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The Emirate of Transjordan was the name given to this small state when it was recognized in , after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and the promulgation of the Balfour Declaration. It was not until that Transjordan became a completely sovereign state. Amman is the capital and the largest city. Location and Geography. Jordan has an area of about 35, square miles 91, square kilometers. It lies in the center of the Middle East, sharing its northern border with Syria, eastern border with Iraq, it's southern and eastern borders with Saudi Arabia, and western border with the Jordan River, the Dead Sea, and Israel.

As a rule, the eyes are big and dark also. Basically, Jordanian brides are slim.

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Most females there are still connected to religion. Therefore, women wear a headscarf, especially in the south.

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Due to concealment, women often seem mysterious, which makes them very attractive for Western men. The younger Jordanian women are more open. These brides adapt to the Western world. For this reason, the younger Jordanian brides try not to cover their heads, although they know that in some families, it is disrespect for all.

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Jordan is a Muslim country with its rich history, Biblical legends, and lost cities. Many traditions and features of a national character are determined by religion, although this dependence is not as strong as in many other Islamic states. Jordanians are friendly and welcoming people although Jordanian girls are brought up the way not to show their right emotions and might seem a bit closed to those, who never met them.

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If you come to this country as a guest, you will see that there, it is considered normal to invite a person with whom you just made acquaintance into your home, or to come to the aid of a bewildered foreigner. Jordan is one of the countries with rather conservative views. This is clearly expressed in relation to the sexes.

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Unfortunately, Jordanian women have limited rights, in some cases, they are forbidden to even sit next to men, and separate rooms for women have been created in Jordanian houses. Besides, beautiful Jordanian women cannot show their attractiveness to anyone as they should walk in closed clothes and behave as modestly and restrained as possible.

At the same time, the attitude of the Jordanian men towards Jordanian women is very careful and zealous, the wife is sacred. So, in men's conversations, one should not touch a wife, except in extreme cases for example, serious health problems.

Jordanians, like most Muslims, are very jealous of their national and religious feelings. In conversations, you must try not to hurt them by all means.

A special time is the fasting in the month of Ramadan when residents refuse almost all worldly joys. The hot climate largely determines the leisurely pace of life of the Jordanians and some of their forgetfulness. However, only men can be seen on the streets - most Jordanian women are at home, with their families, looking after their pretty kids.

Jordan's population is currently estimated at 6. Statistics show that only Traditions become habits and eventually become the norm, so society has learned a very accurate picture of the role of women. According to the traditional role model, the wife from Jordan usually marries soon after school, then stays at home and looks after the children.

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Only a small part of the population seems to deviate from this point of view or cast doubt on this position. Many of these single beautiful ladies, who do not want to have the life that is offered to them in their country, become Jordanian mail order brides, who start to search their foreign husband. This is actually not true. Since deep discrimination is enshrined in the law and thus determines the reality: even in the 21st century, polygamy is still widespread in Jordan, according to which a man can marry four Jordanian women by law, and the marriage with each of them will be legal there!

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In addition, a man can divorce his wife at any time, but a woman can only do this with great difficulty. Marriage age is currently 18 years old, but the one exception is that in the case of personal gains, such as financial support, a Jordanian bride can marry at the age of 15 years. In fact, a woman can marry against her will because she needs a male guardian who signs a prenuptial agreement.

Unfortunately, these are not the only legal flaws. For example, a rapist cannot be held accountable for his actions if he marries a woman and remains married to her for at least five years. In such cases, a Jordanian woman has the right to refuse a marriage, but the pressure of the family and society is so great that females often see no other choice than to humbly accept this marriage.

A woman is an honor in the family. Women who have extramarital affairs with men are punished and extremely dissatisfied with society. Since so-called family honor is considered contaminated, females are often further threatened by members of their own family.

To maintain the honor of the family, Jordanian brides are often killed by members of their own family. Since there are no shelters for threatened females in Jordan, they are often forced to stay in prison for extended periods of time, as the only administrative guardianship is the prison.

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The only way to run away from these horrors of the country for women is to become a Jordanian mail-order bride, save her health and life, probably. Every Eastern girl of 12 years and older has the goal of more or less successfully marrying. Jordanian brides are not looking for princes; these females are looking for hardworking and honest people. Starting from grade 5, girls, showing their chastity, put on a hijab and modest robes.

Mothers and sisters are engaged in the search for brides for their sons, and mostly the aunts of the prospective groom agree with the bride's family. In respected families, the engagement is first started and only after a year the wedding, but after the engagement the groom partially shifts the provision of the girl to himself.

A guy and a chosen Jordanian bride periodically communicate only in the presence of relatives of the bride.

It can last a year. Moreover, the girl learns to cook food and do household work, unless, of course, these talents were acquired before the engagement. Already on the rights of the bride, the future wife receives gold jewelry as a gift. If the wedding contract is terminated for any reason, the gifts remain with the Jordanian wife as compensation. Immediately after the wedding, the young wife has only 2 worries - not to disappoint her husband intimately and try to quickly get the firstborn, preferably a boy.

Even in democratically inclined families, it is not advisable to conflict with the mother-in-law. Husband's mother and sisters can significantly spoil family life, especially if the sisters are less fortunate in terms of marriage. In recent years, most Jordanian brides, who became wives, have agreed in advance on separation from their spouse's family, as living together with relatives sometimes leads to divorce. Those Jordanian brides that are the most courageous females want to break these old traditions, and they start dating foreign men online, though some special services or an online marriage agency.

Married in Jordan, ladies usually go to the market and anywhere with a husband or female relatives.

The same applies to childcare. In decent families, everyone helps each other. Due to the fact that Jordanian women are usually mothers with many children, they do not work.

However, like in the times when they were charming Jordanian brides, these wives look after themselves in every possible way, to please the eyes of a husband.

In connection with these fears, these beauties try to take hold of the heart of a lover with a large number of children. Jordanian men indulge their wives with attention and frequent outings.

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On weekends you will not see empty restaurants or attractions, everything is occupied by large couples. Jordanian wives pay great attention to the purchase of underwear and home clothes. Married women give special importance to close relationships with husbands, which directly affects the strength and long-term marriage. In principle, over time, a more legal and humane attitude towards women as a person has come in Jordan, but men try to keep their chosen ones within the bounds of decency and long-standing traditions.

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Those Jordanian brides that manage to register at online dating sites tell their possible husbands from overseas the truth - in Jordan, a bride is treated greatly, but after marriage, these brides become dependent persons. They depend not only on their husbands, but parents of a husband, and even children, if they are buys.

Violence against women is also a topic that is hushed up. Approximately 30 honor killings are documented in Jordan each year. Ten years ago, these crimes were not even criminalized. Meanwhile, the guilty on average is punished by imprisonment for seven years.

If you want to conquer the heart of a Jordanian bride, you have to make a little effort. To meet honest and sincere, serious Jordanian brides, it is best to visit a respected site and start there dating a Jordanian woman you will certainly find your beloved one in a catalog of the chosen agency. Here you have the advantage of meeting a large selection of potential wives. One should not think that these brides are eager to find men abroad just because they are easy-going people and do not want to follow the rules in their country.

Even sexy Jordanian women are not for quick flirtations. Although the rights of Jordanian women are now more liberal, these ladies in their country are not really allowed to flirt with strange men. For that reason, one should beware of approaching oriental women. In addition, one must also note that these women should go as a virgin in the marriage. If you meet one of them, then you will learn many customs and traditions of their country.

Their love for the family is a very valuable indicator.

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In this way, women can give everything to their families. They respect their parents because parents have done a lot for them.

Welcome to LoveHabibi - the Web's favorite place for Jordanian dating worldwide. Whether you're new to this or finding out about LoveHabibi for the first time, signup free today and connect with other people from Jordan looking for free online dating and find your very own LoveHabibi. Start meeting people , people are already here. In Jordan women get every time more freedom and are very good wifes. If you ask a Jordanian woman what she want from life she will tell you:" See happy my husband" what I can add more. I love my wife and I am very happy to live in Jordan. Jordan it is a very beautiful country with . Dating is supposed to be fun, exciting, and romantic. But finding Jordanian singles that match up with your values and ideals can often be difficult, especially if you're not living in Jordan.

First of all, girls will want to introduce you to their parents because they need parental approval. If parents like you, then this is a perfect sign. The beauty of women can be talked for a long time. Since they are from the middle east, their genes predict that they will grow beautiful.

Some women even use makeup, as it makes them more attractive. To stay young for a very long time, women use skin care products.

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Another of the best features of these women is kindness. They help all people around them. They listen to parents in everything and also fulfill their prescripts.

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If you have such a wife, then she will listen to you in everything. You can not doubt the security and confidentiality. Firstly, each bride is tested and verified. A woman gets her identification number, and you can find her. The sites have written usage rules. In the case of an unpleasant situation, you can contact support. It saves a lot of time. First, you do not need to go to Jordan and among all Jordanian women to seek singles. Second, the site has a special team that can quickly find a bride for you.

On most dating platforms, there is a credit system of payment. You pay for credits and use them only when you use them. For example, you want to chat, and you pay one credit per minute in chat.

Well, I married 2 Arab men, both Muslim and I converted, because I wanted to. #1- if they date you, they will never marry you. This is not an acceptable practice in Arab society. Of course there may be exceptions, but it's rare. #2- if they are Mu. Free Jordanian dating Website - Chat in Jordan & worldwide is the best and most serious chating and dating website free dedicated primarily to date between people who are interested by the jordanian culture. Meet Jordanian Singles Welcome to LoveHabibi - the meeting place for Jordanian singles worldwide. Expand your horizons by creating a free profile, check out personals, and find that special someone. Get started quickly and easily by signing up today and start connecting with .

There are a lot of online dating platforms where you can meet beautiful Jordanian women. So here are some tips on how to behave on these sites.

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Unfortunately, there are various scams on such sites. For example, someone pretends to be a representative of the site and wants to make money from you. Do not believe it and do not give it money, since payment on the sites is made in a unique way. If you are not familiar with a person, do not give her your personal information. Fraudsters are everywhere, so you need to be able to counteract this. If you still have an unpleasant situation on the site, you should contact support.

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The service is open 24 hours a day and will assist you immediately. But unfortunately, if you have already handed someone money, it will be difficult to return them. Since the current trend of feminism in the world is now active, it is interesting on what side Jordanian girls. Some men dream about women who will take care of their children at home all the time. Others, on the other hand, the dream of having their wives spend their time improving and building their careers. These women can not be attributed either to the first nor to others.

Jordan Dating is part of the dating network, which includes many other general dating sites. As a member of Jordan Dating, your profile will automatically be shown on related general dating sites or to related users in the network at no additional charge. Oct 10, Marriage age is currently 18 years old, but the one exception is that in the case of personal gains, such as financial support, a Jordanian bride can marry at the age of 15 years. In fact, a woman can marry against her will because she needs a male guardian who signs a . free Amman (Jordan) online dating site for single men and women! Register at Jordan singles service without payment to date and meet singles from Amman Amman dating site - free online dating in Amman (Jordan).

Firstly, they work perfectly at home. The home is always clean and cozy. Women can cook, and they do it very well. Women try to bring up their children and always be with them. They always meet her husband from work and help him when needed. On the other hand, women are well at university and dream of a career.

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