girl G. She also locks Dorota in a closet after she refuses to tell her where Blair is, and follows Serena and Chuck after they leave the Waldorf's to get her.

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At the hotel Blair is at, Georgina snaps a photo of everyone and discovers Serena is the one who sent the video that ruined the wedding; although it's later revealed Dan did. She later realizes all her efforts were for not when Blair leaves for her honeymoon with Louis, and she admits to Philip that ever since Gossip Girl abandoned her site after Blair and Chuck's accident Riding in Town Cars With Boys it's her duty to keep it up.

However, in Crazy Cupid Loveshe discovers Dan and Blair have feelings for each other and encourages them to kiss during Nate's Valentine's Day party, which she takes a picture of when they do.

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During the party, Dan figures out Georgina is working as Gossip Girl and threatens to out her if she released the photo. She debates on releasing it, but decides that she enjoys being Gossip Girl too much to risk losing it over the photo.

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During the sixth season, Georgina acts as Dan's book agent, working to secure publications that would be willing to publish his work. In the time jump, it's revealed that she has begun dating Jack. Georgina is medium height and slim with dark brown hair.

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Her style is similar to that of Jenny Humphrey 's, with the same punk princess flair. She often times wears dark colored clothes, except for special occasions, where she sometimes wears light colored dressed. Her style noticeably changed when she returned to the UES from bible camp and Blair made her over.

Georgina originally came onto the show as a scheming sociopath; someone who was even more cold and callous than Blair. However, as the series progressed, and after she had Milo, Georgina mellowed out and began to show that she has the capacity to be a compassionate person.

When she made her first appearance, she quickly became an enemy of everyone's but by the end of the show it seems to be as if she made amends with all the main characters. Michelle Trachtenberg described Georgina as being that "evil bitch from hell. This character has a Photo Gallery! It's who I'm gonna do it with. That I'm a schemer, and a liar, and pathologically selfish, and that's true. Until Milo was born.

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I understand if you hate me, but please don't hate my son. He deserves to have a good family, and no one has more love than you or Rufus.

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Maybe Dan HAD to post every tip he received to protect his identity. Although was it really worth it?

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He thought it was ruining Jenny's privacy and really inappropriate, but He basically ruined Jenny's social prospects, not to mention he wouldn't give the Asher thing a rest.

Asher was a dick, but he didn't deserve to be outed by Gossip Girl. This basically caused his breakup with Serena, because she found out he already knew and didn't tell her.

Plus it was bad for Rufus, who had asked Dan not to say anything until Lily could tell Serena herself. Just all around a bad call, and it also didn't even seem to come from any tip but from Dan himself. He didn't need to post the tip - Blair gave no proof, and in the past, Gossip Girl had required photos or something. Plus, all Blair wrote was "Lonely Boy and Ms.

Mary Kay Letourneau alert! Dan went out of his way to make up a bunch of lies about him and Ms. Carr and fueled further rumors. The only explanation: Maybe Dan somehow knew this rumor would get Blair in trouble, which means he wanted to take down Blair and also didn't care who he hurt along the way. Maybe he thought the rumors would somehow help his chances with Ms.

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Carr or make him seem cool? Since Jenny sent in the tip and apparently knew he was Gossip Girl at that point, couldn't he have just The only explanation: Dan was trying to break up with Vanessa without actually having to do it, and he also wanted to ruin Nate and Serena's relationship so he could slide in and date Serena.

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Dan acted really mad when he saw Jenny's cup and realized she sent the blast. But wouldn't he have already known she sent it as he'd received the tip from her?

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The only explanation: Maybe this was Dan receiving the tip, and not the blast. The only explanation: I have none here. The last few points suggest Dan was doing this to get in with Serena, but this throws a wrench in that theory. There are a bunch of times where Dan reacts to Gossip Girl posts with surprise while ALONE, but I think this is the best example because it's clear that he's surprised at seeing the Gossip Girl post, and not at a tip. He was with Rufus, but as he didn't tell Rufus about the post, there was no reason to act surprised here.

Also, why would he run off to confront them after seeing the post, and not directly after he received the tip? The only explanation: He wanted to act shocked just in case Rufus later discovered the blast?

Sep 21,   Dan and Serena start dating early on in season one. Things go fairly smoothly for them until Georgina shows up with a video of Serena sort of killing someone, which she uses as blackmail. To cover this up, Serena strings together a series of lies that create distance in her relationship. Dan breaks up with her after realizing he can't trust her.

This one was weird. If Dan was so disappointed in Jenny for wanting to leak news of her tryst with Chuck, why did he post the blast? He later claims Jenny knew at that point about Gossip Girl, so it's not like he needed to do it so as not to blow his cover.

And wouldn't he lecture her before posting the blast, not after, to give her a chance to change her mind?

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The only explanation: Dan was so narcissistic that he thought he was blameless for actually posting the gossip, instead blaming those who sent in the tips. When Dan steals back his laptop from Serena, he has a ton of Blair's diary pages that Serena scanned and he starts releasing them as revenge on Serena. But this also hurts Blair and is one of the reasons their relationship ends.

Jul 28,   So Dan would've known who Georgina was and what she looked like. And then when Georgina comes back, Gossip Girl posts that Serena is in . Sep 19,   When he is shocked about Georgina's beachside shenanigans (Season 4, Episode 3, "The Undergraduates") Once again, Dan is stunned by a Gossip Girl ate that reveals Georgina. Serena Celia van der Woodsen is a main character in the Gossip Girl novel series and in its TV adaptation, in which she is portrayed by Blake is featured on the blog of the series' mysterious narrator, "Gossip Girl". Serena is Blair Waldorf's best friend and is a character that appears to easily get whatever she wants because of her good looks, energy, and charisma.

He was literally asking Blair to come to Italy and pretending he loved her, then an episode later when these came out he was all angry and didn't want her coming.

But he'd known about them the whole time!!

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Also, he didn't care about his relationship with Blair but then he spent half the next season pining over her, so I'm confused. The only explanation: When Dan talked to Noah and he said the novel would probably flop, Dan got worried and posted on Gossip Girl about it to give it publicity so it'd sell well.

He decided that he didn't care if his friends were upset. Maybe it was a reverse psychology thing?

Dan and georgina dating

Honestly, we probably should've known it was Dan at this point since he got the only positive label. But I don't get why Dan needed to come for all his friends like that? The only explanation: He said it just to upset Serena, so he could swoop in and make her feel better. Joe, is that you?

Georgina Sparks is a fictional character in the Gossip Girl novel series and a recurring character on the television series of the same name, in which she is portrayed by Michelle the novel series portrays her as a harmless, friendly drug-addicted young girl, the television adaption portrays her as a cruel, manipulative young socialite who creates havoc throughout the doursim.comd by: Character, Cecily von Ziegesar, Developed . The relationship between Dan Humphrey and Georgina Sparks ranks as being one of the worst relationships he could've gotten into. First of all, Georgina Sparks is one of Blair and Serena's biggest enemies throughout the course of the show. That alone should've kept Dan . Dec 17,   Dan teams up with Georgina to write a new tell-all, this time using real names. Ivy is dating Rufus because she wants to get revenge on Lily for .

Again, Dan posted this without any regard as to what it would do to Rachel's career. He also revealed creepy stuff about his little sister that I'm not even sure how he knew, then pretended to get upset about it like he hadn't known this whole time.

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The only explanation: He was worried Serena suspected him to be Gossip Girl and wanted to make it seem like it wasn't him. Or he just really wanted to brag about sleeping with Ms. Carr, and he didn't care if Vanessa or Jenny's secrets got out.

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It seemed like a really sweet moment when Dan, despite his feelings for Blair, could see how conflicted she was between Chuck and Louis and helped her run off with Chuck.

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