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Dexter siblings and real-life partners Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter have finalized their divorce. After a year of separation follow the pair's tumultuous romance, Hall has been linked to Dexter love interest Julia Stiles, who denied breaking up the pair, and to a mystery woman on the Showtime set. As Hall and Carpenter finalize their split, however, new rumors have sprung up about the handsome actor, and many fans of the Showtime program are asking: who is Michael C. Hall dating now? Michael C.

This blindsides Debra as she idolizes Harry. Driven to learn the identity of the woman, Debra asks Francis for the files on Harry's former C. One of the files is Laura Moser yet unknown to her to be Dexter's biological mother.

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Meanwhile, her relationship with Anton is on shaky ground, especially when he obtains a gig in the city instead of on a cruise ship. Anton is happy to spend more time with Debra, but she is conflicted because Frank Lundy has returned to Miami to hunt The Trinity Killer. While working with Lundy on the case, Debra once again becomes involved with him. Soon, both she and Lundy are shot by an unknown assailant at first suspected to be the Vacation Murderers.

Dec 14,   Office romance: Michael C Hall (top left) and Jennifer Carpenter as Dexter and Deb Morgan in a scene from this season of Dexter Hall, 39, who completed treatment for . Jan 10,   Michael C. Hall 's rep confirms to us that the Golden Globe-nominated actor eloped on New Year's Eve with Jennifer Carpenter, who plays Dexter's . Deb dates him in the episode "Crocodile" in season 1. They go on a double date with Dexter and Rita where the two seem to be all over each other. Deb later finds out that Sean is married and rightfully dump him. This relationship is pretty unimportant other than to set a precedent of Deb dating terrible men.

Lundy dies, but Debra later recovers. While in the hospital, Debra confesses to Anton that she slept with Lundy, and they break up. The police begin to suspect that The Trinity Killer is the shooter. However, Debra discovers that Trinity could not have been the shooter because her bullet wound is a horizontal line.

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This convinces her that the shooter is someone shorter than Trinity, similar to Masuka 's height. During a Thanksgiving dinner, Debra remembers a conversation with Christine Hill.

Debra realizes that Christine's knowledge of the shooting was not released outside the police department.

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This leads her to believe that Christine is the shooter. This is backed up later when it is revealed that she is the daughter of Trinity. When Debra confronts Christine, she confesses to being the shooter, moments before she shoots herself in the head. She relays this information to Dexter who acts completely shocked, although he already knew this. The story picks up immediately after the close of Season Four.

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Debra is on the scene shortly, ordering fellow officers to back off her brother as she takes Harrison into her arms and asks Dexter what happened. Debra is confused at Dexter's response when he says, "It was me. Dexter and Harrison, along with Astor and Cody when they return from Orlandodon't return to the house. Instead, they stay in Debra's apartment. She is forced to bunk with Astorwhile Dexter sleeps on the couch and Cody on the cot. As Dexter copes with his loss, Debra helps with the care of Harrison.

The stress of the cramped living conditions starts to build. Soon, Joey Quinn begins to suspect that Dexter has a possible connection to Rita's murder.

Dexter and deb dating

Debra takes Dexter to a funeral directorbut she ends up being the one who decides on the coffin and flowers, compiles the obituary, and picks up the memorial artwork. Not wanting Dexter to see the gruesome crime scene again, Debra has Quinn meet her at Rita and Dexter's House to clean up the bloody bathroom.

Quinn at first objects because the the FBI will do it, but she feels it is her duty. After their hard work, the room is left spotless. While washing up, Quinn asks how she's holding up, and Debra breaks down in tears.

Dec 07,   Though some Dexter fans suspect or even hope that Hall and Carpenter will get back together, or that Hall is secretly dating Julia Stiles, reports Author: Melanie Jones. Relationship advice and hannah mckay is an american television crime drama mystery series to kill hannah to date, in season 2 of deb. Following dexter's fifth-season kickoff dating a not so attractive guyhave a date quinn's informant, it was. It's hard to trust. Gabriel Bosque is a character in Season Two of the Showtime series DEXTER. He and Debra Morgan begin dating after they meet at a workout gym.

When Quinn attempts to comfort her, she starts to kiss him, resulting in them having passionate sex. Afterward, Debra sorts through Rita's dresses while Quinn appears pleased by what just happened. On her part, Debra is in extreme denial and blames Quinn for it.

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She then takes some of Rita's dresses back to the apartment. When Debra learns from LaGuerta that Dexter skipped out on his FBI interview regarding Rita's deathshe becomes infuriated and tries to reach him by phone.

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When that fails, she rushes to the apartment to find Harrison being fed by "the cat lady" from downstairs. The neighbor explains that Dexter asked her to watch Harrison. Angrily, Debra again tries to call Dexter using some of her famous cuss wordsbut she still cannot contact him.

Debra, as well as the rest of Homicide, attend the funeral and wait for Dexter, who is still missing. Quinn attempts to run his theory about Dexter by her when Dexter suddenly arrives thus cutting him off and the funeral commences.

During this season, Debra tackles a new investigation - the Santa Muerte Case. The ensuing awkwardness is only made worse when she is promoted to Lieutenant, thanks in part to Maria LaGuerta 's political machinations. Soon, Quinn and Debra's relationship ends. Debra generally earns the respect of her department but she struggles when Batista and Masuka are not as 'open' to her anymore because of her new job level. The position is also very stressful in itself, and she has doubts whether she can handle the responsibility.

Work and personal troubles begin to weigh down on her, and she is compelled to attend therapy sessions with Dr. Michelle Ross. Later, she has an erotic dream about Dexter which sparks the belief that she in love with him. In a separate case, Thomas Matthews convinces a reluctant Debra to cover up his involvement in the death of a prostitute. However, LaGuerta informs Matthews' superiors about his indiscretion and he is forced into retirement.

Matthews blames Debra for this, and she angrily confronts LaGuerta. Travis Marshall kidnaps Harrison to sacrifice him during the eclipse.

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Dexter tracks them to a skyscraper where Travis orders Dexter to inject himself with M Dexter who fakes the injection manages to knock Travis out. He takes Travis to the abandoned church so that he can finally kill him. Earlier, Debra asked Dexter to do a final sweep of the Santa Maria de Loreto Church, which was actually a ploy so that she can tell him the truth about her emotions.

When she arrives at the church, Dexter had turned the church into his personal kill room for Travis. As she walks through the doorway, she witnesses Dexter standing with a knife in his hand, and then stab Travis in the heart. The story picks up after the last episode. Dexter claims that he went to the church to collect evidence and was surprised by Travis. He then "snapped" and killed Travis on impulse.

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Dexter convinces a reluctant Debra to help him burn down the abandoned church to destroy evidence of the crime. After he kills Viktor BaskovDexter comes home to Debra, sitting in his apartmentsurrounded by his victims' blood slides and kill tools. Debra reluctantly asks Dexter if he is a serial killer.

Dexter softly replies, "Yes. A horrified Debra recoils from Dexter and runs out of the apartment with him in pursuit. Dexter catches up and admits that he is The Bay Harbor Butcher and explains that her father taught him how to get away with murder.

At work, Debra often glances at Dexter with an expression of distrust. She concludes that she never really knew her brother. She sees him as a totally different person. Dexter realizes that Debra is acting differently towards him and that she is not there for him like she used to be. Dexter agrees, even though he doesn't have much of a choice, as Debra could arrest him.

Debra questions Dexter's every move, knowing of his strong urge to kill. Anger builds in Dexter and he starts to imagine killing people when he can't actually kill anyone due to Debra's watchful eyes. When Debra comments that Harrison should live with his grandparents because Dexter is an unfit father, he finally snaps at her.

When Debra insists on following the law, Dexter states that if the justice system is as good as she believes it to be, he wouldn't be as busy.

After Debra is attacked by a particularly brutal serial killer who had evaded imprisonment on a technicality, Debra admits to Dexter that she understands why he takes the law into his own hands.

She agrees to not stop him, as long as he keeps it a secret from her and doesn't interfere with Miami Metro investigations. Debra feels incapable of telling the difference between the truth and a lie from Dexter. Her distrust of Dexter is so great at this point that she briefly wonders if he was the one who killed Ritamuch to Dexter's anger and shock.

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Dexter successfully kills Speltzer in a crematory, and shows Debra the smoke produced by the ashes rising out of the chimney. A conflicted Debra wonders if it is wrong to be happy that he is dead and Dexter reassures her that it makes her 'human. Dexter is torn between his responsibility to Debra and his feelings for Hannah, the only person who has accepted both sides of him.

Debra has a near-fatal car accident after a confrontation with Hannah. Thankfully, this plot was mostly abandoned once Debra learned her brother is a serial killer. The contrived twist that Travis' mentor Professor Gellar was dead would have been bad enough as is; but thanks to the deductive powers of the internet - and some really sloppy writing - everyone called this big reveal before Dexter did. It was so obvious that some fans even wondered if the writers were purposely leading us astray.

No, just more laziness and a serious underestimation of the show's audience. Another character of color underserved by the series, Mike Anderson showed up randomly at Miami Metro and departed just as unceremoniously.

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There were a lot of problems with the Isaak Sirko storyline in Season 7, but the offing of a thinly drawn detective added insult to injury. Poor Mike Anderson. You didn't even stick around long enough to start dating Deb or to become suspicious of Dexter. Even more frustrating than Mike Anderson's untimely demise was the abrupt removal of Louis Greene.

Beginning in Season 6, Louis was set up as a major threat to Dexter and a certifiable creep. He was all poised to be the next big bad - or at least, a significant thorn in Dexter's side. And then he got shot in Season 7 for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Guess all that character development was for naught. Season 7 also introduced us to Hannah, another character who suffered from the writers' obsession with giving us the same storylines over and over again.

Dexter falling for a beautiful and dangerous female? Been there, done that, did it again. The romance between Dexter and Hannah should have felt lively and fresh, but it was way too forced and distracted from the more interesting story of Debra coping with the truth. Actually, newfound P. Debra Morgan was supposed to be tracking Andrew Briggs - their relationship was part of the job, part Deb coping with the fact that she killed LaGuerta.

And it might've worked if we hadn't seen this exact same story before. Here's how lazy the writers are: Deb's Season 8 squeeze was Andrew Briggs. Her boyfriend in Seasons 3 and 4? Anton Briggs. It could be an intentional homage, but it's nonsense either way. Charlotte Rampling is a tremendous actor, and Evelyn Vogel hasn't been the problem with Season 8. But there's something so frustrating about the way the series shoehorns in new characters.

In this case, the audience had to suddenly accept that Evelyn basically made Dexter the serial killer he is today and we didn't meet her until Season 8. Wouldn't it have been helpful to have mentioned her beforehand?

It's too much to take in this close to the end.

It's such a cliche, it's laughable, but yes, in its death throes, Dexter gave one of its characters an estranged family member to shake things up.

From the beginning, Masuka has been only occasionally interesting. While it was kind to finally give him a little substance to work with, adding a daughter this late in the game is too silly to matter.


Hannah's send-off at the end of Season 7 was perfect: Dexter couldn't deny his feelings for her, but he ultimately chose Deb and turned Hannah in. And yet, the series couldn't resist bringing Hannah back for a subplot that has now taken up a huge part of the final season.

Noticing that Debra is having trouble with the punching bags, he offers to help her train.

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This does not go well, however. She quickly runs from the scene with little explanation. She returns to the gym and apologizes to Gabriel for her actions. She offers to take him out and he accepts. They wind up going back to Debra's, which is actually Dexter's place since Dexter offered her a place to stay until she gets back on her feet.

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Soon after entering, they quickly become intimate. Before they begin, Debra handcuffs Gabriel to the bed and says it's because, "My last boyfriend tried to kill me.

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Dexter arrives home early and mistakes the sounds from his bedroom as Debra working out. Dexter enters to tell her to quit and is surprised to find her on top of Gabriel. Needless to say, the next morning is awkward. At the beginning of their relationship, Debra is very wary of Gabriel, even to the point of searching his personal belongings. He catches Debra doing this which embarrasses her.

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