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It is made of pressed colourless glass, and has a thick wire fastener for the glass sealer lid. The pressed glass has the Perfect Seal wreath-style logo embossed. There is a colourless glass sealer lid that has a wire fastener. Patent medicine bottle Burdock Blood Bitters. The circular scar on the bottom of the bottle is known as "Owen's Mark".

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Eight inches high. The gripping area is moulded with an orange texture and "Orange Quench" script-style. Vertical ridging is present at the neck, as well as below the convex area. OZ" fluid ounces and "WM.

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A pressed colourless glass soda pop bottle, with a Dominion Glass diamond-D mark. A screw-top clear glass medicine bottle a and its black-finished and knurled metal lid b. It is labeled with a form-printed blue and once-white paper label that has a typescript "Glycerine" identification on it.

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The back side is moulded with numerals and gradations to help measure the contents within. The bottle is oval-shaped at the bottom, with some bumpy texturing around the glass factory mark.

The shoulders of the bottle have a fluted design. MAY 1 ". There is a textured round orange-like area with "Orange" on one side, and "Quench" on the other. The bottle tapers with a ridged skirt, and there are ridges on the neck as well.

There is an unusual imperfection in the orange peel gripping area of this bottle. It has a crown cap closure lip.

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Red-printed on clear glass Crystal Dairy cream bottle. The underside has a Dominion glass factory code. A large clear glass Crystal Dairy Co. It has a diamond-D mark Dominion Glass. It has a diamond D mark Dominion Glass and a large embossed "S" on the underside.

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Also has small A31 emboss-moulded at the back. It has a twist-off type metal cap.

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On the front is a rectangular white paper label with red and dark blue text. It reads "J.

Some old heavier Glass Coke Bottle here. Not sure of the dating codes. I think the diamond with the D in it - - Is Dominion Glass as I am in Canada (lol). Not sure if the numbers are the dates or not. They are heavier glass and all have embossed (raised) lettering on them. Help? Anyone date these. Dominion Glass was a Canadian glass company, that began in (when they were incorporated). It was formed from a merger of glass companies in They began to use a diamond-D mark on their wares on June 27, In , Dominion Glass introduced the IMPROVED GEM MADE IN . The Diamond Glass Company, Montreal, was the dominant co-operative group of glass manufacturers in Canada from the period The incorporation which resulted in the new name, Dominion Glass Company Ltd., in included all plants which were directed by the Diamond Flint Glass Company.

Molded below the label is "25 OZS. The underside of the base has embossed lettering as well: "O.

The underside of the base has no glassmaker's identification, but does faintly have "O. This is also seen on a similar bottle that was produced by Dominion Glass.

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It is still intact, with a waxed cardboard seal holding in the brown powder. There is an embossed and knurled metal screw-top lid bthat is lined with brown cardboard.

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A red and blue printed paper label with a lot of text to it is present on the jar. The label provides information re serving it to adults, and a second column describes how to prepare it for infants.

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It was sold by Canadian agents Gilmour Bros. The back of the jar has a large circular embossed trademark.

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The underside of the jar has a diamond-shaped Dominion glass company mark. The colourless glass lamp font A has the maker's embossed diamond-D mark on its underside.

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The sides are plain, and the pressed glass mould line is visible. The burner has four fenestrated prongs with pointed tops, to hold the chimney. The glass chimney C has no lettering and is 22 cm high and 9.

Dec 01,   Date Your Glass Soft Drink & Beer Bottles. This dating engine will estimate the age of your glass bottle based on its various attributes. Enter each of the following attributes of your bottle. If the specific attribute is no known, you can enter "unknown," where allowed. You must enter all of the attributes for the engine to function correctly. The Dominion glass code mark likely reads either "" or "", though the V-mark [Victory] suggests the former date. The bottle has a rectangular footprint and rounded corners and shoulders. The black plastic cap has decorative knurling molded into it, to provide a better grip. Dominion Glass Co., Ltd., Montreal and elsewhere ( at le st ) Dominion Glass used two major logos on bottle and jar bases - a Diamond-D mark and Of interest, this also sets a beginning date for jars and bottles embossed "MADE IN CANADA." Thus, Dominion adopted the Diamond-D mark for use on all glass on June 27, (King.

It is made of colourless blown glass, and has a plain top edge. The bracket "D" is all-metal, and its frame has a plain, dark teal-blue finish and no lettering.

Colourless pressed glass pharmacy bottle. Middlebro' Phm. The King Oval line is set inside the diamond mark.

Dominion glass bottle dating

The bottle has a slight push-up in the interior of the base. Art Deco-style soda bottle. The colourless glass has a ridged neck and a tapered lower end. The middle has a bulbous, orange-like texture and shape, with the word "Orange" on one side, and "Quench" on the other in script-style, emboss-moulded lettering.

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There is a mould line to the left and right sides of the orange-shaped area. The base has "WM. Pressed glass, pint-sized milk bottle.

The bottle is nearly uniform in diameter, with the neck tapering slightly before flaring out at the rim.

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Miniature, novelty Coca-Cola bottle. It is made of pressed, colourless glass, and bears a Dominion Glass company mark. Creator Record. It was formed from a merger of glass companies in They began to use a diamond-D mark on their wares on June 27, The codes also help determine which branch plant the piece was manufactured at: Wallaceburg, Ontario, Hamilton, Ontario, Montreal, Quebec, and Redcliff, Alberta had Dominion Glass plants.

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From a trade directory: Pressed tableware, blown tableware, tumblers, coloured glassware, bar and liquor glassware, illuminating glassware, opalware, novelties and specialties, and private mould work.

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