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It's a. I really don't mind sleeping in and having my mornings open to leisurely hang around the house, but while everyone is out to dinner and happy hour you are busy working away at the office. It doesn't really matter what night shift job you have, but for me I am a journalist and guess what, the news never stops. Maybe you're a bartender, or a first year lawyer I've heard their hours are brutal or a doctor if you're a doctor please call me, we can date. There are tons of us out there.

Are you looking for somebody already working our unique schedule, like a fellow shift worker, or do you want somebody who works ? Dating a shift worker like a firefighter, police officer, a nurse good choicea doctor, paramedic or pharmacist, who actually understands your schedule may be the blessing in disguise.

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You will have a strange, wacky timed life but let me tell you, there is nothing uninteresting! It takes work, compromise and can be frustrating at times, but usually, you have the restaurants to yourself and there is no waiting in lines at popular eateries.

On the other hand, you go for a worker. There is less ambiguity about when at least one of you may be free, which could be what you need? So, meeting somebody IRL see what I did there saves time and you get to suss out their vibe from the start.

Your mates will always be there but that special person might not be. You can still be in bed by midnight, whilst have had a top evening. Often recouping after a long, busy few shifts means lounging on the sofa, chilling out and watching Netflix.

This post will get you fired up about letter writing (even if you're not a family yet) - Trick To Best Communicate As A Shift Work Family; Workout together. If you work night shift and they work , why not complete a workout after they've finished work and you're about to leave. Couples who 'work out together stay together right?".

Here are a couple of suggestions for fun things to do even after a long shift to spend time together and three golden rules for making the most of your time:. Time or lack of time seems to be the biggest barrier to successful dating life and finding the right one.

These three points have been HUGE in keeping our marriage alive when working shift work. The effect that this tiny thing can have on your relationship is unbelievable. The Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock is perfect for waking up gently by gradually increasing the light in your bedroom, not using the phone light.

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This alarm light is SO popular on Amazon and worth checking out the reviews here. When they get home from work, close your laptop, turn down the TV, hush the music and just listen.

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Having your phone, even face down is telling your date you would drop everything, including them if your phone rang. Dating and even enjoying a life long relationship as a shift worker is what makes you interesting.

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Show them your talents and educate them about your interests first. We live interesting lives which are different and intriguing from the workers.

Let this be an excuse to be creative to see new things and experience new situations. Thanks for reading this post about single life and dating as a shift work. What other ideas do you have to meet somebody as a shift worker?

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Hey there! Together with my husband Daniel, we run The Other Shift.

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Our sole aim is to help shift workers and those on unusual schedules find balance between work and life. Read more about us and our story here.

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The world of online dating is an all-encompassing umbrella that covers all manners of relationships and relationship-seekers. It just takes a little extra effort and planning.

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The night shift, which is also known as an overnight shift or the third shift, encompasses all of the work schedules that take place during the night when a majority of people are sleeping. That last shift is responsible for coming in and getting everything cleaned and ready for the next day.

Dating when you work night shift

There are also industries, including healthcare and emergency services, that have employees working hour shifts that take them through the night. While there are many possible night shift schedules, one thing is clear: Anyone working the night shift is typically working while the vast majority of people are home sleeping.

Five ways to deal with night shifts. Dating for People Who Work the Night Shift. Just quickly sign up and find interesting dates in your neighbourhood. If you are not ready to give up the pleasure of being best and prefer an open relationship, try this dating site for singles. OneNightFriend is for any single man or woman over 18, one who night looking for a relationship without. Best Night Shift Dating Site: Top 5. Sites that allow you to create a profile and be instantly connected with matches, or that allow you the ability to search for your own matches, will be more successful for people who work the night shift than those that require steps before direct communication is allowed.

As such, night shift workers have learned to adapt to their schedules by running errands immediately before and after their shifts. There are two main categories of night shift employees: Those that come in at night to prepare for the business day and those that are in hour industries.

THE NIGHT SHIFT: addressing the rumors...

It could also be anyone working at hour big box stores, grocery stores, drug stores or convenience stores. People who work nights find that there are lots of benefits to getting off early in the morning.

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They do their grocery shopping early in the morning when stores first open. Being able to be out so early actually cuts down on time spent running errands because of how few people are around.

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Only so many stores and businesses are open that early in the morning, which means you have to run errands or make appointments later on in the morning before heading home to get sleep. In many cases you have to either stay up after your shift to take care of meetings or doctor appointments or wait until the late afternoon or evening after waking up. Anyone who has ever experienced online dating knows that the biggest obstacle to success is a poorly constructed profile.

Creating the perfect profile on any dating site platform is a challenge because this is what people will see before they ever have a chance to meet you.

Sites like eHarmonywhich primarily rely upon a pre-established system of answering questions before direct communication is allowed, will be challenging for night shift dating.

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Any dating site that connects you to matches and allows you to communicate directly from the outset will give you greater success.

Match is one such site, and so too are hookup sites like BeNaughty and Adult Friend Finder, which focus on connecting you to people who meet your qualifications and leave the communication up to you.

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When it comes to connecting with your matches, there are two sweet spots in your schedule: Immediately before and after your night shift. From there you can arrange dinner or breakfast dates if you decide to meet, or you can plan to use your day off and have a full day to plan around.

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Make it clear from the start that you work a job that requires you to work at night. This is important for a number of reasons. First and foremost it explains why you might not be as responsive to messages during the day, as you might be sleeping.

Explaining this from the start makes it easier to work around when you decide to meet someone.

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