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This goes to both guys and girls: 1. Would you feel inferior dating someone who is more educated than you? Would you consider NOT dating someone because they were not as educated as you? Share Facebook. Add Opinion. I don't think I could seriously date someone less educated. Maybe a Masters' degree would be okay.

So what happens when modern singles venture outside their socioeconomic pools and engage in what Birger calls "mixed-collar dating"? That's because research shows that most of us just feel more comfortable dating people at similar educational and economic levels.

To a degree, this trend makes logical sense. But thanks in large part to the Internet leveling the playing field, people have more opportunity to meet and hook up with those from different walks of life. Kim self-identifies as working class: her father worked for the US Postal Service, while her mother was a nurse. Her boyfriend, Zach, on the other hand, is descended from a prestigious Midwestern family and grew up very affluent, living in a mansion-like home, playing on tennis courts and attending private schools.

But while Kim is now pursuing her master's degree, Zach dropped out of undergrad years ago. As a result of their disparate upbringings, the two have totally different outlooks on life - which is partially why they're so attracted to each other.

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He excels at chilling," Kim said. He loves working with his hands. He chops wood! Do you have any idea how hot it is to watch your boyfriend chop wood? Rather, it seems that mixed-collar relationships happen simply because both partners are compatible. Remember that when it is all said and done, you are the one who is going to be in a relationship with this person.

Not your parentssiblings, extended family friends or coworkers. If you choose to discard a person that you truly liked because they have less education than you just so that you can fit in with what you have experienced to be the norm in your life, you may end up regretting it.

You have to make sure that who you decide to be with is based off of what you believe will be best for you and only you. If the fact that this person is less educated is something that you feel that you can never truly accept, perhaps you are better off not being with this person.

Getting into a relationship with this person in the hopes that you will feel better about them being less educated in time is not advisable. Can you look past the fact that this person is less educated and appreciate their other qualities without reservation? Hey lady, this is Stop listening to your biological programming that was not aware of what was going to be like.

Your biological programming is geared for a time when a woman would be totally dependent on a man for her safety, material wealth, etc That is no longer the case. Your biological programming is no longer working in your favor and is the root of your unhappiness. Good luck, you are going to need it. While I certainly prefer college-educated men, I have dated numerous men with only high school diplomas.

The outcome was the same: they looked to me to be the provider. We had absolutely zero intellectual compatibility. A relationship is likely to last longer if there are shared experiences. A dishwasher with a high school education is not going to be able to relate to any of your experiences in college. Easier said than done, but well stated.

Jul 20,   A misconception I had in dating a man with less formal education was that he would be less financially stable. But Greg is ambitious and financially . A person can be more intelligent than you inspite of the fact he/she is less educated than you. Also, less educated person can be more knowledgeable than you in your discipline of study too. If that's the case will you still think: "No, he/she is less educated than me. So I shouldn't date him/her.".

Mein Gott, Fiona. No one should make you feel bad or guilty for having your own set of preferences or requirements for who you date. Sounds like a typical double standard to me.

No double standards. Evidently, everyone has to make compromises. The question is whether your compromises are reasonable or unreasonable. People who end up alone because of their refusal to compromise are pretty unreasonable, given that million people at a time are able to make the compromises necessary to get married. If you were a great judge of what is good for you, you would probably not be asking the question. Most of us are very poor choosers until we get it right.

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He was critical, arrogant, condescending, and bossy. And for all the head knowledge this man had, he had no wisdom. Later, I dated a fellow who worked in construction; I felt much more comfortable and able to be myself. Why that one ended I still do not know and probably never will.

Your article fails to recognise what higher education does to change critical thinking. For some, incompatibility in this area can lead to incompatibility in partnerships.

Of course, as with all things in life there are exceptions to rules.

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However, most men I have dated have a lower education than I do and repeatedly this is one of the key factors that leads to our ultimate incompatibility. Quite the contrary actually. Kathy 4: I agree with you!

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Men are plenty superficial when they are just looking to casually date, which is the norm for them. Actually, and ironically, it was the DOCTOR who showed up at a speed-dating event not really looking to date anyone who told Fiona not to dismiss the manual laborers. It really depends on the person and their interests and curiosity about the world. But, that goes for everyone. We all get what we deserve when we try to go against what really works.

If a 60 year old man thinks he is going to find love in an 18 year old girl, he gets what he deserves when 5 years later she leaves and takes him to the cleaners in the divorce, if it takes that long. We could go on and on with that but what he was saying is that if the woman creates an unrealistic checklist, one that excludes the majority of men, then they have only themselves to blame when they are 45 to 50, no marriage, no kids, etc.

The truth is, there are many books and self help seminars for women that are downright damaging to women. I have seen some that actually encourage women to create lists and be so picky that they will never be able to find a man that fits the bill.

Here is a gem from Good Will Hunting.

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It has to do with the fact that none of us are perfect, but that the imperfections are the gems that make relationships memorable. Hey Rusty, It is posts like yours that make me so grateful that I have chosen to exit the market at Face it, you guys need us much more than we need you. I take care of people all day long in my job as a health care professional. Just because men are such losers does not mean we should settle for you. I never had kids my choice but I know many women who chose to go to a sperm bank because the quality of men in America is so woefully low.

I applaud their choice. Men do not have a clue in this country. If my post above yours made you that mad, thank you for doing the men of America a favor by removing yourself from the dating pool. So long before you were glad you chose to opt out, I had already opted out of marrying unrealistic, ungrateful American woman.

I like better odds. Oh, and I have to correct you. We were raised to do our own laundry, cook our own food, clean our own homes, etc.

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So there is only one thing we actually need you forprocreation. Not in a relationship anyway. Yeah for women giving it away for free.

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We can get that from friends and family. In exchange for rejecting you women, we now no longer have to worry that all of that work we put into it will one day be enjoyed by some other man as she divorces, and uses the kids to rape the man, taking his house, and a huge chunk of his money.

Would You Date Someone Less Educated Than You?

Nobody complaining because we want to do what we want to do. We can play a video game with some friends.

Maybe you can accept a guy who has less education, or doesn't have hair, etc And one last thought. Why would a woman be advised to date a man with less education, while a man would not be advised the same thing? Easy. Women are earning degrees for every that men earn. Do the math. Aug 17,   And, while you're at it, it might be good to steer clear of chatting about professors or grades too. Both get fewer responses. Overall, having a college education can give you an advantage while online dating. However, it's certainly not the most important thing when it comes to meeting someone online. Oct 02,   Among other things, that means keeping your ego in check if you're dating someone who has a higher level of education (or makes more money) than you do.

We can go hunting, We can go to the races. We can go mountain biking and actually do the fun tails that offer a bit of scarey to get our adrenaline going. We can sleep in on a weekend as long as we want. No honey-do list that we are made to feel guilty about while her honey-do list has seen even less movement.

Face it, so long as women keep giving up sex before marriage, what incentive do men have to get married? Oh hey! No thanks.

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Wishing all of us good things. Margaret, I find your response to be disproportionate to the point Rusty was attempting to make. Perhaps the wrong words, but to verbally assault men as losers-how bitter, how sad, how ill-informed. Bitter, angry men could make the same assertion about women, for many men feel that women make no effort anymore. Both Margaret and Rusty have issues with the opposite sex. Both are angry.

I don't think I could seriously date someone less educated. (Maybe a Masters' degree would be okay.) I did go out once with a guy who only went to high school, but it was too hard. (I'm a college professor.) It's hard to find things to talk about and he just had no idea what he didn't know. It was hard from his end, too; he kept commenting on my "big words" and just didn't understand the things I was . Sep 03,   ive dated someone with much less education than me (really smart guy but just never followed through with higher education). as much as i didnt want it to bother me- it did. i would think "here i am with my masters and still continuing my education and you couldnt even finish technical school", i didnt mean to feel that way, but i did at times. It depends on the guy; for me, a guy can be less educated but he needs to be intelligent, or at least ambitious about his future. Someone who has goals and a vision for themselves. I look for a partner who can challenge me and make me better, and a lazy guy with no ambition isn't gonna do that. level 2.

I wish you both healing on this issue. Based on your attitude toward men, rather than having exited the market, you likely submitted to your failure at attracting and retaining quality men. Or were you unable to attract and retain them too?

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Your comment speaks more of your failures than those of men. As does using the services of a sperm bank for -many- women whom choose to. In my opinion, feminism. Men have been disrespected and emasculated for years by women. What did they expect would happen? Evan, I do not understand one thing. I am glad that others brought that up. Men are highly unlikely to give a real chance to women who are older, heavier, out of shape, or who work as laborers.

Settling is unfair to all parties.

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Open-mindedness is great, but not to the point where one disregards personal feelings solely to be open-minded. Just reaffirming what others have said. Settling is the wrong word, because it implies that a person is giving up what they can have, and taking less than what they can have.

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See how that works? Maybe instead of saying that we settled, a better phrase would be that we woke up to reality and accepted somebody we could actually have. That said, we often have very ridiculous standards and lists. And one last thought. Why would a woman be advised to date a man with less education, while a man would not be advised the same thing?

Women are earning degrees for every that men earn.

Dating someone with less education than you

Do the math. Add to this the fact that most men do not require a woman to have a degree, in order for him to date her.

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So not only do they not need to be given the same advicethe fact that they already do this means even fewer men with degrees for women with degrees. I think the author was trying to point out that men are more concerned with being respected and admired by their partners than more physical attributes. For most men, physical appearance, intelligence within reasonand personal wealth are going to come second to the feeling of being loved by someone we can respect or love.

The doctor at the speed dating event who lectured Fiona sounded like an ass. Socio- economics influence our cultural experiences, and consequently our interests. The things we have in common with others is what adds to our attraction of others. It was ridiculous of him at best. Soul is right: ditch the labels and get to know someone as a person before you write them off.

The first man I dated after my divorce, checked off every item on my list, up to and including the love of classical music.

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He also told me a story on our third date about how, when he walks his kids to school in the morning and sees someone run a stop sign, he jumps out in front of that car, stops it, and yells at the driver while his kids stand on the sidewalk and watch.

That got me thinking. Nobody says to date a bum off the street. He treats me like gold, makes me laugh and draws me out of my head, where I would prefer to live most of the time. Time flies, huh, Evan? He is a professional, I have a BA, he never went to college. We both like sports, etc. I think that doctor saw exactly what you were about, and challenged you on it. Evan says men just want to date women who make them feel good about themselves.

What would make him feel wonderful would be a a very attractive, size woman at least 10, maybe 20 years younger. Goes for men and women, even if what turns us on works differently. What kind of entitled jerk would I have to be to expect women to ignore my neckbeard and love me for my brain, when there are so many equally-smart men without repellant grooming habits?

Best comment ever! I do understand what you are saying Evan and I am a bit flexible. I do not value intellect over kindness - I do think that both are important.

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