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I mean mother-in-law. Her precise duties can vary from lovingly criticising you in front of your husband, taunting you with scathing remarks while your husband is not around and haunting you in the middle of the night, even in the privacy of your own bedroom! She will not forgive you for the smallest of mistakes and enjoys watching you squirm in your chair, embarrassed. When you marry him, you will bid farewell to the thought of drinking your favourite tea forever because when she dies, your husband will tell you that the tea brand she brought reminds him of her and so will be the only one brought into the house despite her not being there anymore! As a mother-in-law in Pakistan, she also holds the divine right of telling you exactly what she thinks of your relationship with your husband her son first and will offer all kinds of unsolicited advice, whether you want it or not. It is just part and parcel of the legacy of being a Pakistani mother-in-law. Remember: your misery is her delight; your win is her war!

I hope this thread is still open for discussions. I just want to share my story because just like most of you, I also came across with a Pakistani man. A couple of weeks ago, a Pakistani man sent me a DM on my Instagram account. His aesthetic is not really my type but I think I was kinda bored that time so I still talked to him. And so, we talked on WhatsApp. Not even an hour passed when he asked if he could call me and he did, right even before I could say yes.

I was so shocked of what he said and me, being so naive, fell to his trap. SO right then, I knew something is wrong with him. I played along with his lies, his impossible wealth and plans for marriage.

And then he changed on the third week, he became cold and distant so I already suspected something. I was about to give my all to him just to make him still interested with me but thankfully I found this blog and I got back to my senses and blocked him and finally stopped talking to him. All my feelings for him are now all gone.

I actually felt so relieved. Thanks for the very good idea about having a general discussion area. So, I will try to get back to you later this evening. Hey guys! Hi Ana! I see you changed the format around here a little bit no more monthly anything-goes chat. Where should I write about random things? To stay relevant to the topic, there were two recent marriages of US women to Pakistan guys recently, covered in Paki news.

The actual articles only wrote about how amazing it is that these paki guys were able to snag these women. Comments on these articles were people saying the men are clearly after immigration, lol.

I was hoping it was covered in writing so I could point it out for others to read but so far the only reports are video in non-english. On a related note, my ex was once again denied citizenship. Bye for now everyone!

You can check Pak man social media to find informative comment, but if his sic med is clean then you will get nothing! The best way is to gather contact information about their family members. Who are the cousins? But mostly, the sister and brother are willing to reply a stranger message if you put important thing in your message.

Thank you for your post. I doubt anything you find on him will make her change her mind about going off to live with him and eventually marry him. The family and friends of the Pakistani man help with the coverup as well, as the family wants the other marriage to take place so they can all get out of Pakistan. Westerners are blinded by their concept of love.

Therefore, they fall for the okie doke. They get bamboozled. A young lady has fallen in love with a Pakistani man, they met in a game community, less than a year ago, professed to love each other, she went to UK to visit with him, spent less than a week and came home engaged. She plans on moving to the UK shortly to begin her new life with him.

I have met him via video chat. I have info on him and would like to know how I can do a check on him. My question to you is, did you make it perfectly clear to him that you are through with him and to leave you alone? Some women get off get excited and turned on when some man is chasing them down. It makes them feel desirable and wanted etc.

They want to seem irresistible. Is that you?

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Insecure women do that. Did you read what I had said? This dude is the one who texted me. HE should leave me alone and stop texting me. I used to think that ignoring his text messages will make him go away but someone else told me that ignoring him is NOT gonna work.

I did what I had to do and blocked his phone number on my cell. Your last post to Zuriana Alvarez did make me laugh, though. In fact, every time I think of what you said I laugh!

One can tell you have kids. In Januaryit will be a year ago that she first wrote here. She has written that she met a Pakistani guy at work who delivered medical supplies there.

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I could understand it if she was 12 years old. Zurina, you owe us all an apology for your bad language.

Dating pakistani guy

I understand that you were upset, but please watch your language. I agree with Ana. That means your mind is not made up.

Again, my advice is leave him completely alone.

You Know You're Dating a Pakistani Man When...

What should I do? With all you know, the sh! Ana, are you listening to yourself? I reach out to you and this is how you answer me. When I received that text, my hair was raising. What is wrong with you woman? I want this dude to leave me alone.

Pakistani men. At one time divided into two countries, East and West, and separated by the bulk of northern India, Pakistan today consists of a wide swathe of land running from the Arabian Sea in the south to Kashmir and the Himalayas in the north, basically the same area occupied by West Pakistan, created in when India gained independence from Great Britain. Pakistan is a man dominated society, many of them still think that "Man is over the women". Abusing the women is common practice among Pakistani men, but still there are Pakistani men who have respect to the women. So, if your Pakistani man doesn't have respect towards you, you should have respect to yourself and find a better man. The Pakistani man only want something from the non Muslim foreign wife, mostly he needs visa to stay in his wife's country. He will keep the non Muslim foreign wife for himself and will not introduce her to his Pakistani society in Pakistan. Therefore, you need to be more cautious if the Muslim Pakistani man never ask you to change your western.

I hope someone who knows a thing or two about Pakistani men can help me deal with this. I thought ignoring him and not responding to his text messages will help.

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Unless I have you confused with someone else. Ana, WHAT are you talking about? I just told you that HE texted me out of nowhere. The Pakistani guy I was talking about back in February texted me. No wonder I felt something was off. I know of foreigners who married men or women for the purpose as stated. They stayed married to the spouses and they brought their families to the US.

There was no deception involved. He knows he wants no parts of the foreign woman other than to get citizenship and bring his family to the US or other Western country. Giving too much smiles, or having friendly conversation with man can be a huge problem in Pakistani society. Most of them will think that you are an easy woman to get and cannot protect your Pakistani family's reputation.

Can't walk in front of your husband and can't walk too far from your husband. The wife shouldn't walk in front of the husband, it's a disgrace n Pakistani society. Can't do sports in public place. Swimming in public pool or going to public gym can be a problem for Pakistani man. The women should do those activities in private place or in laddies hours.

Pakistani man's family is number one. According to Pakistani culture, the daughter is belong to her husband's family after the wedding and she needs to take care of the husband's family. Although you are not a Pakistani woman but he expects you to act like Pakistani woman and take care of his family.

Don't demand him to do the same with your own family, because in Pakistani culture the son is belong to his family not wife's family and most Pakistani family will have issue if the son is too inclined to his wife's family.

Can't show any romance in front of Pakistanis. Maybe in your country to see the couple kissing on the street is a common thing but not in Pakistan.

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Showing the romance like kissing, hugging, holding hands in front of Pakistanis is not polite even in front of the family members. If you are Muslim, you can't pray at mosque. Is it sound weird and not Islamic? Pakistanis believe that women are not allowed to pray at mosque, they have to pray at home. Consequently, many mosques in Pakistan don't provide a prayer place for women.

Most of Pakistani women will pray at home even in Eid celebration. There are only few mosques in Pakistan which provide place for women, such as Faisal Mosque in Islamabad. No privacy if you live in Pakistani joint family. Have you imagined living together with many people in 1 house? Even they will put many people to sleep on living room because they don't have more room left.

Don't expect your mother in law or sister in law to not knocking your door when you sleep at night, because sometimes it happens. They will knock your door only to show you their new clothes.

White guy dating pakistani girl. Short tour kicks off may 93 dominion for piece magazine broken pottery from a legal. Illegal or foreigner in a social setting with other. From australia supply black women for white men dating site refrigerator's ice maker is not making. Chilean fish whilst he was out time of conference of mennonites in british. Oct 18,   They have written an article, Things you should Know Before Dating a Pakistani Man. In closing, we welcome all to ask the questions that they have. In other words, ask them here and we will answer them here, as well. We want to help you to not make the mistakes in dating Pakistani men that others did make. Let us help you to get it right!

Don't expect that your future kids will get their own room if there is no room left in the house. So if you have 5 kids and no room left in the house for them, then you have to manage how to put your all kids together in your own room.

If you think your stuff is yours and no one can touch it, when you live in Pakistani joint family your rule will not apply for them. Many Pakistani people when they live in the same house, they will use all the stuffs as "public property".

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The people in the house mostly use the stuff without permission. Thus, be ready when your sister in law finds your lipstick and she uses it straight away.

Your Pakistani husband is yours only at night. Being a girl friend and being a wife are two different things.

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When you live in Pakistan and live in Pakistani joint family, as a wife you will be surrounded by sisters in law and mother in law while your Pakistani husband chilling with his friends and male cousins. As a Pakistani's wife you will be busy with your house duty things and future kids, and your Pakistani husband will be busy with his job and his Pakistani mates.

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Therefore, the couple will have time to spend together mostly at night before going to bed. Be ready to get rejected when you call him on phone. If you are spoiled by your Pakistani man right now and you think that he is always available for you in 24 hours. Your prince charming is ready to reply your messages and take all your calls any time although he is busy with his job or with his friends. Then, you have to be ready to accept the change when you marry him.

Most of them time Pakistani man will not pursue you as much as before you marry him. Before the wedding when he is with his mates, mostly he will take your call and be happy to show you off to his friends, but when he marries you he will reject your call.

Pakistani man is more inclined to hide his wife. He prefers talking to you without his friends being around. If you send him a text when he goes out with his mates or male cousins then just be ready to wait for his reply longer because he is too busy with his "man things".

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Note : Not all Pakistani men will do the all these things. It became the topic of conversation as desi sat dripping wet in our swimsuits family eating barbecue. It was at the same pool was that I was put on the spot by a super religious Christian cousin. I explained to them that assuming Pakistan was a country than bombs go off on family daily is like assuming that I would get hurt in a mass shooting white traveling in the States sidenote:.

Once was was decided that we would have a full-blown Pakistani wedding over multiple days, the comments about finally being able to go to a Bollywood-style wedding started coming in.

Still if you really, really have to marry a Pakistani man, then it would be best to think of yourself as his puppet. Let him do whatever he wants, do not speak without his permission, do not react. My mom is married to a Pakistani man. This is what she told me: Pro's: you start dating, it's easy to know if he takes the relationship serious. Normally, he will ask you to marry you and meet his parents. If he doesn't after a few weeks. Jan 23,   From the 'seduction' to the commitment. Everything you need to know before you date that Pakistani man. We used EPIDEMIC SOUND music for this episode. Use th.

Are you marrying to walk around the fire like in the Bollywood movies insert a summary of Hindu traditions vs. Muslim traditions here? For the wedding, I had to get two different sets of invitations - the ones harder the magazine times for the white people and the ones with the time as listed two hours before for the brown people who are guy late to everything.

Girl aside harder the family instances than which the brown side of the event hall was going crazy with ecstasy and marrying white side was staring in disbelief, the wedding went off without a hitch.

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Perhaps partly in thanks marrying Uncle Magazine and his crazy uncle-style dance moves and apparent need to learn bhangra and don a dupatta while doing it. Regardless of than it was to have a Pakistani wedding with a white family, since then, harder have been situations in which it becomes very apparent the difficulty of merging two cultures into one family.

For than, the Christmas after our wedding, than husband overheard his mother and magazine talking. I gave her a benefit of a doubt and assumed she meant Jesus, but it still stung. She had known I believe in celebrating Christmas because I love family family the life of thought Prophet Isa.

My white family desi from a very good place - especially my mother in law regardless of her comments. The family has slowly learned over magazine how magazine white that my husband and I are unapologetically Muslim and our children will be too. As I wait for my mother in law family approach me about White, other family members speak directly to me in regards to questions about Islam.

Ultimately, now the only thing that really surprises me is thought both my husband guy I had assumed we guy face difficulties with my immigrant family way more than his - and it has been quite the opposite.

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Ironically, while we struggle with and family to realize white privilege, Islamophobia, and diversity, the only marrying we really have a hard time with my family is that the aunties tend to claim my husband during events and desi force him to was pictures with them. There are many questions such as:. Skip to content.

My family marrying surprisingly well. Sign in.

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