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TV Schedule. Sign In. Heroes II - Season: 1 2 3 4. S1, Ep0. Error: please try again. In New York, Peter Petrelli is the younger brother of Nathan Petrelli, an overly ambitious and unscrupulous candidate for the next New York congressman.

She later teams up with Ren to rescue Tommy from Evernow and three months after the world is saved, is shown to still be in a relationship with him. Quentin Henry Zebrowski is a conspiracy theorist who started working as a temp at Renautas in order to find out what had happened to his sister, Phoebe Frady. He tracks down Noah Bennet and shows him that something is wrong with what happened at the Odessa Peace Summit.

When Quentin and Noah infiltrate Renautas, Quentin stops his sister from using her powers to drain the other Evos, but in the process she kills him.

After Noah travels back in time, Quentin is alive again, but now working for Erica due to Noah's alterations to the timeline. Despite this, he shows moral reservations about their cause when he is told to kill Malina. He joins Luke and Malina when he acknowledges that Phoebe is no longer the sister he knew.

Heroes cast dating

Quentin helps Luke protect Malina, eventually killing Phoebe to save her. Three months after the world is saved, Quentin is held captive in a secret government facility as the government wants to know who saved the world and they know Quentin was there. Quentin just tells them that it's an awakening now and the heroes are ordinary people who were put in a situation that made them extraordinary and just want to be left alone until they are needed again.

Molly Walker Francesca Eastwoo a returning character from the original series, is an Evo with a power that Erica desperately needs, the ability to locate any Evo on the planet. She is captured and used to launch E. However, she refuses to reveal to Erica the location of Claire's children, and when Noah shows up to rescue her she shoots herself in the head to protect them. He agrees to protect Nathan for Noah, erasing all of Noah's memories of Nathan and keeping other people from finding out about Nathan either.

When Hiro sacrifices himself to protect Nathan, Caspar erases all of his memories of Hiro as well so that Nathan won't go after him. Caspar was killed by Joanne while trying to protect Emily. Ren Toru Uchikado is a Japanese vlogger and video gamer who meets Miko when he goes searching for the secret of the Katana Girl in Evernow.

He tells her where Katana Girl's sword is kept, and helps her search for her father, in both reality and with his avatar in Evernow.

Heroes - Watch every episode on and the NBC App. Milo Ventimiglia stars in the sci-fi drama about people with extraordinary abilities. This is a list of fictional characters from Heroes Reborn, an "event miniseries" which aired in as a continuation of the story of the television series tells the story of ordinary people discovering that they have the powers of "evolved" humans, or Evos, at a time when Evos are being hunted down and killed, blamed for a bombing that destroyed the Odessa Peace Summit to unite. Heroes cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

Ren and Emily are able to rescue several evos held captive by Renautas in the future including Hachiro and the real Miko Otomo. With the help of Katana Girl, Ren rescues Tommy and is transported back to the present by him. Three months later, Ren spars with the real Miko as Hachiro watches. While being rescued by Carlos from Sunstone Manor, he was shot and killed by a guard.

He was present when Oscar was killed, and Carlos is determined to get revenge on him. After Oscar's death, Carlos takes care of him. He is a fan of El Vengador, and discovers the hideout that Oscar used. He is later captured and taken to Sunstone Manor but rescued by Carlos and Farah.

Three months later, Jose asks Farah and Carlos when he can join them in crime fighting to their amusement. Oscar Marco Grazzini is also the famous vigilante El Vengador. He used his power to help Evos flee the country through an underground railroad. As El Vengador, he is trying to stop an apparent mugging when he is ambushed.

He returns to his shop and asks his brother to take up the mantle of El Vengador and carry on his work before dying in Carlos's arms. Oscar's death was set up by James Dearing for interfering with his corrupt police activities. Farah Nazneen Contractor watches over Malina. She took the girl to Alaska in order to hide her from Renautas.

When she tries to take Malina south to follow her destiny, they are discovered, and Harris captured her. She is also Carlos' ex-girlfriend, and is working for Angela Petrelli in protecting Malina. She reunites with Carlos at Sunstone Manor, but is badly wounded when she takes a bullet for Malina. Jose is able to remove the bullet with his powers and Farah eventually recovers.

Three months later, she fights crime in Los Angeles with Carlos as his alter-ego El Vengador's partner. Taylor Eve Harlow is Erica Kravid's daughter. She works with her partner Francis to capture Molly Walker for Renautas, but when Francis is detained after the task, she loses trust in her mother, leading her to help Noah and Quentin infiltrate the company.

She is pregnant with Francis's child.

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Though her father was an Evo with healing powers, she has never developed an ability of her own, until she manifests her child's powers. Despite Taylor's feelings, Erica Kravid has him captured and held with the other Evos under her control. Although it was assumed by Taylor that he died, he was eventually rescued from Sunstone Manor by Carlos and Farah.

Heroes is an American superhero drama television series created by Tim Kring that appeared on NBC for four seasons from September 25, to February 8, The series tells the stories of ordinary people who discover that they have superhuman abilities and how these abilities take effect in the characters' lives as they work together to prevent catastrophic of episodes: 77 (list of episodes). Main cast. The main cast of Heroes are credited in alphabetical order in the episodes they appear in only. The season(s) during which each actor is included in the main cast are marked in green below, while the season(s) during which a starring actor appears as a guest star are marked in yellow. Noah Bennett is stunned when Angela Petrelli assigns him a brainwashed Sylar as his new partner to track down the escapees from the notorious Level 5, as Peter, still trapped in the body of Jesse the Sonic Man, is forced to team up with a trio of deadly super villains who are on a murderous crime spree by holding up a local bank.

His power lets him turn an amputated body part into a second body and regenerate the first body at the same time; his original body is identified as Harris Prime. He is the one who bombed the Odessa Peace Summit, on Erica's orders. His death destroyed all of his clones.

He has a disease that makes his skin burn very quickly when exposed to the sun, and admires the Evos as heroes; Luke had hopes that an Evo would be able to cure him. He was killed during the explosion that occurred on June 13 at the Odessa Peace Summit.

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Anne Krista Bridges is Tommy's adoptive mother. She is the nurse who informs Noah and Angela Petrelli of Claire's death and the birth of her twins. After Hiro Nakamura got trapped inthey raised Nathan Bennet together, until the day of the bombing.

She continues to encourage Tommy to find his sister and stop the coming disaster. With Anne's help, Tommy rediscovers his resolve to save the world and learns that with his powers he is capable of "far more" than Hiro ever was with them. He is the creator of the game Evernowwhich is financed by Renautas.

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His daughter Miko was in a car accident, and his Evernow character Katana Girl is named after her. He agreed to work for Renautas because they are keeping Miko on life support. Hachiro sends Ren into Evernow to rescue Tommy and is sent back to the present by him with his daughter. Three months after the world was saved, Hachiro watches over Ren and Miko sparring, pleased. Phoebe Aislinn Paul is an Evo who has the ability to manipulate light and shadow, which allows her to nullify nearby Evos' abilities and disrupt electrical energy in her immediate surroundings.

She is Quentin Frady's younger sister. Her disappearance on the Odessa Peace Summit kick-started Quentin's crusade for the truth and his search for Noah Bennet.

She was originally being held against her will by Renautas but after the June 13 bombing and Erica's brainwashing she works with them willingly. In the original timeline she killed her brother, but after Noah altered time slightly, Phoebe brainwashed him into joining her and Renautas as a spy.

Quentin eventually accepted that Renautas was using them and returned to the side of good, but Phoebe was too far gone to be saved. Refusing to be swayed from her fanatical belief in Erica Kravid's mission, Phoebe tried to kill Malina Bennet to stop her from saving the world.

Super Heroes (and Villains), they're just like us! As we celebrate love all month long, had the opportunity to consult with the cast of Marvel's Runaways on their best tips on navigating a relationship with fellow do-gooders and/or misguided yet powerful individuals. 1. In flashbacks, we learn what happened to the heroes in the four months after the events at Kirby Plaza. Maja learns of her deadly powers at her brother Alejandro's wedding. Niki starts a Company-sponsored drug program but stops taking the medication only to realize that . As the "Heroes" continue to test their newfound extraordinary abilities, Claire tries to maintain a normal social life when a romance with the football quarterback takes a tragic turn. While Hiro convinces his friend that they are destined to travel to America to save the world, a frightened Niki follows instructions from a mysterious, unknown.

Recognizing that the sister he loved was gone and a monster had taken her place, Quentin shot Phoebe three times, sending her falling out of a broken window in the Odessa Clock Tower to her death. A drama delving into the lives of people from around the world who have superpowers, which they use to prevent a catastrophic future.

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Jack Coleman Noah 'H. Horn-Rimmed Glasses ' Bennet 81 Episodes Milo Ventimiglia Peter Petrelli 81 Episodes Hayden Panettiere Claire Bennet 79 Episodes Masi Oka Hiro Nakamura 77 Episodes Greg Grunberg Matt Parkman 76 Episodes Sendhil Ramamurthy Mohinder Suresh 75 Episodes Adrian Pasdar Nathan Petrelli 74 Episodes Zachary Quinto Sylar 63 Episodes Cristine Rose Angela Petrelli 49 Episodes Ashley Crow Sandra Bennet 32 Episodes Dania Ramirez Maya Herrera 27 Episodes Leonard Roberts D.

Hawkins 24 Episodes Brea Grant Daphne 24 Episodes Robert Knepper Samuel Sullivan 23 Episodes Santiago Cabrera Isaac Mendez 21 Episodes Dana Davis Monica Dawson 20 Episodes Kristen Bell Elle Bishop 19 Episodes Adair Tishler Molly Walker 19 Episodes David Anders Takezo Kensei 19 Episodes Tawny Cypress Simone Deveaux 19 Episodes Dawn Olivieri Lydia 19 Episodes Madeline Zima Gretchen 17 Episodes Blake Shields Flint 17 Episodes Jamie Hector Knox 17 Episodes Jessalyn Gilsig Meredith Gordon 16 Episodes Ntare Mwine Usutu 16 Episodes Randall Bentley Lyle Bennet 16 Episodes David H.

Deanne Bray Emma 15 Episodes Malcolm McDowell Linderman 14 Episodes Ray Park Edgar 14 Episodes Robert Forster Arthur Petrelli 14 Episodes Nick D'Agosto West 14 Episodes Stana Katic Hana Gitelman 12 Episodes Alan Blumenfeld Maury Parkman 11 Episodes Lisa Lackey Janice Parkman 14 Episodes George Takei Kaito Nakamura, Mr.

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Nakamura 11 Episodes Stephen Tobolowsky Bob 10 Episodes Elisabeth Rohm Lauren Gilmore 8 Episodes Thomas Dekker Zach 7 Episodes Eric Roberts Thompson 6 Episodes Todd Stashwick Eli 6 Episodes Christopher Eccleston Claude 5 Episodes Katie Carr Caitlin 5 Episodes Danielle Savre Jackie 5 Episodes Harry Perry Damian 5 Episodes Eriko Tamura Yaeko 5 Episodes Saemi Nakamura Kimiko Nakamura 4 Episodes Matt Lanter Brody 4 Episodes Jayma Mays Charlie 4 Episodes Breckin Meyer Frack 3 Episodes Bruce Boxleitner Senator Malden 3 Episodes Dan Byrd Luke 3 Episodes Ellen Greene Virginia Grey 3 Episodes Francis Capra Jesse 3 Episodes Holt McCallany Ricky 3 Episodes Nichelle Nichols Nana 3 Episodes Richard Roundtree Charles Deveaux 3 Episodes Sally Champlin Lynette 3 Episodes Seth Green Sam 3 Episodes Barry Shabaka Henley Det.

Bryan Fuller 3 Episodes Dominic Keating Will 3 Episodes Tessa Thompson 3 Episodes Assaf Cohen Hesam 3 Episodes Shishir Kurup Nirad 3 Episodes Ernie Hudson 2 Episodes Kate Vernon Vanessa 2 Episodes Louise Fletcher 2 Episodes Ravi Kapoor Young Dr. Chandra Suresh 2 Episodes Rena Sofer Heidi Petrelli 2 Episodes Sakina Jaffrey Suresh's Mom 2 Episodes Swoosie Kurtz Millie 2 Episodes Tamlyn Tomita Ishi Nakamura 2 Episodes Andre Royo Stephen Canfield 2 Episodes Sasha Pieterse Amanda 2 Episodes Chad Faust 2 Episodes Justin Baldoni Alex 2 Episodes Ronald Guttman Dr.

Zimmerman 2 Episodes Andrew Connolly 2 Episodes Ashlee Gillespie Laurie 2 Episodes Rachel Melvin 2 Episodes Daniel Newman Jimmy Keppler 1 Episode Diana Scarwid 1 Episode Graham Beckel Hal 1 Episode Jack Wallace 1 Episode John Glover 1 Episode Michael Dorn 1 Episode Moira Kelly 1 Episode Stephen Spinella Oliver Dennison 1 Episode William Katt 1 Episode Alexa Nikolas 1 Episode Edwin Hodge 1 Episode Karri Turner Bio-Mom 1 Episode Missy Peregrym Candice Wilmer 1 Episode Danica Stewart 1 Episode Missi Pyle Hope 1 Episode Kristin Veitch Roulette Dealer 1 Episode Kiko Ellsworth 1 Episode Ben Murray Rufus 1 Episode

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