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This gift is practical as well as thoughtful. Send them a watch set to both their time zone and yours. Instead of constantly calculating the time difference between you, all your partner needs to do is glance at their watch. You can customize the location and geographic coordinates in latitude and longitude. It is a lasting memento of how far you are willing to go to make your relationship work.

It also takes awesome selfies for those excursions you do get to go on together. Olfactory memory refers to the way our brains associate certain smells with comfort.

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Homesick candles' collection of hand-poured wax offers instantly recognizable traces of your lover's state; you can even specify areas like "Northern California" or "Boston.

Perhaps the smell of your partner's nether regions is more comforting than that of a geographical region. Okay, Goop's vagina candle doesn't actually smell like that - though it did send Twitter into a spiral. However, the dry-humored scent name puts a lighthearted spin on missing someone's physical presence, and the rose-bergamot scent is actually pretty yummy.

We can all agree that cuddles are comforting - but did you know that hugs have been proven to decrease stress and anxiety? When you're not there to make your person feel safe, a weighted blanket can be a stand-in big spoon. Make mushy letters a thing again with the Lovebox Messenger.

Jun 25, The partner with the Bot Eye attaches a tablet of their choice to the top of the Bot Eye (about four feet tall) and the long distance partner uses a smartphone or computer to . Sep 11, BoldLoft has a ton of gifts perfect for long distance couples. And they're so cute! Frank and I especially love their "couples pillowcases." They offer things that come in pairs, including pillowcases, t-shirts, coffee mugs, and glasses. Sep 13, While distance makes the heart grow fonder, surprises make it go faster. Get your out-of-town sweetie's heart rate up by sending one of our favorite long distance relationship gifts. This post is a special double-header, featuring one list of long distance gift ideas for less than $50 and a second list of ideas over $50 for big spenders.

Once connected to your phone, you can send a sweet message to your honey or a "Thinking of you" to grandparents who don't text.

It might be corny, but this nifty box has earned nearly 5-star reviews.

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The butterflies in your stomach don't make those long-ass drive any less monotonous. While the Echo Input can add Alexa to any plain speaker, it's particularly handy for tricking out the car with voice commands. Your S. Patience is a virtue or whatever. It's also a must to keep your spirits up in a long distance relationship. Sporting the newest Apple Watch can keep both of you busy as well as keep a countdown until your next meet up, obviously.

Send iMessages from your wrist, go for a virtual run together, and exchange heartbeat patterns via Digital Touch to cushion the loneliness.

Couples who laugh together stay together. If your partner has a good sense of humor, this gift is the next best thing to you being there: a pillow with your face on it, obviously.

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The images are surprisingly high-quality, and the reviews prove that it won't let you down. You deserve someone who wants to cuddle your face every night - there's even a monster-sized option if they're tryna spoon. Hey, it's better than nothing, right? Romantic date nights don't have to stop when your boo leaves.

Wine subscription boxes from Winc are are super customizable, with wines for those with casual palates to connoisseurs with refined tastes. It's a cute way to set aside at least one regular day for a romantic dinner via FaceTime. Juggling long work days, kids, or even conflicting time zones makes an LDR that much more stressful. The 2nd gen Amazon Echo Show makes checking in with each other easy, offering hands-free calling and a walkie talkie-like drop-in feature.

Alexa also keeps things moving by keeping track of numerous schedules, playing recipe videos, and providing traffic and news ates. Living in an empty house or apartment without your significant other can be hella sketchy. If your bae is the type to get paranoid over every single noise raises han the Ring Video Doorbell can offer some peace of mind. Just ask Alexa to see the camera in real time, watch video playback to see who's stealing packages, and get alerted to any motion.

Wearing the coordinates of both of your locations on a bracelet together is a heartwarming sentiment - especially when it matches your outfit. Spice up the average jewelry gift with these pretty, customizable coordinate bracelets.

Long distance dating gifts

Shop multiple customizable styles. Being in a relationship with a pet parent essentially makes you a parent by association. The empty side of the bed is hard to ignore even if you spent the entire day talking. For those eight agonizing hours, these heartbeat pillows can offer personalized comfort to combat the loneliness.

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You know you've been dating forever when you accidentally match. What screams "soulmates" more than matching underwear?

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MeUndies is known for having insanely comfy undies and onesies - sexy, right? When you're not together IRL, it's a fun way to keep the intimacy strong and an excuse to surprise them with undies pics.

Space between you and your best friend is hard regardless, but couples in separate states rather than cities have the shittiest end of the stick. That distance does make for some adorable artwork, though.

Top 10 Best Long Distance Relationship Gifts

Movie dates while cuddling on the couch are off the table, but that doesn't mean you can't still watch stuff together. Instead of counting down to make sure no one starts the episode early, this Chromecast and Google Home Mini make streaming simultaneously a breeze. Just tell Google to use Chromecast from your mobile device and boom: You're streaming from a ton of different apps.

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And yes, you can cast on two different TVs at once. What's better than an old-fashioned love note?

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One that you can eat, obviously. This ultra well-reviewed shop on Etsy revamps the traditional gift of chocolate to let you send sweet nothings right to bae's door - but there are options to make it naughty if you want.

Pictures especially instant ones are the next best thing when you can't see their face IRL. The Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic Camera is the ultimate sidekick for vintage-obsessed couples, with new camera features like automatic exposure measurement in a more sophisticated package than the Instax Mini.

Once printed, the photos can be put in mini frames or in a clear phone case for cute reminders wherever you go. Whether it's lost luggage at the airport, missing keys, or another travel fiasco, a pack of Tile Mate Bluetooth trackers and their app eliminate frantic searching and get your boo to you faster.

Great for bags, keys, phones, wallets, and more, they can even make a lost phone ring when it's on silent.

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Packing for impromptu weekend trips can best be described as "throwing any article of clothing that you see in the next 30 seconds. It comes in two sizes and, as with anything from Herschel, has a ton of color options. Not seeing your partner is bound to have you wanting to slap their face on everythingand we don't blame you. Celebrate being a part of a pair with these porcelain mugs that fit together like you fit with your favorite person.

Each mug in the set of two looks like a friendly face. When the mugs touch, their lips kiss and the handles form a heart shape.

Tell them you are lucky to be in love with your best friend. Your significant other will look forward to waking up next to this frame in the morning.

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This cheeky wood string art picture frame is a perfect! Send a thoughtful note to friends or family going through a tough time. I would. Was hanging at the coffee shop your favorite thing to do with her? This Still Having Coffee Together hand stamped vintage spoon is a great gift to solidify your coffee dates from miles away. A unique gift for good long-distance friends who enjoyed their brews together. Each letter is printed with a unique prompt like - Open when you need a pep talk, Open when you need to make a big decision, Open when you need a good laughFill these 12 letters with pep talks, advice, and good cheer for a friend, family member, or long-distance love.

Nothing like an old-fashioned letter to keep the romance flowing. Make Facetime a lot easier with this cell phone stand.

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Your smartphone will sit perfectly in the M2 Stand to receive incoming video calls, watch movies, without the hassle of having to handle your phone. The Cable Management on the back of the M2 Stand allows you to neatly organize your cables when recharging the battery. The Weekender is designed to meet the flight regulations and requirements for carrying on luggage.

A shoe compartment is designed at the side of the duffel bag to separate your shoes from other of your stuff. The duffel also comes with a toiletries bag that is convenient for the people who love traveling. The toiletries bag can keep your essentials organized while you travel without messing up your stuff.

Keep those Facetime conversations going with this toy. It will get you out of your comfort zone and remind you why you are together in the first place. Interact with your partner and get closer than ever. Send heartfelt messages to loved ones-anytime, anywhere in the world-with this modern take on the classic love note.

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When you send a new message through the easy-to-use app, the chunky heart on the beechwood box spins to alert the recipient. Then, the object of your affection opens the box to read the sentiment on the mirrored screen inside.

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Each personalized mug features a love map of the states you both live in, and the cities are marked with a heart. Dotted lines and a heart connect the two maps. Together forever never apart.

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Maybe in the distance but never a heart. Looking for the perfect way to say I love you to a special someone? This bracelet with a message safely hidden on the inside will make her smile whenever she looks at it. Simple but elegant it can be worn every day.

Aug 21, From the kinky to the sweet, we've assembled some of the best long-distance relationship gifts to send your partner, from app-controlled . Our favorite long-distance gadgets have a cozy new look: These colorful touch lamps let your loved ones know you're thinking about them in real time. After each person connects their lamp to WiFi. Jan 20, 20 Romantic Gifts to Show Your Long-Distance Love Your Affection. By Jessica Stewart on January 20, Peruse 20 perfect gifts for anyone who finds themselves in a long-distance relationship and get ready to make your loved one's heart melt. Spinning Heart Messenger. Marie Poulle and Jean Gregoire | $

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