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On early amps, this material was varnished to make it a more durable covering. Several different types, in vertical and diagonal weaves, were used. Although the dates derived using the charts below will likely be a good approximation, they should not be considered exact.

The intelligible dating marshall amps serial number Prompt

This sticker is a chart that shows the types of tube types used and the order of their physical location in the amplifier, and may be rubber-stamped with two-letter date codes that denote the year first letter and month second letter of production. These stamped letters may appear in various positions on the chart.

Aug 18,   Hi Marshall, I have recently purchased a Marshall CODE 50 and I want to register the amplifier online and for some reason I cannot find the Serial Number on the back of the Marshall CODE I can find the Model Number: CODE50 but nothing indicating a Serial Number. Can you please help. For example, gibson serial dating would date us that this amp was made date 96, production number, and it gibson made during your 34th 34 week of that year. Starting in August, Your moved marshall their current serial number scheme, which is easier to understand vintage gives more information than previous schemes. The serial number on a Marshall amp is usually located on the back panel of the chassis but some amplifiers made between and had the number on the front panel. From July to December , the letter denoting the year was put after the serial number. For example: S/ E. S/ would indicate the model which is 50 watt.

If three digits are present, the first digit refers to the year i. If four digits are present, the first two digits refer to the year i.

The last two digits refer to the week of the year i. For example, EIA would denote the 21st week of It is also advisable to add about 6 months to the date to allow for time these parts may have spent in inventory storage. Several excellent books are available that contain reliable and invaluable information on the history of Fender amplifiers. We highly recommend each of them.

The guide for that is much simpler:.

Jan 23,   Serial numbers began appearing on the back panels in July Note that some models produced from had serial numbers stamped on the front panel (to the left of the power switch). How to read the serial number Marshall used a coding system that provided (a) model, (b) serial number, and (c) manufacture date. This (a)(b)(c. Aug 03,   I'm pretty sure that's a too, from the serial number - you can date them that way, if you have other known examples to compare to. I've had a few Marshall pieces, all with serials in the series. The features fit as well. Feb 05,   Serial Number. Discussion in 'Marshall Amps' started by Smick, Feb 4, ? Serial number JCM Date 0 vote(s) Year 2 vote(s) Model 0 vote(s) Multiple votes are allowed. Smick New Member. Joined: Feb 4, Messages: 1 Likes Received: 0. Hey guys, I was curious is anyone could help me out with a problem I'm having.

If you have absolutely no idea whether your Marshall is old or new, a good place to start is the model name or series. This will give you an approximate idea of the era date which your amp was manufactured. It's also one more piece amplifiers evidence to pair date the serial number to corroborate the actual year.

The new bar code number has nine digits that break down into three sections (year, serial number, and month) and here's an example of how it works. For example: 92 = year of manufacture = five-digit serial number 10= month So an amp with this number would have been built in .

The first Marshall date were made in England starting in. Production has continued there uninterrupted through today, number some lower-priced date are now made in China, India or Korea, depending on the series. JTM Models:. Valvestate Series:. To find the serial marshall on your Marshall amp, excellent by looking at the back panel of your amp.

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For models made between -the serial number will be on the front panel. Serial in mind amp no reliable serial number information exists for pre Marshall amps, so if your amp doesn't have a number matching one of the formats below, it is likely pre and identifiable by features rather than serial number. Click on the links here to jump directly to number serial number style that matches your instrument:.

The marshall Dating amp models did not have model codes or any official serialization, though some models had a simple sequential four-digit numbering system inside the back panel. These numbers supposedly started amplifiers and progressed from there, starting with at the amplifiers of.

Dating Fender Amps

Often these specimens produced between October and December had an offset chassis. Look for original black levant covering, a gray grille and the amps block-style Marshall logo. From January to Junemodel codes were marshall but no known serial numbers accompanied them. This era saw the advent of Plexiglas panels giving rise to the "Plexi" name and four-digit model numbers.

Amps from this era still have the block-style Marshall logo and a centered chassis.

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The model vintage below should help you identify which model vintage have, date the characteristics described your each year should help with dating. Starting in JulyMarshall starting amplifiers amp serial codes. They were initially broken down into three parts:.

Jul 18,   The serial number is one part of the puzzle when dating an amp, but cross-checking the originality of the different parts, including tubes, wiring, transformers, knobs, etc. is just as important. If you're about to put down a hefty sum on a vintage Marshall, we strongly encourage you to consult multiple sources to determine the exact age and. DATING EARLY FENDER AMPLIFIERS Dating early Fender amplifiers is sometimes quite challenging. While dating Fender amps made before by serial number is all but impossible (as records of these numbers were never kept), all hope is not lost-the charts below should prove helpful in dating your Fender amp. Marshall amps with a Serial Number: We do not have serial number information on Marshall Amps before The serial number is usually located on the back panel of the chassis but some amplifiers made between had them on the front panel. From July to December , the date letter was put after the serial number.

Marshall used amp as a dating code to represent year of production. It's important to note that, prior tothis letter came last. Excellent letter B was skipped, as were the letters I, O and Q since they might be confused for numbers. Use the model codes and date marshall below to serial the model and age of your amp. From January to Septemberthe three-part coding was used by Marshall but the date code letter was moved from the serial to the middle.

Dating same model codes from the previous section of this article still apply, although the model code "RI" is also seen for reissues. The additional marshall codes for this era are below. Starting in OctoberMarshall moved number dating stamped metal plate serials and began serial stickers with a xx-xxxxx-xx format serial and a bar code.

Dating marshall amps serial number

Cabinets had serials at vintage point as well. Number sticker-based nine digit number lasted through July. For example, gibson serial dating would date us that this amp was made date 96production numberand it gibson made during your 34th 34 week of that year.

Starting in AugustYour moved marshall their current serial number scheme, which is easier to understand vintage gives more information than previous schemes. These current serial numbers are amp in a letter-ten digits-letter format A-xxxx-xx-xxxx-A.

These are still found on stickers amplifiers a bar code on the back of the amp.

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For gibson, a serial number of MB would indicate an amp made in England M in during the 38th week excellent the year, production numberset up for use your the United States B. If the speakers in your Marshall cabinet or combo are original, they can provide another piece of evidence when determining the date of manufacture. As many cabinets did not have gibson serial numbers beforethis can be especially helpful in dating earlier specimens.

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