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Yolanda Hadid and her boyfriend Joseph Jingoli are going strong. Hadid, who raises chickens, cattle, ponies and more on her farm, said that "what has connected us is probably horses and the farm life. On Sunday, she shared an Instagram photo of her and Jingoli riding horses through a field of yellow flowers, which she captioned with a sole red heart emoji. So I don't see anybody anymore," she explained. Looking back at her time on the reality show, the mother of three said, "There were days that I had a great time with all the girls, obviously, and I had my difficulties with some women that I don't want to rehash. We've moved way beyond that. It's different when you live in a different city, obviously.

It stopped being a discussion about waste management and became a conversation about resource stewardship. Ten years of trial and error, research and development, failures and successes took place before a viable product was developed and ready for market.

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How does it fit into your overall goals for the farm? We ship boxes and pallets of this value added product to greenhouses and retail stores all over the country and Canada. This is an important farm activity to comply with our Nutrient Management Plan, which is a contract between our farm and the USDA on how we manage the manure produced by our cows.

From an outreach standpoint, marketing CowPots has provided us an awesome opportunity to talk to all sorts of groups around the country and world about our farm. We hosted Mike Rowe in to film an episode of Dirty Jobs, which has aired in over countries.

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Inevitably, these conversations also allow us to talk about the 2 most important components of our business; our cows and our family. Without these things, there would be no CowPots. What was it like winning the dairy innovation award- were there any particular moments or otherwise that stood out for you? It was a team effort to draft our application for the Dairy Sustainability Award; I think we had 4 or 5 family members that contributed to the effort.

It was very special to be able to share the honor with the whole family. It was an honor to share the stage with my dad to receive the award and it sets the bar quite high as I think ahead to the positive impact my generation can make on this land and this community.

This allows our cows to voluntarily choose when and how often they want to be milked. There are an infinite number of products that we could form using our manufacturing process; plantable pots are just the tip of the iceberg.

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Filed under AgricultureDairy Industry. Tagged as cowpotsenvironmentfarminggardeninginnovationmanuremethane digestersustainability. My personal vision of dairy farming has changed over the years. When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a farmer, a vet, an ice cream maker; among other things. I will never forget in discussing my plans with my Great Uncle Frank - everyone has an Uncle Frank right? My vision for dairy farming continues to evolve as I meet more and more people in this great industry.

For my own family, we are proud to be continuing a family tradition, and raising our children in a farming life.

Feb 13,   FarmersOnly suggests these five tips for dating a farm boy or farmgirl: Tip #1 - Farming is a farmer's #1 priority. Farming isn't just a job. It's a way of life. Farmers work long hours, and calves and crops can't wait. It's often physically hard work, and it can be mentally draining.

Our two young farm boys already have such a grasp of how things like tractors, mowers and choppers work as well as the importance of caring for another life. Having a good handle on your finances and making sound decisions based on what they tell you will be central to economic sustainability - an absolutely key component to farm sustainability.

Dating a farmer will teach you to learn to love the udoursim.comedictable. Not making plans or not sticking to a plan is the way of life for a farmer, anything can change at a moment's notice. It just may be that you will be woken up in the middle of the night because something goes wrong or you've got to go out and check cows that are waiting to calf. No.1 Popular Farmer Dating Site. Mingle with s of Single Farmers seeking Friendship, Love, & More. Find Rural Romance Online Today. Farming is our way of life, it just also happens to be how we make our living." Farm sizes and a few other details: cow dairy; cow dairy; goat dairy; cow dairy transitioning to organic; cow dairy; cow dairy; cow dairy; cow organic dairy; cow dairy; cow dairy; These statements are all straight from the.

Tools like benchmarking, forecasting and budgeting will serve to improve the performance of our dairy businesses. The importance of financial skills cannot be understated as we move forward into the future - so that we can carry on with our passion, our farms, our livelihood.

Filed under AgricultureDairy IndustryFarm life. Tagged as Dairy Caredairy farmsDairy Industryfarmingprofitabilitysustainability. I think you can and should start resolutions any time the need or desire arises.

However, that said, I do take this time of year to reflect on the past twelve months and in the next week or so will sit down with my DF, my partner in life and on the farm, to look ahead and brainstorm some goals, expectations and plans.

I will admit that I am somewhat glad to be moving on from The year filled our plates and then some. Spring and early summer brought cropping challenges to the farm.

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While early on, with parts ordered well ahead of time and work completed and ready for a window of good weather in May, we encountered a breakdown right off the bat. And then another, and another and another. The entire month of June felt like it dragged on while we dealt with the repairs and waited through rainy weather. Boy I wish I got a picture! By not putting up the highest quality feed we would have preferred to, we will be working with our nutritionist to come up with a balanced diet utilizing other feedstuffs to create the best feed for our cows, and it might cost us a little more.

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It happens. I also had a tough year with my Jerseys. You see the girls have to in a sense, pay for their way to stay as we only have a certain amount of space.

I was incredibly sad for days. I tear up a little now even thinking about it.

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This was supposed to be her year - in her prime, looking great after freshening having her baby. I felt a little hollow, like a little piece of me gave up a little at the time, but you know what, there are other cattle here who need me, need us, just as much. But maybe, like songs, the prettiest stories are somehow the saddest ones. They are the future of the dairy.

On top of that, two out of the three were by polled bulls and only one was polled. Ready for a lesson in genetics? The polled gene is actually a dominant trait which means if it shows up, your offspring will be polled. Homozygous polled would guarantee polled offspring for the next generation from that calf. Fit right in with the way my luck had been going.

Geez, this post is starting to feel a little whiny to me. Nobody likes whiners, including me. Perhaps I should use it as a reflection point because, of course, there were wonderful things to happen in as well.

We are all healthy and happy, embarking on new adventures, facing challenges and cherishing every day with our farm boys and time with our families. We are blessed and feel responsibility to live up to our good fortune and do our best by it. Tagged asdairyfarm lifeJersey Cowsnew year. But just as easily if not more so, that same animal could be gone in a literal heartbeat.

At the end of the day, this way of life, this collection of extreme ups and extreme downs and whatever comes in between is all done in the name of producing of food. Food that is served at the dinner table or grabbed in a rush. Food that is baked or cooked in your kitchen for those closest to you with love. Food that nourishes our bodies so that we may carry out our string of daily tasks that make up our lives.

Of course other goodness in dairy products include cheese, yogurt, ice cream, cream, butter, and more. But our beloved milk has come under attack. Fewer and fewer people are drinking it; fluid milk sales have been trending downward for the past several years. Milk has more competition now from plant-based beverages that have the same look and feel but not the same nutrition.

5 Best Farmers Dating Sites for 2020 [Start Plowing Today]

Various label claims create confusion about everything from hormones, antibiotics, animal care to the environment. All in the name of selling.

The best part is knowing that despite the spin, despite the claims, despite the advertising, there are millions of people - children and adults alike, who depend upon us everyday - even three times a day - for our milk. At the end of the day, milk is milk, still the nutrient powerhouse and wholesome glass of refreshment produced by farmers who care about taking care or their cows and keeping their farms sustainable for future generations. Tagged as animal careantibioticscattle caredairyDairy Caredairy farmdairy farmsDairy Industrymilkmilk facts.

Just saw that phrase online somewhere, and could not resist. What follows is the very beginning of my farm story. Being a farmer was a dream as a little girl, along with being a vet, college professor and a UN ambassador, but somehow the farmer one stuck. The cows enjoying a late summer day with Wheeler Mountain in the background. Retired now, my dad is a United Methodist minister and my mom is a nurse. It all started when my dad was serving a church in Spencer, Mass.

The farm is a quintessential New England farm.

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Set in a rolling pastoral scene, the place dates back to a time where Indians were a big concern - there is even a small hiding spot next to the main fireplace in the farmhouse for hiding if a raiding party was known to be in the area.

They milked Jersey cows, which is where my love for Jerseys comes from. I can even remember two old girls, one whose name was Venus, they retired but kept and lived to the ripe old ages of 19 and My mom kept her spot in the garden for several years and learned a lot not only about growing things, but about the rest of the farm too.

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My sister and brother wanted to be a part of the fun too. Regardless, soon after my brother and sister started 4-H with their calves, Katrina and Rainbow, and the rest is history. Finally, when I was nine as of January 1, we went to pick out my first calf. Her name was Annabelle, and she was the sweetest, prettiest calf I ever saw.

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Tagged as 4-Hbeginning farmerfamily farmgetting started in farmingyoung farmer. Farm size gets a lot of press these days. Big farms, small farms, micro farms - each operating differently, in ways that make sense to their particular operation.

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Usually they are carrying on a family tradition or striking out on their own after being inspired to do so. To illustrate, I reached out to a few fellow dairy farmers to ask their philosophies about animal care. You will find their statements in their own voices first, and then a list of the farm sizes. We treat our cows with respect and compassion.

May 25,   Yolanda Hadid and Boyfriend Joseph Jingoli Are 'Very Much in Love': 'Farm Life Has Connected Us' "We live 10 miles apart," said the former Bravo . Mar 04,   8.) Farm girls have great taste. We've been trained on quality our whole lives-from our tractor, to our cattle, to our truck. We always have the best. So, if you're dating/married a farm girl consider yourself a 'catch'-we don't settle for anything other than an outstanding man. 9.) We're not shy. Try out for farmers, ranchers and country folks. City folks just don't get it!

We treat our animals well, not because a well-cared for animal is healthy and strong and will produce quality milk in good supply, but because it is the right. The most important lesson I have learned is that if you do not treat your animals well, you will not succeed. Dairy cattle are domestic animals and they depend on us for food, shelter and care. I know that as long as I keep working hard to provide my cows with the best care and comfort, they will produce well and our family business will prosper.

Happy cows make milk; there is no truer statement. The more comfortable and healthy we keep our animals the better they are able to produce for us. As farmers we see animals born and we also sometimes have to make the unfortunate choice when they pass on. Life is fragile and it is our job to make sure that theirs is as comfortable as possible. We have nutritionists and we test our feed weekly to make adjustments.

Our herdsman was a vet and he is always on top of issues. When we treat with antibiotics we have our own hold back chart which is more conservative than the medicine company. We have a hospital pen where the sick and recovering from surgeries are held to protect them.

Also, keeping beds clean and dry lend to healthier animals. We work to prevent foot diseases and mastitis. We are pro-active when it comes to health care.

Farm life dating

Every decision we make whether it is how to treat a sick cow or a renovation to make, we first think if it will make the cows lives better and more comfortable. I never understood why someone would want to work so hard for so little. Then it happened, I fell in love with cows. Every day you go out and tend to their needs, often before your own. The work is hard, the hours are long but seeing a new life enter the world or having one of your girls give you loves, it makes it all worth it.

Animal care is our top priority. In order for us to keep doing what we love which is tending to their needs, they have to be well taken care of.

Our job as dairy farmers is to take care of them. Doing the best possible job we can keeps a roof over our heads as well as theirs. They are our livelihood, and deserve to be treated that way. We are strictly family run. Most of the animals have names and they are all seen by one of us every day.

We have plenty of room in the milking barn and of other barns and pasture for all the animals. Without them we have nothing.

So it stands to reason that we take all measures to make them happy and healthy, just as most farmers do. I like to compare cows to athletes. Like any athlete when they are pushed they are bound to have maintenance and more likelihood of things that need intervention. Our greatest efforts and resources are always devoted to ensuring that our family of cows receives the best care and are provided the greatest comforts. Farming is our way of life, it just also happens to be how we make our living.

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