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This morning, the UK's National Crime Agency NCA released frightening research for the one in ten adults who spend over an hour a day browsing online dating sites: Sexual assaults initiated by strangers met on dating sites and apps have increased dramatically over the last five years. According to the study, titled " Emerging new threat in online dating: Initial trends in internet dating-initiated serious sexual assaults ," reports of "online dating initiated sexual offences" increased from 33 incidents in to incidents in -that's six-fold. Eighty-five percent of victims were women, and 42 percent of female victims were between the ages of 20 and Although the report is quick to note that online dating platforms "offer relatively safe and positive opportunities for individuals to meet prospective partners," it nevertheless also highlights the difficulty of preventing sexual assaults that originate in the deceptive spaces of online dating platforms, where strangers are not framed as strangers who could easily be lying to you but as potential soul mates. Websites like MyMatchChecker already aim to protect online daters by offering background checks specifically targeted towards people using sites like OkCupid and Tinder-but these cost money, and they require knowing your potential suitor's real name.

Learn more on her website at www. Some of these signse. It's a pity that when I was a victim of online grooming by two different adults and sexually assaulted by one that it wasn't taken seriously and in fact as a teen, was blamed. Now that I am a mother, I am hypervigilant and protective of my child.

Having PTSD makes it ten times worse.

Internet sexual predators tend to fall between the ages of 18 and 55, although some are older or younger. Their targets tend to be between the ages of 11 and 15 In of the cases, teens that are the victims of sexual predators have gone willingly to meet with them [iii]. Online dating is a multi-billion dollar industry with over 40 million users and growing every day. It inspires people meet their spouses and make new connections in a world where people just don't have time to date the traditional way. Each year internet predators commit more than 16, abductions, murders and thousands of rapes. Todays Dating Predators comes in all shapes, sizes and disguises. Here is a tongue in cheek look at the types of macho male (and not so macho) dating predators out there, and is designed to give you some understanding and recognise the many camaflague techniques available to .

I wish back in the mid to late '90's that we had the info we have now on online predators. I may not have become a statistic or a notch in a 50 year olds egotistical badge that he bragged to all of his creepy friends about.

Same as me.

Jun 30,   Predators put on a false facade that deceives and fools everyone else. Only those close to them know their true character. THEY JUST LOVE THE INTERNET/TECHNOLOGY. If you use dating sites, even Catholic ones, I am so sorry to inform you that these predators frequent dating sites for . Despite the difficulty of avoiding potential predators on online dating platforms, the Online Dating Association, a regulatory organization based in the UK, has committed to helping the NCA limit.

The second assaulted me. I did not report either. Mine was someone who I've known my whole life, he stalked me on FB and acted like he wanted to be together for over 10 years, I finally agreed to go meet him in near my home and go to dinner. I asked him why the hell didn't you just get a hooker?

He spent so much money to force sex on me. Thank you for sharing, it helped me more than you know! This is great information! Predators prey on those who are trusting, and they abuse that trust for their own twisted personal gain. Not only he victimized me, he preyed on vulnerable women he met online while we were together. A total sociopath. I hope he burns in hell.

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The same thing happened to me. The other woman contacted me and together we discovered that he was finding multiple women on this very popular dating site in America.

He dated us simultaneously for years always keeping us within one hours reach from him in any geographic direction. He also has a serious STD and is spreading this as well. He is an Internet Predator and we are trying to collect women's stories like ours for a book we are writing on the topic.

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This story has to be told because of women like you and me. There are many women out in the world who are alone and find themselves with little support for this particular type of abuse. So I don't know how you got out, but you are a survivor and I hope you are strong and know that he is a cockroach and he's lucky you don't squash him like the bugger he is.

Good luck in your future.! Same thing happened to me. He's still at it with multiple women. He told them I was the stalker. I hope karma exists. I was a victim of an online predator 3 years ago. During the time this was posted it was all happening. I was 20 during the time and he was 55, I didn't know this at first as he told me he was only 18, and I actually believed him.

He posted numerous videos on youtube of "himself playing guitar" when really he stole these videos from the genuine guy in the video and sent them to me telling me that was him! And I am warning you if they say they are an attractive 18 year old who's very talented, plays guitar sings etc they are more than likely a retired old, overweight 55 year old man. In the end he did send me video's of himself and I got chills when I saw the real him he even recorded a song for me and just thinking about it gives me the creeps.

Please please if you are reading this never ever give out your personal details, send pictures or video's to anyone online as they could be a very dangerous perverted person. I was hacked then stalked and its gone on for months.

I was told to get a new computer, have had 3 smartphones. Financially not stolen from but has caused much financial loss.

OBLIVIOUS: An Online Predator PSA

No banking online, no debit card, could not file tax refund until I had clear email. I thought more people would help, now I am stuck with me and I dont know if its over.

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I thought itwas 5 months ago, it was not. Anyone else feel alone? I am also a survivor of a musician predator in the UK. Over-shared about himself made everything grey area and confusing. Knew I was already in a rough state at the time and took full advantage. Heavily groomed, love bombing, crazy making behavior etc - he used silence abuse, gaslighted, lied, blame-shifted and come to find out years later he was doing the same thing to Spanish woman named at the same time whom I believed he is still involved with.

I now live with C-PTSD doing Somatic experiencing but 1 hour a week is not enough to make up for damage done while he gets away with it. No one believes except the person who told me about the one in Spain - because he saw what was under the mask and if you try warning anyone the predator already has his defense that you're the crazy one even if you have no history of such types of behavior and the predator clearly does. If you try to fight back they'll drag you down.

Thanks for posting about this - and especially mentioning adults who are preyed on. Its not taken seriously and these people ruin lives while we have no recourse.

So I called three different counties to turn him in and they were handing me off to another county.

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This went on until I felt, over the phone, that I was being laughed at and not believed. That was the emergency child abuse hit line I was finally talking to and they said they will look into it and let the surrounding counties know about this.

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Now I have no idea who he is on any social media. There much more to include but my sympathies are with all the kids out there. I taught 2nd grade girls bible class and I have 4 grandkids that I absolutely adore. I feel a sense of responsibility to sit down with the sheriffs of my county and make them believe me and not leave til they do and not worry about them putting me away because it does sound crazy.

10 ways to avoid falling victim to online dating predators. Two experts in the field say there is no need to shy away from dating through relationship sites - as long as precautions are May Bulman. 10of sex offenders use online dating sites; 3of online daters are psychopaths; 51of online daters are already in a relationship; 10of members on free dating websites are scammers; Since , people have been murdered by someone they met online; Considering these stats, the grim reality is that if you date online, you're likely to. Oct 16,   Social media sites, like online dating, are excellent places to find lonely individuals who are looking to meet people. They also offer a lot of information, so abusers can get to know their target. It is a perfect hunting ground for both sexual and financial predators.

Does anyone else have any suggestions or can anyone help me get away from and have him put away or stopped. Thank you for being a true survivor ladies my prayers are with you all. God Bless. Here is an example of such a man.

This is truly what men like these believe.

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They want whittle down your self-value so much that you become groomed to accept bad treatment, abuse and disrespect from them. Nothing you say or do will convince this man otherwise.

It is not you; it is him and his hatred for ALL women, and he has revealed himself as a misogynistic sociopath. Simply quietly give thanks to God that this man revealed himself and immediately cease all contact and communication with him.

So they will ask you questions about your life, your income or job, your house, and so on, while revealing little to nothing about themselves. During the dating or courting phase of the relationship, a man has no right to be controlling or possessive of you. They will tell you that the reason why they are jealous or possessive is that they just love you so much, but this tactic is used to slowly isolate you from friends, family and any 3rd party that will be able to see them for what they truly are and warn you.

Isolating you from your friends, family or support system is done to make it easy for them to confuse, use and abuse you. After all, you will not know if their behaviour is acceptable or not if you have no frame of reference or input from a 3rd party.

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Be wary of signs of jealousy and control, including asking you where you were, what you did over the weekend, going through your phone and so on. Predators and abusers deliberately target very young women, at least 15 years or younger than them, especially if the woman is in her twenties.

They do this because they are unable to fool and manipulate women of their own age, so they go for much younger women because they feel these women will be more naive, more trusting, more pliable and much easier to manipulate. Not all age-gap relationships are like this, of course, but be very wary nonetheless, and factor this Red Flag in the context of the other Red Flags in this article.

Psychopaths, sociopaths, abusers and predators tend to contradict themselves A LOT. Predators are known to string a woman along for years, keeping her holding on with promises of a future engagement or marriage. Sometimes, he would use education, money or work as justification for faking a future that he has no intention of fulfilling.

He will have her jumping through hoops in the hope of a future, a relationship, a marriage or a family.

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What this man is doing is he is grooming multiple potential prey at the same time to see which one will be the perfect, most naive and gullible prey. It is immoral and he is wasting your time. If you have not met within 2 weeks of first online contact, he is definitely stringing you along, regardless of what excuses he uses.

As a woman, you cannot afford to waste your precious fertile years on a man who is simply wasting your time or who is simply keeping you on the back-burner as the last option, after he has used and exhausted all his other choices. Insulting, to say the least! Be very wary of the so-called traditional Catholic men out there who will spout on and on about how women should be feminine, virtuous, and have all these high standards, but there is little to no talk about them working on themselves as men.

It is a form of misogyny and misogynistic men not only hate women, but they are also controlling and abusive. Watch their social media pages or profile. Send them this article or a similar article. Talk to them about how women these days should be more feminine and traditional. Then watch how he reacts. A truly virtuous and well-adjusted man will focus more on improving himself than whining and bitching about the evils and wrongs of women.

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Predators put on false masks and facades to lure their prey in, so this man who presents as charming, virtuous, and humble just might be a predatory, abusive sociopath. If his exes were women of loose morals, immodest and pretty much nothing like you, he targeted you as prey.

If you get involved with him, not only will he abuse you horribly, but he will cheat on you with. You do not have to wait for concrete visible proof that this person is abusive, predatory or dangerous. If you are feeling that something is off about him or about the relationship, it is usually because it is.

If you notice a good number of the above Red Flags within the first three months of knowing a person, quietly exit the relationship.

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Do not tell them that you know what they are, as these people can turn dangerous, stalkerish, obsessive and vengeful. These people are not mentally ill. They have a personality disorder, which means that there is no medication that can help them and therapy makes them worse. They also get worse with time and with age. This is why you would see a seemingly quiet family man flip out one day and kill his entire family, leaving everyone shocked because they thought he was a nice Christian.

Some people in prominent fields even suggest that these predators narcissists, sociopaths, and psychopathsdue to their abusive nature and complete lack of empathy, may not be human or may be possessed by a demonic force. Trust and wait on the Lord and He will bring your Joseph to you, a strong, virtuous, traditional, honourable, masculine, and holy man.

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A person with no empathy is a VERY DANGEROUS individual because there is no limit to what they can and will do, and a lot of them will fly under the radar - being openly nice and charming to outsiders, but cruel, abusive and destructive to their partners, children and family. There is no limit to what they are capable of doing and this can even extend to murder. Not everyone sent to you is of God. The devil sends people to you too. So, stay safe and heed the warnings that God is giving you via your gut instincts and these red flags.

Skip to content There seems to be a current epidemic of ungodly men posing as Catholics and targeting virtuous young Catholic women. A vast majority of these predatory men tend to be Catholic reverts or converts.

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The point of this article is not to malign all men or the virtuous Catholic men. To use an analogy, electricity looks pretty and sparkly, but is also lethal. Be extremely wary of the charming man. Not all that glitters is gold.

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Predators put on a false facade that deceives and fools everyone else. Only those close to them know their true character. Once you do that, they know that they have gotten you. The silent treatment should be recognised as the abusive tactic that it is.

If his actions and behaviour do not match up with his words, he is a predator. Abusers, sociopaths, and predators tend to leave a trail of destruction in their wake. You see, as women, we are wired to nurture and care for others.

Do not fall for it! It is a trap!! At the end, nothing you do will ever be good enough to validate them. The love-bombing tactic is utilized to a make you fall for them as quickly as possible b confuse you so when you see later contradictory behavior in them, you explain it away. This is not normal behaviour and it is useless trying to justify or excuse it. You will miss them afterwards, but this is because your brain was trauma-bonded to them.

Internet dating predators

Remain No Contact and your brain will return back to normal. Abuse always intensifies and escalates with time. This will not get better. Your last relationship ended badly years ago and you decided to bench yourself in order to work on yourself. Do not J. Anything you say will be used against you and used to smear you publicly or behind your back.

They want to learn as much as possible about you to a determine if you will make good prey for them to use and abuse, b to know how best to manipulate and groom you, and c store away information about you that they can use against you later.

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In marriage, this is the sort of predator that will physically abuse, control, and kill you. These sorts of men tend to be wife-beaters, spousal murderers, and emotional abusers.

Watch and observe. Do their actions and behaviour match their words? If not, walk away. Telling her that if only she did this or did not do that, then he would marry her. If you met him online, he might delay meeting up in real life. Watch out also for the men who complain about the legal system being unfair to men.

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