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A hardened survivor , she was the long-term "partner" of Joel. The pair made their living as smugglers; they traded with survivors outside of the city. She had a "dog-eat-dog" philosophy similar to Joel and Ellie. She was voiced and mo-capped by Annie Wersching. By , Tess appeared to be in her late 30s. At some point, she became a smuggler in the Boston quarantine zone , living in Area 4.

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Also, why is Tess shooting at freaking clickers!?! I'm trying to be stealthy and she is blasting away without a care in the world. User Info: Billysan Billysan 7 years ago 4 They were partners and they cared for each other.

User Info: Gmoney- Gmoney- 7 years ago 5 They've obviously been dating for a while. User Info: Pal Pal 7 years ago 6 I don't think she was referring to their relationship in that scene, but rather "enough of something here" was referring to enough proof to show that Ellie has some kind of resistance, which would be enough to gilt Joel into trying to get her to some scientists.

Tess Annie Wersching is Joel's smuggling partner and friend. After chasing down and killing Robert, a former accomplice who stole their merchandise, Tess and Joel are offered their merchandise back from Robert's buyer Marlene if they agree to help smuggle Ellie to the State Capitol building outside of the Quarantine Zone with Joel.

She and Joel successfully make it to the Capitol building, only to discover upon arrival that the people they are meant to rendezvous with are all dead. When Joel protests that they must return, Tess insists that she cannot go any further and reveals she was bitten on the journey.

As soldiers arrive at the building, Tess orders Joel, as a last obligation to her, to find Tommy and get Ellie to the Fireflies, before sending them off while she covers them.

Tess is then killed in the subsequent gunfight, ensuring she never turns. When designing the physical appearance of Tess, the team aimed to make her look "tough and capable", striving to add an element of strength in order to show that she might be more ruthless than Joel.

However, the team found it difficult to believe that Tess would dispute with Joel and pursue him for a year; this was solved by majorly altering the story.

Bill W.

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A paranoid, aggressive, and distrustful man in his late 40s, Bill lives alone in a heavily fortified town, laden with his traps that include some captured Infected. During the game, Joel finds Bill in the hope that Bill will pay off a debt by fixing up a car for Joel and Ellie to drive to Tommy's community, but Bill insists that the only working car battery is in the unexplored part of town. After fighting their way to the local high school, Bill discovers the battery he was going to use is missing.

They escape the swarms of infected surrounding the school, and find themselves in an abandoned house, where Bill discovers his former partner, Frank, has committed suicide by hanging; it is revealed that the two had had a falling out and Frank had been planning to escape in Bill's car.

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After getting the car started, Joel drops Bill off and expresses sympathy for what happened between him and Frank. Bill merely responds by ensuring that their debt is settled and then ordering Joel to leave his town. Bill's appearance was designed to reflect practicality, as opposed to self-expression; most of his clothing and gear can also be used as a survival tool. Druckmann initially left this vague in the script, but was inspired at the script read-through to alter a few lines to further reflect Bill's sexuality.

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Bill's role in the game was also to voice Joel's concerns about escorting Ellie, as Joel doesn't voice them. Henry is 25 years old, while Sam is thirteen. Joel and Henry initially think each other are hostile, until they see Sam and Ellie, respectively. Like Joel, Henry is an experienced survivor, and the two decide to team up, since both pairs are looking for the Fireflies. They work together to overpower the bandits guarding the exit to the Quarantine Zone, and escape to an abandoned radio tower in the Suburbs.

There, Joel and Henry bond over their mutual love of motorbikes, but Sam becomes morose and introverted, particularly after a conversation with Ellie over death and the Infected. The next day, it emerges that Sam was bitten while escaping the Suburbs, and he attacks Ellie, forcing Henry to kill him. Overcome with grief and guilt at his brother's death, Henry commits suicide with his gun.

Both the physical appearance and behavior of Henry and Sam were designed to reflect that of Joel and Ellie; the backpack and jeans worn by both duos reflect the physical resemblance, while the behavioral resemblance was in that they are both forced to make tough decisions over time.

Scott enjoyed portraying the character, particularly due to the fact that he was allowed to introduce elements of his own personality. Druckmann stated that Henry and Sam's relationship mirrored that of Joel and Ellie's. Ellie was seen by the team as a mentor to Sam. Johnson felt that Sam was "genuinely scared", admiring this significant difference from the game's other characters.

David Nolan North is the leader of a group of cannibals that Ellie runs into at the Lakeside Resort where she is sheltering Joel while he recovers from a grievous wound. Initially, Ellie runs into him and a fellow hunter after killing a deer, and he offers to trade the deer for some penicillin for Joel. After he and Ellie are forced to fend off a swarm of infected, David reveals that he is actually the leader of the gang of hunters that Ellie and Joel had killed previously at the University of Eastern Colorado, when Joel was injured.

He allows Ellie to get away, but later tracks her down and kidnaps her, taking her to his base in the town. There, Ellie discovers that David's gang are cannibals. She resists their attempts, manages to kill his assistant and flees into the town, while David and his gang stalk her. David eventually corners her in a restaurant, and stalks her for several minutes, as it burns down.

Eventually, he manages to pin her down and tries to strangle her, but she catches hold of his machete and swings it, knocking him off her, and brutally hacks him to death, before Joel arrives and pulls her off. David's physical posture and gestures were specifically designed to suggest a warm and caring nature, making players believe his acceptance to welcome Ellie to his community.

When approached by Druckmann about the role, North immediately accepted the part, appreciating its diversity from his previous acting roles. When portraying David, North was required to change his voice to fit the role.

The first voice he proposed to Druckmann was ultimately chosen for the game; he describes it as "very quiet North empathized with David, stating that most of David's actions were understandable when considering the apocalyptic situation. He felt that David was initially attempting to protect Ellie, who was viewed as a "glimmer of hope". When North was cast, the team found it interesting to make David charismatic, and infatuated with Ellie. Riley Abel [36] Yaani King is Ellie's best friend.

Appearing in the Left Behind additional content, Ellie and Riley became friends at the military boarding school where Ellie was sent when she turned thirteen, where at some point Riley left to join the Fireflies. At the start of Left Behin she returns after a long absence, and ambushes Ellie in her room.

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The two go to their old hangout in an abandoned shopping mall, where they fight over Riley's revelation that she will soon be posted to another city. Ellie eventually supports her decision, but as the two dance together before parting, Ellie becomes tearful, and begs Riley not to leave.

Without hesitation, Riley rips her dog tags off, deciding to choose Ellie instead of the Fireflies. Moved, Ellie impulsively kisses her, which she returns.

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Overjoyed, Riley and Ellie are pondering how to proceed when they are attacked by infected. Both sustain bites, and decide to embrace in their final hours together.

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Riley turns, while Ellie does not. She stated that Riley has "an extremely strong personality, very driven, very confident for a year-old". She noted that they care about each other, and that they can both rely on their relationship. Sarah Hana Hayes is Joel's twelve-year-old daughter, whom he had when he was in his late teens, and the game's first playable character.

The posters and photos on her wall suggest that she was a keen soccer player. At the start of the game, she gives her father a new watch for his birthday.

In the early hours of the next day, she is awoken by a commotion and the sound of Tommy phoning Joel. Later, Joel bursts into his office, pulls a revolver out of his desk drawer and shoots their neighbor. Sarah leaves with Tommy and Joel, but her leg is hurt in a crash, forcing Joel to carry her.

On the outskirts of their hometown, they come across a soldier, who follows his orders and shoots at them. Sarah is fatally wounded by bullets and dies in Joel's arms.

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The team felt that Sarah's physical appearance should feel authentic, displaying her relationship with Joel, while simultaneously establishing her as a distinct character. They aimed to establish the character as "a down-to-earth girl who shares many qualities with Ellie". She found it difficult to perform lines in the recording studio, preferring to perform them with the body movements; she believed that the latter felt more natural.

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The characters received acclaim. Eurogamer's Welsh found that the characters were developed with "real patience and skill", appreciating their emotional value, [49] and Joystiq's Mitchell found the relationships "genuine" and emotional. The character performances also received praise, with Edge noting that the script improved as a result.

Many critics discussed the game's depiction of female characters. Jason Killingsworth of Edge praised its lack of sexualized female characters, writing that it "offers a refreshing antidote to the sexism and regressive gender attitudes of most blockbuster videogames".

A kiss between two female characters in Left Behind was met with positive reactions. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Characters in The Last of Us video game. This article is about the characters of the video game The Last of Us. Main article: Joel The Last of Us. Main article: Ellie The Last of Us. Grounded: Making The Last of Us.

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December 18, Archived from the original on December 19, Retrieved January 14, She was later mentioned by Ellie as a reason she has survivor's guilt, as Tess died indirectly because of the Cordyceps Brain Infection ; something Ellie has avoided due to her immunity. Joel was Tess' partner in crime, confidante, and closest friend.

It was never confirmed that Joel and Tess were romantically involved or if they ever took their relationship to further levels of intimacy beyond their partnership, however some sense of closeness beyond friendship is certainly hinted at. The two flirt occasionally, and several characters make references to this nature Bill calls them inseparable, and asks if there has been "trouble in paradise" recently. Tess also teases that the two exploring is like they're "on a date," to which Joel responds "well, I am the romantic type" causing Tess to reply "you've got your ways.

Later, Joel mentions wanting to "lay low" for a while after they get done with their business with Marlene and Ellie, something Tess actually supports despite previously brushing him off. When Tess was infected and told Joel to leave her behind, Joel was reluctant, but Tess insisted "there is enough here [between us] that you must feel some kind of obligation to me".

This convinced Joel, demonstrating how much she means to him that he would enact her final wish for her. He even showed a willingness to fight for and protect her despite the futility of it.

Were Joel And Tess Dating Advice, evaluar funciones online dating, best uk free dating site online, all india dating site. D Siegen (Universitatsstadt) - Achenbach/ Aug 02,   American model Tess Holliday opened up about potentially dating again, but was cryptic when it came to why she and husband Nick Holliday split. The . I agree with this. Joel has this constant struggle of finding a companion, but at the same time emotionally pushing them away. Spoilers: Although it was hinted throughout the beginning of the game that Tess and Joel were together, it was most telling of their relationship right before Tess' pleads to Joel her last wishes for him to continue the journey with Ellie something along the.

Tess therefore started the chain of events that caused Joel to start his journey and bond with Ellie. The two were an efficient team who are all about business when needed. Together, they were ruthless and would stop at nothing to get what was owed to them, shown by their chase and subsequent torture of Robert, concluding with Tess shooting him point blank with Joel right behind her, who didn't seem at all fazed with what she had done. When fighting the smugglers, the two were worked in-sync with one another; when Joel took one man out, Tess would shiv the other.

In both business and pleasure, Joel and Tess had an incredibly strong bond that affects Joel beyond her death.

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When characters such as Ellie or Bill mention Tess, Joel shuts them down immediately, showing that there is some amount of grief over her passing that he has not yet dealt with. However, when Ellie mentions her a year later, Joel reacts sympathetically, suggesting he has moved on from losing Tess. Tess initially sees Ellie as just another cargo to smuggle in exchange for the weapons Robert sold to Marlene.

She also does not believe that Ellie is immune at first, but starts to think so once Tess gets infected and observes her bite wound had already gotten worse within an hour compared to Ellie's three-week-old bite. During the trip to the Capitol Building, Tess looks after Ellie with almost maternal or sisterly protection and sympathy while Joel scouts ahead and chats with her as well as advising her what to do.

Were joel and tess dating

Once she reveals her bite and the military shows up, Tess uses her influence to get Joel to take Ellie to the Fireflies. Ellie would later bring Tess up as she tried to deal with her survivor's guilt.

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It is implied that Marlene and Tess know each other; Marlene going so far as to call Tess by name. Whether their relationship is personal, or through mutual knowledge of their respective notoriety, is unknown.

Tess cared about her to some degree, asking if she was okay when showing signs of pain due to her bullet wound. She was, however, distrustful of Marlene by how she refuses to do any smuggling until she sees the merchandise she promised, yet goes with her to check it out, trusting the Firefly won't harm her. Tess knows Bill from her and Joel's smuggling arrangement with him.

Bill considers Tess to be a very level-headed and smart woman who wouldn't have agreed to transport Ellie. She was apparently on better terms with Bill than Joel is, as Bill was not exactly happy to see him.

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Some notes can be found in-game from Tess and Bill about their business transactions. Tess was initially on good terms with Roberthaving traded several goods with him over the years. However, their relationship was strained when Robert attempted to kill her to avoid paying her a cache of guns, which he had been forced to give to the Fireflies.

This caused Tess to recruit Joel to hunt Robert down and enact revenge. She willingly broke his leg with a metal pipe, and had no problem with Joel breaking his arm and beating him.

She didn't have any sympathy for him, killing him, and quickly dealing with Marlene afterwards, displaying that her relationship with Robert was merely business and nothing personal. Malick has been an acquaintance of Tess' for a long time, and she refers to him as 'an old headache'.

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Not much is known about the exact nature of their relationship, although he is sheepishly obedient to her. However, after being bitten, Tess becomes short-tempered, more aggressive and stops appreciating the little things. In addition, she becomes obsessed and desperate to find the Fireflies. Little of this behavior is her fault, however, as it is the nature of the infection to make the host hostile and angry.

On the other hand, the fixation obviously stems from her reluctance to turn before they reach the drop off point for Ellie. The other piece of her insistence is the suggestion that she believes that getting Ellie to the Fireflies would bring a cure to the world, latching on to it almost straight away despite Joel being completely unbelieving. In Tess' mind, this would mean some kind of forgiveness for the things that she and Joel have done.

Her guilt over these things comes out when she tells Joel that they're "shitty people" and they've "been that way for a long time. Tess is courageous; she accepts Ellie without complaining and faces her death with humanity rarely seen since the outbreak. She even doesn't tell Joel and Ellie that she was bitten, selflessly not wanting them to worry about her until there is no alternative. When coming to the realization that she was on the brink of turning into an Infected, Tess displays selflessness and love for Joel and Ellie, urging Joel to take her to the Fireflies, for a chance at redeeming the broken state of the world.

The Last of Us: Joel and Tess

She sacrifices herself for them, a stark contradiction to her previous philosophy of a "dog-eat-dog-world" that she shared with Joel, displaying how true humanity is not yet dead in their world.

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