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Jean Reno is a professional Movie Actor born on July 30, Well, he spent most of his childhood in Leo. There he served for a local Movie Actor association. After growing up, he started in the field and for his contribution in the last few years, he has gained the position of best Movie Actor. Jean Reno is currently at the age of 71 years old. Jean Reno is waiting to celebrate his next birthday on July He is also sharing his birthday with other people born on July 30,

I rate this one highly. I really enjoyed it! Well, there are people that were not very happy about it, but it showed in a bus somewhere and the movies are always really bad I was surprised this was indeed very,very funny!

You may criticize a lot of things but the point for me was to see the culture differences the line of the Japanese girl saying she would like to paint psychedelic elfs dancing to techno music killed me and it has a fast pace, it made me laugh a lot and I found it truly enjoyable!!

The characters didn't take themselves too seriously Prodigy's Voodoo People sounding on the background was excellent! I would love to watch that one again I'm searching the city for sci-fi wasabi!

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Jean Reno is Hubert Fiorentini, a slick French policeman whose unethical tactics, which include accidentally knocking the Chief's son down a flight of stairs during a raid, has gotten him a short suspension. Conveniently, during this time, the charming Hubert is informed that a woman he loved 19 years ago in Japan has suddenly died, and she named him the sole grantee of her will. Needless to say, Hubert is surprised of her untimely death, but even more so by what he receives in the will: a large sum of money, a key, and guardianship of their only daughter of which he never knew until she reaches majority in a few days.

The first thing he is told is that she just got out of prison for a minor charge, of course. But, after a while, she's actually comes off as a pretty cool kid, and they take a liking to each other. By this point, the movie goes from being a sort of action movie to something of a father-daughter bonding drama but a funny one, nonetheless. Hubert seems so akward around Yumi, but soon enough, things work out and they take a liking to each other.

However, Yumi's under the impression that he is only a friend of her mother's. We switch back to action mode once again though, and finally are able to sort out exactly what kind of story we're getting into by this point when Reno, naturally investigative to detail, suspects that Yumi's mother's death is no accident.

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He calls up his old friend from French Intelligence, Momo Michel Mullera sometimes stupid guy with horrible timing, access to some hot weaponry, and unusually curly earlobes. Hubert and Momo protect Yumi from a powerful Japanese mafia who had ties to her mother, and now want to get to her.

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It's not quite like 'Leon' because Yumi doesn't partake in any of the action, but Reno does have his slick hit-man like skills with which to protect her. Despite being pretty funny overall, the movie is kind of a let down because the enemy, particularly the leader of this mafia, hardly seems to fight back.

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Making the protagonist far too superior in skills against his adversary is pretty uninteresting. The henchmen didn't even fire their guns when they jumped in the air. There weren't even any close calls. None of that really intense action, especially considering Jean Reno's slick skills, they could've coordinated something pretty cool there. If you happen to watch the American dubbed version, be warned that without captions or subtitles, Yumi is very difficult to understand in a majority of this movie.

I suppose they had dubbed her voice like they did Reno's because he speaks both French and Englishbut her accent is so thick that it's often quite difficult to understand. Techno fans should recognize some of the soundtrack as there were some pretty good techno tracks, one strange track that sounded like a broken toy the one played in Yumi's roomand a few dumb American pop songs translated into Japanese yuck!

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I thought this movie made a better comedy than anything else. You have some moments where Yumi and Hubert are in the mall and while Yumi is shuffling through the merchandise, Hubert is here and there trying to ward off a couple of guys who were following them.

The way he knocks them out is pretty clever.

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There's a lot of that here, and not really too much else. It's pretty much on one level most of the time. The tag line says it all Askanison 4 March So I of course expected some sort of Leon 2. Of course Besson only wrote and produced and it was French film something that I was neglected to be informed about.

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But in the end it proved to be a fun light-hearted culture class movie that struck a cord with me. First off this isn't a serious action movie at all. The gun fights are comically overdone intenionally I think with bodies flying miles after getting shot. The action scenes are sparse anyways but serve a purpose of informing you that Reno's charector Hubert is a good tough cop.

Also under the comedy and sort of expected culture class expierences is a rather touching story of a father and his unknown daughter. Reno works well with an expierence similar to that of Leon, and Ryoko Hirosue plays the roll of the daughter well.

Check out this article about to find out the ates about Jean Reno - Net Worth , Age, Wiki, Lifestyle, Dating, Facts!

One particular scene actually shocked me in its depth of the symbolyism of Hubert. Earlier in the movie Hubert complained that he wasn't hungry these days. This woked along with his sort of missing of his past love. But when he sits in an eatry in Japan and has met his daughter we see him eating Wasabi.

He isnt aware that its supposed to be hot all he know is he likes it.

Leon the professional - Reunion (ten years later)

This shows Hubert well. I think this is defintly a good rental if you can find it. I purchased it after renting it because its proven to be a movie I could watch over and over again. This film is all about fast and groovy comic timing with comic book action. Not a second is wasted in this wildly funny and truly inspired film. You definitely do NOT have to leave your brain at the door to enjoy this film as you will find more things to laugh at the closer you pay attention.

Please don't listen to comments stating that this film is stupid or badly filmed as that is not true NOT my opinion but a fact. Seriously, I think those people didn't pay enough attention to enjoy it fully. This film does things right timing; framing; acting of everyone in the frame, not just the main characters; human emotions and reactions; etc.

This films works on every level except as a serious film with a deep story.

Relationships. Jean Reno was previously married to Nathalie Dyszkiewicz ( - ) and Genevieve Reno ( - ). About. Jean Reno is a 72 year old French Actor. Born Juan Moreno y Herrera-Jimenez on 30th July, in Casablanca, Morocco, he is famous for Victor "The Cleaner" Nettoyeur In La Femme Nikita , Leone "Leon" Montana In Leon: The Professional . in a career that Birth place: Casablanca. Sep 05,   Jean Reno Dating. Mainly for his preference to keep his work in the dark, Jean Reno has not revealed his Girlfriend's name. Nor he has told us about his relationship status at the moment. However, we are looking for his previous dates and hookups. Dating is always regarded as a trial fro going to a permanent relationship. Jean reno singles in the people looking for best way to meet the premier online dating and around the reno dating. O come all hot asiansex fuck clips, nv yellow pages. The comments movoto is not looking to connection? 14 results find dates on zoosk. Meet hot gay area. Text me. Meeting reno dating, and online with other attractive singles in.

Surprise: once there, he meets a daughter he never knew he had Hirosue. Thankfully, the movie is graced with the presence of the always reliable Jean Reno. With his quiet intelligence, rough charisma and lovably sullen demeanor, he is one of those actors who manage to elevate everything they star in. Worth one viewing.

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Leon the Professional is back; this time as a French Dirty Harry. Luc Besson makes good use of Jean Reno Hubert Fiorentini and gives us an action film that is very funny. Krawczyk keeps things moving, and there is never a dull moment. But, the story is Japan, not France.

Hubert was stationed there 19 years previous, and finds his old girlfriend has died and left him a daughter Yumi Ryoko Hirosue - Departures.

Turns out, they are two peas in a pod. A mystery ensues regarding the death of his girlfriend, and he is immediately surrounded by Yakuza. Yeah, more action. Dirty Harry meet Jackie Chan. He hooks up with a local policeman Momo Michel Muller. Great film by Luc Besson. Another great Jean Reno performance. Bad tempered Hubert was a French cop. Although his Japanese wife had been leaving him for 19 years, he could not forget her.

One day he received a call from Japan. It was said that his Japanese wife died.

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When he took plane to Japan, to his surprise he found that he had a cute daughter Yumi. More surprising was that his wife left him million dollars. He decided to find out the cause of his wife's death and the origin of money. How to cope with rebellious Yumi was also a headache for him.

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The funniest scene was that Hubert's former colleague Momo introduced the weapons to him in the hotel, while Yumi gave them a fashion show. Big contrast made big comedian effect.

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Jean Reno's calmness and Ryoko Hirosue's warmth made the movie so successful. I had been eaten wasabi Japanese condiment. It was very hot indeed.

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I wonder if Jean Reno really can eats it like that. If it is, I will admire him very much. A must-see movie for people who are fond of comedy. An error has occured. Please try again. French movies. Foreign Films Set in Japan.

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Just damn good movies. Share this page:. Currently, we do not have accurate information about who Jean Reno is dating or about any previous engagements. There is no information regarding Jean Reno kids too as he wants it to be private. Jean Reno net worth has been increasing rapidly from He started accumulating more money than the previous year.

So we can say has been good to him by looking at the following figures.

Jean Reno is excellent, as usual, in the role of a tough but very sentimental man. Ryoko Hirosue gives charm to the story, and Michel Muller is the clumsy and quite dumb partner of Hubert. This movie made my family and I laugh a lot, being an excellent entertainment. My vote is seven. May 23,   Released in , it tells the story of a muted Italian hitman (Jean Reno) in New York City's Little Italy who finds himself the caretaker of a year-old girl, Mathilda (Natalie Portman), and. Nathalie Dyszkiewicz and Jean Reno were married for 5 years. They dated for 1 year after getting together in and married in 5 years later they divorced in They had 2 children, Tom (24) and Serena (22). About. Nathalie Dyszkiewicz is a Polish Model. Jean Reno is a 72 year old French Actor. Born Juan Moreno y Herrera-Jimenez on.

The following are the estimated figures after analysing Jean Reno salary, assets and expenses. Celebrities are known for their extravagant lifestyle and here are the ates about all the cars and houses they own along with their monthly and yearly income.

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We are all fascinated by the houses they own and the cars they have. So we are trying our best to provide data about the same. These include all the houses they own along with their cars, shares if any, businesses if any and Cash or any other equivalents they own.

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This is the amount of money they owe to the third parties, be it be banks or debts or any mortgages in case of an individual. It also includes any car or housing loans they had taken from a bank or an individual.

The monthly expenses of the celebrities almost touch the sky as they have to maintain themselves and groom themselves perfectly so as to be relevant in the limelight. Their income has to be more than their expenses or they fall in never-ending debt. After growing up, he started in the field and for his contribution in the last few years, he has gained the position of best Movie Actor.

Jean Reno is currently at the age of 71 years old. Jean Reno is waiting to celebrate his next birthday on July He is also sharing his birthday with other people born on July 30, So, we thought that countdown of his birthday will be exciting. Jean Reno body measurements Not Known to us yet. Nor he has told us about his relationship status at the moment.

Jean Reno has been married to Zofia Borucka since July 29, They have been married for years. Jean Reno's net worth is $, - $1M. Jean Reno is an French Movie Actor. He was born on the 30th July in Casablanca, Morocco. In , Jean Reno net worth is $, - $1M (USD). Jean Reno earnings for the year have yet to be determined, but . Jean Reno has been divorced from Nathalie Dyszkiewicz since They had been married for years. Jean Reno is currently married to Zofia Borucka.

However, we are looking for his previous dates and hookups. Dating is always regarded as a trial fro going to a permanent relationship. Yes, the word dating comes with a different meaning. But we are going with the traditional one. If you want to learn more about him, check this article after a few days. Dating can initially give us a bright idea about his relationship. Jean Reno is a fast and wonderful Movie Actor.

His capacity in work and skills are mind soothing for these seniors.

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