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Relationships are forming and fading out almost every day as you meet new people and look to learn new things. As you go about meeting others and seeing the world from different lenses, you begin to see what everyone acts and lives in a different way that can lead to unique dynamics and potentially successful relationships. As we look at the compatibility of ENFP and INFJ relationships, we can see unique personality traits and characteristics that will guide their interactions. Initial Attraction May Be Bumpy All relationships start with an initial encounter, and this is where relationships are set up to either fail or succeed. As an ENFP personality enters into a conversation, they always want to provide lots of energy and enthusiasm when first meeting someone new as they want to share connections and get things moving. For the INFJ personality, they tend to prefer a slower dynamic when starting an interaction as it allows them to let their energy unwind more easily and with less force.

These personalities have great potential to form a really deep connection as each person has a natural idealism and desire to make things work.

Sep 23,   How ENFP relationships work out with each Meyer's Briggs Type. A good fit for an ENFP is a partner who is capable of going with the flow. Rigidity and strictness in the schedule of an ENFP partner will cause the relationship to fail. An ENFP partner should be flexible enough to travel and try new hobbies for the relationship to survive. ENFP relationships are rarely dull. This Myers-Briggs character is defined as being extraverted, intuitive, feeling, and perceiving. The ENFP personality is one of the more common ones, accounting for about eight percent of the population. Tips for Dating an ENFP Personality. In order to be a good prospect for the ENFP, you need to be. ENFP - ENFP Relationship Joys and Struggles. This section ENFP - ENFP relationship is about how these two personality types come together in a doursim.comically, we will be looking at the joys of this relationship as well as the struggles this relationship may have.

Both Want to Help Others Sharing similar life values and fundamental beliefs in the world can be just what a relationship needs to stay strong. Both of these personality types are dedicated and passionate about helping others, so they can easily connect and grow together.

While the ways that each personality would go about changing the world drift in different directions, the shared theme of wanting to help others is more than enough to create unity.

Excellent Conflict Avoidance No matter how well a relationship is going or for how long it has been successful, conflict and argument can often tear even the best relationships apart.

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This view allows each personality to understand the emotions and feelings of the other if a conflict is to arise. Interesting and Deep Conversation Potential Having a deep and meaningful conversation with someone is often all it takes for you to naturally want to get more involved with them.

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For these two personalities, they are both passionate about conversation and are mainly interested in intellectual and deep topics. They would both rather skip the pointless small talk and skip right to deeper conversations that share more about who they are. Project Hiccups Are Likely Working together in a relationship requires a balance of vision and execution that can either make a project go really well or stop it dead.

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The dynamic brought by these personalities is very similar in the sense that both people are likely to see the big picture very clearly but struggle elsewhere. When these two personalities are working together, it is important for them to keep each other accountable when it comes to hammering out the more specific and minute details.

Good Balance of Energy A relationship that has the same energy is nice at times, but it can be an issue if both people are feeling the same energy.

Aug 01,   In the dating phase, if Campaigners can be said to tolerate such a formal process to begin with, they will show these qualities by showering their new flames with affection, and will do everything they can to build a strong relationship by demonstrating their devotion and reliability by whatever means available. With so many interesting parallels and differences between these two personalities, the ENFP and INFJ relationship compatibility can be very interesting. There is a unique balance of energy and values that allows this type of relationship to thrive under many conditions and see the other person's point of view. ENFP Traits Within Relationships Regardless of gender, within a relationship partners with ENFP traits are creative, encouraging, supportive, and emotionally in tune to their partner's needs. Those with these traits value harmony, independent development, and exploring creativity together and Gabrielle Applebury.

ENFPs are more likely to agree to short-term compromises just to end a fight or disagreement rather than fully resolved the issue. Thus, ENFP partners will likely need to be very aware of their own emotional needs and be somewhat skilled at navigating interpersonal conflict.

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The relationship will be healthier in the long run with a partner like this. With all this being said, what are the ideal personality types for ENFPs?

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As mentioned above, their openness and acceptance of other people mean that ENFPs can get along with a wide variety of personality types. In fact, possibly more than any other personality type, an ENFP can have a rich and engaging relationship with any other person on the Myers-Briggs typing system.

Jul 13,   So with that - the ENFP can be smothering. If you don't want high intensity romance or intimacy, or are constantly wondering who you are and why you tick the way you do, then don't tease the ENFP. They're designed for people and a romantic relationship is one of their biggest life goals. ENFP Compatibility for Relationships and Dating Mar 18, Apr 21, by Brandon Gaille ENFPs are social butterflies, floating from person to person, and constantly forming new emotional connections. The ENFP may find people of these types particularly interesting and attractive to get to know. Relationships between ENFPs and these types should have a good balance of commonalities and opportunities to challenge one another.

However, ENFPs do have a tendency to attract certain personality types and gravitate toward those types as well. Big complementary communication styles or skill sets are more likely to increase the likelihood of a connection and help the relationship overcome the criticism and conflict hurdles discussed above.

This central communication style, focusing on abstract concepts and symbolism through intuition, allows ENFPs to understand where other N-types are coming from.

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However, I-types offer a chance for deeper emotional connections and conversation that the ENFP themself may not be experienced with. ENFPs also work well with other P-types, as both individuals will likely appreciate novelty and new experiences.

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Those with ENTP and ENFP traits can be a great potential match because they both enjoy philosophical and engaging conversations about complicated concepts and are energetic, fun-loving and creative individuals. Those with INFJ traits prefer to spend time alone, makes decisions based on concepts and gut feelings, and prefer to be organized.

They both value emotional connection, are supportive of their partners, and are creative.

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Those with ENFP traits are great communicators, weaving words into beautiful, detailed stories that engage those around them. They also have an easy time connecting with others and finding common ground.

Enfp relationships and dating

Within relationships those with these traits can be straightforward and kind, but tend to struggle with issues that have the potential for relationship rifts as relational harmony is highly valued. Partners who are least compatible on paper have the potential to build incredible relationships if they can understand how each other processes information.

Help! I'm dating an ENFP! (Myers Briggs Dating Tips)

Potential challenging partners encourage growth, learning, and understanding. Those with ISTJ traits prefer to spend time alone, make decisions based on facts and logic, and prefer to be organized.

Essentially those with ISTJ traits and ENFJP traits are completely opposite in every way making for a potentially challenging relationship especially when it comes to emotional connection and understanding.

Those with ESTJ traits enjoy spending time with others, being organized, and making decisions based on concepts and logic.

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