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We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and to show you personalised advertising. By using this website you agree to our Cookies Policy. COM claims to be a free site, while it's not a free site. They're scammers Kylex7 Send email. Meet me I keep getting multiple meet me requests and by the time I get to them to view their profile I get a message stating that this user has deleted their profile or was removed by pof. This is happening over and over and I just joined last week.

What if they have me confused with someone else? You aren't alone, there are LOTS of people banned for no reason, explanation etc.

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It's weird no doubt! But if this is how a site conducts itself, go other places.

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My assumption was correct. Msswrite Send email. Deleted accoubt Hmmm I've read enough to understand I'm not alone in having my account deleted without explanation, and, like many others, feel that I didn't break any of their rules. I'm so okay with that. In a weird way. I'm happy. What a crappy experience online dating has been, in many ways.

I have met some very good friends, life long friendships through this site.

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Not love connections. But good connections nonetheless. I guess I kept coming back hoping that at some point there would be something more. So, what I want to say is; thank you for randomly deleting me for no reason. Moving on now MaxV Send email. I want all photos and profiles deleted off now I can't get in because he changes the passwords I tried customer service but they have not replied my ex husband has a computer company its simple for him. I tried hiding my photo and using another name but it is pointless.

He finds them all with help from idiot friends. Ccinobug32 Send email. He is bad news! He is physically abusive and currently awaiting a trial date for domestic assault! Girls if you want to try this HelloThere Send email. Not a complaint I've noticed people complaining about accounts being deleted. I've been randomly logged out of my POF account on my phone and can't get back in I find when you log into a computer on your account then log back in on your phone it fixes the problem.

I hope this is helpful, have a nice day! Chicki45 Send email. I want to be refunded and this to never take place again. SOaap Send email. Be warned, this guy is very slick and poses as a businessman importer of cocoa beans supposedly and went to Accra, Ghana for some months January to April or who knows he may still be there and be rotting with the beans! He is very charming and had me fooled. We had some disagreements, and then he makes you seem like the bad guy for thinking bad thoughts of him.

Please be careful as he will say that he loves you and you are the "perfect" one for him and "we were destined to meet. Perfectsmilejess Send email. Hockeystar6 This user hockeystar6, 34 yrs old, from Hampton,NH and works ambulance company per profile but really is unemployed.

He wants text immediately and wants your phone number and gives his. He might look like a handsome guy but don't be fooled, ladies! He had been messaging with me all the while he had a girlfriend.

He told her he deleted the account and asked me to meet for a drink Thur night after only talking for 2 days. I found out who his girlfriend was and sent her a Facebook message, she told me he's a liar, uses women for money. He also lied and said he was single for 6 months.

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When asked about his job, he dodged those questions because he's not employed. All the while with the girlfriend he was using another girl and staying at her house, taking her on dates with girlfriends credit card.

The only reason they found out about each other was because girlfriend contacted his father to let him know and get her money paid back. Ladies, he will sweet talk you, tell you what you want to hear, say he's not like any of the other guys in pof, that he is honest, never cheated, and never will. He seeks out fits who have good jobs and have money because he had none. He lives at home with his parents, who pay everything and are paying back these 2 girls who can't forward.

He will probably date you for awhile then use the feel sorry for me I have credit or financial problems and then that get ladies give him money. Since, this incident went down he's been grounded by his parents and can't go anywhere.

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This due to his dad having to pay these women back. Money scam Beware of Bruce Smith C. I am afraid that he has scammed other women out of funds, he can be quite charming!

Plenty of Fish Deleted account for no reason hey logged me out of my plenty of fish account and could not log back in. I got deleted out of no where while just signed barley up on the site with in not even 1 hour and nothing on my profile was bad or even looking for a "fast hook up" I was putting serious effort into my profile and nothing I have done was wrong and next thing you know am logged out with no reason why I tried contacting Plenty of Fish and never got a response to this so am just going to report this to higher levels and as well alert all social media and online forums and all review boards against them.

As far as rating, if I could not even give a 1 star rating, I would give them no star rating. Automatic recurring charges to your financial account POF. Please check for automatic two year recurring payment registered by POF on you Paypal account, bank account or credit card.

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Comparing to other dating site, POF. COM is like a con man. I will never use POF.

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COM and nobody should. My bad experience in summer, When I chose the one time payment at POF. POF made you believe that you would only be charged for that amount once and be able to cancel your Prfofiel in POF and their service to you anytime without further financial obligation.

Search for users that fit your criteria with Plenty of Fish. We allow you to narrow down our massive list of users to match what you are looking for. When Plenty of Fish first hit the scene, online dating was a strange new world for those searching for that special someone. Since then, we've learned to 'like', 'follow', and slide our way into someone's DMs. Now that meeting on a dating app is the new normal, we're still finding ways for people to go on dates and make deeper connections. Jan 16, Dating after divorce, the nature of sexual realtionships without emotions, Marriage, friendship, friendship relationship timing, Marriage, ex stuff, anger and emotional issues etc. Pretty much any sort of relationship issue you can think of will be inside one of the plenty of fish forums the problem is finding the right one.

In my case, after I authorized the payment, Plentyoffish POF actually put in a two year automatic recurring payment onto my account in Paypal but I won't know about it as you thought POF only charges you once for the upgrade as said in their website. I cancelled my upgrade two weeks before it expired and closed my account actually, POF never really deleted your account. So, you thought you were done with POF Paypal won't stop the payment because they said I authorized a two recurring payment to POF.

After the first email, POF. I hope this helps the person who plans to buy the one-time two month upgrade. There are other honest dating site. If you are current user of POF. COM, I will suggest you to check for 2 year automatic recurring payment registered against your method of payment right now! POF account deleted for no reason I registered on POF for the first tim, but already the very next day, my account was deleted.

I haven't done anything wrong, sent a single message to another user, asking "have you studied in the same city? No nude pictures or other things. Next day I want to check for a response - but the account was deleted, the email address for resetting the password is not in their database anymore. No response seems to come back from this address.

Conclusion: POF is a waste of time.

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Disturbing GA profile Ladies and gentlemen - be warned. Watch out for your loved ones. This profile uses NLP grooming verbiage to prey on potential victims. I am a person of integrity and honesty. I am told that I am great listener, a great communicator a compassionate Man with a warm heart. I'm told I'm an amazing Kisser. I'm one who makes friends easy. I don't sweat the small stuff or things I cannot control.

Free online dating and matchmaking service for singles. 3, Daily Active Online Dating Users. Dating site called fish. best profile for online dating s next generation of but enjoyed before plenty of fish sex dating forum his or off and sparks! Often extended stay in heavy cloth. click Pof forum sex dating Next relationship readiness, conflict resolution, and buy a sexually exploratory Pof review august legit site or legit scam. There are plenty of people eager to make new connections on Plenty of Fish.

While working Logistics for a large retail corporation for another 20 years I have a passion for Real Estate. I bought my first property at the age of 18 and have been buying properties as income producing property and have been doing so now some 25 years. Having seen the housing market crash that we're facing today, I'm able to buy properties for less than what I paid for my very first home.

So a couple years ago I started buying property again. Both my parents are still alive, still married.

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My Father is a Retired Army Officer. I have three other siblings 3 boys, 1 girl. My parents attend Church regularly. For those reading this, I am a social drinker; I have never done any drugs nor do not associate myself with those who have drug and alcohol addictions.

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I was married nearly 18 years and raised a step-daughter from the age of 8 years old till she moved for the final time, to attend college. In another 5 year long relationship I raised a little girl at the age of 3 years old till she turned 8 yrs. My relationship with a child is a parental one of which I take seriously. So, I do not have commitment issues.

I am an Alpha Dominant Taurus Man!! We Taurus are by nature a little stubborn yet, affectionate, attentive, romantic, compassionate, touchy-feely. However, do NOT mistake kindness for weakness! Having taken a Bill Gothard Seminars, relationship courses, studied Psychology, human sexuality, childhood development. It is very difficult to balance judging someone's intent, philosophy, and approach through written word We as humans are genetically, pre-disposed, pre-wired, pre-determined to behave given various cts of who we are as Men and women with very primal want desires, needs that people at times have difficulty putting a label on.

I seek a real-time like minded woman to be my complimentary devoted counterpart through life.

Sep 30, This dating website Plenty of Fish is a scam. I will say now to everyone do a legit dating service if you want to treated as valued customer cause to my surprise plenty of fish has a /5. I tried contacting Plenty of Fish and never got a response to this so am just going to report this to higher levels and as well alert all social media and online forums and all review boards against doursim.com far as rating, if I could not even give a 1 star rating, I would give them no star rating. May 27, The POF forums were an active destination for digital daters for 15 years. Users created more than 10 million posts before the closure, covering a broad spectrum of topics including dating, love, relationships, marriage, parenting and doursim.coms: 3.

You must love the loss of control. The gift of being submissive is not to know what is going to happen and being made to do whatever is required of you. It is in the context of a relationship that a woman is FREE of those social bonds to the sexual creature a woman was meant to be with a Man Once she has come to trust in those desires, wanting to surrender herself she then begins a journey bonding with that Man through is touch, his smell, his voice, and his seed which fully marks a woman as his All she truly asks for is to be protected; cherished, nurtured, molded to his wants and respected for all that she does and is to that Man.

I promise not to devulge these secrets to other There is always in any relationship the C. Erotic POWER of Exchange the journey in corresponding, talking, dating one another exploring the chemistry, which is an extention of that C. If you're curiously intrigued come say so. If need be, being that I am a Gentlemen, add me to your Favorites. What you don't know I will teach you; your whole perspective on love and life may change for the better!

Everybody lies, some just lie more so than others. It takes being vulnerable your strengths, your weakness, any triggers to give yourself unconditionally to a Man whom you wish to belong to.

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A woman by her very core is a sexual creature. She's the nester, the nurturer, the care giver, mothers of children. A woman was designed to be breed.

Yes, it's blunt but, it is what it is in Black and White. A slave a Bottom Male or Female pleases whether it pleases them or not. A babygirl and Daddy's girl are different. A babygirl is an adult woman drawn to older Men wanting that affection and attention she never recieved from her father. I think at this point she is not active in my account anymore.

Used this site many times in the past decade. The only features they've added are paywalls to keep you from viewing profiles or finding out if someone liked your profile. The subscription rates are abusive, the matchmaking features don't work properly.

It's just a garbage site. I found someone I was really interested in, deleted my account and it was hacked after I deleted it.

I tried to change my password and enter my account but matter what one of 3 emails you have personal, student, professional none of them received an email to edit my password.

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Total scam site POF does nothing to remove them I have asked numerous times to remove profiles I have been on this site a few time but my account eventually gets deleted every time for unknown reasons. The site allowed me to reply but my reply never appeared. No explanation that time. Eventually I deleted my account due to no explanation I started a new account POF deleted I waited 6 months.

Started a new account. I was very careful with my responses and wording After 4 months of my new account Not sure if this is due to being harassed by men I dont respond to? Is someone randomly reporting me out of retaliation for being rejected? Because men are certainly able to send inappropriate messages to me I called, emailed I have actually used POF on and off for over 20 years, going back to when the site was completely free.

It was never anything more than serviceable, but since it was free, you got what you paid for. Then about 18 months ago I returned to POF and created a new account because my old account went away when they became a pay site.

I was on the site for about 9 months, then deactivated my account and left. I decided to try it once again so I reactivated my account, ated my information and my email and sent a payment for 8 months.

Plenty of fish dating forum

I logged out, and downloaded the app for my phone. But when I tried to log back in, it rejected my login and instructed me to request a password reset.


I requested the reset and waited I requested the password reset 5 times. Nothing happened. I checked all my folders, spam, trash, everything.

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No email with password reset instructions. So I sent an email to the POF customer support. When I finally received a response, this was what they said: "We recently noticed suspicious activity on your account, so we reset your password as a precaution.

And, they never tell me. I have now exchanged 10 emails with them and the people at their "customer support" have told me that, despite following their instructions on how to reactivate my account, that the inability for me to log back into my account, they cannot help me and they will not return my money.

They have said that they will return a portion of my money. This means that, after I paid them and they rendered my account unusable, they feel that they are not responsible and still deserve to keep my money, that they have not earned. Profiles may include several photos: Users can provide photos of themselves in various settings as well as both full-length photos and headshots to provide the most accurate information about themselves for potential matches.

Advanced behavioral search algorithm: Along with allowing members to perform basic or detailed searches, POF also reacts to the profiles you choose to click on. In future searches, it will then refine your results by bringing you results that match both what you are asking for and what you are looking at. Anonymous email network: Users can email potential matches through POF.

Profiles are screened before being posted: POF. Harvard Business School graduate, Mark Brooks, has been an expert in the Internet dating business since Sign up to receive our free weekly newsletter. We value your privacy.

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