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Did you know that, as a woman, you have both masculine and feminine energy? Can you tell if you have more masculine or feminine energy? Do you know the difference between these two energies? Receptive, soft, fluid, allowing, nurturing, sensual, empathetic, flexible, emotional, and expressed through the subtle realm. Focused, goal-oriented, stable, strong, structured, logical, driven, and expressed through the physical realm. The biggest benefits for me of loving my feminine side has been knowing how to take care of myself emotionally. Really honoring my emotions instead of denying them or thinking they are bad and something I have to hide.

Without Yang, Yin would have no contrast, and thus would not exist. Feminine energy, which is the receptive, nurturing, and passive force in the Universe and in the hearts of womenis basically Yin. Masculine energy on the other hand, which is the assertive, direct, and action-oriented force in the Universe, is basically Yang.


These two masculine and feminine energies depend upon one another to exist-and, in fact, one quite enjoys the other. This is why men typically gravitate towards women who are very receptive, nurturing, passive, and docile. Every human being has certain feminine characteristics and certain masculine characteristics, I understand this. If you want to know how to make her chase youthis is the key. Men are typically more assertive, confident, active, and direct. Women are typically more receptive, passive, intuitive, and indirect.

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These characteristics can be understood through the lens of Yin and Yang, as I said before-Yin is feminine energy, and Yang is masculine energy. This is not to say that a man is not receptive or nurturing at times-it is crucial to have a balanced spirit. This is also not to say that women are sometimes assertive, direct, or logical; certainly they are at times. It is important to note that Yin and Yang are opposites, and that opposites attract-at least in this case.

This is why men and women complete each other in a spiritual sense. They balance out one another.

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They can sense when a man is very grounded and centered in his masculine energy, almost as if they have a sixth sense. If you want to know how to turn a girl onthis is the key. Embody your masculine energy. Be the manifestation of yang, in your life. They complete each other. His masculinity complements her femininity, and her feminine energy complements his masculine energy. This is why women test men -they want to see how sure of himself he is.

Their feminine energy wants to experience the unwavering, constant, beacon of masculine energy that their man should embody.

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This is one of the reasons that I made this website. I want to help men develop their masculinity, in all senses of the word. Have you ever met a woman who just oozed sex appeal? Whenever a woman is very sexy, it is because she embodies yin-it shows itself through her body language, facial expressions, tone of voice, and other nonverbal communications.

To embody Yin means to be receptive. It is feminine to be receptive. It means to be passive, and it means to be nurturing. Women want to receive energy from their environment-this is what feminine energy wants.

It wants to receive, because it is formless. It wants masculine form to give it order and structure. Feminine energy is receptive; it is passive and emotional.

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Its counterpart is that which is active. To feel is to receive. Women want to receive masculine energy. True masculine energy completes a woman.

They want to receive his reality; to be drawn into his world. They want him to take the lead, and to be a strong man who they can follow. Staying busy instead of stopping to feel.

At our core, we all have a predominate energy that is either masculine or feminine. Generally, women have feminine core energy and men have masculine core energy. This energy plays a major role in our lives and our relationships. Today we are going to talk about what it means to have masculine and feminine energy and why it is important in dating. Masculine energy is all about action, giving, . When you are dating a masculine man You have to be in your feminine energy at a given time to fully be open to/surrender and let the masculine energy in. Femininity is beautiful, and any masculine man will live AND die for it. My man tells me that the masculine energy is here to protect, and I believe this wholeheartedly. Feb 18,   Let's look at the masculine and feminine energy in a relationship. Masculine energy is action-oriented, strong, sharp, and thought-provoking. Feminine energy is peaceful and calm, nurturing and compassionate.

Finding the complementary relationship between my inner and outer self has been a life-long effort. Click here to learn how to connect to your feminine side. Life is a dance. Relationships are a dance.

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The interplay with others is a delicate, ever-changing process. Learn to use your feminine power wisely by connecting to the masculine and feminine cts in you that are uplifting.

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The healthier expressions of both energies. Becoming more aware of how you express your feminine and masculine energies is important for good relating. Knowing how to express these energies in healthy ways is how you create true intimacy. Avoid expressing the dark side of the feminine and the dark side of the masculine.

Dec 27,   Masculine energy in a woman can be a woman who is very successful in her career. She competes with men all day long, so she's basically masculine. She's battling men all day long in the business world, so she's masculine. She's looking for a raise. She has to fight her boss, so she's masculine. Oct 01,   They are on social media to check out these whores like Rihanna and Madonna. And they are glued to their smartphone to use dating apps like Tinder, watch porn and write 10 Men at the same time. If she uses them she is brainwashed into being masculine and to become a LovePeddler. Jul 10,   You can do it by learning to receive more and giving less and enjoying what your man can bring to you. And if you cannot let go of your urges to control, lead, plan, initiate, tell him what he should do, there is no way you can inspire, seduce, lure, attract, push him into being a more masculine guy.

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The best way to start getting in touch with your feminine side in this fast-paced world is by slowing down. Take a moment and do this relaxing minute meditation. I initially created it for myself. Leave a comment below and let me know. Thousands of other women and men come to this article each week for inspiration and wisdom. Your comment may provide support to someone else. Related Articles:.

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This article Post navigation, So helpful for test how are you feminine! Can I share this post to my website? Though you anatomically may be male or female, you may not only have masculine OR feminine energy you could possibly have both. Pingback: Discover the Yoni Egg Practice with it's many spiritual and physical benefits. Thanks Donna for your comment. Thank you for this! This article has cleared some things for me about feminine and masculine energies.

It was very helpful! Wonderful to hear. Happy to be of service! Hope you are enjoying some of my other articles as well.

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Was an interesting read. Never knew there was the masculine and feminine.

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A few years back I was definitely more masculine, but after alot of soul searching, therapy, reading etc I feel, after reading this article, that I have a good balance. Thank you for this article. Thanks for your comments. Glad you enjoyed the article. Yes, remember to connect to your feminine side when you are frazzled. Especially living in a society that is masculine in nature. I believe many of us get into survival mode and miss out on the intuitive flow of the feminine.

I like the self check that Anna-Thea is offering in this article. Thanks for your comment Jen! Slowing down opens our intuition. Especially the idea of survival mode. And while such men absolutely exist, they are attracted to feminine energy partners! A masculine man is very quickly turned off by masculine energy women, because he wants to lead and they want to lead too and all you get is a head-butting ceremony, a clash of the same energies.

However, does this mean that these women have to be single forever or that they have to change themselves? Absolutely not. The following are my two cents for this case. It also helps to remember that when we learn about feminine energy, we are just learning how to use a new set of skills in our relationships.

It does not amount to changing ourselves or not being our true-selves. At least, not anymore than learning a new language changes you. In my world-view, it only enhances you and makes you richer.

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I see this a lot with many modern, successful women I know. Their guys are no big-shot CEOs or managers themselves but sculptors, artists, writers, men in softer professions who can complement the energy of the woman they love.

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This too can be a great partnership because these women find emotional comfort and solace in the arms of these men. This again is a great partnership and such families work very well too and there is love in them. It is wrong to feed the hope that the man will change himself and step up over time. You can only and only change yourself. If you have decided to be the leader in the relationship. The poor fellow is left with no choice but to be in feminine energy with you.

Think of it like this: a train with two drivers wanting to drive in the opposite direction - you want it your way and he wants it his way and both of you want to have it your way because you believe you are right!

Jan 15,   What is masculine energy? Strength training. Just looking at a man's body, you can tell if he is masculine. No wonder why hard and strong body Dating. When you are dating a chick, you can be sure of one thing; she will be pick up on your level of masculinity and Long term relationship. In an. Your masculine energy would be, in this case, your protector. It would be assertive and give you the courage to speak your truth and stand up for yourself. Your masculine energy would say, "Thanks, but no thank you" or "That doesn't work for me", for example. Related: Setting Healthy Boundaries in Relationships and What You Need to Know. When you align with your masculine energy, you will find yourself making decisions with ease, that would have previously flustered you. You will find yourself pursuing the job that you really want, the relationships that you really want, and the goals that you really want to achieve. Want to 10x Your Masculine Energy?

As you can imagine, this train will never move anywhere. Unless you shift into femininethere is no way he can step into masculine. This is my answer to all women who come to me asking: how can I inspire him to do more for me romantically, do more for the family, support us more financially? You can do this by stepping into feminine energy yourself.

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You can do it by learning to receive more and giving less and enjoying what your man can bring to you. And if you cannot let go of your urges to control, lead, plan, initiate, tell him what he should do, there is no way you can inspire, seduce, lure, attract, push him into being a more masculine guy. If anything, you will end up in repeated, exhausting arguments and this will go against you and further strain your relationship. The more feminine energied partners we can be, the more we can inspire our men to be the leaders.

We need to empty the space we have taken in the relationship so that the other can step in and take it up. It takes a deliberate, intentional, effort to walk this path and this is the work we must do on ourselves!

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