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Most folks in this situation have tried everything from reasoning with the angry person to agreeing with him just to settle him down. Usually, nothing works You heard me right. As soon as you hear evidence of even low-level anger, exit the topic by changing the subject. Exit the room. Exit the house if need be.

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However, people with short fuses can lose their temper over seemingly small problems and even become a threat to those around them. Whether your love interest, family member or close friend has a hot temper, you might feel responsible for calming them down. In other cases, you might even be the target of their rage.

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When facing an angry person, present yourself as a non-threat and forge trust. You can do this by showing interest in their plight. Ask them questions about their problems and be an active listener.

Use humor when appropriate, but never insult the person or poke fun at their problem. When arguments arise, you might be tempted to give up your side of the debate simply to appease the hot-tempered person.

However, if you follow some basic communication strategies, you can get your point across without setting off any tempers.

Be aware of your partner's anger triggers, as well as your own, and avoid them if possible, suggests Amy Bellows, Ph. Bellows also suggests that you listen objectively to your partner, stay on topic to avoid accusations, and question your own motives to ensure you aren't simply provoking a fight or acting too defensively.

Feb 12,   In addition, people who get mad think that anger will get them what they want. Your exits may teach your loved one that quiet conversations do this much better. In any case, exits will keep you. If most people had a really bad temper, they likely wouldn't admit it early on, if at all. One of the biggest red flags when dating someone new is a bad temper. Any signs of a bad temper and you should peace out immediately. There's no excuse for an explosive temper or any bad temperament for that matter during early dating. Little kids are prone to throw temper tantrums. It's annoying, but it's typical for children to express feelings in a loud, out-of-control way because they just don't know any better. As you age, you start to learn that keeping your anger in check is essential to maintaining respectful, solid relationships.

If depression seems likely, tell your friend to seek the aid of mental health expert. Fights will get super personal.

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Who can deliver the lowest blow and leave the other speechless in the end? Who can come out of this tussle on top? In the moment, all those people care about is transferring their blind rage onto you.

However, that bad temper is serious cause for concern. That's because that anger can escalate into other abusive behaviors like emotional and/or physical violence. They may exhibit other abusive dating behaviors, such as blaming their partner or claiming they provoked them, throwing household objects, kicking, punching, biting, or brandishing. A short temper can be a sign of depression, warns clinical psychologist Elvira Aletta in her PsychCentral article "Help, I Live with Someone with Anger Issues!" With this in mind, consider the other common symptoms of depression, including feelings of unhappiness or unworthiness, sleeping problems, loss of interest or pleasure and constant fatigue. Apr 27,   Beware of the man with a temper. Most women assume that I am referring simply to a man who is violent or abusive. Naturally, avoiding those types of men is a given.

Fights like this never actually produce a resolution. Things will escalate. You may think you can handle the arguments, and right now that might be true.

5 Signs You're Dating a Toxic Person (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy)

Things may not be physical right now, but terrible things can happen behind closed doors when emotions are high. You may find yourself walking on egg shells just to keep a fight from starting.

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Bottling all that emotion up will lead to an explosive argument in the end. Dealing with an angry person will begin to have a serious effect on our personality over time.

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You need to consider how serious this relationship could damage you emotionally and physically in the long run. The lows will outnumber the highs.

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You may be telling yourself that you should stick around since the bad times never outshine the good ones. The more comfortable he gets with you, the more often these fights will occur.

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Children are like little sponges. People with anger issues need to want to help themselves.

Feb 12,   In relationships with a bad-temper abuser, here's how the process often unfolds: Man blows up; woman tries to soothe him and make him happier, or . Aug 28,   People typically describe an adult with this problem as having a "bad temper," but the truth is that they have temper tantrums just like little kids do. In society, it seems to be more prevalent. Dating a man with a bad temper is a decision that you take for yourself. Bear in mind all the difficulties that you may face as the situation might always be a rather tense one. However, the situation may vary depending upon whether the guy has a temper problem or Author: Pooja Kaushal.

If your guy legitimately sees the error of his ways and he is willing to take serious steps to address his issues, he may be worthy of your love and time. You immediately connect with an awesome coach on text or over the phone in minutes.

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