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The original definition states a nerd is a derogatory term aimed at someone who is highly intellectual, socially inept and physically unattractive. The new definition of a nerd for us here at LovePanky is: Someone who is extremely passionate about honing their skills in order to make a difference in their community or the world. A nerd is eager to learn and share that knowledge with like-minded people, i. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, recently made a quip out of the term on a Facebook post, saying people should strive to be nerds in order to make the next successful invention, instead of striving to date nerds. Nerdy girls come in all shapes, sizes, and different backgrounds.

She may be sitting there reading a comic book or being a social butterfly while spreading the word about her favorite project.

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She wants the same things. She wants to find someone nice, who she can spend time with, bonding on a deeper level. So, just be yourself and find the nerdy girl of your dreams, because she is out there waiting for you. Like really wide. Seeing someone show pure love and awe for something they are passionate about is a reward in itself.

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Mocking people for the little things they love just makes you bitter. Seeing a nerdy girl show you why she loves the things she does is just breathtaking. Nerdy girls cannot be squeezed into stereotypical boxes.

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They are not antisocial. They are not cold and repressed.

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They are people with different levels of social skills and you would do well to know this before you assume anything about your crush. Talking to a nerdy girl is never boring. A nerdy girl admires the popular people in the world today, but she also knows who else can do with a little appreciation.

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She went out there and looked for other stuff to learn. That is what makes her the smart and impressive woman she is today. Curiosity moves the world to become better, when entertained in moderation. A nerdy girl is perpetually curious, leading her to be a great problem solver.

Nerdy girls work with both instinct and fact. Lovable, adorable, and most likely ready to love you with all of her heart. As lovely as it sounds, dating a nerdy girl takes some work as well.

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Being passionate about your job means being fixated on your work sometimes. This will require a little bit of understanding on your part. You can expect her to match her passion for her job with her interests. Just remember you can probably win the fight with cuddles and hugs. Cute nerdy guys are getting hotter and hotter day by day; they are like the new trend for dating. Girls find them much more attractive to date than other guys.

When girls talk about nerdy guysthey talk about their hotnesstheir looks, and their mind-blowing skills. These are not the one who stays in shadows, but these guys stay on light always and impress everyone passes by. You better know this if you are dating him right now. All you get is affection whenever you see him; he is also the one who cuddles you more than anyone. I know you want that feeling when this nerdy one hugs you because when he hugs you, he puts his every single effort and thought to make you feel better by just his one hug.

These cute nerdy guys are really experts in hugging their girls. He can be a bit slow sometimes in expressing his feelingsbut to fulfill this lack, he hugs to realize you that you are his world. When you date a nerdy guy, you can expect him as a clean one like no hairs on the body at all.

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It is not a compulsory thing with all the nerdy guys there, but in most cases nerdy guys are hairless. It makes these cute nerdy guys super-hot and sexy for any girl.

You are going to fall for him by the way he falls for his things and how passionate is he about his dreams. His passion can make you want him like crazy because, in the same way, he is passionate about his girl. The passion can be about anything like his favorite video gamehis hobby of collecting things, his music albumsetc. He can be more humorous than any other guy, and he can continue kidding and throw jokes for hours. Your one smile can take using his humor skills like you never imagined because he is the creative one in everything he does.

If he dates a nerdy one, he is going to be better in his looks and this relationship with you. It is like the best gift they receive from nature. You Can expect a nerdy guy to be an intelligent one when they do things they do these like experts. These cute nerdy guys can be a master in the relationship, and they rock it when it comes to sharing your bed.

They can be the amazing kisser and can give you the wonderful orgasm ever. They can be great on going down and they do it better every time. Geeks can be charmingly introverted, and that shyness may be hindering you from going after who you want. Plus, if you keep seeing the same hottie in the comic book store or Barcade, you already know that they're into the same stuff you are.

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Best for cynics. Hater Hater's hilarious premise of matching people through mutual dislikes is right in wheelhouse of cynical millennials. Basic membership: Free See Details.

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Hater is a hilarious concept that started out on Shark Tank as a half jokeI might add that might actually work. Rather than being paired up over shared interests or mutual physical attraction, the app simply matches you with people who hate the same things as you - because the bond over disliking something super specific is way stronger. How it works: It's a swiping app, so profiles are short and set up to give just enough info to be read in a glance.

The app is aesthetically pleasing and clearly caters toward a younger, hip crowd, and it's only a matter of time before cynical millennials become obsessed with it.

Why it's great for geeks: There's nothing that gets a conversation going more than a mutual dislike, and there's no one more passionate about their interests and disinterests than geeks. All you need to do is mention the Game of Thrones ending or say that Sword Art Online is the best anime ever. Hate anything from slow walkers, to Donald Trump, to the phrase "Live. Love" - you know, all of the important stuff that keeps a relationship going.

Even with a lack of people, the premise is just too good to pass up.

If you download it now, you'll be able to say "I was on that five months ago," when everyone else finds out about it. Best for those who appreciate a good algorithm. Who's online: eharmony has more than 20 million members and claims responsibility for somemarriages. Most users understand that the site is specifically for finding someone to settle down with, so you can be confident that you won't get played. How it works: The service uses your personality profile to pair you with potential matches after a deathly long series of questions and rated responses, including some heavily religious ones.

Cute girl dating nerd

If it's natural for you to take control of the conversation, you can go with Quick Questions or skip this step entirely and send a custom direct message. However, sending pre-written Quick Questions can be a pretty easy ice breaker. Why it's great for geeks: If you're into science, you'll be happy to know that eharmony uses a scientific approach to matching highly compatible people.

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Their matching algorithm uses what the website calls a 29 Dimensions Modelwhich seeks to measure compatibility along things like emotional energy, kindness, character, intellect, humor, spirituality, and more. Unfortunately, the site isn't LGBT friendly. Best for not leaving the house. HD streaming and Bluetooth sex toys can help. Who's online: 14, female, male, and trans models with new ones added every day make experimenting outside of your usual "type" easy.

How it works : Sometimes you just don't have the energy to interact IRL at all. Sexting will seem like the next move, but there's a more immersive option. Contrary to popular belief, not all cam sites are obnoxious. From teledildonics to customization tools to nearly limitless HD video chat, Cams.

Why it's great for geeks: If you're introverted in the dating world because you haven't experienced the dating world, Cams.

May 26,   Ladies, is the reason you aren't getting very far in the dating world because you haven't let go of the girl you were in high school? We know it's a stereotype, but sometimes women pine after the rebellious cool guy, the one that mothers hate and girlfriends envy. While we're driving ourselves crazy to impress Mr. Cool, the undiscovered nerd is standing in the shadows waiting to be. Mar 03,   Dating a nerdy girl doesn't differ much from dating a regular girl. She wants the same things. She wants to find someone nice, who she can spend time with, bonding on a deeper level. So, just be yourself and find the nerdy girl of your dreams, because she is out there waiting for you.

Despite the fact that there's obviously a screen between you and the other person, Cams. The virtual tension can be cranked up another notch with teledildonics: A fancy word for Bluetooth sex toys that make physical pleasure over distance possible. Order a toy through LoveSense or OhMiBo download the app, and let the model control the vibrations almost as if you were there. Technology, but make it sexy.

Confident Nerd - Asks Beautiful Girl On Date!

Best for superfans. Who's online: People who geek out over sci-fi, horror, fantasy, animation, anime, and comics as well as video gamers, conventions goers, cosplay lovers, and whatever other obsession. How it works: You create a profile and actively scan member profiles to find someone you may be interested in. Your search scans can be general, or more detailed - there is flexibility here depending on how picky you are.

Search for your SoulGeek by keying in a zip code, state, or country, which allows you to find matches anywhere in the world.

Once a week, the website will send you an email that spotlights new members you might have missed. For a site created by geeks, it could be way more comprehensive and interest-based - but at least it's another niche option. Why it's great for geeks: You can search for singles based on the stuff they're into.

There is also a section for videos and music where you and others like you can comment and share your favorite media in the hopes that you'll find a shared interest. Best for kinky geeks.

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Image: pixabay. ALT Geek in the streets but freak in the streets? Bond over bondage on this BDSM site. Who's online: Overusers who are into way more than vanilla stuff and who are bored of the regular hookup sites.

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Quick sign-up questions about gender, sexual orientation, and whether you're dominant or submissive come first, but the actual questionnaire is pretty lengthy for a site that's only fostering quick connections. However, those with very specific predilections will appreciate this attention to detail. Why it's great for geeks: It gives you the chance to find a quick hookup or just meet new people who are into the same stuff you are - without having to worry that you'll be judged. With the ability to interact in private chat networks or create your own blog aside from the expected live video broadcasts and fetish videosyou're guaranteed to at least come away with some advice or a list of new handcuffs to try.

It's true that most people care more about the hookups they get out of a site than the site's aesthetic itself - but it turns into a problem when the site's design is so messy that it becomes difficult to navigate. ALT is a landfill of profiles, blogs, videos, and the occasional animated porn ad. It really is an impressive wealth of content, but a lack of user-friendliness could be a turnoff for some.

Best for Potterheads. Image: dating for muggles. Basic Membership: Free One month: How it works: After setting up an account, which you can do pretty quickly, the site will suggest matches based on your interests. You can do a basic search or input more parameters for more of an advanced query, plus look for members near you.

Cute girl dating nerd - Rich man looking for older woman & younger man. I'm laid back and get along with everyone. Looking for an old soul like myself. I'm a man. My interests include staying up late and taking naps. Find single man in the US with rapport. Looking for love in all the wrong places? Now, try the right place. If you are a middle-aged woman looking to have a good time dating man. Cute nerdy guys are getting hotter and hotter day by day; they are like the new trend for dating. Girls find them much more attractive to date than other guys. They don't just look nerdy, but they can attract just any girl in a blink. When girls talk about nerdy guys, they talk about their hotness, their looks, and their mind-blowing skills. Cute Nerdy Guys: 23 Reasons You Should Date A Nerdy Guy.

Why it's great for geeks: Singles who sign up for Dating For Muggles have a wide variety of interests.

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