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Yoongi (Suga) had revealed that he wasn't completely straight. He had said that he was more into the fact that someone loved music and had a good personality rather than their gender. But as of now it is not revealed that Yoongi is dating anyone. May 28,   - Yoongi giving the seduction gaze - Taking care of each other - Massaging him - Him petting your head - Giving you that derp lil smile you love - Using too much of his energy - 10 - 9 - 8 - 7 - 6 - 5 (WARNING! LOW BATTERY) - Teasing him from time to time - Just being careful - He will just smile at you - Helping to take care of Min Holly. What Dating Min Yoongi (Suga) Would Be Like Half of your relationship would include him sleeping. Part of you would mind but most of you knew that he worked incredibly hard so you wouldn't get upset with him because of it.

You look terrible, Jagi. He fixes whatever you break because he does that with Namjoon.

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Sometimes he works at home and you watch him. But this is very rare.


Him constantly coming home late because of work. Which would cause arguments because he works too hard.

A look at Min Yoongi's dating history. Who is Min Yoongi dating now? View past relationships, dating news, rumors, net worth, and full biography. Jan 27,   Min Yoongi's Girlfriend. Min Yoongi is single. He is not dating anyone currently. Min had at least 1 relationship in the past. Min Yoongi has not been previously engaged. He and his older brother were born and raised in Daegu, South Korea. According to our records, he has no doursim.comality: South Korean. Dating Min Yoongi him requesting you to cook 24/7, preferring your home cooked meals than going out to restaurants watching different films every weekend when you're together cuddling him and lightly playing with his hair when you notice he fell asleep.

And they may end in tears but the two of you always make up in the end, whether it be sweetly or even with passionate make-up sex. There was one time where you got into a fight so terrible that he thought you would breakup and it scared him to death.

He could never imagine being without you and would be dedicated to trying to make a good change for your relationship.

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There was also a high possibility of you being together ending up in sex because your relationship was just that heated and passionate. Sometimes it would be rough but other times it would be vanilla and sweet.

Most of the dates you had would be just like that, too. He makes you plead for a lot of things, actually. Suga was reciprocated, but things did not go well, he and his girlfriend did not have good communication, not like when they were friends, so the girl decided to talk to him and end their short courtship. In different video compilations that you can find on the Internet it is appreciated how IU and Suga have met at different awards and music shows, some fans speculate that Suga is attracted to IU.

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Another idol they have linked him with is Wendy from Red Velvet, the idols have performed on live shows together, but there is nothing to indicate their relationship. There are many videos where you can see their supposed interactions.

This friendship has not been spared from the speculation of some people who claimed that Suga and Suran maintained a relationship. At the time, Big Hit issued a statement to deny dating rumors between these two K-pop stars.

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Nov 20,   But recently I've just been getting yoongi vibes. like he's so cute and wonderful at the same time and a blessing to earth and is just a boss at rapping. Love you Min Yoongi ?? . Meet the ideal type of Min Yoongi and some love rumors that have linked him to various K-pop stars. Look at the stories of romance, rumors and courtships of Suga, rapper of BTS. Suga in a boy has given himself body and soul to develop his career as a musician and .

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