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Aussie pro Calum von Moger helps turn your chicken legs into meaty thighs with these 15 insider's tips. BodyFit is your solution to all things fitness. Join today and unleash the power of PLUS! If you were driving from San Diego to San Francisco, following a direct route straight up would get you there fastest, Southern California traffic notwithstanding. Sure, you could take alternate routes, checking out the gambling halls in Vegas, taking in the vistas of the Sierra Nevada mountain range and Yosemite, panning for gold in the foothills east of Sacramento, or even taking the meandering but scenic coastal route, but none of those routes are as direct, and they would add days to your travel. Similarly, bodybuilders looking to add mass want a plan that leads to the fastest gains possible without extended delays.

Originally Posted by TooStronk. Originally Posted by MAC Last edited by TooStronk; at AM. The 2 most important things to me when training are 1. The Muscle Mind Connection.

A coal train rolling along at 50 miles an hour ran over her, cutting off both of her legs above the knees. The anger hasn't gone away. Local news has never been more important.

Tbh man it doesnt make the world of difference if you work legs. I didn't work them before and always had big leg muscles irish-decent genetics. Now I do work them and im happier because they are much more defined. Each guy has different goals i. If you were a soccer player you would want to train shoulders more then biceps as you need them to hold off opponents.

Someone screencap and archive this. I have just texted moot. I have never seen them train anything else What's worse is when they drop all the weights, drink a protein shake after, and think they'll get huge.

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Then call anyone who's bigger than them a steroid user OP your one cheeky kunt I swear A gorilla does pepper his bananas vehemently because the transgender goose likes beaverbong pong. Also chunky sloots are cumming with Marty's Angus Whopper alongside hairy whales but, they can't fondle your poon-slayer.

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Vagina's blow and pls stay inside your grundle while I circumsize BBC's. In fact, I remember two twin brothers from the neighboring community who would periodically come to train at our gym. Both of these guys could bench press over pounds and had huge upper torsos. These guys were freaks and pushed a lot of weight in the bench press and shoulder press. However, I never saw them train legs, not once.

It's been twisted from "I don't want the hassle of shaving my legs" to "he doesn't unconditional love and accept me" yeah right. I'm sure he still loves her, he's just turned off by the hairy legs and yes, sex is an important part of a relationship and gee let's throw that out the window because I . The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. May 07,   Any reason one SHOULD train legs? Because chicken legs look like shit. I still want jeans to fit me in a year or two. You're not going to accidentally Arnold, or accidentally Tom Platz either for that matter. Disclaimer: I have been consistently lifting for the past 7 months and, yes, I was training legs during that time.

They always had on what seemed like two pairs of jogging pants. They knew their legs were small and skinny so they tried to hide them behind layered jogging pants. They had no problem training in tank tops and t-shirts but never in shorts. I actually did get a glimpse of their legs one time and it was almost comical.

Here were these two guys with huge upper bodies but with these little bitty legs.

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I was about 18 years old and weighed about pounds at the time and these guys must have weighed at least pounds each. I actually had bigger legs than these guys.

Dating doesnt train legs

It was all too funny. These types of exercises include squats, lunges, hack squats, dead lifts, and stair step ups. Performing squats will not only build the legs, glutes and hamstrings but it will help strengthen the entire network of back muscles. In addition, squats will help strengthen your core abs which helps stabilize the squatting movement. Squats will even help improve your balance and coordination.

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Legs also play a big part in helping generate extra push for exercises such as the bench press, incline press, shoulder press, clean and press, and other similar compound movements. Leg drive plays a huge part in generating extra push strength in the bench press, incline press and shoulder press. Open your mind a bit. Should we not take baths and brush our teeth any more?

If the OP thinks she can do this, then fine. And many, many men shave their facial hair so this is not just a women thing. I cannot believe how this topic is being turned into a weapon for gender war when really, it is just about personal choice and what other people find attractive.

It is just natural.

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We all wash our hair, brush our teeth, shave, wax, colour our hair, pluck, paint our nails whatever, take your pick. My point is we all use some form of enhancements. It really is that simple. People only said that because you brought hygiene when everyone was taking about hair. People are talking about a hypocritical double standard that is alive for years now. I bet you fit in and feel attracted only to people who also fit in, so congrats, I guess.

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And many, probably most men, are hypocrites. They only accept women with no body hair, but would not accept to shave den if their women preferred that way. They turn down women only because they are women!

Only because of their sexual maturity, only because they are adults and have hair. He has a good point, though. Is it really fair of her to suddenly switch it up on him? What should she do if he ever switched it up on her by getting fatter or balder? Or jobless, or sick.

Leave him as soon as possible? In her shoes, I would end things with the boyfriend and move on.

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Neither party is accepting, nor able to compromise. One of them could shrug and drop the matter, in the belief that legs shaved or not is such an insignificant issue and not worth getting upset about. But, neither can do this, as the hairy leg stuff represents something deeper in each of them. They either commit to exploring and understanding what is really going on, or they stay with the non-shaving as being the main problem.

No more nagging, no more arguments. Please walk because women are doing men a big favour.

Miley Cyrus Workout Sexy Legs

For a woman, shaving is a lot more work. Men take 5 minutes to shave one small part of their body in the morning. Women, in contrast, shave two legs, their underarms and their bikini area.

Not to mention the contortionist actions we must learn to use to shave effectively.

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It takes 5 minutes to shave your legs and arm pits. In the shower, every few days, or so. And hair removing cream, on the bikini area.

Jun 19,   Over the years, it doesn't matter where I go or what gym I train at, I see the same patterns of trainers who neglect to train legs. As much as I'd like to say that one must absolutely train legs, there is no rule that says you have to. However, if you are one of those trainers who don't train legs, think about the following. May 02,   Tbh man it doesnt make the world of difference if you work legs. I didn't work them before and always had big leg muscles (irish-decent genetics). I don't train legs and mine are still bigger than yours. Don't fuking tell me to 'get out' I'd embarrass you in the gym, kid. A challenger appears , PM # May 08,   Woman who lost her legs after being run over by a train hilariously returns to dating scene Faima Bakar Wednesday 8 May am Share .

It takes me about 10 minutes to shave. I use safety razors which take longer however I get a close shave. Within 12 hours hair is already growing back fast. Also the hair is thicker on my face than it is on my legs not that I shave my legs. Beards are trendy now.

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Most men actually care when a woman walks. Women make themselves the biggest favor not even getting close to pseudo-men like you, who are unfortunately a big part. And you are wrong, or just a liar. Men are NOT expected to shave their faces.

Having a beard is socially acepptable. MOST women accept men with beards. Most preffer it not to be that long, but still - we can have it! Now, not even said men with beards would want a woman with a little mustachebig hypocrites. And you should compare body ahir to body hair. Both genders have it. Still, most preffer being sexist and will only accept women with no body hair, but would not accept to shave even if their women preferred that way.

Like, shave in the summer, but not in the winter? As someone who is currently single and not feeling emotionally up to starting anything new yet, being with something more or less okay sounds way too precious to me to give up for something as compromise-able on as leg shaving! I may not shave when I am alone,but if I go to dates or whatever - I do pull my hair out - makes ME feel better and more beautiful.

Hey,imagine another thing - would you feel attracted to your boyfriend,if he consistently farts in your face.? To small of a price to pay for Happy relationship.

Jul 24,   Maybe he doesn't train legs anymore because of the physique competitions? I think he does still train legs. He's just had 2 knee surgeries in the last 9 months so there not as big as they could have been. Always put in in everything you do so that when someone else shows up with %, you still got 10on them.-Chidi Ekebere. Feb 06,   To do a split squat with dumbbells, start with one leg forward and the other back. Simply bend your knees and descend, then come back up again. Make sure your back knee doesn't touch the floor and, for joint health, make sure the knee of your forward leg doesn't extend past a vertical plane that comes directly up from your toes. Jun 07,   Shaq with the assist: Driver gets surprising help on road. Freshman GOP lawmaker charged with 3 felonies.

OMG - Isobel seriously? My guess is that if she had not been shaving when they met, then they would not be at this place now. I get your argument about compromise and acceptance but some things are more instinctual than that. Having him compromise and accept is just going to eat away at him.

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For me, with my partner, if something as trivial as hairy legs could cause her to send an email to Evan, then there are bigger issues. Sigh he should leave her.

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I will never understand how people can let their egos ruin otherwise perfect relationships. I agree with you, but I really wish more regular, average beta guys would take more effort in maintaining their appearances for their women.

Women have eyes, too! Pat - I agree completely! We really do have eyes! We really do use them! They usually know how to dress themselves and work out, etc.

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Also an so called alpha male is disposable, I would never want to be the so called alpha male. Not being attracted to hairy legs is a gut reaction for most men.

However, in current times many guys are turned off by body hair on women. How about makeup, deodorant, etc? Those are also things you do to keep being attractive.

To be clear, her boyfriend is also overweight, but the OP has accepted that as part of the package. At 25, she has also accepted his baldness, which is something the average year-old has yet to consider amongst potential partners.

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Otherwise, she seems like an active, fit woman, who has stronger beliefs about keeping the body hair. LoveCoffee: what a rude and dismissive post!

In case you missed it, the letter writer is a pretty young yoga instructor; she certainly takes care of her body and looks attractive. I never shave my armpits,I shave my legs once a week, I have hair on other parts of my body which is visible, but I guess I am lucky to be in a mutually loving relationship,highly sexually fulfilling and I have never had an partners impose their sexist standards of beauty apon me, because I am me, we are all unique,beautiful and sexy in our own ways.

I am stunned by the shallowness. I completely disagree!

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