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By sugarplum , June 15 in Mainland China. Cr avirtualvoyage. Jiao Yang is Hongyu Organization's heir, but because of his status as the CEO's son, he is not acknowledged by the shareholders. Lin Miao was engaged to help Jiao Yang adapt to his position in three months. The two initially do not get along, but later learn to work together to complete their mission.

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Her only fault his her choice in men. I have a big problem with the 2nd ML actor. He is acting for me incredibly awkward and woodenly.

[INTERVIEW] ??? - Li Hongyi \u0026 Zhao Lusi

His face never shows the right emotion on point, it feels like he missed his cue every time. Was he that bad there too? Also the board members and the chairman actors are a bit on the average range.

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Normally the older ones are more seasoned. So he did got better but not for a 2nd ML role in my opinion. Still no one watching this? Despite the ridicoulous premise it is quite good.

Li Hong Yi debuted in the entertainment industry by participating in the Hunan Satellite TV Life Program. He was a former apprentice SM Entertainment his training in Korea was only for three months, due to various reasons, opted to resign to continue his studies. Hong Yi (23 October - 13 October ; Chinese: ??; pinyin: Hongyi), born Li Shutong (???) was a Chinese Buddhist monk, artist and art also went by the names Wen Tao, Guang Hou, and Shu Tong, but was most commonly known by his Buddhist name, Hong Yi. He was a master painter, musician, dramatist, calligrapher, seal cutter, poet, and Buddhist Li Shutong, (???), (???), October 23

Also the 2nd FL is capable and doesn't need a hero to save her behind. She won't go after someone who isn't worth it or doesn't want her, even though she still fights until the OTP is confirmed. And like the FL said to her, she is quite cute. He is scheming and hurts people but is whining why the heroine isn't falling for him.

Hey guy, you just scammed her out of her hard work and almost ruined the company she works for.

You have a gf who is totally idiot for you but you go after a girl who openly dislikes you. Go get a shrink.

??? (Hung-yi Lee) received the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from National Taiwan University (NTU), Taipei, Taiwan, in an respectively. From September to August , he was a postdoctoral fellow in Research Center for Information Technology Innovation, Academia Sinica. From September to July , he was a visiting. Li Hong Yi is a Chinese actor and singer born on June 26, , in Liaoning, China. He is a graduate of the Beijing Contemporary Music Academy, and was briefly on the books at South Korean talent agency SM Entertainment, but opted to return to China. He made his acting debut in the comedy series "Sister Knows" , and later the same year starred in the movie "Yesterday Once More.". Hongyi Li News, Series, Height, Birthday, Birthplace, Zodiac Sign, Relationships, Instagram, Weibo Gender: Male, Height: cm, Birthday: June 26, , Age:

Besides, he always counts on networks and money instead of honest work. It isn't that he doesn't work hard, he just does for making himself better in front of others.

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Even daddy sees that and called him out for that. Boy, that guy has issues. I feel like this drama would be so much better if a little more money was spent on it.

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The clothes and the styling are so tacky. I quite like the leading pair though. Anyways, this is keeping me interested so I'll keep watching. They are okay for me.

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Nothing that sticks out but also nothing weird. Most time they wear classic office work uniform: a suit. I really like this drama.

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I watched this for LHY but fall in love with the main lead actress. They have great chemistry.

k Followers, 16 Following, 80 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from LI HONG YI ??? (@lihongyi)80 posts. Li Hong Yi has the charisma and look of a guy who is always being misunderstood by others and yet he adopts a I-don't-give-a-damn attitude. Having said that, he's desperate in proving himself to his father and to Lin Miao. Li Hong Yi's performance is very convincing here. Kira Shi has a mature look. Jun 18,   Li Hong Yi as Jiao Yang Shi Shi as Lin Miao Yang Ze as Su Chengyun Wang Yu as Zhao Yan Ren Yin Song Chang Hua Sen Zhang Yan Yun Wang Xi Wen Synopsis: Jiao Yang is Hongyu Organization's heir, but because of his status as the CEO's son, he is not acknowledged by the shareholders. Lin Miao was engaged to help Jiao Yang adapt to his position in.

Poor immature LWJ. I think she finally got who is chasing whom.

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Sign in here. By Sushimi Started March 6, By CarolynH Started June 21, By kimlees Started April 22, He was born in Tianjin to a banking family originating in Hongtong CountyShanxithat migrated to Tianjin in the Ming Dynastythough his mother was from PinghuZhejiang province. In Li went to Japan to study at Tokyo School of Fine Art in Ueno Park where he specialized in Western painting and music, and met a lover by the name of Yukiko who was to become his concubine.

The next year he was appointed as a music teacher in a girls' school in Shanghai. He taught not only Western painting and music but also art history.

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During these later years, Li's reputation grew, as he became the first Chinese educator to use nude models in his painting classes, not to mention as the first teacher of Western music in China. Li Shutong himself was also an accomplished composer and lyricist.

Many of his compositions are still remembered and performed today. InLi underwent a day fast at a temple in Hangzhou, and experienced the benefit of a spiritual life.

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The following year, he took refuge in the Three Jewels of Buddhism. After spending another year there, Li began a new chapter in his life by choosing to be ordained as a monk, and thus began a holistic life dedicated to propagating Buddhism and its code of conduct.

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After becoming a monk he practised only calligraphy, developing a simple and unadorned, yet unique style, which was treasured by everyone who received a sample.

He became known to all as Master Hong Yi.

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Beijing-based progressive-metal rock band the Tang Dynasty recorded a rock-version of Master Hong Yi's famous romantic ballad, the Farewell song in their second album Epic. A special th anniversary celebration of Master Hong Yi showcasing his calligraphy and painting works took place in in Shanghai, partly sponsored by the Pinghu Municipal Government, and attended by a granddaughter of Hong Yi. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Li Shutong.

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