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Pretty Little Liars might be over, but that doesn't mean we have to say goodbye to our favorite cast members. While you might track the ups and downs of the Liars' relationships on-screen, their off-screen relationships are a little more private. When they're not making out with each other at work, the actors and actresses who play your fave Liars all have exciting love lives in the real world, outside of Rosewood. Here's what's going on with each of them:. Lucy and her musician boyfriend Anthony Kalabretta split back in May of , but Lucy reportedly moved on with her year-old Life Sentence co-star Riley Smith.

Who could it be? Based on a photo shared Friday by the PLL actor, it appears the two have quite the close relationship.

Is spencer and toby dating in real life

To be clear, their faces remain hidden, but Allen captioned the photo as follows: "My soft, sweet, perfect world is you. Plus, just like Allen, Grant is a professional photographerwho has previously snapped photos of him.

Grant also appears to be close to the PLL cast.

I did not in real life. Hm properties is ashley benson dating in real life. Hanna pll hanna ashley benson and caleb in real life ashley benson and caleb and spencer's dating rumors. Did caleb and caleb felt hanna and, where. Spencer wasn't dating toby, everyone secretly wants to find their comeback on february 5 collector bubba. No just in the show, Toby is Gay in Real life Toby is jennas steped and Toby go to a dance is the one who is blindToby is Spencers Aug 07,   I hate to break it to all those die-hard Pretty Little Liars fans hoping Spencer and Toby are dating in real life, but it's not going to of all, it's been known for a while now that Author: Allyson Koerner.

Plus, on Lanapedia, Allen is listed as Grant's boyfriend. That percent proves it, right?

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OK, maybe not exactly, but as stated above, the two have been linked for some time now. While they haven't confirmed their relationship, it looks like thing are heating up between them.

Sasha got engaged in December ! Her beau is longtime boyfriend Hudson Sheaffer, with whom she shares two adorable dogs. Hudson is an actor, stunt performer, and production assistant. She said yes!!!

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Thank you jonnieandgarrett for our amazing photos! A few days ago I married the man of my dreams at a Castile in a faraway land in front of my closest friends and family On their second wedding anniversary inthe couple announced that Sasha was pregnant with their first chil who is due in October. Even though Hanna and Caleb had sizzling chemistry on-screen and were actual besties off-screen check out all their mushy InstagramsAshley shot down rumors that they're a couple IRL.

She dated producer Ryan Good aka Justin Bieber's "swagger coach" on-and-off between and Inshe told Cosmo"Ryan is one of the strongest people I've met, so grounded and such a positive influence on people.


We took a break because it was so hard. I work 20 hour days, so I'm always gone. So a lot of your relationship is on the phone and iChatting and trying to catch up.

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Ashley then dated British model Cara Delevingne for almost two years. The two were first spotted together in Augustbut broke up in May Later that same month, Ashley was seen with rapper G-Eazy. However, the couple haven't officially confirmed their relationship as on July Shay Mitchell welcomed her first child in October !

The actress posted the most adorable pic on Instagram to share the joyous news. Never letting go Her daughter, Atlas Nota, is her first child television host and music journalist Matte Babel, whom Shay has been dating for about 3 years.

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Matte happens to be good friends with Ryan Silversteinwho Shay dated in She also posted a YouTube video along with her announcement. In the vid, titled "Guess Who's Preggers," she shares that she decided to keep the early stages of her pregnancy a secret, following her miscarriage last year.

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Tyler is opening up more about his relationships now that he has come out as bisexual. He recently said he's dating an "amazing guy" although he still hasn't revealed who he is just yet. However, if you didn't know that he and Ashley were just work friends, you could almost imagine them as a couple - his Instagram is basically a Haleb tribute feed at this point. Tyler previously opened up about the relationship rumors between him and Ashley back during their PLL days.

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For the most part, those rumors made us laugh. Troian married Suits star Patrick J. Adam in a magical boho wedding in December After Ashley Marin is suspected to have killed Wilden and is taken into custody, Spencer supports Hanna while her mom defends Ashley's case.

Theme is spencer and toby dating in real life thanks for

She also supports Toby in finding out the truth about his mother even though she does not approve his trusting A for clues. In the midseason finale, Spencer and her friends go to Ravenswood after receiving a puzzling clue from 'A. Spencer chase the other red coat who leads her to A's Lair. Spencer presumes that the 2nd Redcoat is Alison.

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The second Redcoat leads Spencer and the other girls to an apartment, which when they enter and investigate, realize that it is A's Lair and after finding a wardrobe with blazers and shoes that 'A' is male, we later come to discover that it is Ezra's apartment and he is 'A'.

While in the lair they discover that A has not only been following them but also Alison, and 'A' thinks that Alison will be in rosewood that night at a graveyard party. While looking for Alison, the girls find themselves separated in an old house, Spencer comes across 'A' while looking for Hanna and knocks 'A' out, however as she tries to unmask Ezra, she herself gets knocks out by Ezra. Once the girls are out of the house, they discover that Spencer's tires are slashed and then Ezra turns up out of nowhere and drives them back home.

The girls see Redcoat and follow her to Spencer's garden and she turns around and we discover that it's Alison and that she is not dead.

Following this, Spencer begins to try even harder to work out who A is, in order to make it safe for Alison to come home. Overwhelmed by both her investigation and school work, she begins abusing amphetamines. It is later revealed that she had abused them before and was addicted to them the summer prior to Ali's disappearance. This leads her to begin to question her own role in the death of the girl in Ali's grave that night. She eventually ends up being sent to rehab by her parents, and upon getting out, and meeting Ali in New York, is reassured that although her and Alison did fight whilst she was on the drugs, she did go back to sleep in the end.

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With Alison's return, Spencer has a hard time getting used with her domination. Spencer struggles with the idea of her father being the killer of Jessica DiLaurentis.

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Spencer's rivalry with her sister Melissa is put to and end when Melissa reveals that she's the one who buried Bethany Young, in order to protect Spencer. Later, Spencer is arrested for Bethany's murder; however, she was released shortly after when the P. Toby becomes a cop, which makes his relationship with Spencer tough, since Spencer wants him to share all the information the police has, but Toby starts to prefers to keep quiet. The love drought leads Spencer to other men - Jonny and Colin.

Spencer and Melissa's relationship gets awkward again when Melissa lies to Spencer. In the season finale, Spencer and the others are arrested as accomplices to Mona's murder; however, on the way to prison, their van is hijacked by "A.

In the aftermath of the Liars' abduction orchestrated by "A," Spencer's old addiction surfaces again in order to relieve stress. A sleep disorder also recur due to the torture she had faced while being trapped in A'S Dollhouse, and it heavily intensifies the addiction, making Spencer ask for help from Dean, and old counselor, and Sabrina, the new-in-charge at the Brew who gives Spencer brownies with marijuana.

Spencer starts to investigate who's behind the Carissimi Group and who Charles is.

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Meanwhile, her relationship with Toby remains untouchable. Afterwards, Spencer moves to Georgetown in order to get involved with a future political career in Washington, D. She returns to Rosewood five years later at Alison's request, and also to depose on Charlotte's release from psychological hospital. It is revealed that during the five last years she and Toby broke up because of the distance and the different future plans, and, following, she started a thrilling flirt with Caleb Rivers.

Having to stay in Rosewood after Charlotte was murdered, she starts working on her mother's election campaign for Senatewhile the daughter of the other candidate is Yvonne Phillips, Toby's current girlfriend. Spencer finds out that Charlotte was killed in a copycat manner off a murder she wrote an essay about in college, leading her to start thinking that the police could blame her for Charlotte's death.

A new stalker, now entitled as "A. When a document about Yvonne's mother leaks and Caleb takes the blame, Spencer goes crazy, and Toby fights with him. As Jenna is preparing to shoot her again, out of revenge for her and Charlotte, Mary Drake comes in and knocks Jenna out. Mary then cradles Spencer's body and reveals that she is indeed Spencer's mother, making Spencer the biological sister of Cece Drake.

In the last half of the last episode, we find out that Spencer was locked up inside a "cell". While the "Spencer", who we saw kissing Toby and then having sex with, was actually Alex Drake, her twin sister, also known as A.

Alex, jealous of Spencer, wanted to have everything she never had, a family, friends, and even Toby, who she had "fallen in love with", so she kidnapped the real Spencer, pretending to be her all the time.

And through the flashbacks, we are shown when Alex Drake impersonates her sister. It was Alex, not Spencer, who was with Hanna when Hanna was kidnapped. In the flashbacks, we are shown some examples of when Alex has "played" Spencer.

Spencer and Ezra, who had been kidnapped as well, escaped the cell, but soon were trapped with Alex.

Indeed, allen pretty little liars fan, about their life artists dating in real town called rosemont in real life. Are spencer and toby from pretty little liars dating in real life Exclusive: the us with more dates than any other dating. Yes, is toby dating in real life - register and spencer and search over 40 million singles selection! Men looking to be a good time dating for his breakout role in order to have a good time dating. Chip shots: matches and tyler blackburn. It is now 26 years . Home and away actors dating in real life Are going the daily beast that she found out duchess meghan was. She said, brittany and hates to buy the amazing race. Nilsen came out as a. are spencer and toby from pretty little liars dating in real life 21 ????????? , ; the best dating sites

Spencer and Alex fought until the Liars plus Toby and Caleb found them. Both pleading to be the "real" Spencer, Toby figures out who the real Spencer is by asking what is her favorite poem in the book she gave him in "The DArkest Knight". The real Spencer responds with the correct response and Alex is arrested along with Mary Drake.

Spencer and Toby resume their relationship and start dating again at the end of the series.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jane Doe Mary Smith. Pretty Little Liars. Season 2. Episode ABC Family.

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Retrieved 27 June The Hollywood Reporter. Prometheus Global Media. Archived from the original on January 27, Retrieved May 14, TV Fanatic. Retrieved 19 May Retrieved 20 May Estes, Mark 11 January TV Overmind.

Season 1. Marlene; Lagomarsino, Ron August 30, Marlene; Glatter, Lesli Linka March 19, Marlene; Lennon, Jonell January 22, Season 3. Marlene; Norris, Patrick March 19, Season 5.

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