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The bus includes an image of Hitler, who was responsible for the mass-murder of six million Jews during the Second World War, wearing makeup and the symbol of feminism on his military cap. It is accompanied by the hashtag StopFeminazis. The group made headlines in when it launched an aggressive, discriminatory bus campaign against the transgender community. Since its surprise gains, Vox has used its position to request the names of government workers who deal with gender violence. The mounting popularity of Vox has led the PP to take a tougher attitude to topics like gender violence and immigration to curb voters casting a vote for Vox in the forthcoming general election at the end of April.

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Feminazi : I am a feminist and i'm triggered Guy: You mean cancer. A term used to undermine feminists and the basis of their goals, usually to validate antiquated views on gender issues.

Man, I didn't know I was dating a feminazi until Jenny told me she was going to work after she had the baby! A word that can be used in two ways; 1.

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The more common use A term men use upon meeting average feminist with good values and fair understanding, but thinks women should have equal rightsbut the man is so angry that he is being challenged that he screams at her that she is a man-hating feminazi. An actual woman who hates men, likely from bad experience.

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Me: Get back in the kitchen. A word used by ignorant idiots to describe any type of feminist or women's rights activist.

10 Types Of Women To Avoid \u0026 Not Marry!

Is extremely offensive to both the issue of women's rights and- here's a shocker- victims of one of the most brutal wars in human history. An anti- men female.

She claims to be a feminist but holds highly sexist ideals along the lines of "women are better, men are brutish animals". Trisha claims to be a feminist, but actually is quite the feminazi.

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Dec 10,   A woman who claims to be a feminist but in fact harbors a genuine hatred of men. Jan 06,   As a woman, who has experience dating and online dating, I can guarantee you that my experiences in dating are no less frustrating, annoying, upsetting, bothersome, tiring .

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Mar 13,   Feminazi is a sexist slur used in speech and digital communication. It seeks to discredit feminists by portraying them as extreme. As noted, the coarse insult of feminazi is especially issued by men on the political far-right to any person advocating for women and other marginalized identities. However, it particularly targets vocal activists stereotyped as "butch," man-hating, ball. Spanish bus campaign against 'feminazis' features image of Hitler in makeup. Hazte Oir are calling on Spain's conservative political leaders to repeal the gender violence law. is an online white dating site serving the needs of the white community. Sign up if you are looking for whites interested in dating whites.

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Origin and usage. Feminazi is a portmanteau of the nouns feminist and Nazi. According to The Oxford Dictionary of American Political Slang, it refers (pejoratively) to "a committed feminist or a strong-willed woman". The American conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh, who popularized the term, credited the university professor Thomas Hazlett with coining it. Scandinavian dating sites and the entire Scandinavian dating scene are super feminist. Not feminazi, but definitely feminist. As in, insisting on equality is not radical and it's actually great for you as a guy (in some ways). In Scandinavia, women are happy to share the bill. Jan 08,   Dating Norwegian girls is nothing like dating in Eastern Europe. I might have mentioned it a few times (ok, more than a few times but it should sink in), Norway is a very economically advanced country. In that sense, you can forgive some Norwegian girls for their feminazi tendencies. Unlike other places in the world, here they actually want.

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