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And while things like Facebook encourage the best of us to exaggerate our good bits while glossing over the bad, for some of us, our inability to be authentic is more than an online issue. It is a struggle in every part of our life. Is this you? Our identity is the way we define ourselves. This includes our values, our beliefs, and our personality.

Here's a complete guide to the story and its fallout. Identity Crisis explored the personal lives of DC's extensive cast of superheroes, with a particular emphasis on the pre-Crisis Justice League. Despite the relative normalcy in their personal lives, there were subtle divisions within the superhero community. Oliver Queen's relationship with Hawkman had remained strained for years, dating back to their time serving together on the Justice League.

Batman appeared just as paranoid and distrustful of his superhero associates as ever which had only grown worse from his own time on the League. The seven-issue miniseries had Elongated Man discover that someone had murdered his wife, leaving her burned beyond recognition, with the tragedy compounded by the fact that she had just become pregnant with their first child.

The subsequent investigation revealed that Sue had previously been raped by Doctor Light, with Zatanna and the League voting to erase the villain's memories of their secret identities, making him the more incompetent adversary for the Titans. Erikson, E. International Journal of Psychoanalysis. Marcia, J. Development and Validation of Ego Identity Statuses. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Identity in Adolescence. Adelson Ed.

Handbook of Adolescent Psychology. New York: Wiley. Journal of Youth and Adolescence.

Jan 13,   Different interpretations of masculinity is leading to more men having an identity crisis. 11 best online dating sites and apps, according to the experts. Reading now. Sex & Relationships. Although often thought of as happening at certain ages (for instance, in teens or during "midlife crises"), an identity crisis can happen to anyone, of any age, at any point in one's life. Oct 31,   Identity diffusion occurs when there is neither an identity crisis or commitment. Those with a status of identity diffusion tend to feel out of place in the world and don't pursue a sense of identity. Moratorium is the status of a person who is actively involved in exploring different identities but has not made a commitment.

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Was this page helpful? Thanks for your feedback! Sign Up. What are your concerns? Article Sources. Verywell Mind uses only high-quality sources, including peer-reviewed studies, to support the facts within our articles. It sounds very hard, and such experiences would not make it easy to trust others. It is totally natural to want to know who your parents were and must feel very sad that your mother felt such shame, as was the morales of her time, she could not share this with you.

But interesting questions to ask might be, what are you passionate about? What causes fire you up? What makes your heart sing? What are your personal values? All these things, too, form your identity - some would argue even more than who your parents are. Gosh thanks Elizabeth we are glad it helped! It means a lot to us to help people have this mini lightbulb moments. Please help!

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What do I do? There is nobody out there who knows exactly who they are, always gets decisions right, and is a perfect mom who gets things right all the time. So cut yourself some slack. You are trying. Look, you are even doing research here on the internet, that shows how much you care and that you are proactive and courageous. Second, try to carve some moments out of each day to notice what is working, no matter how small. This helps combat the endless comparison we all tend to make of ourselves to others.

Third, seek support! Sometimes the diagnosis is not even the right one, for example bipolar and borderline personality disorder can have similar symptoms or someone can have both you might find researching BPD interesting.

So a diagnosis has some value but support is priceless! Hi my name is Maureen,And I think I am suffering from identity crisis. Thank u for this article I got some useful things to overcome my Identity problem. We are glad it helped Maureen.

It sounds like you are really struggling with self-esteem. Which makes it so hard to be yourself. If you can, it would be useful to talk to a counsellor. If budget is tight, find and read our article on finding low cost counselling. We wish you well. Do you encourage their opinion, regardless of their reaction? I have a boy chat mate who is older than me and we have a mutual understanding now for about 2 years now when I told my cousin she got hospitalized because of lack of sleep must be overthinking that I might leave her one day because of that boy.

I talk to her if she want to have her own family she answered she just want to have a child. I am caught with the thought that she might have a breakdown if I will pursue of marrying the boy.

I think that having a family might change our lives and get a better and righteous life. Listening is always a good trait to cultivate, as is asking good questions. We have articles on here about both that are a worthwhile read.

Gosh, this is quite tricky! You love your cousin but want to grow up and get on with your life but she is relying on your for her sense of self. Unfortunately there is no easy answer, especially not one we could give just from your side of the story and in a comment box. But we would say you need to perhaps set some boundaries and be clearer about things. Always being together is sending very mixed signals if you intend to move on and are not in love.

So you need to make clear decisions here and communicate them in as kind a way as possible then make sure your actions match your words. If there was any access to counselling, someone you could talk to confidentially, it might help you have more clarity on what you want from life and how to say no to people clearly and to stop feeling everyone else is your responsibility when really you can only take care of yourself.

Your cousin sounds very fragile, which is hard. But beneath all this you say it might be that you yourself are fragile and could use some support. So you are right on track, and the fact that you can be so honest with yourself is a good sign. If you feel very confused, do some research about personal values. If we learn to identify our values then choose a life that is based on them, life tends to be smoother.

Finally, if you experience muddled thinking and fatigue when you try to figure out who you are, know that too is also normal and there are scientific reasons - your brain is actually still growing as an adolescent, and hormonal shifts also make it harder to think straight. In summary, you are a teenager. Keep going. We hope that helps! I do find myself very much different from just months ago. I am At 13, I got attached to a strange Victorian house that my mother was going to buy.

She instead bought the house across the street. I then started watching this old spook house and found a fatherless family living there. What attracted them to me was not only that I too was fatherless, but they put on far too many lights than any average family would use.

I started emulating them with out lights.

Sep 28,   Identity Crisis explored the personal lives of DC's extensive cast of superheroes, with a particular emphasis on the pre-Crisis Justice League. Elongated Man lived in a happy marriage with his wife Sue Dibney, the Atom was still contending with an on/off relationship with his ex-wife Jean Loring, Green Arrow continued to grow accustomed to his status as an elder statesman superhero as he. May 08,   A real identity crisis is when we don't form a proper sense of self as an adolescent (see the section below "why do I lack a sense of identity"). It results in certain ongoing behaviours throughout our adult life. 7 Signs That you Lack a Sense of Identity. Communicate with your teen and be available for open discussions when needed. An adolescent with an identity crisis can be an open book waiting to be written by outside influences or guided by someone who loves and cares for him. Helping your teen through this stage will build future bonds and strengthen the family unit.

When they moved, I found them and watched their house and wrote their lights down. When the mother remarried, I found them again and few lights were used, but when they moved again, I found them and too many lights were used again.

Too this day I have no sense of self identity. I now own that old Victorian spookhouse an plan to arrange furniture, curtains and lamps the way they had them and use the lights the same way as they did.

What is wrong with me and what should I do? Hi there, being a teenager is tough. Actually, very few teenagers know who they are. Psychology sees adolescence as the time when we actually question our identity, so in some ways its normal and even healthy to have no idea who you are. Suicidal thoughts are serious and definitely not normal or healthy! Both anxiety and depression can make the typical identity crisis of teenage years way harder.

What we would suggest is that you need real support. Are you able to talk to your school counsellor?

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If not, would your parents be helpful if you told them you really wanted to see a counsellor? We have an article that explains how to ask them this in a way that actually works bit.

We especially suggest this as you seem to have problems connecting with others, or seeing the world like others do, which sometimes can be another psychological issue altogether that a good therapist could diagnose and get you help with. Hope that helps! We wish you courage. Hi Andres, thanks for sharing. Is this diagnosis official, from a psychiatrist? And not just a CBT therapist? So we would recommend seeing a highly trained psychiatrist over this.

This would especially be important if this habit was at all upsetting other people around you or causing you difficulties in your daily life.

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Hope that helps. How young? How about age five? I was actually pretty normal up to that point, but since the summer ofI have been in a perpetual state of swinging between wanting to be someone radically different and feeling obligated to be someone radically different. Nowadays, that latter is more a sense that much of what is wrong with my wretched life might have been averted if I had been born as someone radically different.

That is on a good day. On a bad day, I deeply wish, usually downing half a bottle of whisky in the process, that my parents had had the good sense to prevent my birth. On an especially bad day, I act out and embarrass myself. Sometimes, even, I embarrass myself with alcohol in my system. All these years striving to improve myself, of off-and-on therapy, and what have I achieved? Gosh A. In any case, what we would question out of this is, do you have to have a perfect, consistent identity?

Where does this idea come from? Is it possible that we all consist of varying personalities, and emotions, and that what forms our identity is maybe not about how we appear but deeper things, like what we value? Is this lack of identity indeed coming from an utter inability to at all value yourself?

What happened at age 5 that resulted in this utter lack of self value? And what would happen if you found something, anything, the tiniest piece of value within yourself? And just focused on that, and growing that, instead of worrying about this identity and normal-ness you apparently need to have?

We feel that there is a very funny, smart person hiding in this message, with value to communicate and make people laugh and think. And also someone vastly courageous. My birth name is Sabrina however at the age of 6,7 my parents suddenly decided to change my name to Zara. They tried to do it legally but it was a long process at the time and so they just agreed to tell everyone to call me by my new name. But the struggle began when i started going to school and everyone there including teachers and my friends knew me as sabrina and no one even knew i had another name.

Which i find VERY annoying these days. I like sabrina better and i think it suits me better. What should i do?! Gosh Sabrina that is quite a situation you have on your hands! Did your parents have a good reason for all of this? Until then let your friends know how you feel and try to find support from those who love and care about you. At the end of the day what matters is that you know who you are inside. I have these moments especially now since I go to a Community College where I ask myself constantly about what I want to be in the future.

But I have such a difficult time expressing myself or finding a way to express myself. I want my voice to be heard but then again Im so afraid to do simple things like talk to people in my grade during my high school years and stuff. Especially in my hobbies like listening to music, editing photography, playing video games, or playing soccer, most precisely on my VSCO and Instagram account I look at myself and try to judge my sense of style and identity as a person.

There is so much I want to try, do, and experience but I fail to bring myself to do anything as of right now. You are actually experiencing very normal and healthy things that are part of adolescence, where we try on different identities and begin to see our true values.

There is nothing wrong with being afraid to talk or express yourself at aged These things can take time and you are very young. You seem actually to have a real sense of self for your age if you already thinking about a desire to have an effect on the world. What you might find useful is to stop focussing on style and how you appear to others these two things have almost nothing to do with who we actually are and start reading about personal values.

What might yours be? When we start making choices that align with our values, we feel more at home with ourselves and the world. And notice what things make you forget about yourself when you do them because they feel so good and natural.

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These things usually match our values. Unsure Who I am. I am 63 years old and having a tough time right now. I have long standing chronic anxiety, depression, codependency issues, and dependent personality issues. I also have long standing conflicts with my son concerning my lack of boundaries- well, weak boundaries with him. He seems to be gunnysacking me, remembering all the times I screwed up but not when I do well. I also have great difficulty with hearing any negative feedback or told I upset someone with what I said,- have tendency to say things prior to thinking about how they will be perceived.

At the same time, I have been a long time counselor - rehabilitation - so do have some good communication skills. I also have recently, been way too emotional at work, stopping a meeting due to crying for example. Also, my office is moving next week and integrating with other Department staff- which are not Rehab Counselors, but carry out other duties. When challenged, I did cry.

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I should have covered for staff. I also have so much financial issues, it is hard to manage. I will get some relief when some debt is paid off 16 months from now and 22 months from now, I will get a break on house taxes so might not lose my home.

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Kathy, you are under a lot of stress, there is no doubt of that. And there feels to be a perfectionist streak here where you hold yourself to very high standards. Are you getting any support? It does worry us that it seems you are in a counselling job but your manager is not aware of this deep need for support?

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Is there no real supervision for you? You need an outlet, too! There is so much we could say but we suspect you know how to best help yourself here, you just need someone to say, you deserve it, find some support. So we are happy to say it. With the money issues, there is still hope for support.

Consider telling your manager you are fine with the work but can the company provide support? Or perhaps your work insurance provides for this? I have always been a bad child. I was brought home by the police the first time when I was 5.

After that, my parents would keep me locked in my room.

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And spank me daily before school to remind me to be good. Much later when I was in a mental facility they diagnosed me with an identity crisis. But my parents pulled me put of there. We went to a shrink once. And when he told my parents it was their fault, we left. And I keep getting told that something is wrong with me.

But I am currently homeless and without a job. All of my friends hate me.

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Xander, we are so sorry to hear all this. A child is a child.

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No child is perfect all the time. And a child needs a loving, safe environment where they can explore all their emotions without being punished. And when we experience constant abuse we learn to change our personality to match what others want so we can avoid abuse.

This often ends up causing identity problems later on. We get so good at being pleasing we lose sight of ourself. So maybe cut yourself some slack here. You had a difficult beginning from the sound of it.

And of course friendships require trust. If you find that really hard, because in your life trusting others was hard, no wonder friendships are difficult. You are a human figuring out how to get by. And here you are courageously trying to find information to help yourself.

Does that sound about right?

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No matter where you are starting from, you can find your way forward. But what would be great is if you found some support. But there are ways to find free counselling. Read our article on free to low cost counselling. It makes sense that with the childhood you had you would have difficulties, but they are difficulties you can get help with. There are ways forward. First off, thank you for this informative article, and to all of you brave folks living the struggle. To this day they do not believe in most mental health issues existing, so any kind of therapy with them is not happening, nor could i even talk to them about it.

That might be the root cause of my lack of knowing who I am, and what I need to do to be happy. The other part of my situation is that perhaps my parents did know something was not right, and might have a secret kind of guilt for it. The reason being is that they always help me when i need it. I tried breaking away from their help numerous times, only ending up broke, in massive debt, semi-homeless, and in other desperate situations.

I read self-help books, listen to inspiring people, and am privileged to be able to take some classes in college after i was laid off of my minimum wage job that I thought I would blossom and be more succesful at. I keep floundering, and getting talked into different courses and majors because advisors and counselors convince me that those things are best for my chances of being succesful. I only want to be happy, and have money. Get bored very quickly is a relatable issue with this identity problem, and has made school even more intolerable.

I was in cognitive behavioral therapy for almost 2 years, but i never used what i learned and am still exactly the same person with the same depressing and self-obstructing behavior. I know that is probably another way of stating identity issues, however it was even physical for me.

Hating the appearance in the mirror, and being borderline obsessive wifh trying to look a certain way everyday has had a crippling affect on being ready and prepared for daily life. The part about trying to please others, for example, to look a certain way for a job, is a really big issue for me. What i mean is that i spend so much time and energy trying to self-diagnose what the heck is really wrong with me look how long this post is! Who am I? And where is he so that I can get on with living life and being my truest self?

Mar 03,   Identity achievement vs. identity diffusion is the fifth crisis that individuals experience as they navigate the potentially stormy years of adolescence. The crisis is one of heightened.

Thanks for reading all of this, and again, keep fighting the good fight people. Hi Anthony, and thanks for all this sharing! What we really notice is how hard you are on yourself.

How you are obsessing on the negatives. Do you ever take some time out every day to make a list of what went right? What you DID achieve, no matter how small? What you can be grateful for? You might want to look into self compassion we have an article on it on our site.

We wish you courage! As I read from yours, there are some signs that I have an identity crisis. I always feel bored. Like getting bored easily.

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I always think everyone actually is better than me. How do I cope this feeling? This is so irritating. Camelia, thank you for sharing!

In fact psychology places our adolescence as the years we do just that - decide on our identity and what is important to us. Try to go easy on yourself. It can help to focus on the small things.

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