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Moving to the Netherlands? Whether you are shifting for your new job or going to study overseas, the new culture, lifestyle, and climate is waiting for you in the Netherlands. Where living as an expat in this attractive country offers exciting experiences and new adventures, it also brings tough challenges your way. It becomes more difficult, especially when no one is by your side. When loneliness creeps in, you wish to have a like-minded special someone near you.

Dating practices are also similar to other European countries. Teenagers generally begin to socialize with peers at school, within their neighborhood, or through social activities and local clubs. Young adults, meanwhile, tend to meet at bars and clubs, through social groups and activities, and via dating apps and websites. Like many other cultures, the Dutch like to meet potential new partners through trusted friendship circles.

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That way, they can gradually get to know someone before developing a romantic relationship. Whether this means heading to a house party or a casual borrel with friends, there are plenty of opportunities to meet like-minded singles. Also similar to other cultures, dating apps and websites are becoming the norm in the Netherlands; particularly among expat communities in the larger cities such as Amsterdam, Utrecht, and Rotterdam.

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- doursim.com and Happn are also popular options for casual dating. You might say that the Netherlands has less of a dating etiquette than other countries like the US or UK.

Actions are based more on instinct rather than a set of arbitrary guidelines. And because Dutch men and women value honesty and efficiency, playing hard-to-get and silly games have little value in the Netherlands. Confidence and being to-the-point also rank high, which means being successful in dating can require a level of assertiveness; if you want something, just do it.

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The importance of honesty also means that Dutch men and women are unlikely to mislead someone. This is good news if you are seeking a meaningful relationship.

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The Dutch are renowned for being straight-forward, straight-talking, and down-to-earth, and this transcends to the world of dating. Furthermore, the Dutch love for the great outdoors might also mean that some dates involve having a picnic in a park, cycling to the beach, or visiting other popular nature spots.

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Whatever you end up doing, it will almost certainly be casual. Unlike some cultures, where the man traditionally initiates the first date, it is not uncommon for women to make the first move in the Netherlands. After all, gender equality is strong in this progressive country.

And because the Dutch are known to be open and blunt, there is no shame in discussing whether you are dating other people or want to be exclusive. While it might be unfair to stereotype a whole nation, there are certain behavioral traits that you are likely to come across when dating in the Netherlands.

Furthermore, these can differ significantly from other European cultures. Part of this has to do with the prevalent bike culture. After all, trying to bike in high heels and a cute little dress in the rain is not an appealing prospect. This also comes down to the laid-back attitude of the Dutch, which tends to extend to clothes - and makeup.

Neither Dutch men nor Dutch women are renowned for being touchy-feely on a first date. Other than the customary greeting, which is to kiss three times on the cheek when first meeting, physical contact is kept to a minimum. Direct eye contact, on the other hand, is the norm during these early encounters. It is also worth noting that the Dutch love for efficiency and directness leaves little room for flirting.

Furthermore, compliments are not given nor received easily in the Netherlands; outlandish attempts at flattery might even be perceived as fake. Therefore, being down-to-earth and direct will earn you a lot more points with a Dutch man or woman.

During your date, you will soon discover that the Dutch tend to value deeper discussions with a purpose far more than pointless small talk. Their straight-forward approach to dating also means they might ask you personal questions or your opinions on tricky subject matters.

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This may appear rude or slightly invasive to the untrained dater. However, in the Netherlands, there is little social negativity attached to it. Your date simply wants to know your opinion on these subjects to evaluate if you are compatible.

Makes total sense, right? Some people actually find this level of honesty refreshing when dating in the Netherlands. The value of gender equality seeps into many interactions in Dutch dating, which means that customs such as splitting the bill is not uncommon.


Some might see this as unromantic, but Dutch relationships pride themselves on equality between partners. I love your article! Only som old farmers wear those. And Dutch guys are sooo not romantic. Therefore you need an Italian or a Frenchman. And not all Dutch men are tall and handsome. And the Netherlands has really good social security and benefits so if you mess up financially the government will help out.

But that does not mean all Dutch men have their shit together financially.

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All the things that have been mentioned on this article are true! I hope you two will meet each other as soon as possible. Im a latina dating one amazing dutchman!

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He is more excited than me haha!. He treats me like the queen that i am, spoils me hehe and I can totally say is the best man i ever had. Loved the article, love my dutchman.

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No wonder you did all the work. Left your country and moved to the Netherlands. Thats what these dutch men are, emotinally lazy. The woman here do all the emotional work for them.

Dutch men have a big mouth with very little action. Oh well, when its comes to money, he will take note of what he payed for you.

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Including the pregnancy test you bought with him at kruidvat! And later in an argument he will remind of how much you owe him. Either you are too impressed by the dutch and their fake lives or you coudnt find better than this. This was a nice read. Thank you for sharing.

It sounds like a breath of fresh air.

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I am a first generation American, my maternal side of my family is from England. So I have two influences and value both for different reasons. I prefer directness over guessing, I am not good at guessing plus it is too much work, too many variables to decipher.

Sound really nice congrats!! The only thing I agree with is that they are tall. They seem to be terrified of women, they have no idea what flirting is. Never again! I met this Dutch surgeon on Instagram and was totally surprised that on the 5th day that we have been talking he already confessed his feelings.

It was very new to me for i am Asian.

I cannot believe at first because how can he fall for me just by talking. True he is so straightforward and expresses his true intentions.

He said that he will come to my country soon and i look forward to meeting him.

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I agree completely!! I dated a few and they bored the living daylights out of me. I learnt to stay away at all costs. This article is full of lies.

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If you don't speak Dutch yet. Research for the demographics of various dating sites. Read reviews before finalizing the particular online dating site. Prefer going to the website of a high niche. Dutch people do not prefer overdressing, so try to keep it casual while dating a Dutch man or woman. 7 Things You Need to Know about Dating Dutch Women. May 24,   The Best Places to Meet Dutch Women Online Dating in the Netherlands. Online dating is accepted and very common in Dutch culture. Due to their physical Amsterdam for Meeting Dutch Women. As we started this article, Amsterdam can be much more than drugs and brothels. Rotterdam for Meeting Dutch.

A lot of the Dutch dating culture is based on instinct, when it feels right it must be right. A casual affair Dressing up for a date is normal in a lot of countries, but not in the Netherlands. Here things are far more casual, just like their day-to-day attire. A miniskirt, high heels, or a three-piece suit are just not as practical when you have to cycle to your date in the rain. Now, all we want to know is: have you been on a Dutch date yet and did it involve splitting a bill?

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