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Alcohol causes serious damage to relationships, that much is obvious. However, it also covers up problems and dysfunction in your relationship. When you quit drinking you are faced with a choice, to repair the damage alcohol has done to your relationship or to address the issues that alcohol was making you avoid dealing with. When I stopped drinking my marriage also came to an end. I am not saying that quitting drinking caused the collapse of my marriage.

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This is especially crucial for recovering love or sex addicts, who tend to have a long history of unhealthy relationships but it can benefit any type of addict. This plan will include a list of healthy dating goals and can include things like:.

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Here are a few more reasons why waiting to date is best: Dating can be an unhealthy coping mechanism. You may share too much, or too little, with prospective partners. Your Dating Plan Perhaps the most important question to ask yourself is, Have you developed a dating plan with your counselor, sponsor or therapist?

How Relationships Effect Addiction Recovery

I want to develop a serious long-term relationship. I want to date someone who values and appreciates me. I want to date someone who has shared interests and a steady job.

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You need to evaluate whether or not you are dating someone for the right reasons. No matter what, it is never smart to rely on someone else on your own personal happiness.

Mar 15,   The number of people who relapse right after rehab is anywhere from 50 - 90%. When young adults relapse, they often do so in a group. If you are dating someone who is also new in recovery, they are just as vulnerable as you and they are still learning to trust themselves to stay sober. Feb 25,   If you're in recovery and ready to get back into dating, it's very important to continue prioritizing your recovery, even over your budding relationship. You'll need to be cautious, honest with yourself, and careful not to lose sight of your sobriety. By following these guidelines, you can find the balance between recovery and romance. Dec 04,   Only you can decide if dating in early recovery is the right choice for yourself and your sobriety. If you do choose to pursue a new relationship, be sure you understand the risks of doing so. Dating in AA can be difficult, so be prepared for new challenges you may not have encountered in your previous relationships.

They will not be able to fill the void you are trying to fill. You will only end up becoming co-dependent.

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It makes more sense to wait until the time is right to build a life with someone, rather than risking the potential of bringing each other down.

Meghan Blackford is a Social Media Consultant with over ten years of advertising and digital marketing experience, who helps curate How soon is too soon to be dating after rehab?

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The pitfalls of entering a relationship too soon Most people in rehab are young adults, and dating is something that young adults do. Things that Factor Into Your Ability to Date in Recovery The answer to when you personally are ready to date relies on your history, where you are in life, your current mindset, and how strong you feel.

Dating after alcohol recovery

In your new sobriety, you are re-learning who you are. You may have spent six months in a downward spiral of drugs or alcohol, or six years.

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Either way, it significantly impacted the way you lived your life, the people you hung around with, and the activities you took part in. After rehab, you are getting to know yourself on a completely different level.

You need to get to know what those are on a deep level before you can share them with someone else.

Dating after quitting drinking Alcohol causes serious damage to relationships, that much is obvious. However, it also covers up problems and dysfunction in your relationship. Feb 03,   Dating in Recovery Many treatment programs discourage their members (either actively or otherwise) from pursuing romantic or sexual relationships in the aftermath of their recovery. The Fix tells the story of a eight-year-sober year old man who, on the advice of his AA sponsor, "religiously avoided dating" for six months. Jul 21,   Emotionally, remaining sober after a lifetime of alcohol abuse is hard work and brings with it new responsibilities. Facing up to the rigorous honesty of a recovery program takes courage and it is easy to see how the recovering alcoholic may prefer to escape back into the .

Next, you need to think about where you are in life. If you are living in a halfway house that is a great first step towards sustained sobriety.

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Also, this is a time to get yourself financially stable again. Focus on finding work and getting back on your feet before you dive into the dating pool.

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No one wants to go on a first date and barely have the money to treat your love interest to a diet coke. For the first time in a while - possibly the first time ever - you are spending money on something other than drugs and alcohol. Allow yourself to get back on your feet before you begin to spend your money on someone else.

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Do you cringe every time you pass by a bar and want to go in and have a beer more than anything? If so, the substance is still in control, not the other way around.

Feb 11,   If you move forward with the relationship, be aware of a few unique cts of dating someone in recovery. For instance, depending on the recovering addict's particular needs, you may need to avoid. As with any other ct of addiction and recovery, everyone is different. Still, experts almost universally advise against making any major changes in your life in the first year of sobriety - and that includes dating and/or jumping into a new relationship, or ending an existing relationship or marriage. Recovery and relationship experts offer some more suggestions for starting to repair the bond between the two of you: Ask for patience and time. Especially in early recovery, when staying sober is your primary focus, your partner/spouse may feel neglected or unimportant.

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