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If you are a fast eater who is looking to become more aware of your nutrition or if you are wanting to lose weight- you can reap the benefits of eating slowly! You could drive from Point A to Point B with your eyes closed and now- you wonder if you did. Have you ever finished eating with no recollection of what you just ate? You sit in standby mode as the rest of your family finishes and you find yourself eating more, just for the taste. Surprisingly, satisfaction is more than the sum of how much we eat. There are physical AND mental cues that tell our bodies and brains we have eaten enough. This post is the fourth installment of a series on simple changes.

Sep 20,   Now, we'll dive deep into the benefits of eating slowly and how it may be just the boost you need in your health, fitness, and weight loss goals. THE BENEFITS OF EATING SLOWLY. My natural eating style can best be described with a photo: Yes, that's a vacuum. Without any intention, I will Hoover© my food. May 03,   The benefits of eating slowly. Eating fast / Eating slowly. Get access to research, figures and infographics. Chewing. The more you chew, the less you eat. Calories, quantity. Eating fast makes you eat more. Acid reflux. The faster you eat, the more reflux (risk of GERD). Digestive Surgery. Jun 18,   Many people eat their food quickly and carelessly. This may lead to weight gain and other health issues. Eating slowly may be a much smarter approach, as it could provide a number of benefits.

We eat just to satisfy our hunger and not for pleasure, which is concerning. Before their taste buds could pick up the taste, the plate is finished! Mindful and slow eating are necessary for the breakdown of food and even distribution of nutrients in the body.

We need to allow ample time for eating so that we eat slowly with proper chewing to boost digestion. Taking small bites and chewing them properly gives your stomach room for digestion.

Jan 10,   5 Benefits of Slow Eating. Eating slower improves digestion. Taking small bites and chewing them properly gives your stomach room for digestion. Americans could use a tutorial on eating food slowly. In certain countries and cultures, a meal can last for hours. People sit around a table with their extended families and talk, eat.

Technically, one must chew one bite for as many as twenty times! The more you chew, the finer the food will become and the easier it is for your digestive system to break it down. People who eat fast complain about stomach problems very often.

Benefits of dating slowly

Lessening the load on the stomach lessens the chances of indigestion. Several studies have claimed that slow eating helps in weight loss.

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This prevents overeating which eventually leads to weight loss. When you eat slow, you are focused on only eating and nothing else.

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This helps in keeping stress and all the negative thoughts at bay. You can now easily focus on the necessary things without stressing out. To enjoy your food, it is important that you eat it with pleasure.

When you eat hastily, neither you get the real taste of the food nor you feel satisfied even if it is your favorite dish from the favorite restaurant. Even a normal food taste delectable if eaten slowly and calmly. Perhaps the most important reason for slow eating is leading a happy life.

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When you savor your food, you understand the important role of food in your life. We all remember being told by our parents not to gobble our food.

Maybe your parents knew what they were talking about after all.

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If you chew slowly then you are far less likely to get indigestion and heart burn. There are several reasons for this but one of them is that you will be chewing more for each piece of food.

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Thus the size of the pieces going down will be smaller and your body will find it much easier to digest them - rather than feeling large chunks slide down your esophagus. Furthermore if you chew more carefully and slowly then you will be likely to swallow less air and this will also prevent you from getting indigestion as this is a common cause - if you swallow too much air then it can cause your esophageal sphincter to open allowing stomach acids to come back up and out of the stomach and into the throat or chest.

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This will also help you to be more energetic and to not have to lie down while your energy resources are focused on helping you digest your food. Trapped wind has several causes, but among the most prevalent is eating too quickly. This wind can then create discomfort and flatulence.

Chewing your food is actually the first stage of digestion and can be viewed just like digestion that occurs in the stomach.

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Just as your stomach contains enzymes that break down the foods your mouth also has enzymes - in the form of saliva - and these perform the same job. Part of the reason you need to break down foods is so that the minerals and vitamins can be more easily absorbed by the body into the blood stream rather than passing through unused.

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So if you give your stomach a helping hand in digesting the food in other words, this will mean that more of those nutrients make it into your blood stream. More vitamins, more minerals and more amino acids. In short you will benefit more from your food and have a healthier system that has more resources available to it.

By eating more slowly you can help yourself to lose weight.

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This works through two different methods. Meanwhile this allows the hormones that tell the brain your full time to do their work whereas otherwise you can stuff yourself further before the signal reaches the brain causing you to feel bloating and over-full when it does get there.

Of course this also is a sure fire way to put on weight. The other way this works is through the physical act of stretching the stomach.

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