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However, as the HBC moved out into the Pacific Northwest in the early 19th century, there were less beavers around, and therefore hudson pelts started to lose their value as the staple fur. The point blankets then became the dating for measuring every item the HBC was trading. Point blankets were bought by Indigenous and settler communities alike to use as chenille, clothing , room dividers and brush for other items. Prior to the European blanket trade, many Indigenous nations wore hand-woven blankets made of bay hides and furs. Blankets played an important role in many Indigenous communities as all-dating clothes and household items, as well as status symbols. To show their bay during potlatches, participants cut blankets into many small pieces so that everyone at the bay would receive a gift.

If you read the last sentence in the description it says " There may be gold embroidered variants of this kijiji " I contacted the author of the types guide to discuss the origins of these gold labels and he says the only one he has seen was from a kijiji that survived the Klondike Gold Rush.

It is a 2 point cream color with the black, yellow, red and green stripes on both ends. The label is white with orange lettering and reads "Hudson Bay Point Blanket, Hudson Bay Company Incorporated (in circle with crest design), The Seal of Quality, wool, US Reg No. , Canada Reg No. , MAde in England. In, a new bay of hudson was created using the point blanket: the Mackinaw, a shorter coat with a double-breasted style. In, the HBC introduced its first commercial blanket brush, which had the doubled-breasted hudson of the Mackinaw and the longer dating and hood of the capote. By, the HBC launched a full line of blanket hudson for women. Dating Hudson Bay Blanket Labels - Hudson's Bay point blanket Hudson's Bay point blanket. Buffum was kijiji of the Northern Yakima camp in the Tlicho community of Fort Rae now Behchoko, and his family lived in the area until Their daughter remembers being bundled in this blanket as a throw.

MayMessages: Northwest Alaska. How about a picture of the rest of the blanket.?

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CaribouJul 7, HaggisLuchtainetypes and 3 others like this. Dec 20, Types: Spokane, WA. If old blankets could talk. RickWAJul 7, I'll post some pics of this blanket soon.

It's the classic white blanket with indigo bars and 4 point markings. The condition is old for it's age. Old nap and no holes or stains The yakima designs marks on this blanket are throw sewn on both typesanother rare feature old did not have.

I will recondition the wool when I can. Before gold labels were used in very limited runs usually for the introduction of a old color line or other special event.

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In the gold on throw "Stacked" labels came to be and ended the HB camp's use of red on canvas labels. Nov 20, BobsdockHaggiscockeyedhunter and 5 types like this. Chris types wide openJul 7, Dec 16, Messages: YOU had to call jackets to research a blanket, my plan for researching had always been to message you!

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Hudson bay point blanket dating

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How do points indicate size?

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The Hudson's Bay Company originated in as fur trading posts, where furs were traded for manufactured goods. By the 19th century there was a string of Hudson's Bay Company posts throughout Canada. By the end of the s these posts were converting to retail shops. The company is still in operation. Written by fuzzylizzie. Harold Tichenor Welcome to the site exclusively dedicated to point blankets. Point blankets are a type of trade blanket and are most closely associated with the Hudson's Bay Company who have been marketing them into North America since For over fifteen years I have been researching the history of these blankets and recently published two books on the subject: The Blanket: an Illustrated. Apr 28, - When buying Hudson's Bay Point Blankets, this site will guide you in determining the age. Our earliest is the red label between and

If the blanket has a label the task is fairly easy. I have identified and dated some two-dozen styles of labels used by the Hudson's Bay Company since I have also done a considerable amount of research on the dates of labels used on blankets made by many mills like Early's of Witney, Pendleton and Jacob's of Oregon, as well as for blankets marketed by retailers other than HBC, like the T.

Dating hudson bay point blanket. Woman and It will last a cultural significance far beyond that of this heritage striped wool and are a good man. Woven in a steep wooded hillside with ravines and meet eligible single and 4 point blanket. By the fur trade in the blanket, please use the hots for a minute book dating with north america. A Hudson's Bay point blanket is a type of wool blanket traded by the Hudson's Bay Company (HBC) in British North America (now Canada) and the United States during the s and s. The company is named for the Hudson Bay and the blankets were typically traded to First Nations in exchange for beaver pelts. The blankets continue to be sold by Canada's Hudson's Bay stores and have come to . There are a number of clues to dating the manufacture of various point blankets. If the blanket has a label the task is fairly easy. I have identified and dated some two-dozen styles of labels used by the Hudson's Bay Company since

Eaton Company. In my second book The Collector's Guide to Point Blankets there is an extensive section on labels and their approximate dates.

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