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There are lots of perks of dating a farmer, and there are challenges as well. The farm life is gratifying when you put your attention on the things you love. But if you love the country life, or end up falling in love with a farmer - You learn to see the good in everything, because you are surrounded by loving people who love the land and their family. I would see my brother, my uncles, granddad and a slew of cousins covered in sweat wearing hot jeans in the summer sun. Growing up on a farm taught me a lot about life and it will you too. Farmers are good providers for you and your family.

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For some, it is quite a shock to date someone who farms due to the fact farming requires so much time, commitment and hard work. Farming is not for the faint of heart and dating a farmer does require understanding and patience.

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Coming from a farming family, having several friends who farm and personally knowing many farmers, I can honestly say that dating a farmer may not always be easy, but to the right person, it will be worth it. Hopefully this post has served as an eye-opener for many. And even for those of you like me who are still searching for that someone who understands the farming lifestyle, just be patient because that special someone is out there and will come into your life at just the right time.

At least that is what I have been told. This has seriously been a fun post to write, so it is my hope you all had some fun and laughs reading it. Reblogged this on myAGventures. If the answer is no, move on! No they can make millions of dollars in an hour at a livestock sale or by selling some grain, but everything profitwise must usually go back to the farm either to buy newer machinery, insurance, seed, new buildings, land, land improvements like terraces or tiling, new genetics for your herds, etc.

In reality that seed is actually worth around 4 billion dollars.

Things can get dirty. Really dirty. If dirty fingernails and calluses terrify you, don't bother dating a farmer and go for a broker or an IT guy instead. Farmers are dirty all the time, they have their hands in the soil all day long and they can never really get super-clean. Feb 13,   FarmersOnly suggests these five tips for dating a farm boy or farmgirl: Tip #1 - Farming is a farmer's #1 priority. Farming isn't just a job. It's a way of life. Farmers work long hours, and calves and crops can't wait. It's often physically hard work, and it can be mentally draining. Mar 28,   That the farmers dating calendar (see previous post) is a rule not an exception. And the only time you'll see them during planting is if you learn how to perch on the arm rest of your farmer boy's tractor - No, that isn't a euphemism for something naughty. When he doesn't talk he's tired.

Rich in love, rich when rocking on the back porch during the sunset with your kids playing pigskin, getting fresh produce out of the garden or orchards my grandma produces enough food for my entire 40 person close family to last a year and she cans all of it so we only buy milk and bread- and she also raises pumpkins each year just to paint faces on to give to little kidsrich in breathing fresh spring air after an Iowan thunderstorm, or feeling rich in knowing that you are making a difference in the word.

I am only 19, a girl, halfway through my animal science degree, but I WILL take over the family farm and I take pride in knowing that the cornfield over west of me is actually where a barn stood and where my grandfather was born and that all my ancestors that settled here would know that I am keeping their dream alive. And mine too. I struggle with how much financial burden could be placed on my shoulders but with God and my self confidence and hard work I will not fail.

Farmer Boy audiobook by Laura Ingalls Wilder

You just have to be flexible and know that to spend time with them - sometimes - it has to be in a tractor which can be really fun. I grew up in New York City, and have to say that marrying a farmer was the absolute best decision of my life.

I feel incredibly fortunate to be a part of something that is so rare and will get only become even more so. My grandfather and father were dedicated to their farm and more dedicated to their families.

Very well said, and applies to being married to a farmer as well. You need to know how to drive large trucks! You have to deliver meals to the field for them to be consumed in seconds! Deliver sweet tea in jars. You need to be able to go to the agri supply or other such store and find the right part on your own!

LOL, you have to leave church in the middle of sunday school with your dress and heels on and go chase hogs that are in the neighbors fields!! The list is endless, but the reward is so sweet. This is exactly right!

Idk how many times ive done all of these things! Been out chasing cows at 8am in a robe and muck boots in the neighbors yard!

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Ha ha its fun though, its exciting and different. And omg remembering the weird names of all the fields!! When we first started dating before we got married i used to struggle with this so much! Sooo worth it! We got married after seven months and two years later were still chasing cows together only i have more of anidea what im doing!!

There is rain in the forecast for tomorrow. No dates happening tonight. They also have my littlest son who is only 8 with them.

No time to waste teaching him the trade too. I brought supper to the farm at pm. Girls did the dishes till past pm.

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Stress is high, money is tight, sleep is less, laughter and love is a bumper crop always. I would have it no other way. I grew up on a family farm ,my farther got killed by chopper when I was 3months old my mother raised all 13 of us on the farm dairy cows and crops we still have the farm I would,not what it any other way. I wish I was farming instead. So spot on! Love it! That particular day we were cleaning out the hay and cattle barn.

Moving round bails and mice and rats would go flying. We had dogs and shovels going like crazy.

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When it was all over I just kept thinking. Love this blog! I love him and I love our life, but we both work really hard. My boyfriend is a part time farmer with full time jobfinding quality time at weekends is very tough. My boyfriend is a full time farmer and he has very little time for me also. I hate getting angry at him for this and making him feel bad because I know he knows no different, he too lives at home with his family who all work on the farm.

I am engaged to a farmer Long stoy But I am 65yeas. He said he might etire at I think i am done. Love him but this lifestyle is way to crazy for me. He said he might retire at You are commenting using your WordPress.

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EVERYTHING. You see, marrying a farmer is full of risk. And thinking on it too long might let the risk overshadow a lot of things. Things like riding together in the combine at sunset, harvesting a crop you both poured your souls into. Or watching your child's face light up when a baby lamb . Jul 12,   Here are 15 reasons to date a farmer: 1. They aren't afraid of putting down roots. In fact, your farmer is probably already based somewhere - with long-term plans to stay there. 2. Farmers are fit, toned and tanned. (The "tanned" part might only apply to their forearms. But those forearms are great.) 3. Perks of Dating a Farmer # He will be self-motivated. You don't have to worry about waking him up to go to work- Ever. Perks of Dating a Farmer # You'll have plenty of alone time. Farming takes all day and sometimes more. If you are an independent person, you'll never have to worry about getting alone time. Perks of Dating a Farmer #

Notify me of new posts via email. Mar 15, Are you prepared to date a farmer? Like this: Like Loading Comments My "Ag"ventures says:. March 16, at pm. Kimberly says:.

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Nov 04,   Dating a farmer may not be easy, but neither is dating in general. Even though the girl may have to wait around until it rains or until the grain elevator closes down, we know it will be worth the wait because at the end of the day, the man just wants to show his girl how much he loves her. Try out for farmers, ranchers and country folks. City folks just don't get it! Nov 16, - Explore Emma Wever's board "Dating a farmer!" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Dating a farmer, Farmer, Farmer wife pins.

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April 14, at pm. Maria Gaige says:. Ernestine McPeters says:. April 15, at am. Cows get sick, and plants need watering. When something needs to be taken care of, they will make sure it is done because their livelihood depends on it.

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He can lift at least 40 pounds. They know how to fix everything. Farmers are passionate about their life. Farming is hard, and they will love their work. Perks of dating a farmer: Settling down is in their nature. This is the time you can share together. You will get to be one with nature every day. Farming takes all day and sometimes more.

Your life will never be boring.

Dating a farmer boy

Tractors break, new farm hands are around asking you for sandwiches, and the rain can change everything. If you like the unexpected - This lifestyle will leave you with an air of mystery every day for the rest of your life.

Exercise will be in your life if you help our your farmer boyfriend. You can learn to drive a tractor. Life skills will be something you have plenty of when you share your life with a farmer.

If you like the outdoors - You can spend time with your partner. You can hike to the barn and see him in 5 minutes or less. Your farmer boyfriend or husband will know how to run a business. He will know how to do paperwork, research equipment, fix things, and be experienced in all-things-business.

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Farmers are known for helping out neighbors in tough times. He can also plow snow and till up gardens.

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And he knows plenty: About the weather, insects, weather patterns, how to put a uterus back inside a cow, fertilizer ratios, ph levels, when to change the oil in the tractor. You know - Regular farmer stuff. Farmers work not all the time, but a lot of the time. If you want to see him, helping unload fertilizer out of the back of his truck will undoubtedly help you learn to be alone - Unless you like that kind of thing. One upstairs, and another in the basement or outside shower Hopefully.

Your man will be scrubbing of the majority of his dirt in a different bathroom. A farmer knows how to be as flexible as a blade of grass. He has to be.

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Farms are often handed down to the children - So kids are in his future.

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