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This means they can hear a complicated piece and immediately play it back perfectly from memory. Others are gifted artists. Despite these differences, there are certain characteristics that most share.

First, this is a very rare condition, since by no means are all or even some autistic people so gifted. One author suggests that there may be no more than twenty-five or thirty "prodigious savants" living at present.

A few artistic or musical savants are somewhat famous since they perform or exhibit their work.

Savant Systems, a luxury home automation company, has announced a new line of more modestly priced smart home products, including a touchscreen universal remote that features voice control. Jan 01,   A portrait of the author. (Salon/Flora Thevoux) What dating an autistic man is like I've written before about autism and dating from my own perspective. savant - someone who has been admitted to membership in a scholarly field. learned person, pundit, initiate. This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional.

Further, their special skills are always in an extremely deep but narrow range of abilities. For example, some of these great mathematical calculators do not possess even simple arithmetic skills. Another savant who had never received any musical instruction whatsoever could play anything she heard on a piano, yet still had the mental age of someone less than three years old.

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Also, in almost every case, there were very rigid limits as to what these people could actually do with the talent they had. So although one might be able to recite all manner of detail or facts about something, he or she would not be able to apply that information in any other way than the narrow method they were used to.

Obviously, most of these impressive feats are tied in some way to memory, and almost all of these individuals have a phenomenal memory for detail. Finally, such persons are most often male, with the male-to-female ratio being roughly six-to-one. Medical science still does not have a single theory that is able to explain all the types of idiot savants. We do know that this condition can be both congenital pronounced kon-JEN-ih-tul meaning it exists at birth, or it can be caused or acquired through a certain type of brain injury or disease.

One theory says that it is caused when the right side of the brain has to compensate for an injury of some sort to the left side. The skills associated with the brain's right hemisphere have more to do with concrete learning and artistic expression than the left side, whose skills are more abstract, logical, and symbolic.

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It is the right-side skills that the autistic savant possesses in great measure, while simultaneously possessing few or none of the left-side skills.

Some speculate that this left-brain damage and right-brain compensation may occur while the individual is still a developing fetus.

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Others say that the high percentage of males suggests that the male hormone called testosterone pronounced tess-TAHS-tur-own is somehow involved during fetal development. However, all attempts to explain this phenomenon are still educated guesses, and most would readily admit that so far, science is completely baffled in trying to understand this amazing phenomenon. Savant syndrome occurs when a person with below normal intelligence displays a special talent or ability in a specific area.

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Children who display savant syndrome have traditionally been referred to as idiot, retarded, or autistic savants. The negative connotations of the term "idiot" have led to the disuse of idiot savant. Because the syndrome is often associated with autismthe term autistic savant is more frequently heard. The first known description of a person displaying savant syndrome occurred in a German psychology journal in The term savant was first used in by J.

Langdon Down the doctor for whom Down syndrome is named. About half of all children with savant syndrome are autistic. Approximately 10 percent of all children with autism have savant syndrome.

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The rate increases to 25 percent of children with autism who have an IQ over Many autistic children have lower IQs. About three times as many boys as girls have savant syndrome. This may be because more boys than girls are affected with autism. Less than 1 percent of the non-autistic population, including those with mental retardation and other developmental disorders, have savant syndrome. The causes of savant syndrome were as of not known.

Some researchers hypothesize that it is caused by a change in a gene or genes, and others believe that it is caused by some kind of damage to the left hemisphere of the brain with compensation for this injury occurring in the right hemisphere.

The reasons for the syndrome are not at all clear, however, and more research needs to be done. Children with savant syndrome have an exceptional talent or skill in a particular area, such as the ability to process mathematical calculations at a phenomenal speed.

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Savant skills occur in a number of different areas, including music, visual arts, and mathematics. Experts believe that the most common skill demonstrated by savants is extraordinary memory. Children with savant syndrome may be able to memorize extensive amounts of data in such areas as sports statistics, population figures, and historical or biographical data. One particular skill common to those with savant syndrome is the ability to calculate what day of the week a particular date fell on or will fall on.

Savant syndrome is diagnosed when a child's ability in one area is exceptionally higher than would be expected given his or her IQ or general level of functioning. Savant syndrome is not known to have any drawbacks, so it does not have to be treated itself.

The underlying disorders that usually accompany savant syndrome need to be treated, and it is believed that making use of the special talent of the child with savant syndrome may help treat the child's underlying developmental disorders.

The special skill associated with savant syndrome in a specific child is usually present for life. There has been at least one report of the skill being lost when progress was gained in other areas, but this appears to be very rare.

In general, if the level of the skill changes it improves as the skill is practiced. Children with savant syndrome have a very special skill that can be nurtured. These children may respond better to treatments for any underlying disorder that make use in some way of the childs special underlying interest and talent. Autism - A developmental disability that appears early in life, in which normal brain development is disrupted and social and communication skills are retarded, sometimes severely.

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Hermelin, Beate. Philadelphia: J. Kingsley, Bolte, Sven, and Fritz Poustka. Edelson, Stephen M. Davidson, Tish " Savant Syndrome. Davidson, Tish "Savant Syndrome.

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A condition characterized by a combination of below normal intelligence and extraordinary mental abilities in one or a few narrow areas. Persons who display savant syndrome have traditionally been called idiot savants, a term that many currently avoid because of its negative connotations. Alternate terms include retarded savant and autistic savant, the latter referring to the fact that savant syndrome is often associated with autism.

It is difficult to arrive at an exact figure for the incidence of savant syndrome. A study found the incidence among the institutionalized mentally handicapped in the United States to be 0. Most savants are males. Savant skills occur in a number of different areas. Savants with musical abilities demonstrate an excellent ear for music from an early age, often including perfect pitch. They are able to reproduce melodies and even entire compositions with great accuracy and often show considerable performing talent, including both technical and interpretive skills.

Others show unusual talent in the visual arts, which may include the ability to produce life-like reproductions at a very young age, when most children can turn out only primitive drawings. Some savants demonstrate a computer-like ability to perform difficult mathematical calculations at lightning speeds.

Perhaps the most common area where savants show extraordinary abilities is memory. They may memorize historical data, sports statistics, population figures, biographical information, or even telephone directories.

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One savant with uncommon musical abilities could also provide biographical information about the composer of almost any piece of music, as well as stating the key and opus of the piece. She could describe in detail every musical performance she had heard within a year period and provide biographical information about every member of the local symphony orchestra. One particular type of memorization common to a large proportion of savants is calendar calculating, the ability to say what day of the week a particular date will fall or has already fallen on.

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Some savants can provide this type of information for periods covering hundreds of years. Savants have been studied by researchers investigating such topics as the nature of human intelligence and the relative influence of heredity and environment.

Howe, Michael J.

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London: Routledge, Obler, L. Fein, eds. New York : Guilford Press, Treffert, D. Extraordinary People. New York : Harper and Row, HOAD " savant. HOAD "savant. Medicine Psychology Psychology and Psychiatry Savant syndrome. Savant gale. His childhood doctor told Kim's father to put him in an institution and forget about the boy. Kim's severe developmental disabilities, according to the doctor, would not let him walk let alone learn.

Kim's father disregarded the doctor's advice. Till this day, Kim struggles with ordinary motor skills and has difficulty walking.

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He is severely disabled, cannot button his shirt and tests well below average on a general IQ test. But what Kim can do is astounding: he has read some 12, books and remembers everything about them.

For example, a savant who, given any date in the past hundred years, could say what day of the week it fell on, might not be able to perform simple tasks like tying his shoes or catching a bus. The cause of this condition, commonly labeled savant syndrome, has yet to be fully determined. The Savant App lets you control your entertainment, music, and lighting from a single app on your Android phone or tablet. INTUITIVE AND EASY TO USE With fast-access controls from a single, elegant interface and unique personalization features, the Savant App is simple enough for anyone to enjoy. DESIGNED FOR THE WAY YOU LIVE Turn on your lights before you get home or stream the perfect . The Savant Pro App lets you control your lighting, climate, entertainment, and security from a single app on your Android device. STREAMLINED FOR SIMPLICITY The redesigned Savant Pro App now gives you faster access to scenes, services, and settings that let you change the atmosphere in any room with just a tap. The App also features a new look for lighting and climate controls, making it.

It takes him about 3 seconds to read through two pages - and he remember everything on 'em. Kim can recall facts and trivia from 15 subject areas from history to geography to sports.

Tell him a date, and Kim can tell you what day of the week it is. He also remembers every music he has ever heard. Since the movie Rain Man came out, Kim and his father have been traveling across the country for appearances. The interaction turns out to be beneficial for him, as he becomes less shy and more confident.

Leslie Lemke didn't have a great start in life. He was born with severe birth defects that required doctors to remove his eyes.

His own mother gave him up for adoption, and a nurse named May Lemke who at the time was 52 and was raising 5 children of her own adopted him when he was six months old. As a young child, Leslie had to be force-fed to teach him how to swallow. He could not stand until he was At 15, Leslie finally learned how to walk May had to strap his fragile body to hers to teach him, step by step, how to walk.

At 16 years of age, Leslie Lemke bloomed. Leslie, who has no classical music training, was playing the piece flawlessly after hearing it just once earlier on the television.

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From then on, Leslie began playing all styles of music from ragtime to classical. Like the Tchaikovsky piece, he only has to hear the music once in order to play it again perfectly.

He became famous after being portrayed in national television shows.

Mar 18,   "Calendar savants are able to identify what day of the week will a particular date fall on, in the past, or in the future," said savant expert Dr. Darold Treffert. "Your theory is that this is. Savant skills are usually found in one or more of five major areas: art, memory, arithmetic, musical abilities, and spatial skills. The most common kinds of savants are calendrical savants, "human calendars" who can calculate the day of the week for any given date with speed and accuracy, or recall personal memories from any given doursim.comed memory is the key "superpower" in savant Neurodevelopmental disorder such as autism . Sep 12,   A savant may not be able to do so. A genius savant might be someone who can tackle complex mathematical problems with ease. The genius savant is probably most accurately a "savant." Not every savant has other developmental issues, but most do. Most people think of an autistic person when they think of a genius savant. They think of a person.

Before his health started to deteriorate, Leslie gave many concerts around the world. As a toddler, Alonzo suffered a head injury in an accident that changed his life. He can't feed himself or tie his shoelaces, but he can sculpt. And boy, can he sculpt: after seeing only a fleeting image of an animal on a TV screen, Alonzo could sculpt a perfect 3D figure of it, correct in each and every detail right down to the muscle fibers.

Check out Alonzo's official website, where you can purchase his sculptures: Link. Gottfried Mind was one of the earliest savants in history.

Inthe eight-year-old Gottfried was placed in an art academy, where his teachers noted that he was "very weak, incapable of hard work, full of talent for drawing, a strange creature, full of artist-caprices, along with a certain roguishness.

One day, Gottfried's mentor, a painter named Sigmund Hendenberger, was drawing a cat when Gottfried exclaimed "That is no cat! The cat that Gottfried drew was so lifelike that since then he became known as the Cat's Raphael:. In the course of his narrow, indoors life, he had worked himself into an almost paternal relation with domestic animals, especially with cats. While he sat painting, a cat might generally be seen sitting on his back or on his shoulder; many times he kept, for hours, the most awkward postures, that he might not disturb it.

Frequently there was a second cat sitting by him on the table, watching how the work went on; sometimes a kitten or two lay in his lap under the table.

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Frogs in bottle floated beside his easel; and with all these creatures he kept up a most playful, loving style of conversation; though, often enough, any human beings about him, or such even as came to see him, were growled or grunted at in no social fashion. Never heard of it?

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That's because Urville exists only in his mind. Since he was 5, Gilles taught himself to draw three dimensional objects. By 12, he started building a city he called "Urville" after Dumont d'Urville, a French scientific base in the Antarctic. At first he used LEGO, but shortly thereafter, he realized that he could expand his imaginary city much easier with drawings.

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Urville isn't just an idle idea - Gilles has detailed drawings, complete "history" of the founding the the city, and has even published a book detailing it Sneak peak at Google Books. Jedediah Buxtonborn in Derbyshire, England, incouldn't write.

By all accounts, he has no knowledge of science or history or anything else for that matter except for numbers. January 3, ? Elvis died August 16, So, when Widener produces a day, is this a conscious thought? It appears. George Widener is a high-functioning savant, able to live independently. And he is doing quite well. At the Manhattan art gallery where we met him, his art sells quickly for tens of thousands of dollars.

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