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As a couple, you have an important decision to make. It could one that is taxing the Cancer man's ego and the Capricorn woman's sense of self. Talk about the situation with a family member who knows you both well enough to be candid. You may each both a bit more unhappy then you've admitted to one another. First things first, be open with each other. After you have identified what's bothering you or what's missing, figure out what lies ahead.

Neither is quick to fall in love, and both want a lifelong commitment.

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However, these two don't fit s stereotypical man and woman. A Cancer man is a 21st Century man; he's a manly man with some feminine attributes.

The Capricorn woman and Cancer man have much to learn from the other and the sexual attraction is compelling. The Capricorn woman will throw caution to the wind when she dates a Cancer man. She'll feel the instant emotional ties and long for him to feed her soul. He will sense her ability to swim in his world of imagination and soul. A Cancer man will come to appreciate and honor his Capricorn woman's common sense and realize there are times when it's best to ignore his emotions to get essential things done. Long-term Potential. A Cancer man and a Capricorn woman are both into commitment and when they fall in love, they're in it for the long haul and marriage will be on the agenda. Of course, there will be some push-pull in this . The Capricorn woman is quite delicate with her patience for her Cancer man and his needs or desires in the bedroom. The Cancer man is sensitive and aware of the Capricorn woman's desires as well. He will aim to please her in whatever way she wants. Both .

He's a hard worker who needs financial security but also has a sensitive, emotional, caregiving side. He tends to be a home body, who can cook and manage a home as well as most women.

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Plus, he's an empathic, protective, and possessive old-fashioned guy who wants a marriage, home, and a family, as well as a successful career. Hard work, accomplishment, and success is the name of the game for a Capricorn woman. There are actually two possibilities. They could try to have a traditional marriage, with her trying to manage the household and to be the primary caretaker for the children, or they could accept a role reversal and have him manage the household and be the primary caretaker for the children.

The reason that they may attempt a more traditional arrangement is that they will both tend to be rather conservative.

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They also may be influenced by others, particularly his mother, to stick to a more conventional arrangement. If they do go down that road, however, they will both be extremely unhappy.

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It is not just that he has talents better suited to the home and she has talents better suited to the office, this is what they each have a strong desire to do.

In a conventional arrangement, they will both start to resent each other. She will resent him for his advancement in his career, and he will resent her, especially if she is able to be home with the children more than he is. As parents, regardless of how they arrange the division of labor in their household, the children will experience him as the primary nurturer and her as the disciplinarian.

They will both be devoted parents, but they may have some trouble when the children are teenagers, especially if they get into mischief or start to rebel. Neither the Cancer man nor Capricorn woman was prone to mischief or rebellion when they were young, so they will have a hard time understanding these things in their children. For the most part, a Cancer man and Capricorn woman will work very well together.

They naturally complement each other as to their abilities and temperaments.

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She is best at practical matters, and he has a personal touch. They may have some difficulty, though, in that both of them like to be in control.

She will control directly, but a Cancer man will not easily back down or follow instructions.

Nov 14,   If a Cancer man and a Capricorn woman begin a relationship, each partner will understand the other's need to not be so effusive when first meeting someone. Both these people could be total extroverts, and they'd still get the concept of not being so open with new people. Feb 14,   Cancer man, Capricorn woman: Dating and early stages of the relationship A Cancer man and Capricorn woman will be instantly drawn to each other. This is common for signs that are opposite each other. Opposites really do doursim.com: Cynthia Thinnes. May 14,   Capricorn man, Capricorn woman: Dating and early stages of the relationship The most common place for a Capricorn man and a Capricorn woman to meet is at work or at a work-related event. Neither of them socializes much outside of Author: Cynthia Thinnes.

He sometimes resorts to manipulation or passive-aggressiveness to get what he wants. The best approach would be for them both to take charge of specific areas or projects. If a Cancer man and Capricorn woman allow themselves to do things in the way that is most comfortable for them, they will have very little, if any, conflict.

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They will both naturally fall into the roles that suit them best and live harmoniously together. Like all couples, they may have a few arguments from time to time, but these arguments will not be serious.

The trouble may come, though, if they listen to other people who think that they know better.

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The most likely person who will cause problems for them would be his mother. As stated before, the best arrangement for a Cancer man and Capricorn woman is for him to be in charge of the home and her to be the main breadwinner. Yet, the Capricorn woman, in particular, will be concerned about what people think of them. He may also feel inadequate or unmasculine due to social pressure.

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If this happens, they may take things out on each other, causing tension and conflict. This is a similar issue as would be faced by a Cancer man and Scorpio woman.

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This will be a bigger problem when this couple is younger. As they mature, they will tend to become less worried about what other people think of them.

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As opposite signs, a Cancer man and Capricorn woman are natural partners for each other. They provide balance for each other and each is strong where the other is weak. Some signs do better in relationships and some signs get along better with themselves than others.

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In the case of a Capricorn man and a Capricorn woman, this couple will do relatively well together. Capricorn is a very pragmatic sign. Generally, a Capricorn native of either gender will be sensible and level headed about the relationships they get involved in.

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Capricorn is also steady and stable, which makes it easy for this sign to sustain a long term relationship. The one difficulty that they may have is that both of them will be dedicated to their jobs. This could cause them to neglect their relationship if they are not careful.

A Capricorn man is a consummate businessman. He likes to work hard, and he wants to climb the corporate ladder.

The Capricorn man can become an even more stoic, self-sufficient loner, and the Cancer woman can become overly dependent, emotionally possessive, and despondent. If this happens, the quality of their relationship will deteriorate. It's important Capricorn and Cancer don't treat the others' strength as a crutch but see them as a model. The relationship between the Capricorn woman and Cancer man is a supportive one. The female goat is solid and reliable and the male crab is dedicated and intuitive. She can help to keep his emotions in check while he helps her to appreciate all of the beauty in life. Capricorn Woman And Cancer Man Relationship - ProsAuthor: Donna Roberts. The determination of a Capricorn woman is strong which is topped by her sensible manner. When a Capricorn woman falls for a Cancer man, she is more likely to be very serious regarding the relationship and is wholeheartedly ready to sacrifice her personal needs for her man. But sometimes her cold attitude or strong judgment makes the Cancer male sad.

In the Northern Hemisphere, Capricorn is the sign at the Winter Solstice, when the Sun is at the lowest point in the sky and is beginning to rise again. The symbol for Capricorn is also the goat. The image of climbing is a central component of the Capricorn archetype. Each sign has a temperament, and the temperament of Capricorn is cold and dry. This is helpful for decision making, but it can also tend to make one rather judgmental. All other things being equal, men tend to be dryer than women.

For this reason, a Capricorn man tends to be extremely conservative in his outlook on life. This does not mean that he is politically conservative, but instead that he sticks to traditional ways of operating in the world.

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In society, men have traditionally been assigned the role of breadwinner in a relationship. In this way, depending on his age, a Capricorn man will have felt supported by society and his community in his desire to rise in his career. A Capricorn woman is no less of a climber than a Capricorn man, and in this day and age, there are more opportunities for her to have a career and excel in it.

Feminine energy tends to soften Capricorn somewhat. She is not as dry as a Capricorn man, so she can see nuances that he misses. She is also much more flexible in her ideas and beliefs than he is. Capricorn has a surprisingly good, if dry, sense of humor, and this tends to be more marked in women than in men. Depending on her age, a Capricorn woman will have had less family and societal support for her ambitions and her career goals.

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This could have the effect of making her stronger and better in her career, but it could also leave her with a bit of a chip on her shoulder. Capricorns of either gender can neglect relationships and family life in favor of their career, but Capricorn women tend to be better at maintaining a work-life balance than Capricorn men.

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The most common place for a Capricorn man and a Capricorn woman to meet is at work or at a work-related event. Neither of them socializes much outside of work. They do not go to bars or to parties if they can avoid it. The problem with meeting at work, however, is that neither of them is inclined to mix business with pleasure.

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For this reason, it may be difficult to turn the working relationship into a romantic one.

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