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The more this information is out there the greater the chance to keep instant photography thriving and alive. The first site is a straight from Polaroid explaining the codes found on the back of their instant photos. This includes both peel-apart pack-film and integral film. I never gave much thought to these codes and assumed they only meant something to Polaroid. Polaroid Date Codes. A more succinct explanation of the codes can be found at another website. This five page document includes illustrations with examples.

Or you could friend them on whatever social networking site is popular at the time or maybe just email them. And while the U.

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Postal Service is still in business, you could even send them a real paper letter! They may LOVE you for showing or even giving them a copy of an old photo they were in! Remember, a photo of a birthday party may represent just another party you had growing up to you. But to your cousin, or that oddly hairy neighbor who lived down the street from you that just happened to drop by that day, it might have been a life changing experience for them!

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Everyone is unique and files away memories in their brains differently than someone else. Oh of course I remember that birthday party of yours!

Dec 31,   Try to use contextual clues to help with dating your own Polaroids. I am a nostalgic person by nature and enjoy looking at old photographs as much as I enjoy taking new photographs. Each picture tells a unique story and it tells one that will last for as long as the photograph itself lasts. Now, get out there and make memories. Jan 26,   And even sadder, important people in our lives eventually pass, leaving us with only the memories they have successfully communicated to us. I must admit, my Mother is the last link to many of my family photos. Every day I wait to have her assist me with captioning info and dating our collection, is a day closer to the time I will be on my own for all of this information.

You were so cute then. You had that cake decorated like a choo-choo train! And it was I remember that because my son had just turned 4 as well, just the month before, and so I knew exactly what present would be perfect for me to get you.

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It was popular at that time and so it was difficult to find in stores, so I bought one for both of you at the same time! After reading all of this, you too might feel just like Patty D. Please know that, when trying to implement any of the suggestions I just gave you, just making small baby steps of progress now will feel like great strides at times later.

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Or maybe you could break it down a little bit further. Do whatever it takes, just to get you a little bit further along in organizing, sorting and labeling! And if this helps you to know, I scan my prints and slides completely out of order.

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And then I move the photos around in my photo manager to put them into some sense of chronological order using many of the above techniques. I find this method to be easier for me because I am quick and comfortable with computers. So know this is a great option if you are the same way. If I personally had to do it this way, I never would have gotten started because, like I said, our photos are almost completely out of order and my parents live 2, miles away.

It would have been extremely challenging to organize the entire collection first without their physical presence and help. So wrapping this up, Patty I am so glad to hear you have such a good start on your photo collection. I bet it feels good! And this was a great question you asked by the way. It's a question without an easy and single definitive answer that will work for everyone.

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So, that means there are many people out there asking it. So thank you for asking me! I hope some of this will be of help to you too. Likely some of this was obvious to you.

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But, maybe the way in which I wrote it out will shake loose something in your head that could possibly help you out even more. And for you, reading this, I am sure these suggestions are just the beginning of what could help Patty and others out with this problem. Can you think of any other ideas that could help someone organize and date their photos that I didn't mention here?

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Have you ever wondered how to batch change the name and even the caption of multiple photos at a time in Photos for macOS, to the same information for all of them? For example, you would want to do this if you had a group of photos all taken on the same day, during the same event, and you want to label them in a very similar way - if not the exact same way. This is a very common need, and knowing how to do this in Photos is not as easy as it was in its predecessor, iPhoto.

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Entering photo captions inside a photo managing application can be a very liberating experience. But, once your photos are being viewed outside of your favorite photo manager, how do you then see and possibly even edit this same caption information? Thanks for your help. Sometimes your prints will have part of the date, but then what year was it taken?

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Photo by olgaberrios. Often, depending on the material the slide mount is made from, the photo processing date is either printed or stamped. You can see in this blowup image the stamped date that is almost invisible to the naked eye. Various photo processing envelopes prints came in. I found this copyright date printed on the plastic 35mm negative holder we got from the film processor. This five page document includes illustrations with examples.

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Polaroid Date Codes with Illustrations. The first photograph is from a pack of peel-apart pack film. Still best friends! I imagine he must have borrowed it from someone.

We did everything together. I lost touch with him as we grew older. He moved far away by the time I joined the Navy.

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The second scan below shows the back of the same photograph. However, the code provides additional clues, namely, the date the film was manufactured.

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It reads, J5 12 23 2 A. The first letter tells me that this film was manufactured in September. The remaining numbers refer to the machine on which the film was made and the shift during which the film was manufactured. This information is of little use to me, but the Polaroid manual goes into detail about how to interpret these codes. At the top barely seen in this scan it reads, Polaroid Type Because instant film was so expensive even back then, it was a big deal to break out the instant camera and take a picture.

Therefore, keep in mind that the code can only reveal the date of manufacture and NOT the date of when the photograph was taken.

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The same information holds true for integral film. Remember, the date only reveals when the film was manufactured and nothing more. Take a look at my next example below. This Polaroid shows me holding our family cat. This is perhaps one of my favorite Polaroids because 30 years later my son took a picture of me holding our cat in the kitchen of our apartment.

This is the back side of the same Polaroid.

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In the background of the Polaroid is my certificate of having played Soccer during my freshman year of high school, Again, my Dad used his film sparingly, which probably explains why we have so few family Polaroids. So, why the July notation?

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Well, when I first researched the Polaroid codes I mistook the 8 in the code for a 0 and wrote it down as July I knew that this Polaroid had been taken much earlier because I knew I did not play soccer in I was too busy doing God only knows what else.

Upon closer inspection with a stronger magnifying glass I discovered the 0 to be an 8, hence Therefore, be careful when looking at the codes on Polaroids. Try to use contextual clues to help with dating your own Polaroids. I am a nostalgic person by nature and enjoy looking at old photographs as much as I enjoy taking new photographs. Each picture tells a unique story and it tells one that will last for as long as the photograph itself lasts.

Now, get out there and make memories.

Jun 06,   Polaroid 3. According to the above site, an 11 digit code is pre and starts with the prototype number. Post film starts with the month number and has 12 digits and the prototype code follows the Polaroid logo. I can't find prototype a prototype code Polaroid dating - If you are a middle-aged woman looking to have a good time dating woman half your age, this advertisement is for you. Is the number one destination for online dating with more marriages than any other dating or personals site. Join the leader in . On the back of every Polaroid photo, you'll find a digit code. Film produced before will have an 10 digit code while film produced after this date will have an 11 digit code. Below is a legend to translate the film type code: B&W film for SX

My son, Grant, took this photo of me about a year ago. I plan on framing the two together. It is perhaps one my favorite gifts ever. The Polaroid code reads, J5 12 23 2 A. Me with the family cat.

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