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Note: Please understand that this website is not affiliated with the Christian Dior company in any way, it is only a reference page for collectors and those who have enjoyed the Dior fragrances. The goal of this website is to show the present owners of the Christian Dior company how much we miss the discontinued classics and hopefully, if they see that there is enough interest and demand, they will bring back the perfume! Please leave a comment below for example: of why you liked the perfume, describe the scent, time period or age you wore it, who gave it to you or what occasion, any specific memories , who knows, perhaps someone from the company might see it. Post a Comment. Perfume Bottles. To open the classic Dior crystal flacon, use the following tip provided by Parfums Christian Dior themselves in Should warm water on the bottle neck fail, tap the stopper gently with a knife handle; or try rubbing face cream or vaseline around neck of stopper. Oblong Crystal Flacons: In , a new bottle was presented.

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The amphora has a code on the bottom and on the cellophane wrapping which says 2R - does this allow dating? When I wrote to Dior about another bottle which had 01 at the end of the code they said it was made in so I wondered if meant it was made in ? It probably isn't that simple though! In hopes you can help, thank you. Hi, I have a bottle of 50ml diorissimo in a ribbed bottle with a white plastic cap that has CD printed in gold on top.

The front has a retangular label with white background and gold frame and words also printed in gold. Do you know which period it came from?

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Some web sites still carry it so I don't think it's that old. I do remember seeing that bottle around 10 years ago. Google images show this bottle with a rectangular box that has the classic black and white houndstooth pattern. Hi there, I was wondering if you might be able to help me.

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I recently acquired a 10ml bottle of diorissimo esprit de parfum which is encased in a silver, houndstooth pattered covering. The bottle is refillable and is a spray.

In , the designer created his "vertical line," and a new Miss Dior bottle to go with it. The new image was a more achitectural one, geometric with straight lines, much more sober, a bit austere, but softened with a bow tie and houndstooth pattern engraved in the heavy square glass. This object was "cut like a . May 24,   This design was extended into all the special limited editions of the Dior line as well (Dior me, Dior me not, Chris , Dior Lily etc.) Up till fairly recently the Diorissimo bottles circulating were these: pink box, Diorissimo tag in white oval. The bottle was shaped as usual, the letters cursive and on the glass itself, no sticker. The box and the appearance of the bottles seemed normal. The code on the bottom is 3Y I opened two of the four bottles. One cap seemed oddly loose. The longevity seemed to be 30 minutes. Very short-lived! It didn't have the same beautiful scent I experienced with previous bottles. I got itchy and red where I sprayed it on my neck.

I've tried looking for it everywhere online but can't seem to find it. I'm trying to find out if the bottle is genuine, and if so if it is worth anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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Hi Rebecca and thanks for asking here! I think you refer to the rectangle refillable purse sprayer which has also a cap, shaped exactly like the stopper of the splash bottle of Miss Dior in the frosted houndstooth-patterened glass bottle, right?

I think those are from the 80ss.

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I believe the Miss Dior is golden while the Diorissimo is silver. I haven't seen any of the latter in real life, though. But the design if so is legit and if the smell is OK, you have a nice acquisition there!

I have the amphora bottle right now on e-bay!

Dior Homme Eau de Toilette. Dior Homme Eau de Toilette is an alluring combination of power and freshness. Intensely woody and masculine, its fragrance takes hold and leaves a lasting impression. The bottle is molded on the base with "Bottle Made in France" and "CD" for Christian Dior and the bottle size. These bottles were available in 1 ounce and 2 ounce sizes. The beautiful presentation box is a heavy, ribbed cardstock covered in the famous Dior Dove Grey color, and it's label matches the one on the bottle. Mar 08,   Hi guys. I've been doing some research on Dior Homme and DHI recently to discover something about the batch/production code found under the bottle or box itself. Read quite a number of threads especially those with the batch numbers and personally, I've been trying to find vintage Dior Homme bottles. So now instead of using when you are at DFS or other shops, .

I have a vintage bottle of Diorissimo that I acquired at an estate sale, and I was wondering if someone can help me date it. It is in a pink box with a white oval, and it's a Parfum. It has a clear glass bottle, a silver lid, and a gold band that has "Diorissimo" engraved on it. Can anyone help with tis? Hi friendsfan, the color schema and details indicate a prior to date, but after Hope this helps!

Hi Shirley and thanks for stopping by and asking! The one you had been wearing is still being made with a minor tweak or two shouldn't be too bothersomethough not widely distributed as far as I know. Hope that helps!! The Candy Perfume Boy has a bottle that looks like mine, he says it's from the 80s. Is it really from the 80s? I bought mine from a Canadian retailer, they called it "vintage pack" version and that could mean anywhere from 3 to 30 years?

Hi Boop! Yes, the bottle is the old style sprayer which circulated in the 80s all right. You are lucky. I have a Miss Dior one in this and smells delicious! Choose with discretion! Very interesting article!

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I just diacovered Diorissimo and I am in love. I have the choice to purchase a clear bottle in pink box but with a tag on the bottle round white saying Diorissimo EDT and a frosted bottle no box with name engraved.

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Noth bottles are flask like and the second one has no box. Which one is a better choice?

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Thank you :. Type your comment in the box, choose the Profile option you prefer from the drop down menu, below text box Anonymous is fine too! And you're set! One might answer that question quipping you could dine it and wine it, but jokes aside let's focus on how you would date your Christian Dior Diorissimo fragrance in the sense of chronologising it; a question on the back of the minds of many perfume enthusiasts who are justifiably confused. It's kind of tricky, indeed, since Diorissimo has changed so many times and so often the details on the bottles are minor.

In this guide we will try to sort out the different bottles and versions of Diorissimoso it becomes much easier for all of our readers. The initial presentation of Diorissimocreated by Edmond Roudnitska incame in what is known as the amphora bottle. A flacon of Baccarat crystal designed in the shape of an ancient amphora with curved body and a bronze bouquet of flowers sprouting off its top. That presentation held the parfum and is extremely rare and expensive nowadays. Basically it's a museum piece, therefore it shouldn't concern you when buying online yourself; I am including it for the sheer plush of its coffret and its reclining beauty.

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The amphora shape in rather simplified form became the design for Diorissimo later on. Some of these bottles rise their heads from time to time, at costly prices.

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The stopper has a bulbous shape. The same design was recently used for the Collection Particuliere Passagere. In the interim, today's bottle design was first conceived and introduced in the s. The classic houndstooth design established itself in the end of the s, the 70s, all through the early 80s.

The juice appears darker than it was in real time, because of oxidation due to the passage of time. The versions circulating included Eau de Toilette and Eau de Cologne, lighter concentrations than extrait de parfum, but bearing all the radiance and beauty of the original formula. These are the bottles I recall on my grandmother's vanity as a small child. They were splash bottles, a usual design for the era, but there was also the option of attaching a spray mechanism, as depicted in this photo.

The parfum version was encased in the previous design flacons with the cap in gold. And an Eau de Cologne was also circulating in this tall presentation.

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Much later the same version took on a plastic spray mechanism with box still in black and white houndstooth and a pink oval on the front. When LVMH took over Christian Dior in the mids, all the classic fragrances in the line took another uniform shape: the flask-like bottle, topped with a rounded diaphanous cap ; essentially a throw-back to the past.

This design was extended into all the special limited editions of the Dior line as well Dior me, Dior me not, ChrisDior Lily etc. Up till fairly recently the Diorissimo bottles circulating were these: pink box, Diorissimo tag in white oval. The bottle was shaped as usual, the letters cursive and on the glass itself, no sticker. This is the version that Luca Turin granted 4 stars in his "Perfumes, the Guide"saying"today's Diorissimo is unquestionably different from the older version although still a thing of great beauty".

The colour of the juice was straw-like and lighter than before, although not as clear as present juice. The extrait de parfum however took on a curiously clear tint which indicated the lack of certain heavier molecules. The oval with the logo is actually greyer than the photo indicates. The change is subtle and very cunning: while right now the packaging can be an indicator of batches, the introduction of a different colour schema is an optical blurring, ready for further -and final- chopping off!

Diorissimo bottle collecting is also tricky because the fragrance does not keel well over the years, being rich in highly volatile essences and swiftly deteriorating aromata resulting in diminished freshness.

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Therefore caution should be employed when eyeing auctions of older bottles. Labels: bottlechristian diordesigndiorissimofrequent questions. Petals Alexandra Mark Evans Mandy Perfumeshrine Linda Today's Top Stories.

Nov 29,   Dior Sauvage is to reign supreme this Christmas as UK's number 1 fragrance Only one of top ten is a new release this year, with others dating back to Paco Rabanne 1 . Nov 23,   The first-ever Miss Dior bottle, initially available to purchase on December 1, 3 of Courtesy of Christian Dior Parfums. Since year the logo on the front of the box, on certain perfumes, began to switch from " Christian Dior " to simply "Dior". This happened for both boxes and bottles, but in different times. Today a few "Christian Dior" labelled perfumes still exist, so this is not a very significant element, and should be used only in desperation.

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For the house of Christian Dior, creating a signature perfume was never an afterthought meant to make an extra buck. In fact, fragrance was so inherent to the couturier that one was introduced in tandem with the first runway show in Now in honor of that earliest eau, Miss Dior, the brand has curated an exhibition of the scent in Paris, in which 15 artists have been invited to create original pieces inspired by that fruity-chypre juice.

Here, we present an exclusive retrospective on Miss Dior throughout the years.

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Get your Pinterest boards ready for the drool-worthy vintage images. For the house of Christian Dior, creating a signature perfume was never an afterthought to the couturier in order to make an extra available-to-the-masses buck. In fact, fragrance was so inherent to Monsieur Dior that one was introduced at the very same time as the first runway show in

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