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Guest Contributor. When I first started dating online, the biggest hurdle was completing my profile; it would have to be decent or it would surely be lost among the 40,ish profiles already out there. The profile photo is a whole other beast. So I did what any smart woman would do: I asked a man for advice. After all, a man would be viewing it or at least I hoped a man would be viewing it.

Talk about it with your partner. Bring up the fact that you think there is a problem with your relationship.

Fix dating

In a calm tone, discuss what you think is going wrong with the relationship. For instance, you could say, "Honey, I'd like to spend some time talking to you about our relationship. I think we've had trouble connecting lately, and I'd like to discuss how we can fix it. Look at patterns, not people. That is, it's easy to blame each other for problems. You might find yourself saying "I hate it when you leave dirty dishes in the sink," which essentially blames the other person.

Instead, look at the patterns. For instance, you could say, "When I forget to unload the dishwasher, you tend to leave dirty dishes in the sink. Then I get behind on the dishes because they pile up. How can we work to change this situation?

Part 2 of Stop bottling it up. If little things are bothering you and you shove them down, they are just going to turn into an explosion at a bad time. If you deal with them as they happen, it won't be as big of a deal.

Keep emotions at bay.

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If you find yourself starting a discussion while angry or getting angry while in the middle of a discussion, you may need to spend some time calming down. You know what calms you down. Maybe you need to take a short walk, listen to some music, or take a relaxing shower. You can also try counting to ten or taking a few deep breathes.

Whatever you need to do, take a few minutes to calm down before continuing the discussion. If you find yourself feeling like you absolutely must win an argument, it's time to take a break. At that point, you're likely to say something you regret or keep the argument going long past the point that it's wise to do so.

Think about what the other person is going through. When you're angry, you're just thinking about how you've been wronged.

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However, as soon as you start forcing yourself to think about what the other person is going through, you start to pull yourself out of that mindset. Being empathetic can help drain your anger.

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Whether or not you think your partner is right about the problem, you should still validate what the person is feeling. Listen attentively. Listening to what the other person has to say can help you develop empathy for what he or she is feeling.

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Don't just let the words pass over you. Actually think about what the person is saying, and maybe try to understand what is behind the words, as well. For example, you can say, "What I hear you saying is you get frustrated when you do more than your share of the housework.

Discuss your point of view calmly and clearly. You also have a right to discuss what you're feeling and thinking. The key is to keep a calm head. It's also important to be clear about what you're thinking and feeling. You can't expect your partner to read your mind when it comes to your thoughts and emotions. Keep to talking about what you think about the problem, rather than placing blame. In other words, start with "I" instead of "You.

Can we work on making a schedule for house cleaning so we can stay on top of it? Find ways to compromise. The key to any relationship is learning to compromise. You can't just expect to win every argument, as relationships involve give and take. Compromising is about finding common ground and both of you giving a little on the issue. Discuss your needs and wants.

Basically, you need to decide what areas are least and most important to you and learn to give in the areas that aren't as important. If you hate cleaning the bathroom but your spouse wants you to help out around the house more, maybe you can divide chores into ones you find more tolerable and ones he or she finds more tolerable. Skip the past. When you're arguing, it's tempting to name-call or make unfair remarks that drag up the past.

You know how to push your partner's buttons because you know him or her so well. However, all that will serve to do is make everyone angrier, and may even damage the relationship irrevocably.

Keep to the task at hand. Part 3 of Make your relationship a priority.

7 Relationship Problems and How to Solve Them.

Apathy can be a problem in your relationship. Over time, you become accustomed to being in a relationship, and you stop putting as much effort into it as you once did. Once you understand how it can be a problem, you can work to change it. Be respectful. Being mean towards each other can easily damage your relationship further.

If you work hard to be kind and gentle with one another, it can help you reestablish the connection you once had. Spend time connecting. When you're in a new relationship, you spend time talking to each other and learning what the other person likes. You discuss your fears and your interests, what you love and what you hate. If you've been in a relationship awhile, you may stop doing this together. If that's the case, you need to consciously work at rebuilding that connection by making time each day to talk.

Make time for just the two of you, and when you do spend time together, try to dig deeper than just the day-to-day dramas that fill your life. Try dating again. Another way to reconnect is to actually make plans to go on dates.

Making a plan means you have something to look forward to, plus you're setting aside special time to spend just with the other person. Don't forget to touch each other. Touch is such an important part of a relationship, and it doesn't mean just having sex.

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Kissing, holding hands, touching your partner's arm, and cuddling on the couch of all ways of being intimate. Touch provides a connection with your partner. Part 4 of Brainstorm concrete solutions. Once you've figured out what some of your problems are together, talk about solutions together. How can you solve the problem in a way that both of you can live with?

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In other words, you need to look for common ground. Start with the place you both agree on. Maybe you can both agree on the problem at least, or maybe you can agree on the first step to the solution. For instance, maybe you agree that you are feeling disconnected. Maybe you can take it one step further and agree that you need to spend more time together.

Make a plan together.

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Once you've agreed to solutions, it's time to put them into concrete terms. For instance, if you both agree you need to spend more time, then maybe the agreement will be that you should make a date at least once a week.

Respect each other's needs. Everyone responds to situations differently, meaning that everyone has different emotional needs.

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For instance, maybe your partner needs more together time after things have been tough, so try to be there for him or her. Accepting responsibility often requires apologizing and forgiving.

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Ideally, both of you should take some time to talk about past hurts, regrets, and say you are sorry for your part in it. This allows both of you the chance to finally move past it and repair the damage. Saying you are sorry, especially if a lot of time has passed, can be so difficult. Just say what is in your heart. Then change your behavior so your partner knows the apology is genuine.

As individuals, it is indeed important to be independent, to forge our own way in life. In relationships, however, we ultimately seek love, comfort and safety from another person. They feel the peace and contentment that comes from knowing that they are cherished and safe. They are two against the world, and as a team they are indestructible. There are no secrets, no judgments and no insecurities within the couple bubble.

It is as warm and as protective as your own home. Commit to placing your relationship first and foremost, creating a place of reassurance and protection.

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These agreements are consciously held - like a pact. Mutuality takes the place of autonomy. Encouragement and support take the place of threats and guilt.

Unlike co-dependency, in which the relationship is driven by insecurity and fear, the couple bubble is driven by empathyunderstanding and acceptance. You both are raw and vulnerable, so set up your future together in such a way that you both feel safe. Likely it will be different at least for a while. A little awkwardness is normal. Try not to overthink it. Make allowances and remember why you want this relationship to heal. An idyllic state of affairs won't happen overnight!

It takes time and dedication to build a genuine couple bubble.

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Become an expert on your partner and invite him or her to become an expert on you. Try thinking back to the last time you had some sort of conflict or upset.

Bumble Thinks It Can Fix Dating Apps for Women in India Dating apps have had a hard time catching on with women in India-and Bumble, set to launch in India this fall, hopes its women-first. Feb 14,   Try dating again. Another way to reconnect is to actually make plans to go on dates. Making a plan means you have something to look forward to, plus you're setting aside special time to spend just with the other person. %(38). Make an actual appointment with each other, Shimberg says. If you live together, put the cell phones on vibrate, put the kids to bed, and let voicemail pick up your calls. If you can't.

How did your partner react? Closeness and trust can only exist between people who know each other really, really well.

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In time, each of you will come to know exactly how to comfort the other, in any kind of situation. Of course, no one can expect to be the perfect partner at all times. There will be occasions when you do hurt your partner, even unintentionally. The key here is to make amends as quickly as possible. Address the rupture of your connection immediately. Hold up your hands and apologize, talk about it and be sure there are no lasting hard feelings.

The same is true of a relationship, and especially when you are mending a broken relationship. You are both are familiar with each other, but you're not completely trusting of the other yet. This is a time where you both can prove to the other that you will be there for each other. This will likely be the longest step of the process, and at times could be frustrating. So try to be patient, loving, hopeful, and let it happen.

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Be there for each other in the small and big things, offer a listening ear, and do nice things for your spouse. It will help them know that this time the relationship will be solid. It helps to build up a repository of happy memories and experiences to counteract the effect of the odd blow. We tend to retain negative memories for longer and with more clarity than we do positive ones - so it makes sense to fill up on loving gestures whenever possible. Learn what makes the other feel good and act on it.

Hug your partner often, send affectionate messages, make breakfast in bed for long lazy mornings. If your partner is distressed or needs help, you should be the first person to whom he or she turns.

No issue is too weighty or trivial. Accept that within the couple bubble, you can be vulnerable - your partner is your rock. A counselor can then help both of you go through the proper steps to come together again. All of the time an energy you will invest in it will definitely be worth it. The strategies outlined above apply to all couples, but infidelity in your marriage or love connection adds a deeper layer of difficulty to mending relationships. For some couples, cheating is the nail in the coffin.

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It is a significant breech of trust and betrayal. Infidelity in marriages makes up for more than a third of all divorces. But for many couples, it is possible to fix a relationship after cheating. It will likely take work with a therapist and many months or years to rebuild trust, but it can be done.

The Number One Thing That Makes Dating Miserable (And How To Fix It) - (For Digital Romance TV)

If you and your significant other are having difficulties, the first step is acknowledging the problems before they become insurmountable. Depending on the issues you are facing boredom, constant bickering, differing values, infidelity, etc. Don't be in a hurry to end the marriage or connection because things haven't turned around quickly.

If you still love one another and want to find a way back to each other, be patient and do the work necessary.

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