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He was born on Monday, March 1, Is Wonho married or single, and who is he dating now? Wonho is single. He is not dating anyone currently. Wonho had at least 1 relationship in the past.

Since Kihyun is the Main Vocal is obvious that he gets more time in the center because he sings more. But when the songs end usually Wonho is the center. IF there was a possible center in monsta x it would definitely be kihyun, or hyungwon and wonho. Hello can someone please change their photos to concept photos 4?

It looks more sharp and clean. Hyungwon is the weakest member because every time he wakes up he coughs even his members can imitate him xD idk from what show it was but it was after them filming amigo tv. He started gaining them back during Jealousy until Alligator. Or that Wonho and Shownu is the same age?

Please explain. Honestly, no one knows for sure. It has been back and forth since debut. However it is possible Shownu and Wonho enlist together so that it cuts down on the time the group is separated. Shownu is the eldest according to the western age.

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Wonho is eldest according to S. Korean age. But people in S. Korea are starting to not use the S. There is an ated info on their height and weight by the way. Not everything revolves around the Western culture, you know. In western culture, he is still so he is younger than Shownu. Of course, as I said, South Korea is starting to change that rule to not let people with early birthdays become older anymore.

Hope this clears it up.

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Why has he never said that he is older than Kihyun or Minhyuk and addresses them as hyung? I did not mean to treat you as an ignorant person and I apologize if you felt that way. Again, South Koreans are starting to pull away from that age rule. Side Note: The most likely reason why S.

Koreans are pulling away from that rule is because it complicates friendships. For an example, only considering that Wonho was born onHyungwon could potentially become his friend too since there is only a ten month difference between their birthdays.

But, Wonho is friends with Shownu because of his early birthmonthwho is much older than Hyungwon and that puts him back to being younger than Wonho and being friends with Minhyuk and Kihyun. Hope this helped a bit.

In my opinion, the most likely reason why S. Yeah I understand that it complicates everything with friendships and what not. Apparently the reason for it is that he wanted his stage name to be easier to pronounce for international fans. I think these are their positions- just my opinion Hyunwoo- Leader, Main dancer, lead vocal Hoseok- Lead dancer, lead vocal Minhyuk- vocalist visual Kihyun- Main vocal Hyungwon- vocalist, visual Jooheon- Main dancer, main rapper, vocalist Changkyun- lead rapper, vocalist maknae.

I think these are their positions Shownu- Leader, Main dancer, lead vocal Hoseok- Lead dancer, lead vocal, visual Minhyuk- vocalist, visual Kihyun- Man vocal Hyungwon- vocalist Jooheon- Main dancer, main rapper, vocalist Changkyun- Lead rapper, sub vocal, maknae.

By your explanations, the members you picked make no sense lol There is no center in Monsta X because they all get center during their parts. However, Shownu would be there more because of dance breaks. Face of the Group is no doubt Shownu, if they ever announced one.

He is most recognized outside of the fandom. Monsta X has a visual line. However, Hyungwon is the official visual. True, True. It was magnificent and I just found it so cool that there was a choreography.

This was all in like February and I got into kpop in mid-July I got into them after dramarama came out and now I have unlimited love for them. They deserve the whole world. I love this precious angel so much. He never fails to flatter my heart with his surreal visual, his angelic voice and amazing personality. Is it weird that all of my biases in each K-POP group has a birthday close to mine? Not weird at all!?!?! Jooheon is the second last!? He should not be. Facebook Twitter Google Plus Pinterest.

M Wonho Former Member. Tags Hyungwon I.

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You may also like. Kpop Polls Which is the best Kpop song of ? Boy Groups. Discography Wonho Discography. About the author.

Minhyuk and Wonho. Im the best. M is such a sweetheart. Wonho have acrophobia. You should put that in facts. Minhyuk is Mina Kraus. Why is it here? The conversion between centimeters and feet are off. Thank you for pointing it out, it has been corrected! I think hyungwon has height cm. Thank you for your comment! Kihyun is my bias!

Martha Lu. Hanji Park. I love your way to dance and your voice!

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Yoo x Shin. Ummmsorry I think you mean that I. M used to live in Palestine:. Ayesha Abdi. Nurin jazlina. I love Shownu so much!!!! Michelle Ahlgren. Thanks for your suggestion! Tsukishima Kei. Yaoi Manga Online. Me too! They are interesting and need to be invited in more shows! XD What a funny mistake. Izzat Azmee. Monsta X? More Visual X. No problem! More gladly to help out. I totally agree!

Even when Wonho was dating the transgender person she still dressed like a he. If I didn't know the girl was a guy I would really think it's 2 guys dating. This lead me to wonder if he was gay since personally I think it would be wierd for a guy to date a girl who looks like a guy so much. I think this way he can fulfill some of his inner. Apr 20,   Shownu, Joohoney, Hyungwon, I.M, Minhyuk, Kihyun, and Wonho of Monsta X (Getty Images) Monsta X's Kihyun has allegedly been dating label-mate and WJSN (also called 'Cosmic Girls) member Bona for five years, a claim their agency Starship Entertainment denies. Apr 19,   Who is Wonho's girlfriend? I'll introduce his lover and lovelife. Introduction A post shared by OFFICIAL MONSTA X (@official_monsta_x) on Mar 8, at am PST Shin Ho Seok (???), popularly known as Wonho, was born on March 1, in Anyang, South Korea. The 23 year old idol is a member of the Korean hip hop boy group Monsta X, managed by Starship Entertainment.

IM looks more mature and Minhyuk is the childish one. Lily Flavin. This is literally the same order for me. Monsta X Debut on 14th May Jazzy Jez. Where did you get the pictures from, the group one? Indigo Osmanthus. Qendresa Zhuta. My bias is Hyungwon.

Rei Reichii RK7. Same the struggles of a fangirl ;-. What is the name of their fandom? Jin Jin. Never trust google. Ok, thanks guys for clarifying this matter. Always the fans will know better. During NO. I forgot the title of the variety show but he said it there. Minhyuk cries easily.

During their concert in the Philippines, Wonho hyperventilated because it was too hot.

Monsta X All Kiss Compilation

Members voted Kihyun as the member who acts like a maknae Qmentary. Im dead. Mike Wannemacher. Carat Younghee. Jooheon is good friend with Jackson from Got7. Does this group have any sub units?

Kihyun and Bts Suga are close friends. Fika Arieza. They speak about that in the description of Wonhno. Thank you! Rhea Nette Anasco. He was added to the contestants a few episodes in. I thought it was hyungwon. Hyungwon is the visual.

The Face of the Group means the most popular member in SK. I see. I get it now. They measured it in Deokspatch. My bad. Yurisla D. Paige Buchanan. Visuals for days. M speaks english fluently? M is the only english speaker in the group? Im scorpio just like minhyuk :v. Alex Stabile Martin. Changkyun is left-handed.

Jooheon is also a close friend of Jackson. Antointte Matembera. Megan Ja. Can you ate their individual pictures to their pics from the comeback please, thank you!

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Thanks for commenting! This information is already on their individual profiles. Is Shownu really the eldest? Why do they say that Wonho is the eldest here?

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Bi Khung. Kihyun can make ramen well. So Wonho can like him :. When they started crying I was just sd;fkjs;dcasdf. XD Thanks for the heads up! XD np! Toren K. Alexa Roth. Yehet Ohorat. What shows or programs should I watch to get to know them more. I really wanna stan Monsta X. M that used to be part of Nuboyz not Jooheon. Minhyuk and Jooheon were on Weekly Idol episode Mico Tajos. First kpop group where I sincerely love every.

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Just the perfect group. Jooheon or I. SoSo Cool. Kihyun is good friends with Yoongi from BTS. Jazriene Revalde. Kihyun has the same birthday as me! Except for the year. Celerina Kusuma Dewi. Rez Wu. Jooheon can speak eng? Basic English.

Eun-Kyung Cheong. And it was on Episode 4. Daryia Little. Wonho, Hyungwon,I. M, Jooheon, Kihyun, Shownu, Minhyuk. Avatar Tenzin. Charlene Cachero.

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Can you tell me what time they said it. Allen Inigo. Since Wonho is the oldest, you should replace that fact to Wonho instead of Shownu. Hyungwon also has the same birthday as me. Well the year is different but the same date. Smells fishy to me. I know, right? They debuted pretty late. GoddessNyx:disqus Your explanation about the leader thing actually makes sense! I love their latest comeback! Alina Negoescu.

Lol, who cares how old he is. Nichole Kim. Federica Colaceci. Ah, okay. OH Suma. Wonho was born in I think they write that because Wonho older then Im not Shownu. Hmizi Ismail. Kihyun is a self proclaimed visual.

Hello, do they not have individual instagram accounts? Kellee Ann McAdams. Emily Vitoria. Love k pop. Wonho hyungwon love. What color is it now for Monbebe? Chloe Russell the superior se.

In no mercy minhyuk said that Soyou is his ideal type. Jessica Gallagher. Taima Castor. Same Jooheon. Since when Jooheon can speak English? Is he better than I. GoddessNyx:disqus Really? OMG these guys are playing with us?

Nov 04,   Monsta X, the seven-member K-pop boy band, have been reduced to six after Wonho left the group following rumours he had smoked marijuana and has multiple bad doursim.com: Korea Times. MONSTA X Members Profile: MONSTA X Facts and Ideal Types MONSTA X (?????) currently consists of 6 members: Shownu, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Hyungwon, Joohoney, and I.M. They were created through the survival program doursim.com MONSTA X debuted on May 14, , under Starship Entertainment. Monsta X is also under the US label Maverick Agency as of February 26th [ ]. Sep 09,   Wonho, meantime, is riding the success of his debut solo single "Losing You," a tender, R&B ballad that topped iTunes' K-pop charts around the world while hitting the Top 20 on the U.S.

Orifiel M. No elimination. Both groups record 1 song each. M, Seokwan. Bailey Woods. Who is the center? None because they just change centers in every interviews or etc. Sarcastic Blues.

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Jooheon has released his mixtape and music video - it was released on Hyungwon is underweight. Tatjana T. So both concepts are shared. Park Jimin-ah. Arnest Lim.

I came here to say the same thing!! He snapped in the Jealously comeback I swear!!! Dowoon Yoon. Someone please give these babies some chapstick :'. Anyone else think Kihyun is underrated? Monsta X. Zuraini Redwan. Jess Lee. Vanessa Nguyen. Same omg i just checked them out today!!! You should listen to: 1. Beautiful 2. Jealousy 3. Hero 4. Trespass 5. Lungile Luthuli. Keriona Thomas.

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Ahhh, thank you! I forgot about this fact! Yeah his vocal is underrated af.

Dating wonho

Bob X. Raven Willow. Kihyun and Wonho seem goal-driven in every thing they do, really. Lauren Grzywa. Aww why are shownu and jooheon so unpopular whyyyy. In the new dorm, Minhyuk and I. M share a room together amigo tv season 4 episode 1. Jooheon drinks lots of water when nervous info from no mercy programme episode one! Bryn Moow. Natasha Van Es. Hailey Goodwin. Taller or closer with each other? Very surprised Shownu is the least popular.

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Nasha Othman. Jehan Nurdina. Claryssa Crapo.

Lee Ho-seok (Hangul: ???, born March 1, ), known by his stage name Wonho (Hangul: ??), is a South Korean singer under Highline Entertainment. He is a former member of South Korean boy band Monsta X, which debuted under Starship Entertainment in Wonho made his solo debut in September with the EP Love Synonym Pt Right for Me. Nov 05,   The year-old, Wonho, is a famous South Korean pop singer who is best known for being part of the hip hop boy group, Monsta doursim.com was the group's lead vocalist and visual. However, Wonho left the group on October 31, , after actress and his rumored ex-girlfriend, Jung Da-eun made accusations of owning her money and smoking marijuana in The boy group was former Nationality: South Korean. Subscribe doursim.com We gave 4 lucky fans the opportunity to go speed dating with Wonho for only one minute each. What is one thing you would as.

Gabby Mesina. Elane Divino. Also, please add Kihyun actually is a well speaker of English and often helps I. M overseas. Nutella Queen. Jooheon has an older sister and a niece!

Shownu was on Real Men ep.

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Thank you for the heads up! Kihyun is center.

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The least compatible signs with Pisces are generally considered to be Gemini and Sagittarius. Wonho also has a ruling planet of Neptune. He has not been previously engaged. We are currently in process of looking up more information on the previous dates and hookups. Wonho was born on the 1st of March in Millennials Generation. The first generation to reach adulthood in the new millennium, Millennials are the young technology gurus who thrive on new innovations, startups, and working out of coffee shops.

They were the kids of the s who were born roughly between and These somethings to early year-olds have redefined the workplace. They are known as confident, entitled, and depressed. Wonho is popular for being a Pop Singer. Korean pop singer known for being part of the group Monsta X. Mad Clown served as one of the mentors on No. The education details are not available at this time. Please check back soon for ates. Wonho was born in the s. To me that video seemed like if Wonho really enjoyed Kissing hyungwon even if it was just on the cheek.

He didn't seem weirded out by doing it but seemed to enjoy it. This also supports my thought of Wonho not really being celibate since I don't think someone that is celibate would do this. The second video I have is wonho getting scared by something and him screaming. I also noticed what he did with his hands once he got scared There are many things that proof that Wonho supports homosexuality.

This means he isn't creeped out by homosexuals and doesn't care if a person likes the same sex. He also usually stays neutral with his fans not calling them by a certain gender instead using "they". Well thank all of you who read this and gave it a like!! Leave a comment and share if you like!! Btw these are just my opinions so please don't get so mad :blush:. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content.

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