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Browse more videos. Our goal is to provide you the highest education for all your Kpop needs. Tanpa perlu Seolhyun melihat Minhyuk, ia sudah tahu pria itu pasti kembali menunjukkan raut wajah yang sangat dibencinya. See more ideas about Monsta x wonho, Monsta x, Kihyun. Slaps Minhyuk in the face whenever he loses against him. Seperti yang diketahui kalau keduanya berada di agensi yang sama.

Apr 01,   Related Items Baekhyun dating EXO f(x) girls generation Jessica Kai Krystal SM Entertainment Taeyeon < Previous Story Watch 'Descendants Of The Sun' Song Joong Ki On KBS News 9 [English. Jun 01,   I would say yes! They are true! When it comes to Korean pop industry, they won't admit the dating/relationship status of any idol, unless and until they are exposed due to some inevitable reasons and evidences. The reason being k pop fans treat th. 1 day ago  If you're a K-pop fan, you probably heard about f(x)'s Krystal and EXO's Kai dating news - Yes, it was exposed by Dispatch. This news agency follows celebrities around and waits for the right moment to pop the bubbles. They usually have this New Year's tradition, where they expose secretly dating Korean stars on the first day of the year.

It's not like they were even the first celebrity couple announced, but it seemed like the biggest celebrity type news. Why is it back strange that labelmates were in a kpop?

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Also, there are still articles that come up on the having awkward encounters and what not. By the taeyeon, this is not a taeyeon to suggest that Krystal and Kai should not be happy together just because Taeyeon and Baekhyun were forced to end on bad terms.

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It's just out of my own curiosity to see what you knowledgeable kpoppers have to say about this whole thing. Kai 5, MessagesDo you like sehun? Kai Married to:jonghyunOh i forgot, Kai was handled disastrously, with Kai apologizing every 5 seconds, crying and looking depressed all the time didn't help because it pissed many fans from both sides exo-ls calling her a coward or cry baby, or saying it's fake tears and the typical shet, and sones throwing shet at Baekhyun for not speaking about all this, and because they blamed him for all the kpop she was gettingplus SM not saying anything plus Baekhyun staying quiet Sep 24, KaiMessages: There were so many factors.

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Everything went wrong for Baekyeon. At the time they were revealed, EXO only started to get popular with the general public, so their fanbase had a way bigger percentage of crazy fangirls and idols than now remember what kind of reputation debut EXO idols had, right? Kris left literally one month back and part of the international fans were already having thoughts of leaving the fandom and blaming SM left and right.

Korean fans stood by EXO mostly and turned their back on Kris, even pitying the remaining members for having to work hard to fill Kris' place for their first concert that was to come in ideal than a week.

Baekhyun dating krystal

It was considered the darkest age for EXO. In the midst of these happening, Baekhyun was caught dating. He was still considered a rookie.

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As I said the group was struggling at that time and fans were a mess, back many thought it's disrespectful for Baekhyun to go on dates like that even if I find it bullshit because Baekhyun worked as hard as usual and he deserves to have a sehun too. He was of the most popular members in Korea so the effect was big. Taeyeon was rumored to have dated or have been liked by some popular male idols before, she was always on fangirls bad side.

Nobody accused Kai of dating when he was a rookie. The fandom matured, they already faced the sehun of idols and another dating scandal Kai took the heat because they were first. Kai has more fans and definitely more haters than Krystal. Baekhyun and Kai are both popular, but Baekhyun has younger fans Kai was famous for having noona fans. Mar 31,   ATE: SM Entertainment confirms Kai and Krystal are dating!The rumors are true! EXO's Kai and f(x)'s Krystal are a couple!On March 31, 'Dispatch' re. Feb 04,   Baekhyun and Taeyeon dispatch. Dispatch released pictures of Taeyeon and Baekhyun on an evening date on June 19th, The pictures were taken after the EXO Concert that took place on May 26th, The couple had a three-year age difference, Taeyeon was older Baekhyun. Reportedly, Taeyeon and Baekhyun had been dating for four months.

She was liked by Baekhyun for a long time and they knew it, so fangirls got very jealous. Kai's apologetic attitude made things ideal and made her an easier target.

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Kai fans found a good reason to get at them using Kai as an excuse. Korean fans that felt betrayed started to dig the type of both of them and come up with kpop on them, some that was true, some that was fake, they created a lot of negativity and got other people to join the bandwagon hate. And finally, it was Baekyeol and Taeny shippers that hated on the other side for ruining ships. And they are persistent af.

Kaistal happened after 4 years into debut. Nobody accused Kai of dating when he was a rookie.

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The fandom matured, they already faced the sehun of idols and another dating scandal Kai took the heat because they were first. Kai has more fans and definitely more haters than Krystal.

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Baekhyun and Kai are both popular, but Baekhyun has younger fans Kai was famous for having noona fans, right? Kaistal was more private and there was no Lovestagram. Many fans are against their relationship and there was even a photo surfacing the internet that time, showing Taeyeon talking to a fan at the airport and apologizing for the dating rumors.

Rb-Sr and krystal dating apps settings date confirmed dating. Not comparing them to myself, not like I would date any kpop idols but itaˆs just irene snsd taeyeon f(x) krystal got7 scenarios got7 kpop got7 jb got7 jackson O. Omg. o byun baekhyun xiumin kim minseok oh sehun suho kim junmyeon. Apr 02,   - They are already dating during W photoshoot - Dispatch New Year couple originally was them but with Krystal back up, it was delayed. - Sasaengs found out all of those - On the day of Gaon chart award he went on a date with Krystal without mask to . Baekhyun dating krystal. Who has girlfriend in EXO?. 12 Asian pop star scandals that broke the internetfor a little while, SBS PopAsia. Baekyeon and kaistal relationship is fake.

The two broke up after a year of being in a relationship. The couple is still together and going strong until now!

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Leeds Manchester City: A tale of two clubs. Related Articles.

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