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Antique and vintage glassware ranges from simple to fantastic, and affordable to outrageous - literally something for everyone. Use these online value guides to help you identify and value many different types of vintage glass. Learning about old glassware goes far beyond valuing it, however. In fact, oftentimes you have to figure out what type of glass you own before you can find the value. Take a look at these additional resources to learn more about your antique and collectible glass pieces. Some of the most beautiful and highly valued glass was made by a number of different companies in the s and early s. This type of glass made by a number of different companies is characterized by its "oil slick" coloring in varied hues.

For added complexity in color and texture, additional pieces of glass can be added.

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Ashtrays, bowls, plates-all sorts of everyday items-took on a new life in the kilns behind the Higgins' sofa. There was a dazzling array of geometric shapes and curved lines in those designs and the color use was bold and vibrant. This mixture of art and practicality soon led to orders, not only from individual buyers but from major retailers as well, such as Marshall Field and Co.

Almost a decade after starting work, Michael and Francis entered into a partnership with the Dearborn Glass Company.

Delphite Glass - This type of opaque blue glass was used for novelty items and tableware, but many kitchenware pieces were made with this type of glass, too.; Fire King - One of the most prolific names in kitchenware production, Fire King is very well known among fans of collectible glass.; Jadeite Glass - Martha Stewart revived the popularity of this glass in the mids and it has been a. It would be natural to assume that ink bottles date to the beginning of glassblowing and the written word, but prior to the 18th century, the most common form of ink was a . Modern Miracles with Everyday Glass. That was how Michael and Francis Higgins saw their work when they founded The Higgins Studio in in their apartment in Chicago, Illinois. The couple rediscovered and refined the ancient art of glass fusing. Essentially, a design is created on an enamel coated piece of glass.

This allowed them to move their operation out of their apartment and into more traditional surroundings. It also gave them nationwide exposure through Dearborn's marketing of their line of "Higginsware," which primarily included:. In addition to these, the Higgins Studio also created clocks, bookends, paperweights, glass-topped ceramic dishes, tables, Christmas ornamentsjewelry, "dropout" vases, wall plaques, mobiles, free-standing sculptures, mirrors, church windows, room dividers and even exterior building ornamentation.

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They worked briefly with Haeger Potteries but soon decided to return to private studio work where they were free to work in their own way and at their own pace. This type of glass made by a number of different companies is characterized by its "oil slick" coloring in varied hues.

Higgins Glass and its Humble Beginnings. Michael and Frances Higgins, who met at the Chicago Institute of Design, were pioneers in the rediscovery and refinement of the ancient art of glass fusing. Originally the Studio operated out of the Higgins' Chicago apartment, with kilns set up behind the sofa.5/5(3).

While made in both clear and colors like Depression glass, the quality of "elegant" glassware is significantly higher. One of the most prolific of American glassware companies, Fenton made everything from cranberry glass to milk glass in a plethora of patterns.

An offshoot of Depression glass, many useful items were made in a variety of colors in the s and '30s.

Higgins Studio Glass, c. s. doursim.com Glass factories in the United States produced some very interesting midcentury glass. One of those homegrown American companies with a collectible following is Higgins. Unlike many other glass houses with much longer histories, The Higgins Studio actually opened in The gold signature indicates it was a mass-produced piece made at Dearborn Glass in Bedford Park, IL between There are many different patterns and sizes which will determine value. If you would like to know more about a Dearborn-era Higgins piece, please send a photo with its measurements to [email protected]/5(3). Jan 5, - Shop by department, purchase cars, fashion apparel, collectibles, sporting goods, cameras, baby items, and everything else on , the world's online marketplace.

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Jan 18,   Adding that Ben and Jessica have been dating 'about two months or so,' the insider says that 'Ben now truly is extremely happy.' Jan 18, AceShowbiz - Ben Higgins . Higgins Glass Studio Hobbs Brockunier Houze Hunt Glass Co. IW Rice/IRICE/Irving W Rice and Co Imperial Glass Corporation Indiana Glass Co. Indiana Tumbler and Goblet Co./Greentown Glass Iowa City Flint Glass Company Javit Badash Inc. J.B. Higbee Glass Company Jeannette Glass Co. Jefferson Glass Company Jenkins Glass Kanawha Glass Co. Kemple. Oct 17,   Example: The glass produced in almost all were signed with more than one engraved word, such as Frances and Michael Higgins. almost all pieces issued were simply signed "higgins" (lower case letters) The little dancing man trademark was also sometimes cast into the pieces. Dearborn Glass and then Haeger Potteries.

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