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On February 28, a picture originally shared by the variety show 'Udoursim.cometty Rapstar' began circulating around online communities Instiz and Nate. The picture shows Jimin texting the 'Udoursim.cometty Rapstar' scriptwriter via KakaoTalk complete with emojis and aegyo. In her ate below, a corgi puppy can be seen sitting next to a red cushion; the sister writes in her caption, " New member of the family. The original Instagram picture has since been deleted. Netizens believe that this is evidence that Jimin and Kim Jin Hwan are close-to the point that Jimin would use Kim Jin Hwan's pet as her profile picture as if the pet were her own. She doesn't remember what she said on broadcast and is acting against her words, isn't she?

Meanwhile, the reaction on Instiz seems to be more light-hearted a s comments read: " I'm not a fan, but I hear there are a lot of people who think they look good together? Log in to comment.

The two are said to be dating after a picture of Jimin's Kakao Talk text messages with Mnet's "Udoursim.cometty Rap Star" scriptwriter began circulating online. ADVERTISEMENT Netizens claim that Jimin accidentally confirmed her dating rumours with Jinhwan through her KKT's profile picture of a corgi puppy lying on a red cushion bed. I guess it's okay that Kim Jinhwan bought it for his girlfriend but why is Jimin posting that up hahahaha [ + / ] Why are all iKon members like this. One of them (B.I) has a father that scammed people, one of them was a iljin back in the day bullying others, one is in a . Sep 25,   The first dating rumor surfaced on February after the two idols were spotted shopping together on a famous Edit Shop, soon after the second dating rumor resurfaced when they were spotted wearing the same sneakers, which fans call a couple item. Proof of Jinhwan and Jimin dating? A. Couple Item B. Eyewitness C. Pet.

Night Mode. Posted by Pakman 15 pts Saturday, February 28, Is this relationship real or nah? Share this article.

Mar 01,   Netizens are tittering at the possibility that AOA's Jimin and iKON's Kim Jin Hw an are in a relationship. On February 28, a picture originally shared by Author: Pakman. Feb 28,   Netizens have been buzzing about a dating rumor involving AOA's Jimin and iKON's Jinhwan, and in a recent KakaoTalk message, Jimin appears to have confirmed the rumor. When it comes to investigating, Korean netizens have proven to be a force to be reckoned with. AOA rapper Jimin and iKON's Jinhwan have been under the scrutiny of dating rumors after netizens presented what they claim to be evidence that the two are a couple. According to reports from.

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Netizens then matched this corgi to a similar-looking corgi posted on Jinhwan's sister's Instagram account.

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Jinhwan's sister has deleted the photo but it has been commented that not only does the corgi appear identical to the one seen in Jimin's profile, but also the bright reddish pink cushion.

Another clue that fans presented was that the two have allegedly been seen shopping together in a clothing store, although the picture above is blurry so confirmation is difficult.

Netizens also recounted that one time Jinhwan described himself as a "man with a good voice to listen to at night" - which is also the exact description Jimin described as her ideal type. Are these just mere coincidences assembled together by imaginative fans, or are the two really dating?

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