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Donna Roberts. Is Cancer woman Leo man compatible mentally, emotionally and sexually? Are Cancer woman and Leo man a good match? Sometimes a water sign like the Cancer woman has trouble mixing with a fire sign like the Leo man. She is fluid in her thoughts and emotions, but he is more steadfast.

Are Cancer woman and Leo man a good match? Sometimes a water sign like the Cancer woman has trouble mixing with a fire sign like the Leo man.

She is fluid in her thoughts and emotions, but he is more steadfast. But these two opposite zodiac signs an be complementary and learn a lot from each other once together in a relationship. A female crab is a complex person, deep and intuitive yet emotional and unstable. This can be difficult for the male lion to comprehend, as he is durable and unwavering.

This will be the main attraction for the dating Cancer womanas she needs nurturing and support from her partner. And he will offer that to her in spades.

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The Leo man is fiercely devoted to his friends and family, and he will extend that to his lover as well. The Cancer female in love also appreciates his honesty and integrity, and he admires her strong yet nimble mind.

She pampers him with love and affection, as she knows it is necessary to stroke his ego keep him interested. And the Leo male returns the favor in his typical generous fashion. This kind of give and take works wonders in the bedroom. The Cancer female sexually is sensual and caring, drawing him in with her slow, alluring foreplay. Then he unleashes his passion, bringing her to a new level of ecstasy. He is the king, and the Leo man sexually raises her up to be his queen, making her feel like the only woman in the world.

Feb 11,   Cancer man, Leo woman: Dating and early stages of the relationship. With respect to a Cancer man and Leo woman getting together in any type of relationship, the odds are very low. In public, she tends to hold court, so she usually has lots of people surrounding doursim.com: Cynthia Thinnes. Read about dating a Leo man. Cancer Woman Leo Man Relationship - Cons. The only thing that can jeopardize the Cancer woman Leo man love compatibility is the Leo man's need to be in charge. He automatically takes the reins, being a born leader, leaving the Cancer woman feeling lost or out of control. She needs to be an equal partner, not a Author: Donna Roberts. A Honeymoon Period. There is an instant attraction in this match. The Cancer man is in awe of the Leo woman's confidence, flamboyance and doursim.com's flattered by her attention, and she in return is deeply thrilled to enjoy such a romantic and attentive guy.

Her feminine energy satisfies his masculine prowess, and they become one easily and naturally. This helps to strengthen the Cancer woman and Leo man bond, cementing their romantic and practical relationship. Read about dating a Leo man. He automatically takes the reins, being a born leader, leaving the Cancer woman feeling lost or out of control. She needs to be an equal partner, not a submissive damsel in distress.

If he can relinquish some of the control to her, the Cancer woman Leo man match will be a gratifying union indeed. But when the two sun signs return to reality, sparks of a different nature may fly. The Cancer woman is shy and more reserved than her active Leo man in lovewho is always the center of attention.

How to Get a Leo Man to Chase You (with 5 Simple Ways) When a Leo Man is Done with You (with 6 Clear Signs) Top 5 Physical Signs a Cancer Man Likes You (Find out NOW) What Leo Woman Wants in a Man (with 6 Common Ideas) How to Make a Leo Man Miss You (with 6 Effective Ways). Dating a Leo, those born between 23 rd July and 23 rd August belong to the fifth sign in the zodiac doursim.com are born leaders, and they always want to be in the doursim.com are proud, self-confident, and noble-minded. Leos are known for their hospitality - they throw the best parties and make everyone feel great, in the meantime keeping most of the attention to doursim.com: Betty Crawford. Feb 16,   Leo man, Cancer woman: Dating and early stages of the relationship. There is not much natural chemistry between a Leo man and Cancer woman. In the eyes of a Cancer woman, a Leo man is flashy and showy, and she will tend to think that he lacks substance. For his part, a Leo man is unlikely to notice a Cancer doursim.com: Cynthia Thinnes.

She may feel left out if he goes off on his own to be with his adoring public. And he sees her as overreacting, which will make him seem distant and aloof. If she has one of her emotional outbursts, he will grow angry and frustrated with her, wanting to get away from the drama. She, in turn, will retreat into her shell to skulk over his lack of compassion. There will be a constant struggle between the Cancer woman and Leo man. They both will just not be ready to listen to each other.

Leo dating cancer man

Leo men need to be out and about while the Cancer women would rather stay in for the night, enjoying their cozy home.

In another sign, her nature would come across as arrogant and boastful, and it could serve to drive people away. In her, however, it seems so natural that surprisingly few people will get annoyed. It can be easy to assume that because a Leo woman is so good at putting on a show, she would lack substance behind the scenes.

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This is far from the case, though. Leo is a Fixed Sign. This means she has staying power. A Leo woman is magnanimous and loyal to those she cares about.

She is the Queen who wants the best for her subjects.

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With respect to a Cancer man and Leo woman getting together in any type of relationship, the odds are very low. In public, she tends to hold court, so she usually has lots of people surrounding her. A Cancer man is painfully shy when it comes to women, and the entourage surrounding a Leo woman will act as an almost impenetrable barrier to his ability to approach her.

For her part, a Leo woman is unlikely to find a Cancer man attractive at first, and she may not notice him at all. Being bold and flashy herself, she will expect a man to have those same traits.

It will be hard for her to respect a shy and quiet man, such as a Cancer. If she does get to know him, though, she will learn about and appreciate his positive qualities. Being loyal herself, she values that trait in others, but the problem will be getting to the point where she can see that in him.

Cancer and Leo Compatibility

A Cancer man and Leo woman approach sex in entirely different ways. For a Cancer man, sex is a deeply emotional experience that cements his bond with his partner. For a Leo woman, sex is about fun and adventure. This will make it very hard for them to connect on this level. They will need to compromise quite a bit if they are to have a mutually satisfying sex life.

In order to have a successful marriage, there are two factors that are important. The first is compatibility, and the second is a commitment to the marriage by both partners, which includes a willingness to do what it takes to make it work. While the former is important, the latter is essential. Compatibility refers to how two signs will get along naturally, without any effort on the part of either partner. The more compatible zodiac signs are, the less work they will have to do.

Still, no matter how compatible signs are, all marriages require commitment and at least some effort. In the case of a Cancer man and Leo woman, the natural compatibility is quite low. On the other hand, both a Cancer man and a Leo woman have the capacity for deep commitment, and if they decide to stick with a marriage, it can last a lifetime. A Cancer man is a devoted husband and father, and he will make great sacrifices for his family.

Likewise, a Leo woman is deeply loyal, and she will honor any vow or promise she makes no matter what the cost. Should these two get together, and should their relationship last long enough to get married, they have a very good chance of staying together. They will both need to do a lot of work and make many compromises, but both of them will be willing to make that effort.

If they have children, a Cancer man and Leo woman will make a good father and mother, but they will need to take great care to communicate with each other so that they are on the same page. Their parenting styles will be completely different. He will be very nurturing, and she will be entertaining and will push the children to be their best. If they talk to each other and coordinate their efforts, they will balance each other well as parents.

A Cancer man and Leo woman will have a hard time working together. A Cancer man is easy to underestimate, but Cancer is a Cardinal Sign, which means that he wants to be in control. On the other hand, he often does not control directly but instead tends to hover and micromanage with a worried air. This will greatly annoy a Leo woman.

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No matter how humble her background, a Leo woman will carry herself as the Queen. As the Queen, she does not want to be told what to do. She might accept direction from someone who seems confident and sure of himself, but a Cancer man does not tend to give that impression. This will lead to many power struggles between them. If they must work together, it is a good idea for them to divide their work between them.

This way, they can each do their tasks in the way they want without interference from the other.

A Cancer man is basically a strongly focused and determined person with great sense of humor and pronounced leadership skills. He is quite enduring and shows a lot of compassion. Once he aims for something, he hardly looks back or regret on his decision. In love with a Leo woman, he can play the role of an ideal romantic lover effortlessly. The Cancer man in love is the more emotional one, which annoys her sometimes as she is steadier with her feelings. But the Leo female respects his selfless nature and pure devotion to her, and she offers the same in return. The Cancer man is very protective of his partner, which makes her feel special and adored. He is also good at feeding her ego, and she satisfies his need for love and Author: Donna Roberts. Dec 04,   The Leo man also likes to play, and he loves being teased. This can be mind-blowing for the Cancer woman who enjoys foreplay and building up to their ultimate desires. Despite their passionate unions, there are surely times when Cancer and Leo have to overcome conflict. A danger in Cancer's personality lies in her ambiguity.

There are many opportunities for conflict between a Cancer man and Leo woman. Cancer is a very volatile sign, and while Leo is not especially volatile, she does have a great deal of pride. To make things worse, these signs have a lot of trouble understanding each other.

If they are going to survive as a couple, they will need mutual respect.

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