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I had a girlfriend who was kinda strong and bodybuilder type and I have been missing her a lot quite lately so I felt like I'll let my emotions rush through. So I met this girl during my 11th grade. She was from a different stream but we had a few classes that were common to both of us. I was very infatuated towards this girl, she was very pretty, good looking and had toned body as well. I tried to befriend her, make some conversations and somehow got close to her and it worked pretty well.

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At the same time, I suffered minor depression and all the other distractions that tend to strike during middle adolescence. The goal of building myself into someone made of corded steel like Bruce Lee or being able to do my own stunts like Jackie Chan was a strong inspiration, and influenced my taste in movies: since I began to see how Bruce Lee in particular was idolized as being absolutely unique, I also began to enjoy watching martial arts films and exhibitions, acknowledging the power of the human body to adapt to almost any challenge.

I drew confidence from even the first days of my interest, not so much from suddenly hitting the gym and packing on five kilos of muscle though, looking back, I would have liked to have done so. It was simply the opportunity that bodybuilding presented to me that was so significant. Every person's mind is limited as much by perceived as actual impossibility.

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I used bodybuilding extremes as examples of how the perceived impossibility of, say, myself becoming stronger and more powerful than those people with a strong inherent build, could be overcome. In addition, I looked at the struggle of ordinary people like me, and saw that while the path was not easy, others were also on the road, and had benefited from it.

This realization of the distinction between what a person perceives to be impossible and what is actually impossible is the most significant effect of bodybuilding upon my life. When I began actually bodybuilding, I was going through a transition from being very intraverted and quiet to moderately outgoing.

Bodybuilding accelerated and exaggerated that development. There is something truly awesome about ripping a huge deadlift from the ground, a combination of stress relief, amusement and physical struggle that is, for me, equal to the struggle of some grand hero in an epic film. I stand taller, walk with a stronger swagger, and look people in the eye, knowing I have the strength to pick any one of them from the ground and hurl them practically across the street if need be - yet by the same token, I also realize that I don't need to.

The bodybuilding community is full of people working together, disagreeing at times, to a common goal. There's no fist fights here, at least as far as I've ever seen. That is also a strong benefit from this activity, the community feel despite it being in the end a solo thing.

A couple of injuries, nothing major, just a wrenched knee sloppy form and a couple of strains.

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Apart from those, there's nothing, really. I am not certain whether it's my social group or the fact that I don't carry the "ripped, tanned, dyed-hair, egotistical" stereotype, but I still look normal to every person I meet - up until the time I have to help shift a car or help a co-worker in my shop renovate.

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Possibly the cost in time, possibly the retort, "Oh, you bodybuild, eh? You don't look it", who knows? All I can say is that there is nothing that someone at my introductory stage can really point out as that negative. I can look forward and see the possibility of needing to take heavy supplements, or diet hard for cuts, but my goal has never been contests, and as such I need not worry about that to the same extent. My goal is rounded strength and size, and as such the only sacrifice I make is the sweat off my brow and the calluses on my hands.

I am strong, and getting stronger; Fit, getting fitter. I have healthy relationships with others because I can set my own boundaries. Physically, bodybuilding in the future will continue to push me forward towards my potential. Mentally, it will teach me the skills to shrug off pain and setback.

Emotionally, it will serve at the least as a distraction and aid to relieving stress, and at best will give me the third-best clean rush in the world the first being sex, or one of those love moments, the second being a good hard game of paintball or laser equivalent.

Give me three or four heavy sets, a nymphomaniac girlfriend, and ten thousand paintballs. I'll be right. And as long as it's good fun, gives me a rush, keeps me focused and is a daily struggle against the weight of the world, it will be part of my life. I just hope I can convince the less-sporty of my best mates to join me the other one having stolen my wheel and hidden a set of dumbbells under his bed - soon he'll be ready to come out of the cupboard and admit he lifts!

Bodybuilding has completely changed my life. I was fourteen years old and overweight with little self-confidence.

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I was 5'4" and almost lbs. I was completely out of shape and came into high school playing football. This is when I started my journey with weight lifting.

Sep 29,   Welcome to the Forums It is our hope that the members of the forums will help each other in providing motivation and information to those looking to reach their fitness goals. Been dating a girl for a few months now. says she loves me, shows me she loves me, does things for me, cooks, buys gifts etc -Sex life is great. Aug 21,   There are four main categories of female bodybuilding, says Steve Toms, Ashley's coach and husband (the two met in the LifeTime Fitness gym where she was training for her first competition!): 1. Bikini: "A softer look" that's more focused on the traditional female body shape. Bodybuilding is a lifestyle which is a positive way of saying that bodybuilding consumes every ct of your life. Some would call it obsessive. Others would call it a healthy obsession. Whatever you want to call it - it's a big force that takes up a lot of space in a .

Originally, I use to be somewhat lean until 7th and 8th grade I really just ended up getting very lazy and played some sports. My diet was god awful and consisted of soda, pizza, ice cream, Little Debbie Cakes, etc.

I had almost no self control with myself. I was still pretty popular but was always made fun of for being fat, I played it off like it did not bother me but deep down it affected me greatly. I had very little confidence in myself, though I put on a front as I did. I must admit, I also had little luck with girls at this time too. I realized it was time to change my life for the better.

I was starting to get very worried about my health. I went to the doctors and found out I was borderline obese and had an above normal heart rate. This is when my life changed.

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I worked out and started to completely cut the junk food out of my life and started caring more about myself. My senior year, I was lbs, faster and stronger than I have ever been in my life.

I went all-region nose guard that year. I also got a team award for being the most dedicated on the team. This award I truly cherish. It is something to really show for my hard work. I am now eighteen years old and have added over lbs to both my bench and squat from the time I have started lifting. I now have the confidence to take off my shirt at the beach and talk to girls when before I was always self conscience.

I have learned the true meaning of hard work and realized I can accomplish anything I put my mind too. There have been so many benefits to my life from bodybuilding, the list is endless.

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I would say the three biggest things that I have benefitted from, by bodybuilding would, have to be health, self confidence, and learning the true meaning of hard work. Bodybuilding has completely changed my health. I was overweight and out of shape and had many health risks for being obese.

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I am now in the best shape of my life and at a much healthier body fat. Before, I would get out of breath just walking to fast. Now my endurance is through the roof. What's most surprising about this is that it's primarily being spread via oral sex. It is Welcome to the Bodybuilding.

To protect our members and the forums, the following rules are effective in all sections. Please take I'm new so sorry for the long post or rules I may break. Been with a girl for 6 years, living together for 3. She's a 6 naturally, but an 8 when she makes effort which is only when we go out out. We've broken up before about this as I've told her I'm not physically attracted when she's not My dating pool is limited to whales and ugly chicks.

Besides getting in shape and making more money, what other steps should I take to land an attractive girl?

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Theyre disgusting. Their skin is dry and ragged and they Phew, been a long time since I've been back on the misc, but I'm in need of the honest perspective of you guys. Works in recovery. Financially stable, but not loaded.

May 27,   The problem with intensive bodybuilding doesn't just lie with the training itself, but also with many of the other things that tend to go hand in hand with bodybuilding, such as the use of whey protein powders and other dietary supplements and the consumption of evolutionarily novel foodstuffs. One of the biggest issues with bodybuilding is. Mar 18,   The impact of sex in your bodybuilding goals may surprise you. In fact, your sex life has very much to do with the factors that make muscle gain effective for you. From your hormones, to your energy levels, sex influences muscle gain more than you think. Here are some positive and negative influences of sex on your muscle gain. How has bodybuilding affected your dating life? First off I'm a single 20 year old college male and I flirt with quite a few girls. There's this girl I'm talking to right now and she wants a relationship and I do as well, but I'm skeptical of getting into a relationship, because of the gym.

No formal education. When I have sex with someone, I feel anxious and bad afterwards. Me and my childs mother split and she is now with someone else. I just can't seem to get over it at all.

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Ive never had a problem getting over an ex girlfriend but it's as though i feel this girl was "mine" since we had a child together, it was much more to me. I never wanted a broken family.

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Our relationship lasted for just over half a year. This girl was electric. She was hot, super fun, excitable, enthusuastic. She was an absolute blast to be around. I fell completely in love with her. I still vaguley remember our first date. I remember thinking to myself, wow i've never met a girl All of my experiences thus far confirm this. If your girlfriend has a guy friend, it's a red flag.

Be on alert, especially if they hang out.

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One or both of them probably has some level of sexual interest. Start with that default, and then work back towards exceptions. There are exceptions, My ex girlfriend cheated on me with a random and then left me for a different person without a word of sorry or anything.

It completely destroyed my self esteem and value.

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How do you recover from someone doing this to you? It's like you meant nothing to them.

How Our Social Life Has Changed Since Getting In Shape @hodgetwins

It really has made me afraid to Help misc! I just got out of a very toxic relationship at the end of August. And you have to keep it up for the weeks it takes to prep for a show. It doesn't feel like deprivation to Ashley, who loves the whole transformation process.

What Is The Worst Affect From Bodybuilding? Honestly, I do not think there are negative affects from bodybuilding. However, there are a few common ones that people often talk about. Bodybuilding is a very time demanding sport; this leaves you with less time to do other things in your life. Bodybuilding is a lifestyle that is not for everyone. I had a girlfriend who was kinda strong and bodybuilder type and I have been missing her a lot quite lately so I felt like I'll let my emotions rush through. So I met this girl during my 11th grade. She was from a different stream but we had a few classes that were common to both of us. I was very. Well, I've only been with 2 different girls since bodybuilding. The one I'm with now had no idea what it was going in. She just thought it was a hobby I had, just going to the gym. 15 months later she's realized my life revolves around it and has even supported me as far as pinning my gluteus for me. I love that girl.

Over the next 12 weeks she will drop about 8 percent body fat and gain considerable muscle. It's amazing how when you give it exactly what it needs, it will do exactly what it's designed to do! Knowing what her body needs can be tricky, so the elementary school gym teacher turned to science for help.

It takes all the guesswork out of aerobic training.

Bodybuilding affect dating life

Once you know how your body burns fat, you know how long and how intense your cardio needs to be. You don't have to slog away for hours on the treadmill to see results!

Ashley is also very careful to avoid overtraining. I'm not the kind of person who wants to win so badly that I'll compromise my health and vitality to do it. There's more to it than just looking good, cautions Steve. Having to sleep in full sweats so her carefully layered spray tan doesn't stain the hotel sheets! Ashley is hoping to make the top 15 at Nationals this fall and bring home another trophy or two.

We'll be checking back in with her in a couple of months to see how her body has changed and if she accomplished her goal! With her bodybuilding competition just two months away, we asked Ashley to walk us through a typical day in her training and nutrition plan. The schedule of seven to eight meals and two or three workouts on six days per week is intense, but "it's a science," says her coach and husband Steve Toms.

But it's usually the hardest part for a first timer.

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If you lack discipline, this is not the sport for you. Cardio: Incline walk "layered up" for 45 minutes, keeping her heart rate in her "optimal" fat-burning zone. Ashley wears multiple layers of clothing to increase body heat and to keep her body under wraps until competition day. By Charlotte Hilton Andersen August 21, Save FB Tweet ellipsis More.

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