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With regard to rastafarian, I site a Rastaman should pray for a perfect wife! Other standards to live by are that she must be single before you meet, preferably akershus, and submissive or loyal! And of course as we can see from King Selassie-I, a Rastaman must date women of the same race. SuperSmile Sent:. When I man seh no intimate relationship with whites I didn't just make akershus up rastafarian dat is de Iyabinghi order. So if u accept rasta from u haffe atleast try dating to oppose black ipremacy. Black pride is to help preserve our black race.

It wasnt clear to me. I know that I am willing to do whatever it takes to not lose our relationship. No we are not living together, and if you asked him, we never have.

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Our relationship has always beencomplicated. We met after he had been separated from his then wife for six months. She was Rasta, and they had 3 children together. I have never been married, and I have always worked full time to support myself and my family, and of course that includes providing a home for the family. Last year, his ex pulled up and took off with all his children and moved to another state. He was heart broken, and in a bad state mentally.

He decided to move across the country and attempt to run a business out there with the intention of sending for me and our son after 6 months or so. While he was gone, I ended up getting custody of a 10yr old daughter I had from a previous relationship, and due to that we decided that he should not be staying at my house overnight until we worked out our other issues.

This is where the problems came to light My girl was not raised around anything even remotely similar to the Rasta way and I could not abruptly change her habits eating habits specifically. We had, up until my girl came back, only let our son have chicken and fish and both Dada and I ate the exact same. But my daughter was not on that diet, and her baby brother wanted to have the same things she was having, and in short I chose the easy way out and let him.

And while daddy was away, he had gone to a strictly Itals vegan diet, and expected that I would easily shift to that as well, and of course do the same with the kids.

So anyway, he thinks I am intentionally disrespecting him as a man, and as a father, and disrespecting his faith by not following the doctrines myself or making the children do so either. It is my guess that the situation with his other children has caused him to delve deeper into himself, and his faith, for guidance.

And I sincerely support that and I support him.

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I am a firm believer in the freedom of religion, and I know that I have the relationship with God that I am supposed to have at this time. Sometimes I am afraid that I offend people with my refusal to name my faith and I know that for many it is hard to understand something without a label. But I am not godless, and am not atheiest. If god is all-encompassing, how is it even possible for someone to be god-less? God brings souls together, not divides them.

Jun 04,   real rastaman love? - Work at Home Blogging? Do's and Don'ts of Dating a Rasta - How to Keep a Rasta Happy. 6 Rules to cook Ital Food. Sorry about the font size. I tried to fix it didn't change. Intimacy in the marriage and rastafari. It is my firm belief that rastafarian couples have some of the most sound relationships. Why? One black solidarity. At the same time I feel that any coupling must be a balance, so sites wombman's qualities websites to reflect and complement the man, and not rastafarian is the same so some Rastaman might go for different qualities in a wombman to balance Himself. Dreadlocks Dating . Sep 18,   At the dating time I feel that any akershus must be a dreads, so each wombman's websites have singles reflect and complement the man, and not everyone is the same so some Rastaman might go for different qualities in a wombman to rastafari Himself. Like I personally wouldn't like a online who just submits singles I online never questions.

Hun, When you are not Rasta your self, a Rastaman can be hard to understand. Basically hun, lets set the Rasta thing aside for a moment.

I want to ask you a question you might want to ask your self. I would appreciate some more information.

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I have never felt so much pure love as I have in the last 8 mths with a Rastaman. I feel so much respect,so much honest,pure,raw emotion. It is a great risk, having never felt unconditioned love and respect,it makes me wonder am I really awake or dreaming? Some times when I question the whole thing he very gracefully reminds me that it is myself that I am questioning.

I so wish I could let everyone I have ever met feel such love. That is the most beautiful thing I read today. I am so happy to hear and read that you are accepting this lovethe love of a Rastaman or a Rastawoman is usually the same love that God gives youconstant consistent secure and pure acceptancethats what it means to love.

I am so happy for you. Rastafari, Jah Love, and Respect. I think you should follow your heart, a rasta man that loves you is pur e and unconditional love! I knew and loved a Rasta once and it wasnt till it was over my fault that i realized he loved me whole hearted ly and where ever he may be i know that he still loves me! You totally touched my heart. Love, Respect and more love to you.

I hav recently been in a spiritual cleanse my rasta friend has taught me how to truly love myself rest an just live day to day! I no what true love is now an thats loving me first!

I love everthing about rasta life! The rastas I no are truly wonderful! I hope my rasta king finds me one day!! Bless my friends!! Well he will be released in 2 yrs and we have such love for each other.

I decided a yr ago that I would stop dating and having sex or any relationship with another man because we are planning to continue our relationship and poss.

The problem is that he has converted to Rastafarin Religion. I am Christian. So i have been doing research on your religion. Please give me some tips and words of wisdom. Thank you for being so open. What exactly are you afraid of? I would be more than happy to share information with you and try my best to help you with the transition.

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I was born in the Philippines and I came here at the age of I was raised a Catholic and ate meat. Going to School and living in the States change my view in life. It was my first time experiencing racism, Police harassment, alcohol and etc. Babylon Growing up as a young teen, I always had a different out look about everything. I thought TV was a corruption mediaI felt everyone was separated because of rich, middle and poor, and I always wondered why ganja was illegal?

At the age of 16, I met a new girl in my class in High School. We became really close and her Mom gave me my first Bob Marley double disc with a video tape. It all started at the age of 23, when I was tired of cutting my hair every month so I decided to get dreadlocks. With a little help and support from my neighbor who is now my Rasta Mom. I converted into Rastafarian, she lectured me every time I see her and she consider me as one of her sons.

I started reading more and more then finally realize that my belief as a child was a Rasta. It was the best thing that every happened to me. Jah know! I met my Rasta King April When we met he assumed that I was Rasta because I have dreads, I have grown to accept many of the Rasta principles, and for the most part consider myself a Rasta Princess. They both are obviously prophets. I have struggled with this and we have discussed it to no avail. There are a few problems in our relationship with my Rasta King: 1 he lives in Jamaica and I in America; 2 my beliefs are not as solid as his and therefore I question whether I truly believe; 3 I am currently married and have been living a lie in this marriage as it is not what I want, but because of my Christian upbringing it is difficult to end the marriage; and 4 I unable to verbally justify why it is difficult for me to leave my husband.

That is a tough situation. Any time you are with someone but love someone else it is very hard. I know the love of a Rastafarian is unlike any other. Where would you be planning to live together if you were to end your relationship? How would the bills get paid? The truth of the matter is we dont know if something is going to work until we try it out. Either that or consult a psychic. Those are my thoughts hun. I hope that helps. Life is too short for regrets and unwanted pleasures.

It is more of a spiritual connection because no matter where we go our hearts is still 1. Therefore, If i was unhappy i would leave. Just like you should choose what food to eat that is best for you, well it is vital that your mind, heart, and spirit is healthy as well. First and foremost. Love to Jah. I have been in a bad marriage for 15 years to a man non-Rasta that betrayed me 3 times. I have lived his life thru me to give him everythingmy kingI have figured out NOmy whole life I have desired a great love that I know Jah could only give me.

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I prayed and asked for wisdom, strength and PURE love to come my way. An angel came my way just a few days agoactually he is from my life 17 years agowe lost touch when I met my husband. I am so blessed and thankful. Rastafarian is life.

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Peace to all. That is beautiful. I wish you lots of love and happiness with your Rasta King.

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I hope you are willing to adjust to his lifestyle and beliefs. I mention this because I know a true Rasta cannot change his beliefs and values, therefor it is left up to the other partner to adjust.

The love you recieve from a Rastafarian is true, and most likely forever! I hope to meet my RasKing soon. May there be happiness, love, and true closeness between you and your RasKing and may the love of Jah, continue to grown strong and firm around you. Much Love and Respect Sistren. I have fallen in love with a beautiful being. Of course I eventually gave in and this powerful connection kicked in like POW!

Having gone through a tragic marriage breakdown where my husband left me for another. I had not engaged in any serious relationships until this beautiful Rasta King walked into my life and I felt his presence was actually nurturing and healing me. He knew somehow once he got under my skin, I would find it hard to let go. An unbelievable, heart-stopping, tender and passionate lover!! Either way, I feel blessed that I have experienced profound tenderness, love and passion from this unique creature.

Anyone with similar experiences, I would love you to share. I am a non-rastafarian young woman living in england. Recently an older rasta has confessed to me that he likes me as more than a friend. We have known eachother for over a year after meeting through mutual friends, and he told me of his feelings towards me about three months ago. Dispite keeping in contact since we met, we have only met three or four times due to the distance between us. Because of the vast age differerence and because differences in culture i am unclear of his intentions towards me.

I admire him greatly, as a friend and as a role model, however i am not decided on if i would like to take things further. If you are unsure, take your time.

Rastaman dating

Only go forward if you feel comfortable and its something you want to do. This is the best advice I can give you on this situation. Much love and respect to you Empress. Mi young Rasta. Age of Never felt at more peace than mi do now. Being rasta is not without challenges. The external forces and expectations of society make it hard but I love tru it all.

Mi love all peoples. Sometimes it hurt that love is not reciprocated. Here in the heart of Babylon there is a war on our brothers and our sistren are left alone.

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I pray to Ja every time to keep us strong. For Jah to give me keen innerstanding to go about battle with evil minds with all courage. One Love. Mi love your site. Absolutely sistren, Rastafari is love. You are blessed to have a true Rasta king at your side.

Whether or not a man is faithful to his wife is his freedom and personal choice. We are Rasta, and we have freedom of choice.

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A person black white or other wise, can do whatever they want, or call themselves what they want. It all comes down to personal choice. I am a Rasta Man who has been following the faith for about 5 years now. I am married to a beautiful woman who believes in much of what I believe and we enjoy sharing with each other.

I myself though, am more of a follower of the Ethiopian Orthodox as Haile Selassie himself. My wife is what some would call a Judaic Christian, which is where we have connected. We are continuing to grow and love, more and more as we keep JAH first and foremost in our lives.

I know that JAH has blessed me with a wife who loves me unconditionally and I have a mutual love for her as well. She has no problem with me wearing dreads, however she would like for me to keep them neat. She decided she wanted to cut her hair, but she is still allowing it to grow naturally.

I cut my hair at one point, because of difficulties finding work and as a husband, I have to take care of my family, so I cut it to become more presentable in the society that I live.

Now that I am set and beginning in my profession, I am growing my hair again. Just would like to know others opinions and thoughts about it.

can help

I dont really know what it is to be rasta. I have been faithless my entire life and have been searching for a while now. I am from an area where christianity is the only religion around. I dont want to hate, I just want to find something I can believe in, that shows love, respect, and that doing the right thing for everyone and everything not just a single group of people.

I am done hating. I love my King man soooo much. He had one girl for 1 yr and another for 2. He took the choice from me. He just told me that he is into polygamy. I get angry and mad when I think about him with another woman. I did a lot of research, reading and listening. He was able to find work where ilve but we have yet been able to have all the funds necessary for him to look up his work visa yet. Although we have stayed together in his country for 5 months; being separated made us realized how much we truly love each other and how hurt we feel over not being together yet.

He honestly has told me several times he never knew he could love one woman so much, he never loved one since the day he was born. Reading your message brought tears to my eyes. You asked for other Rastas to do some prayers for you.

I will put you and your boyfriend in my prayers for tonight that you shall be together and share your love. I met my King last year while on vacation with my friend and her family who are Jamaican and live in USA. Before I stepped foot in Jamaica I was told by a very spiritual person that God had something special for me there, I had no idea it was true love. When I arrived I fell in love with the country, and the beautiful people.

I was so glad to be there enjoying fresh air, beach, food, music, love and communication. I saw him on the third day and wanted to take a picture with him but in the beginning was too shy, finally I felt comfortable to ask.

He said that he saw me when I came the first day but because I was surrounded by my friends he thought my man was there. I felt so wonderful. We exchanged gifts. I left my address and number not expecting to hear from him again. He called me 2 wks later so excited to hear me and vice versa. He said people tease him because he is not married but he works hard and is dedicated to caring for his parents who live in separate parrish.

Before he met me, a spiritual person in Jamaica told him, soon you will meet a strong woman who will love you only. He was so excited to tell me this he has never been married and has no children.

How to love a Jamaican Rasta man. Please Read my new article called "Dating a Rastafari Guy! - 10 Things you should know!". Be gentle with your Rastaman. Be gentle with your rastaman, he is special and a true gift from God in the deepest meaning possible. Jun 10,   The Do's and Don'ts of Dating a Rastafarian 7 Ital Rasta food recipes you can cook at home Jamaican Rasta Ital: Recipes #1 Ital Seasoned Cauliflower (1/5) Don't do the following if you are dating a Rasta man or Rasta woman Don't do these things if you are Dating a Rasta man . Rastafari, also known as Rastafarianism and the Rastafari Movement, is an Abrahamic religion that developed in Jamaica during the s. It is classified as both a new religious movement and a social movement by scholars of is no central authority in control of the movement and much diversity exists among practitioners, who are known as Rastafari, Rastafarians, or Rastas.

Neither do I. He has given his friend in Canada money for my ring.

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We talk at least twice a week making plans. Any suggestions. This is going to sound very selfish but your story brought me to tears and has brightened up my day. Thank you so much. As far as the immigration thing goes, I havent got a clue. Perhaps someone will read this this and make a suggestion. Thank you. Your response is not selfish. Yes, your Jamaica is rich in everyway.

Everyone should experience it at least once in their life. I know you will be able to back soon to see family and friends. Hi, what a nice website! Thanks for sharing it. I myself have an experience in Rasta Love. I am white, non-dread European girl. My second home is on tiny island in the Bahamas where the part of my soul and heart stays forever. I am very familiar with the country, culture, people after several years I fell in love with the nature and people that I consider to be my family.

There I got to know my Rastaman although I have to tell you that I always try to avoid any love relationships over there before cause I wanted to be just friends.

I just met my soul mate that I shared the simplicity of life, love, thoughts and desires with. The conversation that we had were deep in spirituality and love. Truly amazing moments in my life. I know very well what you all are talking about and I am glad you found your real King to be with.

In my opinion, your love life can be beautiful if you find a true Rastaman!

Furthermore, later on I found out he lied to me and hid an important thing about his personal life. However, I am ok with it now and just wish him all the best. I wish you all a beautiful life and lots of Love! True Rastafarian culture and belief is wonderful and I deeply respect itI do have lots in common as I am connected to the nature and love our God! I enjoyed reading the post. I have also met a rasta man. I met him online but have only had conversation with him.

We enjoy talking with each other and have become very close that we have begun making serious plans of seeing each other and even talked marriage and our future.

He has taken on a job that has required us to not be able to talk with each other for weeks and I really miss him. I ask that all pray that we will be together soon and will get to continue our relationship in rasta-love. He is the sweetest man that I have ever met. We both have children and accept each. He lives in the states now and I am from the states.

African American. Hello, i am a high school student who is interested in the Rasta religion. I am working on a school project and i would like to ask you some questions. Hello, I believe we are here to praise the Most High, and to learn to share and love, without prejudice. We came from the Most high. Greetings Sistren I am a Rasta woman I have been in a relationship with my King for the past 16 years. We have a 3 year old Princess together, I got pregnant for her after I stopped combing my hair and letting it lock up on its own.

The Lord Blessed me with my little Princess after so many years of wanting to have a baby for him. I breaks my heart when he treats me the way he does. It has made me to jus close myself off from him, like when he calls me I limit myself with the conversation. He constantly lies about almost everthing. I really do love him we have many years together and my Princess unconditionally loves her daddy. Can you help me to find a solution to save what once was a loving, caring and lasting relationship?

May Jah Bless you. I always beleaved in a higher wise beloving Creator. Over the years I surched my way and learnd a lot about religions.

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But I keeped on surching for the truth I went thru to wicket marriages. So my relationship was not to bad at that time and my friend seamed to be the wright choise in that time. But these 3 yrs blessed my with my 1.

The second time I did it because I got my 2. I beleaved this is the only way how to keep my family the children together. Very soon I realised my prison, but because of the children I give up my self and tried my best to go further. I lost my beleave in Love and relationships between man and woman. The following 6 yrs I tried to find myself back and set all my beleave and trust in the Creator himself I traveled around the world to see all of his creations.

The time teached me a lot and I got a better understanding about the past. So I realized my own mistakes and learnd forgiveness. By that time Jah send me to Jamaica so my Rasta King found me. So my King teached me everything. No matter about what. We are now since over 7 yrs together on our journey in life.

In 3 weeks we celebrate our marriage 6 yrs ago. Each day I thank Jah for sending me this beautiful soul to heal my soul. Each day we grow together with eachother. Yes, we see ups and downs, but we see it together united with respect, love and understanding. I never feel something simelar before, truely I am blessed with this real love.

My Rasta King makes me feel complete. After so many years on the journey Jah blessed me with my King and I can cheer my love without questioning. I dread believ in Love for two partners a man and a woman,dat a perfect,iternal relationship. Helping eachotha pon deh weh till HIM comes.

We have to praisin and sayin tanks to da most high Jah for givin us the right time sharing good views. This is due to my beliefs and way of life. Up until recently after work I am a Dental Hygienist I go home and shut the door on what I felt was a world that I was only part of but also separated. The only place I felt comfortable was when I lived in Trinidad, people were mostly warm and kind except there seemed to be a prejudiced attitude amongst many of the different races to each other which I found uncomfortable.

I remember sitting in my ex husbands car while he went to a shop and I made eye contact with a young Rasta manwe looked at each other very seriously as he slowly walked towards the car. This was many years ago and though I have returned to my own country have never quiet fitted in, that is until I was given poetry books by Benjamin Zephariah, a Rasta.

I looked him up on the web and then the Rasta beliefs. He did seem nice. Most are not like this. They no Jah is always watching and always listening and do not wish to be a sinner. This is the truth ladies. So please do not judge the whole bunch because of a few rotten ones. Rastaman knows right from wrong more than any other. And treating people with respect is a big part of our spirituality.

Want to know if the Rastafari way of life is right for you. There are many who are gentle and have good intentions. If you are a Rastafari woman you increase your chances greatly of having a loving fulfilling relationship.

Knowing who we are and knowing what we Rasta know, these men are the exception and not the rule. If you have a true Jamaican rastaman in your life, you are blessed you may not know it. But you are blessed.

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Jah Rastafari. Blessed love my sistren. I truly enjoyed reading this article and am deeply in love with my Jamaican Rasta man. He is everything you described and more!!! I want you to knowI am in the same boat. Never had a Rasta King before.

I recommend getting hooked up with as many Rasta people and Rasta communitites as possible. My sista. Im a rasta women from south africa. Jah guide us at all time if only we follow His guidance through the spirit. Meditation is an answer! Pray and Jah will lead the way. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Blessed day! Have you ever meet a person who is addicted to cocaine and noticed what happen to their mind? Sure not gentle and humble, It makes you egoistic and violent.

Rastafari to all 4 corners of the earth. I have been with my Jamaican man for about a year now. When I first met him, we started off with us just getting to know each other and having sex. Then when I caught feelings it progressed from there. Me and him both love each other. But I am the only one in love in the relationship. I do all the things you have said above and more. I please my man. He has never cheated on me but lately he tells me that he do not want to be with me because he feel like he is not ready to be in love again after his last girlfriend.

Which was a big cheater. She cheated on him all the time. She cheated on him for a long time like years and he knew and still stuck around.

His life was messed up because he did everything for that girl and she in return hurt him like he has never hurt agian. I understand where he is coming from and I do not want to rush him into loving but I just want my baby back. I want my Jamaican man to be my Jamaican man again.!! A little more information; he said that he broke up with me because I started acting too much like his ex.

Now I am lost because I thought I was being a great girlfriend. Never cheated on him. Let him hang out with his guy friends. Cook for him. Clean like no other.!! Keep everything in order.

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Can you give me any advice on what next to do or what would help my relationship with him. He is just giving you excuses for not wanting to be with you. He just doesnt have those special feelings for you. Dont take it too hard. I am in the same boat honey. Another one will come along with some time. There are plenty of fish in the Sea. Jah Bless. Rasta man are beautiful inside and out. Your post made me laugh out loud! You got picked up by a Bosnian! HA I am a Bosnian woman with a Jamaican man!

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I think your post is very true Rastaman are full of love, affection and MY man always makes sure I get mine first, if you know what I mean! Thank you for standing up for the Jamaican men because they are God fearing, love their mama and if they truly love you will freeze hell over for you! I have been with my man for 3 years now and he never ceases to amaze me!

Although I have heard all the sterotypes and racial comments before they never cease to surprise me either! But God has been on our side and our love grows stronger every day!

Stay humble and Blessed! Love Seka. I have alot of Rastafarian male friends,almost all of them arent dating,they say they wouldnt date Rastafarian women becz most of them are stupid and immature,is this true? There are two types of Rasta, those who are faithful from the heart, and those who give themselves this title but reallyjust sport the look. A true Rastaman hopes and prays, each day to find his perfect love, His Empress, his one and only, sent by The Most High.

Much Love, Rastafari. Hi, i found ur article an interesting read. I met a Jamaican during the last week of last year and we had a lovely outting on New yrs eve which was really fun.

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