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One month, before being coronated King, Ben informs his parents of his first royal decree: to give the children of the Isle of the Lost a chance at redemption and to attend Auradon Prep. To ensure the safety of both his plan and the citizens, he decides to start small with the children who need the help most - Carlos, Jay, Evie, and Mal. He tries his best to befriend them and help, but his girlfriend Audrey is completely unwelcoming and takes him away, forcing Doug to take care of the tour and explanations. Having been told how terrible Maleficent was in the past, Ben attempts reaching out to Mal the most. Because of this, he begins developing affection for her. He also helps get both Jay and Carlos on the Tourney Team.

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They all decide to be good people of Auradon moments before Maleficent arrives and freezes everyone in the hall. Ben is left happily surprised when the spell is undone thanks to Mal, Jay, Evie, and Carlos, who used their combined goodness to shrink Dragon Maleficent to the size of gecko.

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They then proceed to celebrate their victory in the courtyard of Auradon Prep. Ben returns in the animated short series Descendants: Wicked Worl voiced by Mitchell Hope who also portrayed him in the live-action film.

Mal accidentally transports herself, Ben, Audrey, and Evie to the Isle of the Lost with an unintended wish. While there, they meet Freddie Facilierwhom Ben recruits in Auradon after escaping the island.

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In the sequel, where Ben goes to the Isle of the Lost to find Mal after he realizes she has left Auradon. Mal's friends, Carlos, Evie, and Jay, decide to go with him to help, but first, they have to teach him their wicked ways so he can sneak around the Island without being recognized.

In the prelude novel, Ben is holding a council meeting in his father's stead. He is extremely anxious because it is his first time to hold a meeting.

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Despite encouragement from both Belle and Beast, the meeting goes horribly wrong and Ben loses his temper. In the end, Ben manages to find a solution to the problems and invites Grumpy to a one-on-one meeting, believing that it would be better that way and solves the situation peacefully.

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He then comes to believe in himself as the King that he is instead of the King everyone expects him to be. Like Malhe has a mystical dream. In his case, he finds himself the Isle of the Lost where he meets a strange girl with mischievous eyes and purple hair. While singing Once Upon a Dream on his date with AudreyAurora 's daughter, Ben realizes the relevance between the song and his dream.

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The novel also explains the reason why he feels pity for the children on the Isle of the Lost. Like them, he was born into his life, where everything was taken care of for him.

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Though he is proud to be his parents' son and the future king of Auradon, he also felt trapped and started imagining how it would feel like for those children, who even had lesser choices than him. This prompts him to make the decision he does in the movie.

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In the sequel novel, Ben is now in charge of everything in Auradon as its new king. Reports come in from various regions of the kingdom where unusual earthquakes and storms are hitting, and more disturbingly, a dragon has been spotted in Camelot Heights.

Worried that they are in danger, the wizard Merlin asks for a petition to use magic. Worried that it would cause consequences, Ben instead decides to visit Camelot and observe the situation.

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He eventually finds out the monster is indeed a dragon, and many suspect it to be Maleficent's doing despite her incarceration. Ben returns to Auradon just as Mal and her friends are leaving for the Isle of the Lost to investigate matters of their own.

Ben allows them to leave, putting faith in his girlfriend. After much investigation, Ben finds out that the dragon is not Maleficent, but from something else. He and Grumpy then investigate the Dwarf Mines, where he accidentally meets up with Mal's team and the true culprit, Madam Mim.

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After a hard battle, Ben saves the day by pointing Excalibur the sword borrowed from Camelot at Madam Mim, forcing her to surrender. The tension turns violent until Evie sprays him with a sleeping potion.

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Audrey then taunts Mal with Jane, prompting the girl to undo the magic she had previously performed on Jane to make her hair long and beautiful, to scare away her bullies. On Ben's coronation, Audrey stands on the sideline and witnesses Mal convince her friends to choose the side of good instead of evil and the defeat of her mother, Maleficent.

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She and Mal then bow to each other out of respect, their parents' history finally behind their shoulders. She then participates in the after-party, singing Set It Off with her friends. Audrey returns in the animated short series Descendants: Wicked Worl voiced by Sarah Jeffery who also portrayed her in the live-action film.

She's Audrey's younger twin sister and a very close friend of Ben's. People rumor them to be a secret couple just because they spend a lot of time together, mostly it's just about Tourney or Bella's duty as the Student's President of Auradon Prep. Ben unlike him the korean actor and crew credits, and audrey's wedding descendants 3: one of john berry dating audrey. Dating, evan and audrey hepburn . Audrey and Chad kiss. Not much is known about their relationship after Audrey broke up with Ben. The two were seen hanging out together and the two seemed to have the same negative views of the VKs. She began going out with Chad since she wanted to make Ben feel jealous. The two kissed, and they are seen at the coronation together as each other's date.

She remains the same as she was in the movie, and still appears to have a dislike for Mal, but mostly because of Mal's antics. In addition, she also jealous of how much attention the Villain Kids are getting.

Throughout the series she has grown accustom to being prone to magical mishaps, such as getting hit by exploding cupcakes or having her hair look awful by a failed magic makeover.

Audrey does not appear in the sequel, but she is mentioned several times. According to Jane, it's revealed that Audrey went to a spa vacation with Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather.

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Later on, she calls Chad Charming to tell him that she got a flat tire at Sherwood Forest. Wearing a brand new outfit and new look, Audrey attends an announcement Ben has to make alongside Chad and her grandmother. She witnesses Ben ask Mal to be his queen, much to her dismay.

Audrey is then berated by Queen Leah, who reminds her that she was supposed to be Ben's queen and that her mother Aurora was able to hold on to a prince in her sleep, which makes things even harder for Audrey.

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That evening, Audrey is in tears as she writes in her diary and draws a picture of herself as queen and getting old memories of her and Ben before Mal came. Wanting to become queen of Auradon by force, she declares that she will no longer be good and steals the Queen's crown and gets beckoned by Maleficent's scepter, in addition to giving herself a more villainous look.

Jul 31,   Mitchell Hope Mitchell, who plays the adorable King Ben in the Descendants franchise, has been dating his girlfriend Tayla Audrey for quite some Occupation: Assistant Editor.

She begins her evil deeds by confronting Mal personally and turning her into an old hag, and also crashes Jane's birthday and puts everyone to sleep, recruiting Chad as her lackey. As Audrey's misdeeds end up on the news, she confronts Ben as well.

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He tries to appeal to her by telling her he'll forgive her if she hands over the scepter, but Audrey enraged that he doesn't realize he's the one who should be requiring forgiveness from her, transforms him into a beast. As Mal, Evie, Jay, and Carlos are forced to team up with Uma, Harry Hook, and Gil, Audrey watches everything from her scepter and controls knight armor to attack them, but this fails, and so does an attempt to imprison them in Evie's home.

Chad annoys Audrey by talking too much, resulting in her imprisoning him in a closet. She fights Mal, who is transformed into a dragon, with Maleficent's scepter, but Mal fights back with Hades' ember, which had been powered by Uma.

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Audrey struggles against Mal and is ultimately defeated, knocking her unconscious and waking everyone up and freeing those who had been turned into stone. With the help of Hades, Mal's father, Audrey is awakened from her deep sleep.

Freed from the corrupting influence Maleficent's scepter gave her, Audrey tearfully apologizes to Mal and Ben for everything, who apologize to her back, while Leah apologizes to Mal. Having turned good once again, Audrey celebrates as Mal takes down the Isle's barrier and creates a bridge from it to Auradon, singing and dancing with Chad, and then Harry.

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