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Would a dreamy, artsy person be too much to handle? Vote A. Vote B. Select age and gender to cast your vote:. Your age Girl Guy Please select your age. Share Facebook. Your opinion on dating an artsy person?

All while being loving, accepting, and willing to help if you decide to take on a project of your own.

Apr 16,   Here are five reasons why dating an artsy girl is difficult, but worth it: She's not afraid to try new things. As an innovator, she is no stranger to being thrown into scary and trying doursim.com: Sheena Sharma. My last girlfriend was an artist, and I adored her so much. I admire artsy people, and I always learn new things from them. We aren't together anymore, but because of her I can say I dress better and picked up a few pieces of art myself, haha! Sep 22,   This guy looked like he had just finished painting a house. Being an artsy girl myself, I have to admit that as shocked as I was, I was also a little intrigued and interested to know why the hell he was covered in paint.

So basically, the perfect girlfriend material. Their work is their first love. They love you beyond measure, but they also feel the same for their projects.

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Creative women are curious, insightful, and dying to learn more of the world. Their work revolves around explaining, understanding, and analyzing the world and those in it.

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Hearing their points of view enlightens and, undoubtedly, makes you develop your own ideas. In essence, dating an artsy girl shows you how small you are in the giant scheme of the universe. And yet, makes you grow into a deeper version of yourself.

Creative women are driven and hell bent on creating.

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Therefore, they tackle your relationship with the same vigor. They take on things they truly care about, with intense passion, always seeking to please and make things better than they already are.

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Sure, creative girls have a lot to say, but they know when to shut up and listen. If you need to vent about anything, just ask if they can listen to you.

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Furthermore, they remember how you felt and what you said, and check up with you sporadically to see if everything turned out okay. You could be the complete opposite of creative and still be inspired by her.

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Seeing her work, seeing the results of her time spent away from you, hearing all the stories of the creative process, all comes together and makes you want to know more about what it is she does, and how.

Creative women may know their way around a wine and cheese plate, gourmet food, or books and art, but something about the way they carry themselves forever feels relaxed and casual.

Hypothetically speaking, if you take an artsy girl on a date to the fanciest place on earth, she still acts the same way she does at the local Sonic.

This serves as good motivation to you. Furthermore, seeing all of this makes you want to do something of your own, even if it is a small-scale hobby.

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Vote B. Select age and gender to cast your vote:.

May 31,   So back to Artsy guy. He's like 6 feet tall and his picture was cute (though he was wearing a baseball hat - always makes me wonder if they're bald when they do that) and we'd only exchanged like 2 emails - so I didn't know much about him besides what was in his online dating profile.

Your age Girl Guy Please select your age. Share Facebook. Your opinion on dating an artsy person?

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Some people are VERY creative, and certainly have their creative space, but they can still function in society and use some logic in their day-to-day experiences in the world. Others are completely off the reservation - completely out-of-touch with reality and refuse to accept any reality but the one they create in their own head, where everything they believe is true and everything they want is the right thing.

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That second kind of person I could NOT be around for any length of time. It wouldn't matter to me if she was the hottest, kinkiest, and most sexual woman in the world - I couldn't deal with her and I'd kick her to the curb.

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I need someone who is down-to-earth at least some of the time. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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Dating artsy guy

September 22, September 22, Kari Emerson. Welcome back to The Dating SeriesPart 6!

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