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Multi-dating is becoming more popular than ever. Social media allows us to not only keep in touch with friends, but many use these websites to scope out the dating scene too. Dating websites are also no longer seen as taboo, and if you have no plans for a Friday night, all you have to do is simply log on to one of your profiles, and a new love interests could be right there at your fingertips. When a guy is interested in you and only you, he will be in constant contact with you. Every morning before he rises, he will shoot you a good morning text message. Throughout the day, he will keep you ated on all the crazy things going on at his job; and before he goes asleep, he will send you a good night message. But the guy who is dating multiple women will suddenly disappear off the face of the Earth for days at a timewithout any explanation, of course.

Keep your options open dating

Different people bring out different qualities in you. Guys are doing it, too.

Why make a guy your priority if all you are to him is an option? Different men fulfill different needs. Jack, Bill and Ryan are still interested. You can focus on yourself. With no commitment to a guy, you have more time to do the things you want.

DON'T Keep Your Options Open

You come across as less available. What guy wants a girl who is available all the time?

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Most guys want a girl who has hobbies and is busy doing other things. Guys are competitive by nature.


Chances are, you value a guy who has dated enough people to know what he wants, who can deal with all kinds of awkward dating situations, who has slept with enough girls to be comfortable in bed and who is full of fun date ideas. By playing the field, you make sure you bring this experience to the table as well.

May 09,   'Cushioning' Isn't Cheating, It's Called Keeping Your Options Open 'Cushioning' Isn't Cheating, It's Called Keeping Your Options Open Yet another new word to describe the time-honored state of not being that into someone. 15 Reasons To Keep Your Dating Options Open. Single AF; Why make a guy your priority if all you are to him is an option? Chances are, the guys you're dating are dating other girls, as well. If you get too invested in one guy, you'll be devastated if he chooses someone else. Don't put all your . Keeping your options open after you've found someone truly amazing makes you an idiot - here's why: 1. You're not giving things a real chance. It used to be that when you met someone amazing with whom you had incredible chemistry, you pursued it further and built it into something amazing.

And why would you ever turn down a good time? You immediately connect with an awesome coach on text or over the phone in minutes.

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Just click here. Suzanne Kammer Suzanne is a twenty something living in Toronto, Canada.

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When she doesn't have her professional pants on fromshe is getting lost in a good book, a yoga class, or a tall glass of wine. She has a severe case of the travel bug, a serious love affair with food and will never say no to puppy-sitting.

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He has to weigh his options, he has to check in with his other women, and then he will make a decision as to how and where he will spend his Friday night. This is a sign that you need to keep your options open, too. No matter what his excuse is, you should know by now not to believe much that comes out of his mouth.

Keeping your options open makes it possible to have what you want, and it makes it easier for the man you have to give you what you want, because it completely changes your outlook and your "vibe." I call it circular dating, and I show you how to do it in my eBook. Jun 04,   Keeping Your Options Open By dating I mean continue to flirt with men and accept invitations to meet for coffee or have dinner. Doing this turns dating into a fun, worthwhile experience that lets you figure out what kind of partner you're looking for. Keeping your options open is a frame of mind. It helps keep your focus off of your MAN, and firmly where it belongs - on you, on what's important to you about how you want to be in the world and contribute to the world. It's getting a bigger picture that your man can FIT INTO, instead of feeling like he's the center of.

Remember, we have already discussed this: men make time for the things that they want! Instead, you need to keep your options open, and start dating other men.

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So until he comes to his senses and he most likely willjust keep on playing the field. And who knows, someone better may come along and sweep you right off your feet! Men avoid their emotions like the plague, but a man who is focused on getting to know one woman and one woman only will be more than happy to open up to her as time progresses.

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In order for a couple to bond, they both have to let down their guards and share bits and pieces of their hopes, dreams and regrets with each other. This is what makes a relationship stronger over time.

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In fact, he will avoid all discussions that have to deal with really serious topics. So while he dates around and tests the waters with other women, he will keep his emotions at bay.

Oct 26,   If you have been dating a guy for more than a few months, and you still haven't met his friends, this is a sign that you need to keep your options open. He's likely dating around, too. Jan 03,   By keeping your options open and increasing the number of men you meet and date, you increase the likelihood of meeting the man you've been dreaming of rather than settling for whomever you happen to meet first. SO DATE MANY MEN . Jan 16,   Hello vixens, If you're wondering what the rules are for dating, keeping your options open, or being committed in the early stages of dating; this video will hopefully help you answer some of.

You may feel compelled to be totally honest in all areas of your life, and we commend you for that. Some men will keep a part of themselves hidden because it helps them to maintain control of the situation. He will remain being secretive as he dates other women, so you should definitely date other men, too.

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This is a tricky situation, but it all boils down to this: you are not his girlfriend. You probably felt special that he was finally introducing you to his pals, but the way he introduced you to his friends is more than enough proof that you need to keep your options open.

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Are you afraid he will find out and stop talking to you? Many girls make the mistake of cutting off their pipeline of eligible men once they meet a guy they really like.

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