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Here's the next chapter for 'Son of a Hokage' Hope viewers like it. This chapter also has a torture scene for kakashi, not a bash, just a humorous scene. In case you're wondering the one who got the most kills last chapter was Link with I think that's what it was when I counted, if not, I have bad arithmatic. So, without any further delay, lets get ot the chapter. Read and Review when done please.

Before Temari returned to SunaShikamaru woke up early to see her off, something that surprised Temari, given his usual laziness. As they were leaving, Temari tells Shikamaru he is very talented and should soon achieve the rank of jonin.

This caused Shikamaru to become embarrassed and look away. Shikamaru, Temari and Chouji in 4th Division. Shikamaru and Temari were assigned to the same division with Shikamaru as Gaara 's proxy commander. Temari would remind Shikamaru to take his job as commander seriously, and also not to let down his father, whom she respected.

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Shikamaru tells everyone to pay attention and be prepared, that even if small their power might be useful at some point and could even change change the future.

Upon hearing his message, Temari smiles and thinks to herself that Shikamaru would be a good Hokage. When stuck in the Infinite Tsuyukomi genjutsu, Shikamaru dreams of both Asuma and his father, Shikaku, being alive.

In his dream, Temari is by his side. While watching the other two couples both fighting and in bliss, Shikamaru says that marriage is "too troublesome" while Temari agrees. The original Japanese sentence gives out a different connotation. In the Japanese version of Shikamaru's line, it is implied that Shikamaru is unsure as to whether marriage is too troublesome. On a Shinobi Union meeting, Shikamaru is asked about the drop in mission requests, but says it's still being investigated.

Later, when Shikamaru starts acting strangely, Temari tries getting more information out of him, but when he evades her questions, she slaps him in a fit of anger. Shikamaru informs Kakashi that Temari is growing suspicious of him, and that their independent investigation on the Land of Silence could lead to Shinobi Union intervention due to rogue and missing shinobi potentially undertaking illegal missions there.

Back in the Sand Village, Temari receives permission from Gaara to personally investigate Shikamaru's mission, as she suspects him to be in danger. She soon discovers that Shikamaru is on a dangerous mission to assassinate the leader of the Land of Silence after he captured a number of high-ranking shinobi, including Sai.

He has Hinoko attack him with her chakra needles, and positions himself so they hit his ears, impairing his hearing so Gengo's voice can't affect him. Shikamaru almost reaches Gengo, but is stopped by Sai's ink lion. Gengo escapes, and Shikamaru is hit with a chakra needle on his head. Shikamaru is convinced that he isn't dreaming when Temari slaps him for lying to her in the Shinobi Union meeting.

Temari tosses him Asuma 's chakra bladeswhich Shikamaru uses to open up the way to Gengo.

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Gengo lures Shikamaru in a dark room, both so he can't use his shadows and for his hearing to become more sensitive, and more vulnerable to Gengo's jutsu. Gengo tells Shikamaru about his past with Zabuzaand how it shaped his ideology. Ino and Sakura talk about how their friends are beginning to find love. Ino tells Sakura that Shikamaru and Temari are always together and she can tell they are in love.

Sakura doesn't find this surprising. Shikamaru decides to get Naruto and Hinata a romantic honeymoon trip for their wedding gift.

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Shikamaru is happy with his decision but will need a woman's input to help him plan something suitable. Though Temari is indeed a woman, Shikamaru doesn't believe she has the right personality to advise him on this. Temari is embarrassed and Shikamaru, not realizing the confusion, believes he's offended her.

Evening descends and Shikamaru and Temari walk around in the soft lighting of the hot springs. Temari remains quiet and strange the whole time, so Shikamaru suggests they go to a shop so the trip isn't wasted. Temari points out some target-throwing booths where numerous couples are trying to win prizes. Shikamaru ends up winning two small trinkets in his determination to figure out the booths' scam, which he gives to Temari. Although Shikamaru feels embarrassed by their size, and wishes he could haven gotten something much better for her, Temari says they are perfect.

Afterwards he takes her to an inn, hoping she can tell him if Hinata would like it. The red haired boy who was constantly being targeted by assassins sent by his own father, the Yondaime Kazekage.

One of those assassins being the one Gaara trusted the most, his uncle Yashamaru. His words and betrayal along with Shukaku helped Gaara become the merciless killer he was at that time. In essence, he and Naruto were two sides of the same coin, something which even the spiky blonde himself admitted to. Despite the fears Naruto had when he found out the truth about him, he stood and faced the master of sand and the demon inside him to save the lives of his teammates, even though he knew it could very well cost him his life.

As Temari watched helplessly as the two fought, a part of her that was deep inside her heart, the part of her that was a young woman, wished that the blonde ninja who she came to admire, respect and envy would protect her like he protected his crush. A girl who showed no interest in him, but that he still cared for, Haruno Sakura.

Despite those feelings, when Shukaku was fully awakened, the kunoichi did the only thing she could do, she ran. Sabaku no Temari, the strong, confident and proud kunoichi of the sand. The wind mistress who once considered Uzumaki Naruto a stupid, weak genin who at that moment, was fighting the person that she thought at the time was invincible, ended up running like a coward. It was a reality check that left a bittersweet taste in her mouth.

After the battle was finally over and Gaara was finally defeated, Temari and Kankuro came to get their brother and escape. But the sexy sand kunoichi did something she never thought she would do in her life. She let her mask of confidence fall. And for a few minutes Temari wasn't a kunoichi, she was a young woman who wanted to show her appreciation to someone who gave so much to her in so many ways, even if it was indirectly.

She started to walk over to Naruto's unconscious body, but was blocked by Sasuke. Get away from Naruto! She took out her fan and the raven haired boy got into a battle stance. But instead of opening it, she placed it down on the ground which shocked the Uchiha and her brothers. I mean you and your friends no harm.

Sasuke let her pass, but kept his guard up, making sure he was ready to strike her down at any moment. What she did next would shock even her. Temari kneeled down towards the blonde young man and flipped him over so that she was face to face with him.

She stared at his face for a moment and gave the unconscious genin a small smile. Then without hesitation, she pressed her lips against his for half a minute before pulling away, causing the young men who witness the event jaws to drop.

Nobody was expecting her to do that. Even Gaara was surprised, though he didn't show it emotionally. The guys stared at the kunoichi with dumbfounded looks on their faces, but Temari just ignored them as she picked up her fan and started to walk back to her brothers. And with that message delivered, they headed back to Suna.

As they walked back after Gaara apologized for his actions, Kankuro couldn't help but question his sister. Temari glared at him angrily as if to tell him ' It's none of your business. The puppet master visibly gulped and quickly turned his head away, not saying another word. Truth be told, Temari didn't understand herself why she gave a boy she barely knew her first kiss. But then she remembered something her mother taught her as a child. Karura was a strong kunoichi, which was one of the reasons the Kazekage fell in love with her.

But despite her duties as the wife of the ninja leader of Suna, she always had time for her children until those tragic times with Gaara. The life of a ninja is a dangerous one that can easily lead to your death. But as long as you survive and stay true to yourself and what you feel in your heart, your place in heaven will be assured.

At least, that's what I believe. Temari didn't understand what she meant at the time. But when she kissed Naruto, it was as clear as his cerulean blue eyes. Even though he was a ninja who everybody thought was an idiot, he always stayed true to himself and what was in his heart, and it always lead him to victory as well as kept a smile on him. That was the most important lesson he taught to her and she would always be grateful to him for that.

It was then that the flame became a strong fire. She had no regrets giving the young man her first kiss. And the fact that he helped Gaara into the light and removed the fear she had against him made her feelings for Naruto even stronger.

After their recovery and Sarutobi's funeral, Sasuke relayed the sand kunoichi's message to Naruto.

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Once he recovered from the shock that a girl actually kissed him, a fact which even his teammates couldn't believe, he thought about her often. Like Temari, he wanted to meet her again and ask her why she kissed him. Unfortunately, their next meeting would be one surrounded by tragedy. Sasuke betrayed Konoha and went to the snake sannin Orochimaru in his quest for power and revenge against his elder brother, turning his back on the village and his friends. Naruto gave his word to Sakura that he would bring him back, but he failed to do so.

It was the first time in his life that he broke his promise to his precious people. The fact that he couldn't save someone he considered a brother devastated him and his nindo.

But strangely enough, the day when he woke up and told Sakura of his failure, it would become a day of both sorrow and joy to the blonde ninja. And it began when Temari came to see him. As Naruto looked out of the window of his hospital room with a depressed look on his face, Temari looked at him with a mix of sadness, compassion and pity.

She quietly walked over and sat next to him at the edge of his bed. The wind mistress frowned as she looked at the dry tears on his face. She knew he had been crying, and it truly pained her to see him like this. She cupped his face with her hands and moved his head so he could look at her in the eyes.

What happened isn't your fault, so don't be so hard on yourself. Naruto lowered his head slightly. Even though he knew what she said was true, his failure still hurt. However, her words did make him feel a little better. I never go back on my word and yet" He drifted off lowering his head further.

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Temari took his hand and gave it a gentle squeeze which caused the spiky blond to gasp and look at her. When I first came here to this village, the only thing I cared about was the mission and defeating Konoha as a Suna kunoichi, not caring who got in my way. I gave my first kiss and I'm now holding the hand of a twelve year old loudmouth ninja who was once my enemy, but who I now would like to get to know better.

Temari smiled warmly at him and gave his hand another squeeze. She decided to lower her mask once again for him and be true to herself.

He rubbed the back of his head and grinned at her. You're not only strong, but you got heart. And it was that heart of yours that helped save Gaara, your village and my family.

And that's how I know you'll save your teammate someday. The wind mistress let go of his hand and pulled him into a gentle hug which Naruto quickly returned as he wrapped his arms around her waist. I'll always be grateful to you for what you did for me and my family. The added suffix to his name combined with her stroking his hair caused his face to heat up.

They stayed holding each other for a few more minutes until they released their embrace and looked into each others eyes. Temari drowned in his cerulean blues, while Naruto was entranced by her soft teal eyes. She got up off the bed and turned to look at him. You're going to need it for the battles to come. It was at that point that Naruto decided to drop his mask and do something that would probably get him clobbered by the Suna kunoichi.

He didn't think a moment like this would come again and he had to take a risk. With surprising speed, he grabbed Temari's wrist and pulled her to the bed with such force that she was sprawled on it with her face looking up at him. What are you doing?! He lowered his head so that their faces were a few inches apart. This caused the kunoichi to blush a deep crimson.

The way he said it with such gentleness, as well as the nickname he just made for her made Temari melt. That was all he needed as he lowered his head until their lips brushed together. It wasn't anything extreme. There were no clashing of tongues or banging of teeth. It was just a gentle, soft and chaste kiss. But it had so much meaning to the both of them.

The blonde duo felt that they weren't kissing each other's lips, they were kissing each other's souls. She wrapped her arms around his neck while he wrapped his arms around her waist, slowly deepening the kiss in the process. It was then they both knew that they didn't need their masks when they were together. They also knew that this wonderful kiss would not be their last. After he decided to leave Konoha for two and a half years with Jiraiya to train, Naruto and Temari decided that they would start dating when he returned.

When he came back, the sand kunoichi was anxiously waiting for him and she was pleased with the way he looked. Not only was Naruto slightly taller than her, but he was more muscular and mature, changing him from cute to sexy in the wind mistress's eyes.

He was also pleased with the way Temari looked with her curves and sexy black battle kimono, though he missed her cutoff top and skirt that she used to wear. The best thing to him though was that she was much more open to him. They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and it was very evident with the blonde duo when they reunited. They immediately went on their first date after Kakashi's test. They had a nice dinner at Ichiraku and told stories about what they've been doing for the past couple years.

They finished with a romantic walk through the park while the stars shined like diamonds in the clear night sky. At the end of their date, Naruto surprised Temari with a sasayuri, her favorite flower. She gladly rewarded him with a kiss containing all the passion she could muster. A kiss which he happily returned, causing the kunoichi's knees to buckle slightly.

First fanfic so early chapters are quite rough. This is the First online people finder service for both men and ladies. Meet, and Naruto Dating Temari - Quotes fuck instantly at a moment's notice - Not all members find Sex but some of them Naruto Dating Temari - Quotes want serious relationships. One year after the events of Shippuuden, Sasuke has been brought back and Orochimaru is dead. Naruto is broken, yet perseveres. Arranged marriages and new enemes appear. Will Naruto find happiness or will he wallow in depression. Naruto x Temari, others 2. "In any event, you two come to my office and we'll have lunch before you return to your class Naruto. Temari, you have to give me your report anyway." Gaara shunshined away, leaving the two blondes. Temari threw an arm around Naruto's neck and grinned. "And after class, you and I have to discuss the particulars of our date.

They weren't ninjas at that moment, they were just a young man and a young woman who loved one another and who could be true to themselves in their presence. After Gaara and Naruto became best friends after the incident with Akatsuki, the blonde duo's love for each other grew even more. Temari and Tayuya buried the hatchet with each other thanks to Naruto's help and became friends, though the two proud kunoichis do argue every now and then.

Afterwards, Tayuya and Gaara hooked up and the young Kazekage gave Temari and Naruto his blessing with their relationship.

But not without a "If you hurt my sister, I'll kill you" speech. Whenever they had free time from missions and Temari was in Konoha after her liaison duties with Shikamaru, they spent time together and their intimacy alternated from passionate kissing to heated make out sessions.

And they truly loved every minute of it. Temari cried for a little longer until she finally stood up and looked away from Gaara, feeling slightly ashamed and embarrassed for breaking down like that. The ex-Kazekage turned his head to the right sensing something familiar. He left a minute later. Gaara ran towards the source of the chakra. He heard the clash of metal and a scream.

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When he finally reached the sound, he saw a blonde ninja and a ruby haired kunoichi with their backs to each other surrounded by six ANBU soldiers as one ANBU fell to the ground, the victim of a Rasengan Spiraling Sphere in the chest.

Gaara knew how much the villagers hated and feared Naruto, just like he was hated and feared in Suna when the blonde haired ninja told him and Temari about the Kyubi. Whatever the reason was for the ANBU to attack his two precious people, he knew it wasn't good and he knew he had to help them.

He started making hand seals to prepare himself to attack. You can't beat the six of us!! Just try it motherfuckers!! It was then that Naruto sensed a familiar chakra that was getting stronger with each passing second. Rock Lee had told Naruto about this powerful jutsu, and he knew what was coming.

Picking up Tayuya and quickly adding chakra to his feet to increase his speed, he jumped as fast as he could to the tallest tree as the wave of sand completely enveloped the ANBU. Gaara quickly jumped down from the area where he hid and slammed both of his hands palm down into the sand. Gaara called back the sand to his gourd while Naruto and Tayuya jumped down from the tree to greet him. Gaara gladly returned it while sporting a light blush on his cheeks.

They stared at each other for a moment until the master of sand captured the flutist's lips in a deep and fiery kiss causing her to moan softly in his mouth. Naruto couldn't help but chuckle quietly to himself as he watched the two kiss. If anybody who knew them nearly four years ago wrote a list of impossible things that would happen to these two, falling in love with each other would be on top of the list.

Sabaku no Gaara was a merciless and nearly insane killer, while Tayuya was the flute wielding psycho of the Sound Four, who along with Orochimaru nearly destroyed Konoha. But because of Naruto's influence, they were no longer who they were. It was this blonde haired, udoursim.comedictable loudmouth of a ninja that brought these two wounded souls together. And they would always appreciate him for that. After the two redheads broke the kiss for air, Tayuya was the first to speak.

Naruto-kun and I was just on our way to visit you. It's been a while since I made fun of him and his dollies. Gaara lowered his head and looked away from the two. Naruto immediately frowned, sensing that something was wrong.

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Gaara looked back at his ruby haired girlfriend and gave her a sad smile. Naruto and Tayuya looked at each other with a frown as they caught up with Gaara. Needless to say, they now knew that the four of them were all in the same boat. A few minutes later, they arrived to where Temari was waiting. You're here! He held her gently while stroking her hair and back. Pulling back slightly so he could look at her, Naruto cupped Temari's face looking into her tear filled eyes.

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He gave Temari a soft and compassionate smile before closing in and kissing her gently as he used his calloused thumbs to wipe her tears away. She moaned softly in his mouth as the kiss combined with his gentle touch worked as a salve to heal the pain in her heart. Naruto pulled away and looked into her teal eyes once more. Temari gave him a small smile and leaned her head on his chest, taking in his warmth.

Let's find somewhere safe where we can rest for the night. Tayuya and Gaara nodded in agreement. Temari nodded as well as she wrapped her arms around Naruto and snuggled into his chest, allowing her boyfriend to carry her. The rain stopped shortly afterwards as they headed deep into the woods. A few hours later when they were far away from either Konoha or Suna, the group of ninja stopped when Naruto spotted a dry open area.

He took a few steps forward cracking his knuckles as if getting ready to do something. The three moved back several steps while he performed a number of hand seals, slamming his hands on the ground when he was done. But instead of the Konoha emblem on the house, Naruto's Uzumaki spiral appeared instead. Make yourself at home! Gaara groaned at him while the kunoichis just rolled their eyes and laughed.

Naruto laughed with them before setting up the perimeter with the Fubaku Hojin Sealed Bombs Square Release that Iruka had taught him so that they would have some defense.

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Take one step, and I'll blow you bastards up! We mean you no harm! The flutist put her instrument down and Gaara took a few steps toward the ninjas with his sand swirling around them.

Temari nodded and Naruto thrusted into her. Temari winced as she felt some pain but it quickly died giving a dull throb. Naruto exited and entered again. Temari began to ride him and kissed him again. Temari felt another orgasm building up, as did Naruto. "Temari-chan, I'm about to cum!" Naruto groaned. "Cum inside me Naruto-kun" Temari replied. Naruto and Temari went to get wood and water for drinking and the ramen bowls, while Tayuya and Gaara set up the sleeping bags and the pot to boil the water. Naruto & Temari. As Naruto went to find dry wood, Temari filled up the water bottles at a nearby lake. 'So much has happened today. Kankuro and Baki-sensei are dead. Free to konohagakure, naruto dating - - find a good recs. Hold my interests include staying up. Chakra chains, where naruto then healed her chin. Now, where naruto and naruto fanfic is banished from the story - - register and temari might see more! Well, the majority pray. She becomes sworn sibling.

There is a letter scroll inside explaining everything. Gaara used his sand to take the packages from the ANBU and laid it down behind him. Naruto used his keen sense of smell courtesy of Kyubi, while Tayuya used her sharp hearing to sense for traps or explosive tags that were activated. They both gave Gaara the thumbs up, signaling that they were none while he nodded in response.

Tayuya nodded in compliance and found the scroll on top of the packages. She started to read it out loud. If you are reading this letter, then my men have gotten the packages to you, which means that you escaped safely. This is my final act as your former sensei.

Inside the packages you'll find all your personal belongings and the money that you saved from your missions, as well as the usual ninja weaponry just in case. I heard about what happened to Kankuro from my team. I offer my sympathies as an unofficial member of your family.

Temari, your mother Karura was a wind element user just like you are. You have learned many techniques from the fan she gave you. However there are special techniques that your mother possessed that you have not yet learned.

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At Karura's request, she told me to give you the hiden Secret scrolls when I felt that you were ready. They are inside the package. When you find a place to belong, learn the techniques that your mother possessed. They will be difficult to master.

But once you do, you will truly become the wind that can blow away those who stand in your way of happiness. Gaara, as you may have heard, the Sandaime Kazekage created a jutsu that was based on technique used by a former container of Shukaku known as Satetsu Iron Sand.

Although the Sandaime was converted to a puppet by the madman, he created a hiden scroll of this technique and sealed it in the vaults of past Kazekages. As a former container of the one-tailed demon, and as the Godaime Kazekage, I am giving this scroll to you with my blessings. I know you'll use it well and may even learn new techniques from it.

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In addition, I have also given you hiden scrolls of jutsus that was used by your father, the Yondaime Kazekage. I know you and your sister can never forgive him for what he did to you and your mother, but that shouldn't stop you from protecting what's dear to you. Finally, I would like to apologize to the both of you since I will be unable to do so in person. I found out about the coup the Wind country lord and the council was planning only recently.

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By the time I found out about it, there was nothing I could do to stop it. It seems that after our defeat by Konoha and Orochimaru's treachery, the council no longer deemed me trustworthy enough to keep me in their inner circle.

Once the lord finds out about my assistance to you, I know that I will be executed. As a proud shinobi of the sand, I have no regrets to the decisions I've made in my life. However as a human being and as a man, I do have a few.

My first is that deep down, I always had doubts of the trustworthiness of Orochimaru and his sound ninja. I wanted to bring Suna back to greatness so badly, that my loyalty and ambitions blinded me to the truth. I told a Konoha ninja named Genma that I didn't care who was behind this invasion when I faced him. But deep in my heart, I knew that was a lie and it cost us many comrades and caused your family and our country to suffer for it.

I became a pawn in Orochimaru's game of chess without even knowing it, and I selfishly told both of you to harden your hearts, not caring about your feelings or the consequences of telling you such a thing.

And for that, I am truly sorry. My next regret was when I killed that proctor from the chunin exams, Gekko Hayate as a gesture of goodwill to Kabuto and Orochimaru. Death is always a part of the shinobi way, and I have taken the lives of many ninjas.

But after our defeat, his death plagued on mind and my heart. It once again showed that I was just a pawn in that snake bastard's game, and it left a sour taste in my mouth. When you get to Konoha, tell Tsunade-sama to inform Hayate's family and loved ones that Baki of Suna begs their forgiveness in the shinobi's needless death. I'm sure that they will not forgive me, but if they do, give them my thanks and tell them that I've been punished for it.

My last and worst regret was a promise I made to Karura a long time ago. She was a good friend to me, and I promised her before she died that I would look after her children, especially you Gaara. But I broke that promise and did the same thing your father and the council of Suna did. I used you as a weapon. I am ashamed to admit that like your uncle Yashamaru, I hated you for a time and was tempted to take your life.

But I'm glad I didn't because you two and Kankuro became as important to me as if you were my own children after Gaara became Kazekage. Both were panting and sweating. Temari looked up at Naruto and smiled. Naruto pulled out her hair buns and her hair fell down to her upper back.

Temari blushed and snuggled up to Naruto. He brought the covers back up and covered himself and Temari. Temari rolled onto her side and sighed happily. Naruto pressed up against her and wrapped his arms around her. He placed one hand on her stomach and the other on one of her breasts. Temari felt his hot breath at the back of her neck and blushed. Temari smiled and pressed against Naruto further.

Temari blushed and had to prevent herself from squealing. The two lovers fell asleep arm in arm. Little did they know that certain pink haired kunoichi was looking at them through the doors window.

Sakura shook her head and began to walk down the hall. She looked up and noticed Gaara and Kankuro walking towards her. Gaara cocked an eyebrow.

Naruto and temari dating fanfiction

He already knew Temari loved Naruto, and he didn't have any problem with that. Gaara smirked and Kankuro groaned. Sakura smirked at the sight of Gaara looking down the hall with a smug look. Sakura was both confused and angry. Don't you find it enraging that they had sex in a hospital?! They both winced at the tone of her voice.

Sakura's jaw dropped and she became angry. We would rather have Temari dating Naruto instead of that Uchiha prick and other guys" Kankuro replied calmly. And what do you mean instead of Sasuke-kun? Sakura was crestfallen that Sasuke didn't ask her to marry him. And quite frankly, I am glad I did" Gaara spoke looking at Sakura.

Gaara winced at the thought of his sanity earlier and nodded in agreement. They're going to make Temari marry Sasuke and I will make sure of it" Sakura spat. Gaara and Kankuro looked at each other and laughed so hard they began to cry. Sakura opened her mouth but Gaara spoke up. The council tried to make us marry her off to him, but we told them it was a disgrace" Gaara added.

Sakura gave a frustrated cry and stomped away. Gaara and Kankuro laughed again and pulled out a camera. The two of them went to Naruto's room and saw Temari and Naruto sleeping. Their clothes were on the floor and they were pressed up against each other. They took the picture and left the hospital. Gaara nodded approvingly and they went back to their hotel. In another part of the hospital, Colin lay in his bed with two figures at his sides.

He grinned at the two girls by his side and pulled them closer to him. Colin had found his second wife. Yamanaka Ino. Sasame and Ino both slept on either side of Colin. Both of them were beautiful and awesome in bed. While Ino's bust didn't match Sasame's, her C-cupped bust was still growing. Sasame, on the other hand, had D-cupped breasts that were bordering Double D. If this keeps up, she might be a second Tsunade. He pulled his wives closer to him and fell asleep.

Shane collapsed on his bed after a 'dinner' with Yugao. Yugao was laying on his chest after their little love making. He grinned, at his wife who grinned up at him. Shane rolled his eyes and chuckled. He pulled Yugao closer to him and buried his face in her hair. Link and Midna currently in the middle of their love session.

Midna was moaning Link's name loudly as he teased her. Link grinned and kissed Midna who kissed back. Midna rolled over so she was on top. Midna smirked down at Link. Link grinned and squeezed her breasts lightly. Midna gd in surprise and trailed her arms up Link's chest. Midna began to ride Link and kissed him again. Link trailed his hands down Midna's back. One rested on her back, the other on her butt.

Link squeezed Midna's firm ass and she moaned loudly. Link began to speed up movement. He entered and exited Midna faster as she rode him. Link nodded and continued to enter and exit Midna. Midna felt her womb growing with intense warmth and pleasure. She couldn't hold it much longer. Midna clamped down on Link's member squeezing his seed out. Midna felt his seed enter her body and she came moments later.

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Link's member popped out of Midna and he brought the covers over them. Midna crawled up her lovers chest and kissed him deeply. Link placed one hand around Midna's back and the other around her head. They broke apart later for much needed air. Midna nudged her nose against Link's. She fell on top of Link and buried her face in the crook of his neck.

Link ran a hand through Midna's hair and cld her other hand with his. Midna giggled and kissed his cheek. Once in a tree, once in a hospital" Midna replied. Link blushed in embarrassment. The first time they made love was at his house, which was built in with a tree.

Now, they just got done having sex again. Only this time, it was in a hospital surrounded with many rooms. Link and Midna could hear people talking in rooms around them.

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Link and Midna rolled their eyes and snuggled together. Midna moaned and smiled at Link. Link smiled and hugged his wife to him. Midna closed her eyes and fell asleep with a peaceful look on her face. Link brushed a strand of her fire orange hair from her face. My wife, the queen of the twili" Link smiled and buried his face in her hair. Kakashi was reading his Icha Icha book, much to Kurenai's displeasure. She disliked perverts with a passion, and now, she was sharing a room with one of the biggest perverts in the village.

When Kurenai found out Naruto was the one who saved the Third Hokage from an almost certain death, she began to fall for the boy.

While he brought out many similarities of her old crush, Namikaze Minato, she couldn't help but wonder if he was related to him. She was brought out of her thoughts when she heard Kakashi give a perverted giggle. Kakashi sighed and set it down under his pillow.

Kurenai twitched, she didn't like being flirted with, especially if it was a pervert like Kakashi. You let Naruto do it all the time" Kakashi said crossing his arms. Kurenai reddened at that and glared at Kakashi. Kurenai was so red with embarrassment that she pulled out a kunai and ran at Kakashi. Kakashi gulped and ran out the door, holding his fluid packet.

Gaara Learns the Truth! Ino Spills on Shikamaru x Temari - Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

Kurenai ran after him swaying slightly from the chakra exhaustion. Kakashi ran and hid in a doorway panting. He cursed himself for not stopping. Kakashi heard hurried footsteps and pressed himself against the wall.

Kurenai ran by him and turned down another hall. Kakashi released a breath in relief. I thought she found me" Kakashi muttered to himself. He then tensed as he felt a tip of a kunai against his back. Now come back here! You've crossed the line, your nuts are mine! Kakashi gave a smirk and cocked his head over his shoulder. Only Naruto-kuns are! Kakashi's visible eye widened then he grinned. Tell me how it goes for you two.

I want to know if he's a screamer" Kakashi said sprinting away. Kurenai was flushed with embarrassment and shook her head. I know you're here" Kurenai spoke.

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