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Thank you so much for this information! It would have taken me a very long time to locate all this information, if indeed I was ever able to. Hi Shane! First of all, great chronology. Second, there are three stamp variations missing from your timeline.

In the mids, however, colored and patterned bowls and casserole dishes began appearing and are what many collectors seek today.

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Pastel shades of blue, green, pink, and more became common, although bright primary colors also had their time along with more muted earth tones. Just a few notable ones include:.

Sometimes, groups of patterns are referenced together.

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Limited patterns and promotional patterns were also released over the years, although they may be more difficult to find. Clear tinted glassware lines, like Flameware, Fireside, and Vision, were also common and their individual hues can help identify and date them.

By , the Pyrex line featured 22 different pieces that served various purposes. Many Pyrex collectors love changing their displays with the seasons, like this one for Halloween. Pyrex Colors. But the colored vintage Pyrex bowls, which debuted in and lasted well into Missing: stamp dating. The early clear glass Pyrex ware backstamp was a simple circle with PYREX in an all-caps serif font with Corning Glassworks' CG monogram above and below. Subsequently added were T.M. REG. above and U.S. PAT. OFF. below. A revised backstamp, with PATENTED above PYREX and MAY 27, below, was used after that date through Pyrex pieces are made of glass, although the type of glass has changed over the years. Pyrex ovenware was originally made of borosilicate glass due to its durability in heat. You can use identification markings, such as glass hue, date stamp, and more to tell if Pyrex is borosilicate; however, an expert can Amy Hoover.

World Kitchen now owns the Pyrex brand and has reintroduced some of the popular patterns, so it is important to verify you have the vintage version. The color and pattern isn't the only thing that will help you determine whether your Pyrex is antique or vintage.

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Pyrex patterns are classified as Standard or Promotional. Standard patterns were manufactured for at least two years, while promo patterns were only featured on a limited number of pieces for a limited time.

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As you can imagine, promotional Pyrex patterns can be quite expensive. Scroll through our Pyrex Pattern Timeline to find your favorite.

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Do you have any photos of vintage Pyrex to add to the timeline? Post them in the comments below!

Pyrex stamp dating

Are you an estate sale company or auctioneer? Head over to our industry blog for tips on running your business. Butterprint was the third pattern ever printed on opal Pyrex, after Snowflake and Pink Daisy. The Butterprint pattern was first released in in turquoise on white and white on turquoise.

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Butterprint Pyrex was discontinued inbut not before some very special promotional patterns were released. These included white butterprint on a pink background, and pink and orange butterprint on the opal background.

Trading stamp programs were one way that Pyrex sold its promotional items.

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Loyal customers received stamps with every Pyrex purchase, with the intention that they could eventually collect enough to redeem the stamps for a special promotional item from the gift catalog.

The bowl itself is now going for a couple hundred dollars, and I imagine it would cost much more if you could find it complete with the carrier and lid.

My Vintage Pyrex Collection

The reason for the incredibly high price for this dish? The extremely rare pattern on it: Lucky in Love, a promotional pattern. Lucky in Love features tall, retro-style, spiky grass, green four-leaf clovers and pink hearts on an opal, or white, background.

Sponsored by Corelle is a registered trademark of Corning Incorporated. Corning Museum of GlassMissing: stamp dating. The Pyrex Collector: Information for the Vintage Pyrex Kitchenware Enthusiast. Learn how to identify, clean, restore, and use collectible vintage collectible Pyrex glass kitchenware. Vintage Pyrex The Collector Kitchenware Stamps Dating Fire Dishes Collections Glass. Nov 26, "Most Pyrex has a stamp on the bottom, though a couple are unmarked, like the large Eyes bowl and the Turquoise Diamonds bowl," says Capp. O'Connor-James says an easy way to reduce your chances of buying a fake is to only buy from a reputable dealer. "Otherwise, Pyrex usually has a manufacturing stamp on the base," she says.

The dish also featured an opal lid-very unusual, as Pyrex lids are almost exclusively clear glass untilwhen the opal becomes more standard on several shapes. The Corning Museum of Glass has a prototype of the dish on display.

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This prototype is only the grass and clovers-no pink hearts. There is debate about whether or not Lucky in Love was ever officially released.

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In the tests of this pattern, the green grass bled through the light pink hearts. Condition is a major concern when shopping for rare Pyrex patterns. Because Pyrex dishware is so sturdy and functional, the older items have often been used very heavily.

The CROWN AGEE PYREX and CROWN PYREX stamps only appeared on shapes that had been redesigned or were new to the range. CROWN PYREX - from mid s until about All dishes with the CROWN PYREX mark were new or redesigned shapes introduced in the period to Sep 11, Corning Ware Marks and Mayhem - General Dating of Corning Ware Back Stamps I think it's time to touch on the dates associated with certain marks. I have avoided this subject, primarily because with Corning Ware, it is not an exact science. Numbers seen on pieces other than the model number are related to molding operations only and have no significance as to pattern, color, item, or dating. Corning used Pyrex lids on Corning Ware as well, so a lid marked Pyrex does not necessarily go with a Pyrex dish. Click on the camera icons for a .

This can mean that the condition is less than excellent. Many older Pyrex also have nicks or scratches in the paint. Once, Courchesne bought a shiny-looking Pyrex at an auction sale that seemed in good condition.

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She advises using the stamp as an identifier. Finding super-rare patterns is largely a matter of luck and being in the right place at the right time.

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Are you an estate sale company or auctioneer? Head over to our industry blog for tips on running your business.

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Image courtesy of LucysMidCentury. It originally came with a lid, and it is also rumored to have had a candle warmer cradle.

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