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I'm a tool guy and love to put tools through the test. When I find a tool that can make life's every day projects easier, I like to share. This is my personal review of Cutco knives. I do not sell Cutco knives, and I am not a rep; I am an owner, and I happen to love my knives. My nephew was starting out with Cutco to make a few extra bucks in college, and I happened to be the first person he showed his demonstration to-I was also his first buyer.

To date, the company has created more than a hundred kitchen cutlery products for customers to choose from. For many years, Cutco products were mainly sold by door-to-door salesmen. With no flashy advertising to fall back on, the success of the products was due mainly to their excellence. Cutco products are famous for coming with very extensive and comprehensive warranties. Even though they are designed to be very durable, damage can occur.

In this case, Cutco will happily replace products or the damaged parts free of charge. This is because most Cutco knives and other products come with a lifetime warranty. This warranty even extends to damage that is the fault of the user rather than the manufacturing process. This means that Cutco knives are a real investment, and many people feel they are worth paying more for.

One of the notable things about Cutco knives is that they are often used by professional chefs. This is because they are so durable and well balanced. The blades of Cutco knives are specially honed so that they will stay sharper for longer. This means that users can go for long periods without having to sharpen their knife. This helps to prevent the blade from becoming too thin and ultimately wearing out.

In fact, people who own Cutco knives will never have to sharpen them themselves. When users notice that the edge is starting to become dull, they simply send the knives away for free sharpening.

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While Cutco knives are very practical, they also feature unique and very appealing styles. Users are sure to love the special cheese knife with its innovative and very striking design. The sets of Cutco knives come with different types of matching handles that add an extra touch of style to any home. The gift box that comes with this knife set makes it the perfect present for enthusiastic chefs.

Each knife in this set comes with the unique Cusco Double - D edge. It is serrated and designed to slice through steak with ease.

This edge is designed to remain sharp for many years to come. Even if they are accidentally thrown into the garbage disposal unit, the company will replace them free of charge. Owners of this set are treated to four matching knives.

They boast dark brown handles that are sure to add a touch of sophistication to mealtimes. The only downside is that families that consist of four or five people will find that the size of the set is rather lacking. People who are looking for the perfect housewarming gift for someone special are sure to love this cool set.

This helps to make them look even classier, and this cool set is sure to satisfy. Keeping this stunning knife set in perfect condition is sure to be an easy task. This set comes with a special microfiber polishing cloth.

Users are sure to take pride in polishing their knives to a high shine. Users are sure to love the fact that this set of knives comes with a lifetime warranty.

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People who are looking for a set of knives for everyday use is sure to find that this is an excellent option. They can also tackle just about any other types of food that they come across. With this elegant set of knives, mealtime will be given an extra touch of class.

The knives fit comfortably in the hand and are very well balanced.

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The handles are slightly tapered and are perfectly compliment the steel blades. Every meal is sure to be special thanks to this stunning knife set. This elegant set of four knives is ideal for special occasions. However, they are also suitable for everyday use.

Cutco has seventy years of expertise under its belt and is naturally one of the leaders in its field. One of the reasons for this is the various innovations that the company has created over the years.

This special edge is serrated and makes it easy to cut steak without applying too much pressure.

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This special blade has been included in the knives in this set. The only downside with this serrated edge is that many people find it hard to sharpen it correctly. However, these knives are designed to keep their edge for many years without needing to be sharpened.

Cutco also offers a free knife sharpen ing service any time that the edge becomes dull. This warranty also extends to any other type of damage that the knives may sustain.

Even if this problem is completely due to user error, Cutco will honor the warranty. Users simply need to send in their damaged knife, and it will be repaired or replaced. Are you looking for the perfect present for that special cheese lover in your life?

It is designed to be comfortable in the hard and is suitable for both soft and hard cheese. One of the great things about this knife is that it comes with a very distinctive style.

However, users will soon discover that this model is certainly not just a pretty face. This cheese knife is actually a joy to use. It can cut very thin slices of cheese if desired, and cheese will not stick to the blade.

The slightly serrated edge means that cheese can be sliced with virtually no effort at all. I had broken a paring knife and also had some spotting on my spatula.

Keep in mind that these were bought inCutco replaced both items no questions asked and a very simple process, I paid to simp them there, they paid to ship them back.

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Great customer service, awesome knives! Great review - I might actually consider plopping down several hundred dollars for a set of knives after this lol. Voted up! Since I have become the pamirry cook in the house, I've needed a decent storage place for my good knives.

This fits the bill. It holds virtually all my long knives and some of the shorter ones, as well. Now every time I need a knife, it' handy and convenient. I love it. The only drawback is that my steak knives are too big for their slots in the block, but I am planning on getting some different ones very soon that will fit. Thanks, maybe I should move from the garage to the sales floor : I'm not much of a writer, so I want to thank you for pointing out how well it was written, maybe I have a hidden talent that I not aware of, lol.

I had no intentions of even buying these knives because the price was more than a good set of Snap-on wrenches, my nephew was selling them and I was helping him out.

To my surprise ten years later, the steak knives cut just as good as the day I bought them, so I think it's still a great investment, but I would have to say the paring knife could use a sharpening. If I send it back to Cutco, they will either sharpen it for free or send me a new one, I thought that was pretty awesome! I have had good luck with some no name brands, but I really couldn't write a review on them, FYI, my wife hates my Cutco knives and she continues to buy off brands, she just bought another set of Calphalon which are pretty good, but it's only been 6 months so far so I'll let you know.

It's funny, even my kids prefer the Cutco knife, so maybe I'm not crazy. I love the input you bring to this review because it's really about personal preference, I know some people hate the handle of Cutco and I think it a valid point.

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The first comment here is from Joe Macho, he explains that the chefs knife feels sloppy in his hand and the cut is not perfect, but not everyone's hands are like Joe's, so you do have to do your due diligence. Thanks again for all your input, it really give readers a chance to compare cutlery, that's why I ask for other readers opinions, I'm far from a master of cutlery and there is so much to choose from.

Feedback from other readers is priceless, that's how I make most of my online buying choices now, reading customer reviews on Amazon, the king of retail : customers are blatantly honest and that's what I like. They were much cheaper knives and not the most popular brands.

I like the free market model because it gives you many choices and you can choose what suits you best. I felt that your current. Then I selected what suited me most. It serves me extremely well for my needs.

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I can assure you that this is not in anyway an advertisement for Cutco. I have owned Cutco knives for over ten years and I absolutely love them. I may not use them a tenth of what you do because I do not cook like a chef, I'm just a guy who likes to share his experiences with fellow readers. I guess I was speaking mostly about the steak knives more then the paring or chefs knife because I use the steak knives the most, just about every night.

I guess I will have to go and reword my review to explain that it's the Double-D edge that never need sharpening not the paring or chefs knife. I really don't believe there is a knife in this would that would stay sharp with a single edge blade, especially if you cutting on a stone or metal surface, it's just not possible.

Thanks for pointing out my poor review, I never meant it to be an advertisement, more of an opinion. Take care for now Amitava, and thanks again for your opinion, what's good for one person may not be good for the other :. I would be surprised if this review was not pushed or sponsored by cutco. I have used the following five as paring knives in the last 8 years.

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Dexter Russel Sani safe, Vitorinox, mora carbon steel mora classic without guar cutco and good grips. I had to grind the mora on a stone to full convex grind to make it more suitable as a paring knife. Among them Mora was the best made knife. Mora needed regrinding and filling the handle with epoxy to fill the gap in the handle.

It maintains its razor sharpness for 10 - 20 hours use before honing.

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Sani safe, cutco and vitoronox needs honing after hours. Sani safe gets used the most and cutco the least due to blade geometry, handle and steel type. For heavy duty, long hours or demanding tasks mora is the best. I cannot believe why vitorinox and cutco only paring knives is so highly rated on internet.

Overall, I wont rate mora the best because I needed to change the blade geometry and fill the hole where the steel enters the handle with epoxy. I do not know about the other options. There could be many more brands that are much better than cutco at a much cheaper price.

Stainless Table Knife $61 Cutco's best-selling knife with a stainless handle. This knife does it all at mealtime whether it's a special occasion or an everyday meal. Cut everything on your plate and slice through even the thickest chops with ease. Stays sharp for years. /4" Double-D-edge blade. I wish I had known that Cutco was a red flag for dating. Close. Posted by 2 years ago. Archived. Damn, I sold Cutco knives back in , I haven't been on a date in 5 years, maybe there's a correlation. Feelsbad. level 2. Original Poster 1 point 2 years ago. Feb 04,   Cutco's Patented Double D Edge. Cutco steak knives have a cutting edge called the Double D edge, this is not a serrated edge, it is a cutting edge that has 3 cutting points, the cutting points are not on the edge of the blade, they are cut into the side of the blade, this is why the blade stays sharp, you can even cut on a granite or marble counter top without damaging the blades cutting.

I looked at cutco reviews and they always compare with henckels and wusthof. I am making a stronger statement. The way this cutco review is structured makes me look like an advertisement. My ranking, based on use in kitchen is sani safe, mora classic, vitorinox then cutco and good grips. Based on quality or extended use or demanding jobs, mora, sani safe, vitorinox, good grips and cutco last. I am making this statement about paring knives.

For chefs knife I use a different maker and I did not try out other brands.

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I am not recommending any particular brand. I am saying you should check out your requirements and knife details before buying the knife.

We hand wash and wipe knives immediately, we cook for a family of 5, we use mainly 2 knives, chef and paring, cleaver is used rarely, currently we have 9inch chef, 3 paring and one cleaver. So funny. Cutco was my husbands first real job. He bought my engagement ring with the money he made from selling them I couldn't agree more!

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I like your view on them, "American Muscle Car Look" that's pretty awesome,lol. I hated dishing out the money for them, now I realize it was an investment : Thanks for the comment Cutter, it will give other readers some insight on Cutco Knives, especially the ones who are still on the fence, Ha! I dig my cutcos.

I was sucked into 'em just like you but they have changed my approach to cooking and I have gained respect for my kitchen. The knives look and feel awesome. Especially the trimmers, carvers, paring and the NEW steak knives. They have a totally American muscle car look and feel. I've got a Japanese Chef knife called a Shun, which is an awesome knife, but very finicky and even fragile with it's harder steel.

Cutco's, like you said, are a low maintenance workhorse. Most of the comments I've seen from chefs dissing cutcos are missing this important distinction. Not everyone wants to baby their little china doll of a knife. They want to use it. The A steel used is equivalent to the German knives, they just have a different name for it, but the "rockwell hardness" is equivalent.

Cutco offers a complete selection of cutlery, kitchen knives and accessories. All knives are American made and all products are backed by the Cutco Forever Gurantee. Apr 18,   Need help finding out some info and where to find this Cutco kitchen knife. The blade says: " N CUTCO 32 "I tried typing that in on but nothing came up. Here is a picture of the knife(the not the greatest but I'm sure someone has to know what this knife is/where to find one). Aug 23,   It is a Cutco and they make a ton of knives, looks like laminated wood and some type of basic stainless steel. Value would probably not be high, $25 -$75 at best? Correct me if I am wrong folks. Top. joesskankshack Posts: 74 Joined: Sat Mar 09, am. Re: Cutco/Alcas.

This softer steel is actually what makes them tough. The harder steels stay sharper but are more fragile. So if someone tells you cutco steel is inferior.

It is stronger, just not as hard as the Japanese. What makes them better than the equivalent German knives is that they are American, last longer and look way cooler.

Thank you for taking the time to comment. Thanks for this review. Cutco knives definitely sound like a very good investment and an excellent kitchen product for me.

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My knives never last more than 2 months sharp!!!! Hey Joe, thanks for the input, I don't work my knives to much, just the steak knives,lol.

The only time I use the chef's knife is when I'm cutting veggies, so for the minimal use of them, they works great. By looking at your hubs, I can see that you like to cook, so you input is very important. I'm going to stop by and check out some new recipes, thanks for taking the time to comment.

Happy New Year!!! Thanks for the review. I'm sure that other's will find this hub very helpful. I ran across this and decided to read because I also own a set of Cutco knives.

Since you wanted some opinions, I thought I'd drop my two cents on the matter. The sheers, trimmers, steak, bread and any serrated edge blade for that matter are great!

After four years of use, they are still very sharp and cut perfectly. My biggest issue is with the chef's knives. In my opinion, the handle on the regular chef's knife is not positioned for maximum control. This knife feels sloppy in my hand and produces less than clean looking cuts.

I prefer the Santoku Version as this knife feels better and maintains consistent control while cutting and slicing. An issue relating to both chef's knives is that they do not keep their sharpness for extended periods.

I know it's probably a result of the amount of work I push these blades to do, but for an "ever-sharp" guarantee, they don't live up to it. The positive news is that with a quick sharpen, they're back up to where they used to be! Overall, I'd say that I probably need to move forward to professional chef's knives, but the rest can stay!

Meat Dishes. Vegetable Dishes.

Cutco Knife Forever Guarantee Review Test - How Does What IS IT ??? - Warranty Sharpening Repair

Green Beans. Ice Cream. Dining Out.

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Fast Food. Baked Goods. Cooking Equipment. Food Industry. Famous Chefs. Culinary Techniques.

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Cooking Schools. World Cuisine. Grain Dishes. Party Snacks. Breakfast Foods. Special Diets. Patricks Day. Are Cutco Knives Any Good? Cutco 4-Pc Table Knife Set.

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