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In order to have greater certainty it is important to obtain several samples, in the form of cores drilled from the timber, and to construct a 'site chronology' for the building. The number of cores required will depend upon the complexity of the structure, but some ten cores per building phase is preferred.

These are normally taken by the dendrochronologist in co-operation with the historian and the position of the cores is carefully marked on the building plan for future analysis of the results.

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The core leaves a small hole in the timber of about 15mm in diameter which may be plugged with a timber dowel. Although this method is capable of dating to the individual year, in practice several factors conspire to reduce the precision in dating the construction, sometimes drastically, and it is important to be aware of the limitations.

Whilst in the middle ages it was the practice to use the timber 'green' - usually within a year of the felling date - in more recent times the timber is usually allowed to dry out, sometimes for decades, before use.

Furthermore, carpenters, aware of the effects of insect attacks, would deliberately remove the sapwood and even some heartwood.

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The number of sapwood rings may vary between 15 and 50 years, depending on the position in and the age of the tree. Thus the year of the last ring dated could be misleading to the construction date and be underestimated by an unknown number, possibly 60 years.

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Sapwood may be found on at least some of the timbers in the dendrochronological survey and the site master chronology will lead to a more reliable date than an individual core. Whereas tree-ring dating is limited in this country to oak structures, radiocarbon dating may be used for any wood species and, indeed, for any other organic based materials found in buildings such as: wattle and daub; straw used for insulation; hair used in plaster; leather wall hangings; and, perhaps surprisingly, mortar.

The range of radiocarbon dating reaches back to 60, years.

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For the last few thousand years it can have a precision of a few decades and may, in certain circumstances, be comparable with tree-ring dates. The laboratory at Cambridge here in England was among the first six to be set up anywhere in the world. There are now several radiocarbon dating laboratories in Britain including those at Belfast, Cambridge, East Kilbride, Oxford and Swansea, as well as a commercial unit near Harwell.

Radiocarbon dating is based on the element carbon, the basis of all life on earth. The atoms of this element are of three different types or 'isotopes'.

They are identical chemically but have slightly different physical properties, particularly in mass. The isotopes are respectively 12, 13 and 14 times as heavy as the common hydrogen atom the base unit by which the weight of other elements is measured.

The isotopes C and C are stable and make up the bulk of the element, but the C isotope, which is mildly radioactive, is extremely rare.

The acids in the bog give it the gorgeous deep-brown color. There's a similar wood from New Zealand, Ancient Kauri, that carbon-dating places at 30, years old! Once these bog-woods are dried out they are still very workable. My "learning experience" for this pen was improving my finish. Bog Oak, much like Brown Oak, is not a specific species, but is rather a term that designates oak that has been buried in a peat bog for hundreds or sometimes thousands of doursim.com extremely low oxygen conditions of the bog protect the wood from normal decay, while the underlying peat provides acidic conditions where iron salts and other minerals react with the tannins in the wood, gradually. Recent radiocarbon dating of our current stocks has established a date of around 3,BC. Radio Carbon Dating Report on timber excavated in I am in no doubt that Bog Oak is the nations rarest and most valuable timber. Hamish Low. November References used in this summary: Fenland its ancient past and uncertain future.

The instability of radiocarbon results in half of it disappearing in 5, years its 'half-life'. This instability is the basis of the dating method.

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All creatures have the same concentration of radiocarbon in their cells while they remain alive. This level is maintained constant by a sequence of events affecting the food web.

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It starts with photosynthesis in green leaves of plants, whereby atmospheric water vapour and carbon dioxide, containing the radiocarbon, are combined in the presence of sunlight to produce sugar.

The plant biological process converts this to the myriad of substances required for life.

This stock has been carbon dated and is years old. Bog oak requires careful kiln drying and lots of time and skill to make useful as timber. This is the most cared for bog oak available anywhere. Please refer to the Catalogue or Timberline's Shop for up-to-date prices. Bog oak from Ukraine. Age range was tested by carbon dating and bog oak blanks vary from to about years old. Certificates are available, request in shopping cart when checking out. New information appears to contradict the theory that you can tell the age by color alone. We supply bog oak logs and bog oak slabs with carbon dating certificate, dating over years old. Buy LE MORTA custom furniture. We supply bog oak in raw condition and stabilized for any custom projects. Buy bogwood over years old. MENU. BOG OAK by BOIS ANTIQUE.

These substances are shared via the food network to all animals including man. For our purposes it may be assumed that the amount of radiocarbon in the atmosphere is constant over time. Once the creature dies the food chain is broken and the concentration of radiocarbon in the cells falls away. By measuring the residual C concentration in the material the date of its death may be calculated. In the case of tree-rings the food chain is effectively broken at the end of the growing season and the radiocarbon concentration immediately begins to fall.

Thus, in principle, the age of each growth ring may be measured.

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In practice, the measurements may resolve differences of about 20 or 30 years. Samples from a building for radiocarbon dating should be taken with care and due regard to provenance.

For timber specimens, samples should be obtained as near to the bark as possible, as for dendrochronology.

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Samples such as leather, cloth, food residues or straw represent a year's growth and so a point in time. COVID Due to current social distancing measures, we are closing the warehouse to in-person visitors for the safety of all.

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You are very much invited to call or email us and we will do our best to help you find the items you require. Our online shop is also fully functional and shows much of the stock we hold. Wishing you all well.

Sep 26,   Irish Bog Oak Carbon Dating. Thread starter dwilasnd; Start date Sep 25, ; Signed-In Members Don't See This Ad. Previous Next Status Not open for further replies. D. dwilasnd Member. Joined Sep 30, Messages 85 Location Gilbert, Az. Sep 25, #1. Radiocarbon dating at Queen's University, Belfast confirms; " In providing dates along with sculptured wood, you can safely say, in the case of bog yew, that the date of the growth of the wood is between 2, and 2,BC and for the bog oak, the date of growth of the wood is between 3, and 3,BC.". Jun 18,   When the blocks arrived they were labeled with which logs they were cut from and a copy of the lab carbon dating reports. Some of the darkest black ones are over years old and the lightest colored ones just over years old. These are some of the Bog Oak Blocks. These are natural wood, it has not been stabilized.

This stock has been carbon dated and is years old. All examples must be quarter sawn as due to the ring porous nature of the trees a much more consistent rate of moisture extraction is possible.

4697 Ancient Bog Oak Carbon Dated 2090 Years

It is usual at the end of the drying process to have removed from the timber a staggering 3. The challenge of drying Bog Oak is to extract these huge amounts of water and incur such a degree of shrinkage whilst maintaining a flat straight and split free board.

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Cautious air drying of exceptional Bog Oak in our timber shed. Bog Oak Planks stacked in the kiln.

Carbon dating bog oak

The characteristic black quality of Bog Oak is a result of a chemical reaction occurring between the tannins in the Oak and soluble irons present in the mineral subsoil. Bog oak has been used for small turnings and inlay details in furniture for hundreds of years, mainly because it was the only native black timber available, it is unusual to see Bog Oak used in any substantial thickness as traditional drying techniques would have resulted in a great deal of degrade.

However due to the development of artificial drying techniques it is possible to dry this precious material in large sections, it is then that the true nature of this rare and visually powerful timber can be appreciated. There is a lot more to Bog Oak than its colour, for example, it has a weight and density when dry comparable to the world's most expensive and highly prized tropical hardwoods.

Over the years many thousands of tons of these extraordinary sub-fossilised trees have been excavated and burnt to enable continued cultivation of the fens.

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Fortunately however some farmers take the view that these rare trees are a national treasure and have been very generous and supportive of any efforts to preserve as much as possible, there will come a time when there are simply no more buried in the peat.

Recent radiocarbon dating of our current stocks has established a date of around 3,BC.

Radio Carbon Dating Report on timber excavated in About Us Nicola Adamson Biography. Hamish Low Biography. Bog Oak. Adamson and Low cabinet makers.

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